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Born in Manhattan, NY in 1945, Henry Winkler rose to fame as television's "The Fonz" on the 1970's sitcom, Happy Days. In 1970, Winkler graduated from the Yale School of Drama and went on to act in various commercials before being cast as Arthur Fonzarelli. After Happy Days, Winkler went on to mostrar mais produce and direct various television shows, as well as continue acting in co-starring roles in movies such as "Scream" and "The Waterboy". Along with his acting and directing career, Henry Winkler is a children's advocate who helped to found the Children's Action Network which helps to provide immunization to children at no charge. He is also involved with several other children's charities and began writing the Hank Zipzer series in 2003 which centers around an adventurous boy with dyslexia. mostrar menos

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Anyone who hasn’t been completely consumed by cynicism or hasn’t been living under a rock knows Henry Winkler. Many, if not most, people know him as the pop culture icon, Arthur Fonzarelli from the equally iconic tv show “Happy Days.” If you think that’s the extent of Henry Winkler, think again and read this book. Although Winkler has had to live with that character his entire acting life, since those days he’s shown himself to be so much more than “The Fonz.” And how ironic it is to find out that televisions most self-assured character is one of the most insecure people in real life. For most of his adult life Winkler has had to deal with undiagnosed severe dyslexia. Like most dyslexics, Winkler was labeled as stupid growing up and began to believe those assessments of his abilities. Most people who have followed his career, even casually, know that there is no way this amazingly talented actor could be “stupid” and pull off the acting rolls he’s pulled off since The Fonz. I listened to the audio version of “Being Henry” with Winkler and his wife Stacey doing the narration. Henry is a wonderful narrator, and I can’t imagine anyone else taking those duties. Stacey adds a terrific complement to Henry with her heartfelt comments. A couple of things that I think detract just a tiny bit from the book: first, like most celebrity memoirs, Winkler drops a lot of names. A lot of names. A certain amount of this is inevitable since he is trying to introduce to the reader people who have been important to him and his career. But it sometimes gets tiresome for the reader since so few are familiar names. Henry’s ebullience, while no doubt genuine, was occasionally enough to wear me out. As I said, that is just who he is from what I can tell, so that’s more on me than on Henry Winkler. Henry makes no excuses for being a happy, appreciative person. And it isn’t that he has been handed everything on a silver platter the way The Fonz came to him. In fact, he has had a difficult life professionally since that role, and his personal life has had more challenges that you would think from a person as famous as he is. If you need a lift in your own life, this is just what the reading doctor ordered. If you read “Being Henry” and you’re not uplifted, that’s on you, not on Henry Winkler.… (mais)
FormerEnglishTeacher | 29 outras críticas | May 22, 2024 |
[3.5] The question gently gnawed at me as I debated whether I should put a hold on “Being Henry:” Would the life story of the man who created TV’s beloved Fonzie be worth a week-long reading commitment? Having never been a big fan of “The Fonz” or (don't hate me) "Happy Days," I almost passed on Winkler’s memoir due to the “too many books, too little time” conundrum. In general, I’m glad I read this candid and entertaining autobiography. Winkler candidly addresses his lifelong struggle with dyslexia. He also recounts — sometimes with unsettling hostility — his tumultuous relationship with his parents who were German immigrants. The book is sprinkled with Hollywood-based “fun facts,” including Winkler’s role in the evolution of the phrase “jumping the shark.” My mediocre rating is based on the fact “Being Henry” doesn’t serve up as many enlightening life-lessons as some memoirs. When I finish an autobiography, I like to feel as if I've explored numerous insights that can catalysts for personal growth or enlightenment. Much of the book deals with Winkler’s insecurities that the world never stopped viewing him as The Fonz and his professional pursuits aimed at shattering this typecasting. Still, he acknowledges that he “never lost sight of what the character gave me.” The takeaway from this book: “keep working.”… (mais)
brianinbuffalo | 29 outras críticas | Apr 21, 2024 |
Who doesn't love Henry? I had to read this. Henry is so humble and appreciative of life. His story is very interesting and I love memoirs for the sheer fact that no one's life is easy and for this gentle man to go through his trials and end up ... well where I want to hug him for staying true to who he is. Sigh.
whybehave2002 | 29 outras críticas | Apr 20, 2024 |
Road trip audiobook!

The portrayer of the coolest man to ever live takes us on a tour through his life as an actor provides an in-depth examination of all his anxieties and neuroses and his struggle with dyslexia.

I would have liked a little more time spent on the shows Winkler has worked on over the years, but he still makes for a chatty and amusing traveling companion. This book pairs well with Ron Howard's recent memoir, The Boys, offering an interesting contrast with the narrators' very different personalities and the similar but diverging paths they followed after being part of a pop-culture phenomenon.… (mais)
villemezbrown | 29 outras críticas | Apr 9, 2024 |



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