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2011 Galaxy New Writer of the Year Award
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A dear friend Kate tentatively lent me Still Life. It's been sitting on my shelf for a few months as I’d put it down after a few pages because it was not the right time. When is the right time?

This time (the right time) I found myself flooded-in (due to heavy rain) and ready for Sarah Winman to take me wherever she wanted. In part, this was because in the 1980s we'd been caretakers of a converted 9th century monastery in Tuscany and knew Florence and many of the towns around it, not quite as intimately as Sarah Winman but well enough to enjoy revisiting these haunts. Of course, the flood section resonated. In part also, she has a feel for dialogue, character and literary cross-references (Forster Violet Trefusis etc). Somehow, Claude the talking parrot took me back to Enid Blighton's Adventure series not to mention all the food and wine. By the time Arturo’s will appeared, I found myself looking back to the right side of the page where I remembered Evelyn’s mention of the Cockney landlady. It was page 7 and I was hooked. Isn’t it interesting how we can recall the physical position of texts if not the page?

As this story of love and loss and life unfolded,
Passing time. But still life in all its beauty and complexity. p. 435
I was moved to tears more often than I'll record in this little reflection. Half-way through the book, it felt that everyone had lost something that completed them - just as the amazing Claude spontaneously lost feathers. There were several times I had to put the book down for tears.

In many respects the book ended and losses were resolved about 100 pages before the set piece All About Evelyn. I'm not complaining at all. The homage to A Room with a View seemed entirely appropriate to a book about the English in Florence.
This is a richly layered book in which the author reminds us of her presence and I liked her presence
If only they'd known that 600 metres away underground, Jem Gunnerslake was passing books to a young woman who was once called kid but was now called Alys. But these revelations would have to wait. For now, an air of contentment hung over the scene. p. 325

… (mais)
simonpockley | 47 outras críticas | Feb 25, 2024 |
DNF due to lack of quotation marks and ADHD not mixing well.
Tara_Calaby | 47 outras críticas | Jan 27, 2024 |
Das Buch spielt in Oxford, aber nicht im universitären Kontext, sondern in der Arbeiterklasse. Am Anfang gewinnt die junge Dora 1950 ein Bild, eine Kopie der Sonnenblumen von van Gogh. Dieses Bild ist für sie sehr, sehr wichtig. Es symbolisiert eine andere Lebensweise als die, die sie kennt. Ihr Sohn Ellis ist der Tinman, das ist der englische Titel des Buches. Wie der Tinman aus dem Zauberer von Oz hat er zwei Freunde, die er über alles liebt, Michael und Alice. Das Buch erzählt die Freundschaft und Liebe, der drei, aber zu einer Zeit, als Alice und Michael bereits nicht mehr leben und Ellis 46 Jahre alt ist. Es ist ein schönes und auch trauriges Buch. Nicht alle Punkte haben mich überzeugt. Beispielsweise war mir nicht ganz klar, was Alice und Michael verbunden hat.… (mais)
Wassilissa | 79 outras críticas | Jan 26, 2024 |
Wonderfully narrated audiobook, read by the author. My favorite part was the flood in 1966.
LibrarianDest | 47 outras críticas | Jan 3, 2024 |



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