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This book is about Dr. Robert Goddard and his life story from the beginning to the end. When Robert or Bob as his parents called him was 9 when he was interested in fireworks especially the rockets. For his birthday he bought himself one and lit it on the 4th of July. This was the beginning of his love for science. When Robert was 12 he tried making an X ray machine like his friend had made in school but he could not build because he could not afford the parts. A month later in an article he found out how to make a X ray machine with simple parts and then he was not interested in it. He also tried making a frog hatchery but as he got older he started to get bored of it. In the middle of 8th grade Bob had started to get sick and was not able to go to school for a year. When he was in high School Bob had gotten over the sickness and was able to he joined the Glee Club and the chorus with his good Baritone voice. He went to college at Clark University and his professor at the time wanted him to publish something about his rockets. He did paper is what led him to test rockets. During World War II he was the one who created the liquid rocket that the military used on combat. The modern rocket used all over the world originated from his experiments.
I like this book because it was about science. I found it fascinating how they explained all of his experiments. One of my favorite projects that he did was when he made a drawing of a whale and then turned it into a wooden life scale model. What I did not like about the book was how the jump from ages in one chapter he is 9 and the next he is 12 that does not make any sense to me. I like how the author portrayed the facts about him. I liked the tone because it felt like Bob was the narrator some times which made him more interesting.
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LeeB.G1 | Oct 18, 2018 |

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