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The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History were established in 1995 to recognize the best alternate history stories and novels of the year. The awards take their name from the 1934 short story mostrar mais "Sidewise in Time" by Murray Leinster, in which a strange storm causes portions of Earth to swap places with their analogs from other timelines. The awards were created by Steven H Silver, Evelyn C. Leeper, and Robert B. Schmunk. Over the years, the number of judges has fluctuated between three and eight, including judges in the UK and South Africa. Each year, two awards are presented, usually at Worldcon. The Short-Form award is presented to a work under 60,000 words in length. The Long-Form award may be presented to a work longer than 60,000 words, including both novels or complete series. At their discretion, the judges may also elect to recognize an individual or work with a Special Achievement Award in recognition of works that were published prior to the award's inception. mostrar menos
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Outubro 2023: Winner2022 Recente

Winner 53

The Peacekeeper por B.L. BlanchardLong Form2022
A Dream of Electric Mothers por Wole TalabiShort Form2022
Civilizations por Laurent BinetLong Form2021
The Doors of Eden por Adrian TchaikovskyLong Form2020
The Future of Another Timeline por Annalee NewitzLong Form2019
Christmas Truce por Harry TurtledoveShort Form2019
The Calculating Stars por Mary Robinette KowalLong Form2018
Codex Valtierra por Emmanuel ValtierraShort Form2018
Once There Was a Way: What If The Beatles Stayed Together? (Breakpoint) por Bryce ZabelLong Form2017
Zigeuner {short story} por Harry TurtledoveShort Form2017
Underground Airlines por Ben H. WintersLong Form2016
The Big Lie por Julie MayhewLong Form2015
The Enemy Within por Kristine Kathryn RuschLong Form2014
The Long Haul, From the ANNALS OF TRANSPORTATION, The Pacific Monthly, May 2009 por Ken LiuShort Form2014
The Windsor Faction por D. J. TaylorLong Form2013
Surrounded by Enemies por Bryce ZabelLong Form2013
The Weight of the Sunrise por Vylar KaftanShort Form2013
Dominion por C. J. SansomLong Form2012
Something Real por Rick WilberShort Form2012
Wake Up And Dream por Ian R. MacLeodLong Form2011
Paradise is a Walled Garden [Novelette] por Lisa GoldsteinShort Form2011
When Angels Wept: A What-If History of the Cuban Missile Crisis por Eric G. SwedinLong Form2010
1942 por Robert ConroyLong Form2009
The Fixation por Alastair ReynoldsShort Form2009
The Dragon's Nine Sons por Chris RobersonLong Form2008
The Yiddish Policemen's Union por Michael ChabonLong Form2007
Quaestiones Super Caelo Et Mundo por Michael F. FlynnShort Form2007
Recovering Apollo 8 [novella] por Kristine Kathryn RuschShort Form2007
The Clan Corporate por Charles StrossLong Form2006
The Family Trade por Charles StrossLong Form2006
The Hidden Family por Charles StrossLong Form2006
Counterfactual por Gardner DozoisShort Form2006
The Summer Isles por Ian R. MacLeodLong Form2005
Pericles the Tyrant por Lois TiltonShort Form2005
The Plot Against America por Philip RothLong Form2004
Ministry of Space por Warren EllisShort Form2004
Collaborator por Murray DaviesLong Form2003
O One por Chris RobersonShort Form2003
Ruled Britannia por Harry TurtledoveLong Form2002
The Severed Wing por Martin J. Gidron2002
The Children's War por J.N. StroyarLong Form2001
The Human Front por Ken MacLeodShort Form2001
Ash: A Secret History por Mary GentleLong Form2000
Seventy-Two Letters {novella} por Ted ChiangShort Form2000
Resurrection Day por Brendan DuBoisLong Form1999
Making History por Stephen FryLong Form1998
The Summer Isles {novella} por Ian R. MacLeodShort Form1998
How Few Remain por Harry TurtledoveLong Form1997
The Undiscovered [short fiction] por William SandersShort Form1997
Voyage por Stephen BaxterLong Form1996
Foreign Devils {novelette} por Walter Jon WilliamsShort Form1996
Pasquale's Angel por Paul J. McAuleyLong Form1995
Brigantia's Angels por Stephen BaxterShort Form1995

Finalist 154

The Peacekeeper por B.L. BlanchardLong Form2022
Babel: Or the Necessity of Violence: An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators' Revolution por R.F. KuangLong Form2022
Appliance por Jo MorganLong Form2022
Begin the World Over por Kung Li SunLong Form2022
Three Miles Down por Harry TurtledoveLong Form2022
Beat the Devils por Josh WeissLong Form2022
A Dream of Electric Mothers por Wole TalabiShort Form2022
Broadway Revival por Laura FrankosLong Form2021
The Apollo Murders por Chris HadfieldLong Form2021
The Kingdoms por Natasha PulleyLong Form2021
Billie the Kid por Rick WilberShort Form2021
The Good German: A Novel por Dennis BockLong Form2020
The Cold Last Swim por Junior BurkeLong Form2020
The Relentless Moon por Mary Robinette KowalLong Form2020
The Day Lincoln Lost por Charles RosenbergLong Form2020
Famous Men Who Never Lived por K. ChessLong Form2019
Walking Through Dreams (Lands of Red and Gold, Band 1) por Jared KavanaghLong Form2019
The fall of Rorke's drift por John LabandLong Form2019
Any Way the Wind Blows {short story} por Seanan McGuireShort Form2019
Summerland por Hannu RajaniemiLong Form2018
The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington por Charles RosenbergLong Form2018
Unholy Land por Lavie TidharLong Form2018
The Secret City por Rick WilberShort Form2018
The Berlin Project por Gregory BenfordLong Form2017
All Our Wrong Todays por Elan MastaiLong Form2017
A Time of Need: A Dark Eagle Novel por Elizabeth PrybylskiLong Form2017
Acts of the Assassins por Richard BeardLong Form2016
Azanian Bridges por Nick WoodLong Form2016
Pirate Utopia por Bruce SterlingShort Form2016
The British Lion por Tony SchumacherLong Form2015
Joe Steele por Harry TurtledoveLong Form2015
The Last of Time [short story] por Ken PoynerShort Form2015
Second Front: The Allied Invasion of France, 1942-43 (An Alternative History) por Alexander M. GraceLong Form2014
The Darkest Hour por Tony SchumacherLong Form2014
V-S Day: A Novel of Alternate History por Allen SteeleLong Form2014
My Real Children por Jo WaltonLong Form2014
The Principles por Robert ReedShort Form2014
1920: America's Great War por Robert ConroyLong Form2013
The Secret of Abdu el Yezdi por Mark HodderLong Form2013
A Brief History of the Trans-Pacific Tunnel {short story} por Ken LiuShort Form2013
Cayos in the Stream: A Tor.Com Original por Harry TurtledoveShort Form2013
Blair's War por Ian WatsonShort Form2013
Doktor Glass por Thomas BrennanLong Form2012
Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon por Mark HodderLong Form2012
The Cassandra Project por Jack McDevittLong Form2012
The Mirage por Matt RuffLong Form2012
Great White Ship por Lou AntonellaShort Form2012
Steamgothic por Sean McMullenShort Form2012
Adrift on the Sea of Rains por Ian SalesShort Form2012
Fade to White por Catherynne M. ValenteShort Form2012
Castro's Bomb por Robert ConroyLong Form2011
Himmler's war por Robert ConroyLong Form2011
Then Everything Changed : Stunning Alternate Histories of American Politics : JFK, RFK, Carter, Ford, Reagan por Jeff GreenfieldLong Form2011
Planesrunner por Ian McDonaldLong Form2011
Heart of Iron por Ekaterina SediaLong Form2011
Camera Obscura por Lavie TidharLong Form2011
The Iron Shirts por Michael F. FlynnShort Form2011
Lee at the Alamo por Harry TurtledoveShort Form2011
Columbia & Britannia por Adam ChamberlainLong Form2010
Red Inferno 1945 por Robert ConroyLong Form2010
Pinion por Jay LakeLong Form2010
Mammoths of the Great Plains [novella] por Eleanor ArnasonShort Form2010
Alten Kameraden [short fiction] por Barry B. LongyearShort Form2010
Sidewinders [short story] por Ken MacLeodShort Form2010
Yes We Have No Bananas por Paul Di FilippoShort Form2009
Edison's Frankenstein por Chris RobersonShort Form2009
Black Swan por Bruce SterlingShort Form2009
The Persistence of Souls por Sarah ZettelShort Form2009
The Affinity Bridge por George MannLong Form2008
Nation por Terry PratchettLong Form2008
The Dragon's Nine Sons por Chris RobersonLong Form2008
Swiftly por Adam RobertsLong Form2008
Half a Crown por Jo WaltonLong Form2008
The People's Machine por Tobias S. BuckellShort Form2008
Poison Victory por Albert E. CowdreyShort Form2008
A Brief Guide To Other Histories por Paul McAuleyShort Form2008
G-men por Kristine Kathryn RuschShort Form2008
1945 por Robert ConroyLong Form2007
Ilario: The Lion's Eye (The First History) por Mary GentleLong Form2007
The Stone Golem por Mary GentleLong Form2007
Mainspring por Jay LakeLong Form2007
Rome Burning por Sophia McDougallLong Form2007
Ha'penny por Jo WaltonLong Form2007
Lumiere [short story] por Elizabeth BearShort Form2007
Public Safety por Matthew JohnsonShort Form2007
Metal Dragon Year por Chris RobersonShort Form2007
Missives from Possible Futures 1: Alternate History Search Results por John ScalziShort Form2007
1862 por Robert ConroyLong Form2006
The Tourmaline por Paul ParkLong Form2006
The Disunited States of America por Harry TurtledoveLong Form2006
Farthing por Jo WaltonLong Form2006
The Pacific Mystery por Stephen BaxterShort Form2006
O, Pioneer por Maya Kaathryn BohnhoffShort Form2006
The Plurality of Worlds por Brian StablefordShort Form2006
Romanitas por Sophia McDougallLong Form2005
A Princess of Roumania por Paul ParkLong Form2005
Harvest Moon por William BartonShort Form2005
Panacea por Jason StoddardShort Form2005
Five Guys Named Moe por Sean KleinShort Form2004
Red Hands Black Hands por Chris RobersonShort Form2004
The Gladiator's War: A Dialogue por Lois TiltonShort Form2004
A Disturbance of Fate por Mitchell J. FreedmanLong Form2003
Liverpool Fantasy por Larry KirwanLong Form2003
Conquistador por S. M. StirlingLong Form2003
The Day We Went Through the Transition [short story] por Ricard de la CasaShort Form2003
The Eyes of America por Geoffrey A. LandisShort Form2003
The Reign Of Terror por Robert SilverbergShort Form2003
The Year of the Hangman por Gary BlackwoodLong Form2002
The Separation por Christopher PriestLong Form2002
The Peshawar Lancers por S. M. StirlingLong Form2002
We Come Not to Praise Washington por Charles Coleman FinlayShort Form2002
The Invisible Empire por John KesselShort Form2002
With Caesar in the Underworld por Robert SilverbergShort Form2002
The Last Ride Of German Freddie por Walter Jon WilliamsShort Form2002
A Calculus of Angels por J. Gregory KeyesLong Form2001
Empire of Unreason por J. Gregory KeyesLong Form2001
Newton's Cannon por J. Gregory KeyesLong Form2001
The Shadows of God por J. Gregory KeyesLong Form2001
Chronospace por Allen SteeleLong Form2001
First To the Moon por Stephen BaxterShort Form2001
Inca: The Scarlet Fringe por Suzanne Alles BlomLong Form2000
Against the Tide of Years por S. M. StirlingLong Form2000
Island in the Sea of Time por S. M. StirlingLong Form2000
On the Oceans of Eternity por S. M. StirlingLong Form2000
A Very British History [short story] por Paul McAuleyShort Form2000
The Other Side of Midnight por Kim NewmanShort Form2000
Xochiquetzal por Carla C. PereiraShort Form2000
Secret History of the Ornithopter por Jan Lars JensenShort Form1999
Getting To Know The Dragon por Robert SilverbergShort Form1999
A Hero of the Empire por Robert SilverbergShort Form1999
Dinosaur Summer por Greg BearLong Form1998
Climb the Wind por Pamela SargentLong Form1998
The Wire Continuum [short story] por Arthur C. ClarkeShort Form1998
Waiting For The End por Robert SilverbergShort Form1998
US (short story) por Howard WaldropShort Form1998
Time on My Hands por Peter DelacorteLong Form1997
Jack Faust por Michael SwanwickLong Form1997
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus por Orson Scott CardLong Form1996
The Hammer and the Cross por Harry HarrisonLong Form1996
King and Emperor por Harry HarrisonLong Form1996
One King's Way por Harry HarrisonLong Form1996
Worldwar: In the Balance por Harry TurtledoveLong Form1996
Worldwar: Striking the Balance por Harry TurtledoveLong Form1996
Worldwar: Tilting the Balance por Harry TurtledoveLong Form1996
Worldwar: Upsetting the Balance por Harry TurtledoveLong Form1996
Age of Aquarius (novelette) por William BartonShort Form1996
The Miracle of Ivar Avenue {novelette} por John KesselShort Form1996
The Two Georges por Richard DreyfussLong Form1995
The Bloody Red Baron por Kim NewmanLong Form1995
From Whom All Blessings Flow por Stephen DedmanShort Form1995
The Lincoln Train {short story} por Maureen F. McHughShort Form1995
Receding Horizon [short story] por Carter ScholzShort Form1995
Must and Shall (novelette) por Harry TurtledoveShort Form1995
You Could Go Home Again por Howard WaldropShort Form1995


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