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Robert Viagas, the founder of, was chosen by the original coast of A Chorus Line to tell their story in On the Line: The Creation of A Chorus Line and by the creators of The Fantasticks to tell their story in the Amazing Story of The Fantasticks. Viagas is founding editor of the annual mostrar mais Playbill Broadway Yearbook, editor of at This Theatre, host of Playbill Radio, and author of the Broadway League's official historic walking tour of Times Square. I'm the Greatest Star has also been adapted as a musical stage revue. mostrar menos

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Yearbook 2013 (2013) 6 exemplares


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It has become a bigger part of life than we might have ever imagined, yet it is something in which we participate without giving it much thought. How are we part of the audience? What has that experience been like?

Robert Viagas explores such things in Right This Way: A History of the Audience, from before the days of ancient Greek theatre to our modern audience experiences.

The author explores not just the straightforward history of how audiences formed and the kinds of things they watched; he also considers how the desires of the audience shaped various forms of art and entertainment, how the audience’s understanding of religion and morality affected art and entertainment (and vice versa), the development and use of various forms of technology in captivating audiences, and the relationship between the audience and the space of performance. The behavior of the audience and the prospect of violence is also considered, as well as how matters of race, ethnicity, and gender shaped and were shaped by audiences and entertainment. The author also gave space to how various entertainers have given space for the audience to be involved in the expression of the art.

Since so much of our time is spent as an audience, it is good to consider what an audience is about and how we can well appreciate art as an audience.
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deusvitae | Nov 20, 2023 |
A very telling story of the real creation of A Chorus Line. The book is candid and open and does not hide the darker stories and hurt feeling that went with the creation of this pivotal piece of theatre!
caseybp | Aug 11, 2016 |
I am mentioned in this yearbook, by Christina Sajous of "American Idiot".
chaostheory08 | Jun 10, 2011 |

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