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Jeffrey Scott VanderMeer was born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania on July 7, 1968. He is an editor, writer, teacher, and publisher. He is the founding editor and publisher of the Ministry of Whimsy Press. He is the author of several books including City of Saints, Madmen, Finch, and The Southern Reach mostrar mais Trilogy. His novel Annihilation won the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 2014. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Nome legal
VanderMeer, Jeffrey Scott
Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA
Locais de residência
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA
Fiji Islands
Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Ithaca, New York, USA
Gainesville, Florida, USA
University of Florida
publisher (Ministry of Whimsy Press)
VanderMeer, Ann (wife)
Prémios e menções honrosas
Florida Individual Writers' Fellowship
Rhysling Award (Best Short Poem, 1994)
Locus Award Finalist (Editor | 2017)
Sally Harding

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Jeff VanderMeer (born July 7, 1968) is an American author, editor, and literary critic. Initially associated with the New Weird literary genre, VanderMeer crossed over into mainstream success with his bestselling Southern Reach Trilogy. The trilogy's first novel, Annihilation, won the Nebula and Shirley Jackson Awards, and was adapted into a Hollywood film by director Alex Garland. Among VanderMeer's other novels are Shriek: An Afterword and Borne. He has also edited with his wife Ann VanderMeer such influential and award-winning anthologies as The New Weird, The Weird, and The Big Book of Science Fiction.

VanderMeer has been called "one of the most remarkable practitioners of the literary fantastic in America today," with The New Yorker naming him the "King of Weird Fiction". VanderMeer's fiction is noted for eluding genre classifications even as his works bring in themes and elements from genres such as postmodernism, ecofiction, the New Weird and post-apocalyptic fiction.

VanderMeer's writing has been described as "evocative" and containing "intellectual observations both profound and disturbing," and has been compared with the works of Jorge Luis Borges, Franz Kafka, and Henry David Thoreau.



Annihilation - page-turner or soporific? em Science Fiction Fans (Maio 2023)
THE DEEP ONES: "The Cage" by Jeff VanderMeer em The Weird Tradition (Março 2022)
The Southern Reach em The Weird Tradition (Abril 2018)


A strong plot similarity to Lovecraft's "Mountains of Madness", in that the protagonist is a scientist describing an expedition into the unknown, where strange and incomprehensible horrors dwell that threaten with the possibility of swamping our world. It's an inherently interesting plot to me, and this book delivers well enough to recommend, though I have some reservations.

Rather than let the horror continuously build, VanderMeer keeps cutting into the action with flashbacks to the protagonist's earlier life, seeking to give us a better, more literary understanding of her, but her character just pales in interest compared to what's going on in Area X. Her thoughts also sometimes follow an incomprehensible logic, jumping from Point A to Point D with no evident clue of how D follows from A.

As the first in a trilogy, a lot remains unclear and vague after finishing the book, which is fine with me as I intend to read the next installment. The world building here is worth keeping on with to see how the nature of Area X develops and is revealed. And I'm eager to know, is the horror here something ancient, as in Lovecraft, or is it something newly created due to man's exploitation of the natural environment? Or a combination, like Godzilla?
… (mais)
lelandleslie | 173 outras críticas | Feb 24, 2024 |
Such a frustrating 2/3 of a trilogy so far. If you're not a terribly great writer, but you have a strong idea for a story and you want to stretch it out into a multi-volume series, you really need to keep things of interest happening, propelling the reader along. Interesting characters also help. George R.R. Martin does this well. VanderMeer does not.

This second volume in the story of Area X moves outside of that great unknown to focus on the Southern Reach, the government agency tasked with studying it and finding out what in the dickens is going on there. The agency however is dysfunctional and becoming starved of resources. Into the situation comes "Control", an agent with a troubled background, who is being run by some higher up faction in order to test its own theories.

"Control" is as flat and dull a character as his moniker. Following up "the biologist" as a protagonist from the first volume, its clear that characterization is a major weak spot for VanderMeer. Unfortunately he spends a great deal of this book on it, so that compared to the first volume there is considerably less action and considerably more attempts at fleshing out a character. This does not succeed.

The writing itself... oh God.
A spiraling thread gone astray that might or might not be made of something else entirely - not even as scrutable in its eccentricity as a house-squatter of a snail that stumbled around like a drunk.
Um, yeah.
It occurred to him that perhaps he wasn't entitled to her memories. Perhaps no one was. But he pushed himself away from that thought, like an astronaut pushing off from the side of a space capsule.
No, it's not really like that at all.
But not everyone believed in the same versions. The linguist still believed in the superstition of logic, for example.
Logic, by essential definition, is the opposite of superstition.
The assistant director made Whitby embark upon a summary of hair-raising attempts at destruction...
... that described apparently failed attempts to kill a plant which was brought back from Area X. Burning, parasites, neglect, etc. "Hair-raising" to refer to attempts at killing a small plant, such as not watering it? Dear me.

Those examples end at page 120. I stopped keeping track at that point. Oh, and then there's the frequent use and misuse of the word "terroir". It's like when Martin suddenly fell in love with the word "nuncle" in, what, the fourth volume of his series? Stop it!

Still, I'm definitely going to continue on and read the concluding book of the trilogy. The ending promises more action, and there has to be, really. It is a good story, one just wishes it were told better.
… (mais)
lelandleslie | 173 outras críticas | Feb 24, 2024 |
It was aliens! Oh heck, no point hiding that. It was aliens. A very postmodern approach to an alien approach: we humans can't possibly communicate with it/them or comprehend its/their nature. Completely futile to try. Furthermore, Stephen Hawking was right: if aliens find us, it's not likely to be in order to make friends and is likely to turn out rather badly for us.

Given that humans can't understand or communicate with an alien entity, then, no surprise that much in the books is left vague and unexplained at the conclusion of the trilogy. Some things are known. Area X seems to have been physically relocated to some other coordinates in the universe, with unknown means of transit between it and Earth through the border, and unknown what lies in its corresponding coordinates back on Earth. It appears to have been interconnected with other places in the universe, again by unknown means of transit. The intelligence behind the transformation and expansion of Area X may have been artificial, built by an extinct race, and somehow attracted to Earth through the powerful lens of the lighthouse beacon.

And then Control seems to have shut it down by throwing himself into its essence. Jammed up the gears with his molecules. Seems unlikely, but there you go. Before he managed that though, Area X had expanded suddenly and perhaps greatly (catastrophically?) out of its previous borders, and two survivors strike out to find what if anything remains of humanity out there.

It was a trilogy of promise, which set up some good mysteries and atmosphere, and had a modified trendy hypothesis about alien contact at its center. Often it was not greatly written and characterization tended towards the poor. A mixed bag. It has been optioned by a movie studio, which is interesting... if a potential film can keep those good parts, and fix the bad parts, it might have something.
… (mais)
lelandleslie | 131 outras críticas | Feb 24, 2024 |


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Erik Amundsen Contributor
James Sallis Contributor
Scott Thomas Contributor
Jeremy Zerfoss Contributor, Illustrator
Kenneth Grahame Contributor
Aleksey Remizov Contributor
Oscar Wilde Contributor
Leo Tolstoy Contributor
Zitkála-Šá Contributor
Marcel Schwob Contributor
Fitz James O'Brien Contributor
E. Nesbit Contributor
J. R. R. Tolkien Contributor
Grazia Deledda Contributor
E. Pauline Johnson Contributor
Washington Irving Contributor
Charles Dickens Contributor
Mourning Dove Contributor
Charles Nodier Contributor
Nikolai Gogol Contributor
Carmen Sylva Contributor
Bettina von Arnim Contributor
Jacob Grimm Contributor
Frank R. Stockton Contributor
H.P. Blavatskaya Contributor
E. R. Eddison Contributor
Zora Neale Hurston Contributor
Hermann Hesse Contributor
Maurice Renard Contributor
G.K. Chesterton Contributor
Ranpo Edogawa Contributor
Jules Verne Contributor
She Lao Contributor
Fernán Caballero Contributor
Christina Rossetti Contributor
L. Frank Baum Contributor
Lewis Carroll Contributor
Willa Cather Contributor
Horacio Quiroga Contributor
David Lindsay Contributor
Der Nister Contributor
W. B. Laughead Contributor
Edgar Allan Poe Contributor
E. M. Forster Contributor
Fernand Dumont Contributor
Franz Blei Contributor
Herman Melville Contributor
Arthur Machen Contributor
Vernon Lee Contributor
Marcel Ayme Contributor
Mary Shelley Contributor
Robert E. Howard Contributor
Wilhelm Grimm Contributor
Stella Benson Contributor
Louisa May Alcott Contributor
Sakutaro Hagiwara Contributor
John Collier Contributor
Aleksandr Grin Contributor
Karel Čapek Contributor
Vladimir Odoevsky Contributor
George MacDonald Contributor
Louis Frechette Contributor
E. T. A. Hoffmann Contributor
Aleksis Kivi Contributor
Edith Wharton Contributor
Italo Calvino Contributor
David Drake Contributor
Marta Kisiel Contributor
Qitongren Contributor
Jane Yolen Contributor
Jack Vance Contributor
Duff Goldman Contributor
Mikhail Bulgakov Contributor
Diana Wynne Jones Contributor
Manuela Draeger Contributor
Marie Hermanson Contributor
Alberto Chimal Contributor
Antonio Tabucchi Contributor
Sara Gallardo Contributor
Satu Waltari Contributor
Zenna Henderson Contributor
Fred Chappell Contributor
Victor LaValle Contributor
Joe Hill Contributor
Rosario Ferré Contributor
Alasdair Gray Contributor
Viktor Pelevin Contributor
Intizar Husain Contributor
Tove Jannson Contributor
Manly Wade Wellman Contributor
Abraham Sutzkever Contributor
Paul Bowles Contributor
Maurice Richardson Contributor
Vilma Kadlečková Contributor
Joseph Nigg Foreword
Edgar Mittelholzer Contributor
Henry Dumas Contributor
Terry Pratchett Contributor
Bilge Karasu Contributor
Robin Hemley Contributor
Nik Houser Contributor
Fritz Swanson Contributor
Peter LaSalle Contributor
E. M. Schorb Contributor
Gina Ochsner Contributor
Kevin Brockmeier Contributor
Tony D'Souza Contributor
Nicole Derr Contributor
Julia Elliott Contributor
Eric Roe Contributor
Chris Adrian Contributor
Daniel Alarcón Contributor
Tyler Smith Contributor
Ann Stapleton Contributor
Ramola D Contributor
Meghan Mccarron Contributor
Austin Bunn Contributor
Melora Wolff Contributor
Daniel Coudriet Contributor
Maile Chapman Contributor
Keith Brooke Contributor
Holly Phillips Contributor
Ursula Pflug Contributor
James Bassett Contributor
Remy de Gourmont Contributor
Eugene Dubnov Contributor
Zoran Zivkovic Contributor
Mark Rich Contributor
Clare Dudman Contributor
Derek Ford Illustrator
Ben Peek Contributor
Leslie What Contributor
Beth Adele Long Contributor
Ellen Kushner Contributor
Justin Taylor Contributor
Michael A. Arnzen Contributor
Victoria Strauss Contributor
Tim Pratt Contributor
Richard Gehr Contributor
Sonya Taaffe Contributor
John Kaiine Contributor
Eliot Fintushel Contributor
Jesse Bullington Contributor
Louis Phillips Contributor
Andrew Rhys White Contributor
Dustin Long Contributor
Nicholas Royle Contributor
Jonathan Wood Contributor
Alan Swirsky Contributor
Kari O’Connor Contributor
Marly Youmans Contributor
Richard Butner Contributor
Antony Johnston Contributor
Paul Jessup Contributor
Caleb Wilson Contributor
Jacob McMurray Cover designer
Henry Kaiser Contributor
Stina Leicht Contributor
Catherine Cheek Contributor
J. M. McDermott Contributor
David Pringle Contributor
Mark Swartz Contributor
John Urbancik Contributor
Peter Straub Contributor
Kim Westwood Contributor
Edward R. Morris Contributor
Stacey Levine Contributor
Leopoldo Lugones Contributor
Danny Fontaine Contributor
Gustave Le Rouge Contributor
Aliette de Bodard Contributor
Michal Wojcik Contributor
Kyle Richardson Contributor
J.D. Brink Contributor
Steve Simpson Contributor
Michelle Ann King Contributor
Michael Milne Contributor
Peter S. Beagle Contributor
G. Scott Huggins Contributor
M. Rickert Contributor
Terry Durbin Contributor
Matt Leivers Contributor
Sergio Garzon Illustrator
Dan Micklethwaite Contributor
Keith Frady Contributor
Carla Dash Contributor
Mel Paisley Contributor
Victoria Zelvin Contributor
Jody Sollazzo Contributor
Morgen Knight Contributor
Deborah Coates Contributor
Jedediah Berry Contributor
David Hollander Contributor
Shannon Phillips Contributor
Merc Fenn Wolfmoor Contributor
David Stevens Contributor
Matt Bell Contributor
Rick Moody Contributor
Christian Moody Contributor
Jeffery Ford Contributor
Leah Brown Contributor
Judy Budnitz Contributor
Michelle Richmond Contributor
Hugh Howey Contributor
Miranda Mellis Contributor
Doug Rennie Contributor
Tanyo Ravicz Contributor
Kathryn Kulpa Contributor
Joe Nigg Contributor
Nels Hanson Contributor
Michael Kellner Translator
Eric Nyquist Cover artist
Marion Blomeyer Cover artist
Rodrigo Corral Cover designer
Charlotte Strick Cover designer
Einari Aaltonen Translator
Xe Sands Narrator
Niko Aula Translator
Danijel Zezelj Cover artist
Bahni Turpin Narrator
Erik Simon Übersetzer
Garry Nurrish Designer
Edward Miller Cover artist
Larry Rostant Cover artist
Mike Dringenberg Cover artist
Scott Altmann Cover artist
Claudia Noble Cover designer
Ramona Szcerba Illustrator
Josh Mcphee Cover designer
Adam Jury Designer
Vikas Adam Narrator


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