ALA Rainbow Book List2024

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Outros Nomes: ALA Rainbow Book List Top Ten (Inglês)
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"The annual Rainbow List presents current well-written and/or well-illustrated books, with significant and authentic GLBTQ content, which are recommended for people from birth through eighteen mostrar mais years of age."

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Selection 113

The Long Run por James Acker2024
Going Bicoastal por Dahlia Adler2024
Imogen, Obviously por Becky Albertalli2024
How to Excavate a Heart por Jake Maia Arlow2024
The Year My Life Went Down the Toilet por Jake Maia Arlow2024
Forest Hills Bootleg Society por Dave Baker2024
The Vanquishers por Kalynn Bayron2024
Like a Hurricane por Jonathan Becotte2024
Flower Girl por Amy Bloom2024
Over My Dead Body por Sweeney Boo2024
Twelfth Grade Night por Molly Booth2024
Something Great por Jeanette Bradley2024
Thieves por Lucie Bryon2024
Afterlove por Tanya Byrne2024
Basil and Oregano por Melissa Capriglione2024
Dear Medusa: (A Novel in Verse) por Olivia A. Cole2024
Reader, I Murdered Him por Betsy Cornwell2024
Belle of the Ball por Mari Costa2024
This Delicious Death por Kayla Cottingham2024
Transmogrify!: 14 Fantastical Tales of Trans Magic por G. Haron Davis2024
Good Dream Dragon por Jacky Davis2024
The Feeling Of Falling In Love por Mason Deaver2024
Aces Wild: A Heist por Amanda DeWitt2024
Cross My Heart and Never Lie por Nora Dåsnes2024
Coven por Jennifer Dugan2024
Pardalita por Joana Estrela2024
Project Nought por Chelsey Furedi2024
Friday I'm in Love por Camryn Garrett2024
Ander and Santi Were Here por Jonny Garza Villa2024
Desert Queen por Jyoti Rajan Gopal2024
Dear Mothman por Robin Gow2024
My Fade Is Fresh por Shauntay Grant2024
Heartbreak Boys por Simon James Green2024
Anne: An Adaptation of Anne of Green Gables (Sort Of) por Kathleen Gros2024
Pebble and Wren por Chris Hallbeck2024
We Deserve Monuments por Jas Hammonds2024
Hirano and Kagiura, Vol. 1 por Shou Harusono2024
Hirano and Kagiura, Vol. 2 por Shou Harusono2024
Sasaki and Miyano, Vol. 7 por Shou Harusono2024
Rain por Joe Hill2024
Hazel Hill Is Gonna Win This One por Maggie Horne2024
The Wishing Flower por AJ Irving2024
Is Love the Answer? por Uta Isaki2024
The Dos and Donuts of Love por Adiba Jaigirdar2024
A Million to One por Adiba Jaigirdar2024
Cuckoos Three por Cassandra Jean2024
Ellie Engle Saves Herself por Leah Johnson2024
Molly's Tuxedo por Vicki Johnson2024
I Am a Rainbow! por Mark Kanemura2024
Small Knight and the Angry Prince por Manka Kasha2024
Some Bodies por Sophie Kennen2024
Dad and Daddy's Big Big Family por Seamus Kirst2024
Once Upon My Dads' Divorce por Seamus Kirst2024
Destination Unknown por Bill Konigsberg2024
Beholder por Ryan La Sala2024
Fake Dates and Mooncakes por Sher Lee2024
A Scatter of Light por Malinda Lo2024
Unstoppable: How Bayard Rustin Organized the 1963 March on Washington por Michael G. Long2024
Doughnuts and Doom por Balazs Lorinczi2024
Spell Bound por F. T. Lukens2024
All the Dead Lie Down por Kyrie McCauley2024
Self-Made Boys: A Great Gatsby Remix por Anna-Marie McLemore2024
Camp Quiltbag por Nicole Melleby2024
I Cannot Reach You, Vol. 5 por Mika2024
Out of Character por Jenna Miller2024
Beating Heart Baby por Lio Min2024
The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich por Deya Muniz2024
Monstrous: A Transracial Adoption Story por Sarah Myer2024
Only This Beautiful Moment por Abdi Nazemian2024
Different for Boys por Patrick Ness2024
The Fairest in the Land por Lesléa Newman2024
The Wicked Bargain por Gabe Cole Novoa2024
I Think Our Son Is Gay, Volume 4 por Okura2024
Nick and Charlie por Alice Oseman2024
This Winter por Alice Oseman2024
Into the Light por Mark Oshiro2024
Nikhil Out Loud por Maulik Pancholy2024
Gender Identity for Kids: A Book About Finding Yourself, Understanding Others, and Respecting Everybody! por Andy Passchier2024
My Mommies Built a Treehouse por Gareth Peter2024
Door by Door: How Sarah McBride Became America's First Openly Transgender Senator por Meeg Pincus2024
Bone Weaver por Aden Polydoros2024
A Child's Introduction to Pride: The Inspirational History and Culture of the LGBTQIA+ Community por Sarah Prager2024
Tegan and Sara: Junior High por Tegan Quin2024
Batcat (Volume 1) por Meggie Ramm2024
Fluffy and the Stars por T’áncháy Redvers2024
The Pirate and the Porcelain Girl por Emily Riesbeck2024
Jude Saves the World por Ronnie Riley2024
The Sun and Star por Rick Riordan2024
We Need to Talk About Vaginas: An IMPORTANT Book About Vulvas, Periods, Puberty, and Sex! por Dr. Allison K. Rodgers2024
Teach the Torches to Burn: A Romeo & Juliet Remix por Caleb Roehrig2024
Liberated: The Radical Art and Life of Claude Cahun por Kaz Rowe2024
The 99 Boyfriends of Micah Summers por Adam Sass2024
Your Lonely Nights Are Over por Adam Sass2024
Joy, to the World por Kai Shappley2024
6 Times We Almost Kissed (And One Time We Did) por Tess Sharpe2024
I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast Is Me por Jamison Shea2024
In the Shadow of the Throne por Kate Sheridan2024
The Sea in You por Jessi Sheron2024
The First to Die at the End por Adam Silvera2024
Ballet Kids por Holly Sterling2024
Soon, Your Hands por Jonathan Stutzman2024
Sir Callie and the Champions of Helston por Esme Symes-Smith2024
Northranger por Rey Terciero2024
She Is a Haunting por Trang Thanh Tran2024
The Good Hair Day por Christian Trimmer2024
The Beautiful Something Else por Ash Van Otterloo2024
Stars in their Eyes por Jessica Walton2024
Hollow por Shannon Watters2024
The Dog Knight (The Dog Knight, 1) por Jeremy Whitley2024
Bianca Torre Is Afraid of Everything por Justine Pucella Winans2024
Grandad's Pride (Grandad's Camper) por Harry Woodgate2024
She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat, Vol. 1 por Sakaomi Yuzaki2024
She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat, Vol. 2 por Sakaomi Yuzaki2024

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