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I never expected I'd ever be able to read this book. These books are insanely hard to find in my country, but I should feel glad I located a fancy smancy bookstore that caters to the English speaking expat community and nabbed the last copy.

And, well the verdict?

Even for people that aren't particularly well versed in the Avatar cartoon, this book is a delightful Coming of Age story starring a social outcast girl who barely survived starvation thanks to the kindness of a banished Air Nomad master named Kelsang alongside his old friend, an Earth bending master named Jianzhu.

Torn between Kelsang's duties with the Air Nomads and his promise to locate the Earth Avatar, this book offers us a glimpse to the Earth Kingdom method of locating the Earth Avatar. Much to everyone's chagrin, the classic method of performing obscure rituals excluding entire chunks of the world's most populous country until only a small village is left hasn't worked for the first time in living history.

Whether it is because Kyoshi has failed to awaken her earthbending or her unusual ethnic status as a mixed race earth/air citizen, the book focuses more on Kelsang's unorthodox attempt to use the Air Nomad method of letting children select 5 toys among thousands that belonged to previous avatars. Kyoshi surprises us all when she snatches one of the correct toys and runs off, too jaded by the endless abuse she has endured to welcome the kindness of two strangers.

Fast foward and a teenage Kyoshi is still mocked by other villagers as a mediocre bender, abandoned by her parents and undeserving of a prized life as a servant in Jianzhu's palace. Her job? Cleaning up the room after the recently discovered Avatar Yun (he is touted to be quite a slob). We get a few nice scenes decipting her friendship with the insanely charismatic young man, alongside the friendly banter she shares with Fire Nation army extraordinaire Rangi. I would have liked to see more depth to the friendship Kyoshi shared with Rangi and Yun, but it doesn't detract from the otherwise brilliance of the story.

Long story short, Kyoshi gets invited to an important diplomatic mission with a brigand army of Water Tribe pirates and when things turn south... Kyoshi does impossibly difficult earth bending out of nowhere.


With the human world in disarray after Avatar Kuruk's failures, Kyoshi experiences the worst aspects of the Earth Kingdom's corruption, indifference, and plenty of brownnosing Avatar Yun in the hopes of garnering their favor.

With clever writing, the author gives us a fresh way to see how the feared and revered Earth Avatar was not always a terrifying woman donning makeup and slicing entire islands out of nowhere. Kyoshi starts out as the biggest (pun intended) weakling ever. An unwanted person everyone stomps on and ignores until she is completely unable to believe in herself. Untethered by her unique position of never having formal bending training, Kyoshi disregards social convention and starts to make her own path as the most unusual Avatar the world has ever heard of. Whether it is by agreeing to join a gang of common criminals to become her bending teachers... and her love for her female bodyguard.

Yes! Sapphic fiction! While haters always berate Avatar Korra for choosing Asami as some kind of gimmick, the truth of the matter is there has been plenty of queer avatars over the ages. And it feels quite natural for someone as rough on the edges like Kyoshi. While the sapphic scenes are brief, they are nicely spread out during the book and oh so much fun to read. That alone is reason enough to give this book a shot.

Action? Treachery? Cool new ways of bending? This book has it all! People that love political aspects in their stories with corrupt officials trying to leverage control over the Avatar for personal benefit are going to love this book.

If there was only one thing stopping me from the full 5 stars, it is that some sentences are a bit confusing. There are homophome word typos spreaded all over the book and I noticed some commas were missing. I would have also loved a map of the Earth Kingdom to give the reader a better idea where the major events of the city take place.

But this is well compensated by the great writing and how Kyoshi forms a unique friendship with a brigand of criminals who might not be law abidding people, but they are not (mostly) blood thirsty murderers either. If anyone can make them become better people and rethink their lives, I think Kyoshi ended up with them for an ulterior reason. It is like the Avatar is always reincarnated in the place where they are needed the most.

This is the first half of a duology, and now I have to find the way to nab a copy of the sequel to finish reading it. Great read, loved every minute of it.

4.5 stars!
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chirikosan | 9 outras críticas | Mar 31, 2024 |
Had a few other stops and starts, but I can't use the Goodreads app on work wifi and I'd totally forgotten about that, ha. Also, I know this came out in January but as per my usual library habits I didn't get around to it until later, renewing it until we reached the point where libraries closed and we were instructed to hold on to material for the foreseeable near future... however, I feel like I should be ready to send them back whenever things open, so going through older stuff first, but also: happy AAPIHM 2020! I read the first of this duology for 2018's, so this feels fittingly bookend-ish.

Iron Will pops in to see how Genie's doing after becoming the spiritual guardian over California. During a long weekend trip with Yunie to visit a nearby college, evil threatens from a couple dimensions over and suddenly gods are vying to be the next leader of heaven. Not going to lie, I was reminded of other recent elections in which very qualified women don't receive as much fanfare as flashier bro types, but I digress... anyway, the theme is sacrifice and priorities, and while facing supernatural threats Genie also has the realization of "oh shit, it was easy to focus on doing well at school but NOW what??" decision paralysis re: what college to go to but then also plans after that. it's a very real feeling I remember aaaah!

There's easily more stories that could be told as midquels between the time jump at the end, but if not, I'm satisified with story end.
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Daumari | 1 outra crítica | Dec 28, 2023 |
Kicking off AAPI Heritage Month with another YA read! This was a fun take on the Monkey King legend, with our heroine maybe not playing the role you think she might. Genie Lo is a high schooler, just trying to keep her life in order when new student student Quentin Sun disrupts her everything.

I'm vaguely reminded of [b:Avalon High|187812|Avalon High|Meg Cabot|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1172542154s/187812.jpg|3186888] in that this is a high school retelling of a legend, and where the heroine doesn't play the role we think she does from legend.

Cute story, good potential beginning of a series (still got 99 more demons to deal with...) would read more in the future.
… (mais)
Daumari | 23 outras críticas | Dec 28, 2023 |
Honestly I loved it. I've been craving more Avatar content and this definitely delivered. Good character arcs, really interesting villain, fantastic plot, good/decent prose (for YA) and overall just a ton of fun.
Andjhostet | 9 outras críticas | Jul 4, 2023 |



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