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Nicola Yoon grew up in Jamaica and Brooklyn. Her first novel Everything, Everything was published in 2015 and became a New York Times bestseller. (Bowker Author Biography)

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Everything, Everything (2015) 5,061 exemplares
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Brooklyn, New York, USA
Los Angeles, California, USA
Yoon, David (husband)



Everything everything em Book talk (Março 2017)


Eighteen-year-old Maddy has lived the majority of her life limited to her own home, with almost no visitors besides her nurse as Maddy has a rare disease that makes so many factors in the outside world possibly fatal for her. As she has been living this way since she was a baby, she doesn't remember or know an alternative. But when a cute boy moves in across the street, Maddy is intrigued by him and strikes up an online friendship. Once she starts learning more about the outside world, can Maddy still be content with the life she has?

This was an engaging and compelling read. Admittedly, romance is not really my genre but I did enjoy this title. For starters, Maddy and Olly both felt closer to real people than archetypes. They both have hobbies, such as reading/reviewing books and playing board games for Maddy and parkour and building an orrery for Olly. They both have their own familial issues to deal with and their own histories before meeting each other.

Also, I appreciated how the thing keeping the romantic pair apart was not some silly, contrived misunderstanding but a serious barrier due to illness. When it later is revealed that Maddy is not sick at all , I at first thought that was a cop-out and a real deus ex machina moment to solve the problem. However, I thought it was both appropriate and well done for the first reactions to this news to be Maddy dealing with how this affects her life in other ways -- her relationship with her mother primarily, but also her relationship with her nurse Carla, her schooling, her living situation, and finally her relationship with Olly. I think a more stereotypical romance novel would have jumped right to the last part first, but this way was more accurate to real life.

I do feel like the ending, while beautiful in its circular nature, left me wondering more about what was going to happen with these characters, but many of the best reads do conclude in such a way to make you regret leaving that world.

The audiobook was narrated extremely well by the main reader who put some much emotion into it; a couple of extra voices and sparingly used sound effects enhanced the experience. However, the print book also has fun little doodles and more, so I recommend having a copy of each to read.
… (mais)
sweetiegherkin | 248 outras críticas | Apr 10, 2024 |
This was also a quick read for me I only picked it up because my little girl wanted me to read it with her. We both really enjoyed the storyline not normally my genre. I felt that the writing was smooth very easy to follow and I will definitely read another book by her
Mariafrendo | 248 outras críticas | Apr 6, 2024 |
This was such a fun and quick read!

As can be expected, our bubble girl, Maddy begins to wonder about the world and her life. In particular, how she’s living her life. It brings into focus the subject of what a life worth living might be to all of us. I really enjoyed this approach to asking bigger questions on a life such as Maddy’s. Are you LIVING if you are alive and healthy but unable to experience the world?
Maddy’s narration of her life is cute, witty, and uniquely delivered. (The story is told in unconventional ways like email conversations between Olly and Maddy, drawings, and even text that spirals into itself.) It makes for a creative experience and a more lighthearted feel overall.

The character list is small, but they are full of detail and personality. Great writing. Although, I saw the twist coming from a few miles away, I still enjoyed experiencing it. A lighthearted, feel good story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Full review: wanderinglectiophile.wordpress.com/2017/10/25/review-everything-everything-by-nicola-yoon/
… (mais)
RochelleJones | 248 outras críticas | Apr 5, 2024 |
Evie doesn’t believe in love anymore. Not after she found her father in the arms of his lover, and her parents subsequently divorced. But then on a trip to a little free library, she comes across an unusual volume – “Instructions for Dancing.” It’s a manual and the flyleaf says it’s the property of a dance studio, so she decides to return it to the studio. The next thing she knows, Evie is paired with a boy named X, learning to waltz, fox-trot and tango. Oh, and she’s acquired an unusual ability to see a couple’s love story just by witnessing them kissing.

This is a charming YA romance with a young couple who have multiple family issues they have to navigate. I like that Yoon gives us reasons why Evie is so reluctant to give herself over to the potential of falling in love. I also really liked X. He’s a steady presence and a genuinely lovely young man – tender, accomplished, forward thinking, a gentleman. These two young people really shine.

However, I think Yoon could have left out the “visions” that Evie has when she spots a couple kissing. They just didn’t really support the story, in my opinion. Although, I suppose I understand the message of enjoying the moment and not over-thinking the future.
… (mais)
BookConcierge | 34 outras críticas | Apr 2, 2024 |



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