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Obras por Lesley Young

The world of Babar (1998) 8 exemplares
Aladdin (1995) 7 exemplares
A Child's Treasury of Tales (1996) 6 exemplares
Flora Saves the Day (Babar) (1999) 5 exemplares
Bible stories (1978) 4 exemplares
Introducing Camembert (1979) 3 exemplares
Hocus Pocus (1983) 3 exemplares
Moorfield Finds a Friend (1990) 2 exemplares
Queen Victoria (Profiles) (1980) 1 exemplar
Babar's Big book of fun (1999) 1 exemplar


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This is a good retelling of the folktale of Beauty and the Beast, probably based on one of the French versions of the tale. Young's text is prettily illustrated by Spenceley.
MaowangVater | Mar 20, 2018 |
While we traditionally know Aladdin to be a middle eastern folktale, this rendition sets the story in China. Aladdin is a young boy who lives in poverty. A magician asks him to retrieve an ancient lamp from this cave, but is warned not to touch anything else but the lamp. He is surrounded by gold, and gives into temptation and gets sealed into the cave. He finds the lamp and discovers a genie inside who will grant him wishes. First, he gets out of the cave. Next, the genies provides his family with a feast, a new home and wealth. Then, he wanted to marry Jasmine, the sultan's daughter. So, the genie made him into a prince, with a new grand castle. They were married soon after. The magician tricks Jasmine one day into giving him the lamp, so all of Aladdin's wishes disappear, and Jasmine is gone. He finds her again, as a slave to the magician, and while he sleeping steals back the lamp. He then has the magician turned into a genie, and frees the one that had helped him all along.

What I like most about this particular rendition are the illustrations -- I think that the cultural style really adds the story and the feel of the setting. I also like the message -- you can't buy happiness.
… (mais)
aelmer | Mar 16, 2014 |

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