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After retiring from his positions as a congregational rabbi and yeshivah dean in New York's Rockland County, Berel Wein is busier than ever. He resides in Jerusalem where he lectures regularly and produces videos on his favorite subject, Jewish history. He spends part of his time globe-trotting to mostrar mais satisfy the insatiable demand for his lectures, and even manages to find time for his popular weekly column in the Jerusalem Post mostrar menos

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This book is absurd and super Zionist, heads up - but a trip to read !
daphbd | Aug 25, 2023 |
NO OF PAGES: 0 SUB CAT I: History SUB CAT II: Jewish Identity SUB CAT III: DESCRIPTION: Few authors are able to fuse facts with inner meaning like Berel Wein. For many thousands of people, he is the voice of Jewish history - better said, he is a wise and profound teacher who sees history not merely as a collection of events, but as a continuum from Creation leading to the final fulfillment of the Divine plan. In this book, Berel Wein tells the Jewish story of a turbulent century. In fast-moving prose, with his trademark wit and depth, he navigates the dizzying pace of the busiest century in history, a century of hope and Holocaust, of historic benevolence and unprecedented cruelty, a century that saw the Jewish center of gravity transformed in unimaginable ways. Who, in 1900, would have predicted that in 2000, Eastern Europe would be a Jewish cemetery, that Orthodoxy in America would be resurgent, or that Eretz Yisrael would be the State of Israel and that its yeshivos and seminaries would be magnets for our finest and most committed young people? This is a book about how Jews navigated through the decades of the century, but it is not about Jews in isolation. Berel Wein intertwines the story of the Jews with the events of the world and shows how each affected the other. There is only one Berel Wein - and he presents us with a unique book. After all the hype about a new millennium, this is the book for Jews who want to understand an incredible century.NOTES: SUBTITLE: The History of the Jewish People in the Twentieth Century… (mais)
BeitHallel | Feb 18, 2011 |
NO OF PAGES: 0 SUB CAT I: History SUB CAT II: Holocaust SUB CAT III: DESCRIPTION: Perhaps no other century in human existence experienced the terrible and remarkable contrasts of the 20th Century. The century was heroic and tragic, progressive and reactionary, forward-looking, and frighteningly regressive - a century of contradiction, confusion, and massive change. Faith & Fate focuses on how all these events and occurrences impacted on one specific group of people - a people whose survival has defied the ravages and challenges not only of this century, but of the over 40 centuries that have led up to it. Rabbi Berel Wein and a team of leading historians, including Professor Zvi Gittelman, Professor Jeffrey Gurock, and Professor Monty Penkower will take you on a remarkable journey into Jewish history. Faith & Fate powerfully and emotionally tells the story of how the events of the century impacted on the Jews - and the impact the Jews had on the century. As Rabbi Berel Wein puts it, "What makes this series so unique is that it puts the Jewish history of the 20th century into perspective. We can see ourselves in the "big picture" ? how we fit into nearly 4,100 years of Jewish survival. Who we are as Jews? How, and why, we have survived so long? What is our purpose? And what is Jewish Destiny? It tells our children, and our grandchildren, that despite the tragedies, there are triumphs ? and that knowing where we come from ? will help us understand where we are going."NOTES: Purchased from TES. SUBTITLE: The History of the Jewish People in the Twentieth Century… (mais)
BeitHallel | Feb 18, 2011 |
"It tells the inner story of the people of Israel,which most often escapes the secular historian." " The book is factual but non-judgmental."
Kamerow | Jul 11, 2007 |

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