Children's Favorites Awards2016

Given by The Children's Book Council

Outros Nomes: Children's Choice Book Award (Inglês), ILA Children's Choices Reading List (Inglês), Children's Book Choice Selction - International Reading Association (Inglês), Children's Book Council Children's Choice Book Award for Author of the Year (Inglês), Children's Choice Book Award Nominee for Teen Choice Book of the Year (Inglês), ILA-CBC Children's Choice (Inglês), IRA Children's Choice (Inglês), IRA Children's Choices Reading List (Inglês), IRA-CBC Children's Choice (Inglês), Kids' Choice Book Awards (Inglês)
93 Works / 94 Items 31,241 Livros 1,161 Críticas 4.0
Children's Choices Reading List

Children’s Choices is a reading list with a twist, in which children themselves evaluate the books and write reviews of their favorites. Since 1974, Children’s mostrar mais Choices has been a trusted source of book recommendations used by teachers, librarians, parents, and children themselves.

The project is cosponsored by the International Literacy Association and the Children’s Book Council.

Goals  Give young readers an opportunity to voice their opinions about books written for them  Develop an annual annotated reading list of new books that young readers enjoy  Help teachers, librarians, booksellers, parents, and others find books that will encourage young readers to read more

Children’s Choices began as an annual joint project of the International Literacy Association (ILA) and the Children’s Book Council (CBC) in 1974. Each year, approximately 10,000 children (grades K–6) from different regions of the United States read and choose 100 favorites from books donated by North American children’s book publishers.
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Selection 94

Senseational illusions : bamboozle your brain, scramble your senses por DKAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Strange but True! por DKAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Super Shark Encyclopedia and Other Creatures of the Deep por DKAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Who Was Steve Irwin? por Dina AnastasioAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
The Terrible Two por Mac BarnettAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
The Worst Class Trip Ever por Dave BarryAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
The Copper Gauntlet por Holly BlackAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Bodie: The Town That Belongs to Ghosts (Abandoned! Towns Without People) por Kevin BlakeAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Roanoke Island: The Town That Vanished (Abandoned: Towns Without People) por Kevin BlakeAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Flunked por Jen CalonitaAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
What's Up in the Amazon Rainforest por Ginjer L. ClarkeAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
The Enchanted Files: Diary of a Mad Brownie por Bruce CovilleAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Untwine por Edwidge DanticatAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Sanjay and Craig: Fight the Future with Flavor! por Eric EsquivelAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
100 Things to Make You Happy (National Geographic Kids) por Lisa M. GerryAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
House Arrest por K. A. HoltAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Roller Girl por Victoria JamiesonAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Blackbird Fly por Erin Entrada KellyAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016 por National Geographic KidsAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Backlash por Sarah Darer LittmanAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Project Alpha por D. J. MacHaleAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Baba Yaga's Assistant por Marika McCoolaAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
DC Super Heroes Origami por John MontrollAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
How to Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language por Aline Alexander NewmanAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
A Night Divided por Jennifer A. NielsenAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Tom Gates: Everything's Amazing (Sort of) por Liz PichonAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes por Rick RiordanAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
The Tale of Rescue por Michael J. RosenAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Echo por Pam Muñoz RyanAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Saved By The Bell Vol. 1 #1 por Joelle SellnerAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Faceless por Alyssa SheinmelAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
The Secrets to Ruling School (Without Even Trying): Book 1 por Neil SwaabAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Brain games : the mind-blowing science of your amazing brain por Jennifer SwansonAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Creepy libraries por Troy TaylorAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Haunted Hollywood (Scary Places ) por Dinah WilliamsAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Hilo Book 1: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth por Judd WinickAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
The Elementia Chronicles #1: Quest for Justice: An Unofficial Minecraft-Fan Adventure por Sean Fay WolfeAdvanced Readers (Grades 5–6, Ages 10–12)2016
Ten Pigs: An Epic Bath Adventure por Derek AndersonBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Please, Mr. Panda por Steve AntonyBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
To the Sea por Cale AtkinsonBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Monster Needs a Party (Monster & Me) por Paul CzajakBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
I Am Henry Finch por Alexis DeaconBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues por Kimberly DeanBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Charlie the Ranch Dog: Charlie Plays Ball por Ree DrummondBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Stick and Stone por Beth FerryBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Must. Push. Buttons! por Jason GoodBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Rappy the Raptor por Dan GutmanBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Clark the Shark: Afraid of the Dark por Bruce HaleBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Monkey and Duck Quack Up! por Jennifer HamburgBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Ragweed's Farm Dog Handbook por Anne Vittur KennedyBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
The Runaway Tortilla por Eric A. KimmelBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Sick Simon por Dan KrallBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
The Nuts: Sing and Dance in Your Polka-Dot Pants por Eric LitwinBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Fright Club por Ethan LongBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
If You Ever Want To Bring An Alligator To School, Don't! por Elise ParsleyBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Bubble Trouble por Tom PercivalBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
There's a Lion in My Cornflakes por Michelle RobinsonBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Welcome to the Neighborwood por Shawn SheehyBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
The Little Shop of Monsters por R. L. StineBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
The Sky is Falling! por Mark TeagueBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Get Out of My Bath! por Britta TeckentrupBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
Max the Brave por Ed VereBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
I Really Like Slop! por Mo WillemsBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
I Will Take A Nap! por Mo WillemsBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe? por Jane YolenBeginning Readers (Grades K–2, Ages 5–8)2016
The Case for Loving por Selina AlkoIntermediate Readers2016
Ancient Earth Journal: The Early Cretaceous: Notes por Juan Carlos AlonsoIntermediate Readers2016
I'm Trying to Love Spiders por Bethany BartonIntermediate Readers2016
Max Goes to Mars: A Science Adventure with Max the Dog (Science Adventures with Max the Dog series) por Jeffrey BennettIntermediate Readers2016
Little Red Riding Hood: An Interactive Fairy Tale Adventure por Eric BraunIntermediate Readers2016
Star Wars: Jedi Academy, The Phantom Bully por Jeffrey BrownIntermediate Readers2016
Papa's Backpack por James Christopher CarrollIntermediate Readers2016
I (Don't) Like Snakes por Nicola DaviesIntermediate Readers2016
Fort por Cynthia DeFeliceIntermediate Readers2016
Lailah's Lunchbox: A Ramadan Story por Reem FaruqiIntermediate Readers2016
The Spider Ring por Andrew HarwellIntermediate Readers2016
The Secret Galaxy (Tilbury House Nature) por Fran HodgkinsIntermediate Readers2016
Animal Mouths por Mary HollandIntermediate Readers2016
Sunny Side Up por Jennifer L. HolmIntermediate Readers2016
LEGO Awesome Ideas por Daniel LipkowitzIntermediate Readers2016
The Lunch Witch por Deb LuckeIntermediate Readers2016
Kristy's Great Idea [The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel] por Ann M. MartinIntermediate Readers2016
Meet the Dullards por Sara PennypackerIntermediate Readers2016
The Crown Affair (Nursery-Rhyme Mysteries) por Jeanie Franz RansomIntermediate Readers2016
I Wish You More por Amy Krouse RosenthalIntermediate Readers2016
Animal Beauty por Kristin RoskifteIntermediate Readers2016
Monkey and Elephant and a Secret Birthday Surprise por Carole Lexa SchaeferIntermediate Readers2016
Claude in the Spotlight por Alex T. SmithIntermediate Readers2016
Swan: The Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova por Laurel SnyderIntermediate Readers2016
Slappy's Tales of Horror (Goosebumps Graphix) por R. L. StineIntermediate Readers2016
Escape from the Lizzarks por Doug TenNapelIntermediate Readers2016
Funny Bones: Posada and His Day of the Dead Calaveras por Duncan TonatiuhIntermediate Readers2016
Honey por Sarah WeeksIntermediate Readers2016
The Case for Loving por Selina Alko2016


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