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Obras por Gary Whitta

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [2016 film] (2016) — Writer — 822 exemplares
The Book of Eli [2010 film] (2010) — Screenwriter — 309 exemplares
Abomination (2015) 160 exemplares
After Earth [2012 film] (2012) — Screenwriter — 154 exemplares
Death, Jr.: Volume 1 (2005) — Autor — 115 exemplares
Resist: Tales from a Future Worth Fighting Against (2018) — Editor — 55 exemplares
Death, Jr.: Volume 2 (2007) — Autor — 48 exemplares
Gundog (2023) 12 exemplares
Oliver Volume 1 (2019) 6 exemplares
Death Jr. Vol. 1, No. 2 (2005) 4 exemplares
Batman: Fortress (2023) 3 exemplares
Oliver #2 (2019) 3 exemplares
Oliver #1 (2019) 2 exemplares
Oliver #3 (2019) 2 exemplares
Oliver #4 (2019) 2 exemplares
Batman: Die Festung (2023) 1 exemplar

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Was one of the backers on Inkshare

The book has an interesting take on the fantasy genre by mixing it with a bit of Cthulhu.

The only reason why it doesn't get top score from me is that it sometimes has a bit too much "filler" description of the locations and the inner thoughts of the characters that isn't moving the story forward.
SimonLarsen | 9 outras críticas | May 20, 2024 |
Note: I received access to read this book from the publisher for free. That doesn't influence my opinion on it, but it's worth disclosing.

Gundog has a few good characters, but doesn't feel like an inspired post apocalypse. There is some "explaining away" for solutions to problems that could have made for compelling situations. Questions that could have been tied up in this book were left to be pondered upon in the epilogue for a sequel that may never come. Most of this book has the tone of a young adult novel, but the character arcs are just a little shallow and don't showcase a ton of personality. It definitely lacks the depth that a proper coming of age tale would have. This one just didn't live up to Whitta's other work.… (mais)
thenthomwaslike | Jul 24, 2023 |
This book was a bit of a disappointment. Any attempts at wit in the writing were based on annoying cliches and stereotypes.
kamlibrarian | 4 outras críticas | Dec 23, 2022 |
I read Ted Naifeh's Couurtney Crumrin series a while ago and really loved it, but didn't really get into other things I tried by him. I must not have looked hard enough, because Death Jr. is a gem. Making a young grim reaper into a sweet little kid is probably not easy to do convincingly, but he and Gary Whitta have done it here. The humor is sharp, the story and characters fun. I'll be recommending this at both my jobs every chance I get.
Harks | 8 outras críticas | Dec 17, 2022 |



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