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Karen White was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She attended college at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Management. Her first book, In the Shadow of the Moon was a double finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA Award. The Girl on Legare mostrar mais Street hit The New York Times Best Seller list in November 2009, and On Folly Beach in May 2010, which was also a NYT bestseller. Most of White's novels are based in the low-country of the southeastern United States. Some of her other titles include: The House on Tradd Street, The Lost Hours and The Memory of Water. Her title's Sea Change, The Time Between and The Sound of Glass made the New York Times Best Seller List. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


Obras por Karen White

The House On Tradd Street (2008) 914 exemplares
On Folly Beach (2010) 517 exemplares
The Lost Hours (2009) 498 exemplares
The Girl On Legare Street (2009) 490 exemplares
The Beach Trees (2011) 487 exemplares
The Sound of Glass (2015) 477 exemplares
The Forgotten Room (2016) 474 exemplares
The Memory of Water (2008) 446 exemplares
The Glass Ocean (2018) 427 exemplares
The Time Between (2013) 395 exemplares
The Strangers on Montagu Street (2011) 382 exemplares
All the Ways We Said Goodbye (2020) — Autor — 378 exemplares
The Night the Lights Went Out (2017) 335 exemplares
Falling Home (2002) 307 exemplares
Dreams of Falling (2018) 296 exemplares
A Long Time Gone (2014) 278 exemplares
Flight Patterns (2016) 278 exemplares
The Color of Light (2005) 277 exemplares
The Guests on South Battery (2017) 271 exemplares
Return to Tradd Street (2014) 266 exemplares
Sea Change (2012) 262 exemplares
The Lost Summers of Newport (2022) 210 exemplares
After the Rain (2003) 188 exemplares
Learning to Breathe (2007) 185 exemplares
Pieces of the Heart (2006) 171 exemplares
The Last Night in London (2021) 150 exemplares
The Shop on Royal Street (2022) 134 exemplares
The Attic on Queen Street (2021) 125 exemplares
Spinning the Moon (2016) 92 exemplares
The House on Prytania (2023) 61 exemplares
In the Shadow of the Moon (2000) 36 exemplares
Whispers of Goodbye (2001) 24 exemplares
Moon Living Abroad in London (2012) 12 exemplares

Associated Works

Grand Central: Original Stories of Postwar Love and Reunion (2014) — Contribuidor — 126 exemplares
Blessings of Mossy Creek [Collective Novel] (2004) — Contribuidor — 30 exemplares
What the World Is Reading (2009) — Contribuidor — 20 exemplares


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Another WONDERFUL Karen White book. We just moved nearby Georgetown SC so this was particularly enjoyable. Just love how I feel reading one of her books.
aefsargent | 22 outras críticas | Feb 6, 2024 |
The story was good, it did take a while to unfold but the underlying story of finding your voice and shedding fears was wonderful.
aefsargent | 43 outras críticas | Feb 6, 2024 |
Trabajando en una casa de subastas en Nueva York , Julie Holt conoce a una artista en apuros y madre soltera que le recuerda mucho a su hermana menor desaparecida. Monica Guidry pinta un vívido cuadro de su familia sureña a través de historias, pero nunca dice por qué ni cómo perdió el contacto con ellos. Y tiene otro secreto: una afección cardíaca que pronto acabará con su vida.

Sintiendo como si hubiera perdido a su hermana por segunda vez, Julie hereda de Mónica un retrato antiguo, así como la custodia de su hijo pequeño. Llevándolo a Biloxi, Mississippi, para conocer a la familia que nunca conoció, Julie descubre su propia conexión. El retrato, de un antiguo pariente de Guidry, fue realizado por su bisabuelo y revela una sorprendente historia familiar....… (mais)
AmicanaLibrary | 28 outras críticas | Jan 29, 2024 |
This is my third visit to the Tradd Street series written by Karen White. Beginning with The House on Tradd Street (#1) and continuing with The Girl on Legare Street (#2), The Strangers on Montagu Street (#3) picks up with the same set of characters and moves us along with their lives and complex relationships.

Melanie Trenholm is a successful realtor in Charleston, South Carolina and continues to work on restoring her historic home. Love interest Jack is still on the scene but he's shocked early on to discover he has a daughter he didn't know about. Oh, and Melanie is also psychic but she keeps it on the down low.

Not sure why it is that I enjoy this series so much, is it the frequent mention of architecture, restoration and antiques? Melanie's ability to see/sense ghosts or the tension brewing between Melanie and Jack? I don't usually enjoy the romance elements of a plot but here it works. The Southern location and sultry heat along with unearthing family secrets containing betrayal and loss kept the pages turning with enthusiasm. And there's even a haunted dollhouse, need I say more?

With so much time elapsing since reading the first two books in 2011 and 2015 respectively and with the third in 2024, I'm surprised I was able to immediately dive straight back into the series with such ease and relish. It shouldn't have come as a surprise that while I was off reading other things, the author continued on with the series, ultimately choosing to end it with book #7 in 2021.

It's rare for me to be able to read a series right through to its conclusion - either losing interest, prioritising elsewhere or abandoning the task due to diminishing reading returns - but I'm excited to give it a try this time, and now have the following books to look forward to.

The remaining books in the series are:
Return to Tradd Street (#4)
The Guests on South Battery (#5)
The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street (#6)
The Attic on Queen Street (#7)

Carpe Librum!
… (mais)
Carpe_Librum | 13 outras críticas | Jan 19, 2024 |



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