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Horace Walpole was born in London on September 24, 1717 and educated at Eton College and Kings College, Cambridge. Upon his return from college, Walpole was elected to Parliament and served until 1768. He was the youngest son of British Prime Minister, Robert Walpole. He was known as The Earl of mostrar mais Orford. Walpole opened a private press that published his own works and that of his friends. He is well known for his Gothic romance novel, The Castle of Otranto. Horace Walpole died in London on March 2, 1797, after which his title became extinct since he never married or had children. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras por Horace Walpole

The Castle of Otranto (1764) 3,682 exemplares
Hieroglyphic Tales (1978) 67 exemplares
Letters of Horace Walpole (1951) — Autor — 26 exemplares
Anecdotes of painting in England (1828) 16 exemplares
Walpoliana (2012) 10 exemplares
Tres piezas góticas (1997) 10 exemplares
Walpole's Letters 8 exemplares
Romans terrifiants (1997) 7 exemplares
Letters Of Horace Walpole, V1 (2004) 6 exemplares
The Castle of Otranto - Vathek (1983) — Autor — 4 exemplares
Horace Walpole and his world (1895) 4 exemplares
Letters of (6 vols.) 2 exemplares
Memoirs and Portraits 2 exemplares
Essay on Modern Gardening (2008) 1 exemplar
Horace Walpole's Correspondence (1973) — Editor — 1 exemplar
Hiyeroglif Masallar (2022) 1 exemplar
A True Love Story 1 exemplar
The Bird's Nest 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Three Gothic Novels: The Castle of Otranto / Vathek / Frankenstein (1968) — Contribuidor — 611 exemplares
Masterpieces of Fantasy and Enchantment (1988) — Contribuidor — 260 exemplares
Eighteenth-Century English Literature (1969) — Autor — 187 exemplares
The Phantom of the Opera and Other Gothic Tales (2018) — Contribuidor — 181 exemplares
A Decade of Fantasy and Science Fiction (1960) — Contribuidor — 147 exemplares
Seven Masterpieces of Gothic Horror (1963) — Contribuidor — 102 exemplares
Treasury Of Gothic & Supernatural (1981) — Contribuidor — 97 exemplares
Shorter novels of the eighteenth century (1930) — Contribuidor — 90 exemplares
Northanger Abbey/Castle of Otranto/Mysteries of Udolpho (1963) — Contribuidor — 56 exemplares


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Beautiful Gothic Horror -- 1976 Castle of Otranto em Folio Society Devotees (Outubro 2022)
The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole - lyzard tutoring SqueakyChu em 75 Books Challenge for 2012 (Janeiro 2015)


O que é o Gótico, se não tudo que envolve "O Castelo de Otranto"?

Horace Walpole é o pai do Goticismo, e "Otranto", o seu filho prodígio.

No princípio, nossa literatura era medieval, permeada por tiranos nobres e seus castelos assombrados por sangue e vinganças; e este modelo é mérito exclusivo do autor inglês.

Em sua maior ópera, vê-se a genialidade do medo prematuro, que baseia-se em um terror fantasioso. Em seu enredo enxuto e apressado, movimenta-se cada palavra com a ação do presente, o sabor do passado e o temor do futuro.

É brilhante e por tal, é também responsável por inaugura-la: a literatura gótica.
… (mais)
morgmortem | 124 outras críticas | Mar 2, 2024 |
1 vote
adastra | 124 outras críticas | Jan 15, 2024 |
ethorwitz | 124 outras críticas | Jan 3, 2024 |
Sunday, November 15, 2020

I'm a bit ashamed...but not too much. This book is 106 pages long. I abandoned it on page 80. I just couldn't do it anymore. He lost me about page 50 and I kept falling asleep after a few minutes of trying to muddle through. I got sick of wasting evenings so figured I'd put it away for another time.

Manfred's plight was reminiscent of Henry VIII---quite ridiculous, but I guess if it worked for the king...

Horace Walpole was responsible for redefining the word gothic, in terms of decor style, as well as being the author of the first gothic novel. Published in 1764, Otranto was hugely influential on countless works afterward and has been called one of the six most important books in the English language, in terms of its influence. So greatly did it feed the imaginations of later authors that it wasn't too long before it began to be parodied, as in Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

I did it. I restarted this hopelessly melodramatic piece of 18th century drivel and finished it to the last bitter dregs. It was quite ridiculous but a couple humorous parts were reminiscent of Danny Kaye's Court Jester so it wasn't a total waste.
… (mais)
classyhomemaker | 124 outras críticas | Dec 11, 2023 |



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