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This has become one of my favorite series in spite of being a bit confusing figuring out exactly which series the book your reading is part of, if you actually care about that. Amazon says that it's a part of two series so I will go along with them. My copy of the book says it's #8 in the Wilde's Dance Club series. I found Timur to be one of the most endearing and fascinating characters in this entire series so far...and knew from the start that Marcus, who had already had enough heartache in his life to last him forever.... was in for more. After Timur's and Marcus's friends, Julian and Chris, had left for their honeymoon...Marcus and Timur decided to carry on what had started between them at the wedding...both know they were getting in deeper, and it was going to all come to an end in a month when Timur returned to his unit in the French Foreign Legion. They may not have shared the same language, but their communication skills still worked out and they plainly understood what they both wanted. Timur actually spoke better English that some people I have spoken to that were born in the U.S. These two together were indeed "something else"...but from the start the reader braces for the BIG, depressing event that we knew was coming. You can't help but want happiness for these guys. They just worked so well and were so sweet together. What I liked about this book...well all of the books so far in this series, is that it has all the elements that make a good romance story...some angst, some serious stuff, but most of all there was also humor. Their dynamic changes greatly when Julian and Cris return home...and may put some readers off. There are two woods that Timur always used that I will always remember..."is good". How and when he used them made me smile and they will fill your heart with love and a general content feeling...and that "is good".… (mais)
Carol420 | May 10, 2024 |
Someone please tell me why this isn't serialized or at least a full length novel because the fact that it's a mere 85 pages is the only disappointing part!

You have Kyle who's been damaged physically, sent on a mission to capture an alien in the hopes that his reward will get him a better life. He catches a ride with a group of mercenaries that includes Grimm, a person from his home planet that he feels an instant connection with.

Soooo there's plenty of desire, intermixed with distrust. Is Grimm friend or foe? And in the end will it really matter?

This was an impressive little scifi space adventure with some intrigue and plenty of UST and smex. Of course it was way too short for my liking and definitely wishful thinking for a sequel - if only.
… (mais)
A_Reader_Obsessed | 6 outras críticas | Apr 21, 2024 |
Joshua and Chris had been best friends growing up. just before they each left for their church missions…going in different directions...Joshua disappears and is presumed dead, Chris is beyond devastated…so much so that he never goes on his mission and leaves the church. When Chris leaves the mission and his church it also meant leaving his family.... or more so his family leaving and forsaking him. At any rate, when Chris lost his faith, he lost everything. So what is a guy to do when the long-lost best friend, the reason for your five years of heartache, just comes waltzing back into your life? Chris is floored, but deliriously happy, but also equally angry that Joshua could just take off without a word, at least without a single, solitary word to him. Weren't they best friends? Weren't they beginning to feel more? I really felt bad for Chris, but I also completely understood Joshua, who is now calling himself Julien. Julien not only took off, but he joined the French Foreign Legion and now has returned as a soldier, and even has a little French accent. That is a lot to wrap your head around, but even though Chris gets his digs in for taking off on him, he is still has a huge attraction…they both do…but now they are no longer inexperienced, scared kids...now they are experienced men…and they are nothing short of hot together. Wish I could say that Julien and Chris put all their issues behind them and rode off into the sunset, but it didn't happen because...you guessed it...the church is back rearing its head again into their lives. This time it has come between Julien and his dying father. They have to deal with an ungodlike totally unlikeable awful Bishop who gets more of a thrill out of causing more pain for the family than actually helping them. I cheered when he gets his in the end. This a typical L.A. Witt novel. It has a great storyline that keeps the reader captivated until the very end. The story may offend a few people, but in reality, it appears to be very well researched, and you know that sometimes the truth is just not necessarily all that pretty.… (mais)
Carol420 | Apr 15, 2024 |
Take It Off is the second book in L. A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov’s Market Garden series that follows a group of rent boys who work at an exclusive, upscale London club of the same name. It picks up Tristan and Jared’s story just a short time after we left them in the last book, Quid Pro Quo. It’s been perhaps a couple of months since their first encounter together, “performing” for Rolex, the nickname they gave to the wealthy john who set them on this path. Since then, they’ve continued their act for other johns or sometime to tag team the customers. Given how close they’ve become, Tristan has been catching feelings for Jared, but lately he feels like Jared has been pulling away. Tristan wants to take their relationship outside the club and away from the customers, but unsure if Jared feels the same way, he’s been trying to screw up the courage to find out. Then Rolex returns for a repeat performance, giving Tristan what he thinks might be the perfect opportunity to show Jared just how much he’s come to care about him, until Rolex and Jared turn the tables on him so that Jared can get sweet revenge by tormenting Tristan this time around.

The first story of the series was written from Jared’s POV, but this one is from Tristan’s perspective, which was a welcome change of pace. Previously Tristan was the confident, charming, and more dominant one of the pair, while Jared was a little more unsure of himself. We knew from that story that Jared was crushing hard on Tristan, so he was eager to team up with him to give their customer a steamy show. This time around Tristan is the one developing feelings for Jared. He’s starting to want alone time with him so that they can just get to know one another and do what pleases them rather than having to always please the customers. But because they’ve never really discussed it, Tristan isn’t sure if their performances together are just an act for Jared or if there’s something more to it. I liked seeing this more vulnerable side to Tristan, because it showed him as more than the confident, dominant lover. It was also an interesting twist to have Jared be the one teasing and tormenting Tristan, because it not only showed that Jared has gained confidence but also showed Tristan in a more defenseless state, where he just can’t resist Jared’s hotness. As with the first story, Take It Off is mostly about the sex, and whew!, is it ever steamy, totally setting the pages on fire. Also like the first, it has more of an HFN ending, with Tristan and Jared finally agreeing to see each other outside of work. However, I know that there’s one more story to come for these two heroes, the sixth book of the series, Pay Off, where I hope they’ll finally get their HEA. I just adore Tristan and Jared together and look forward to reading more about them and the other boys at Market Garden.

Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, including voyeurism/exhibitionism, sex work, and a little MMM menage action, which could be objectionable to sensitive readers.
… (mais)
mom2lnb | 7 outras críticas | Oct 8, 2023 |



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