Sir Julius Vogel AwardsFinalist

Given by Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand

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The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are fan voted awards for various endeavours in the science fiction, fantasy or horror fields in New Zealand. Organised by SFFANZ (Science Fiction Fantasy Association New mostrar mais Zealand). Sir Julius Vogel was a Prime Minister of New Zealand, and wrote in 1889 what was probably the first full length Science Fiction novel by a New Zealander, Anno Domini 2000 - A Woman's Destiny. mostrar menos
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Finalist 242

Year's Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy: Volume 4 por Emily Brill-HollandCollected Work2023
Home theatre por Anthony LapwoodCollected Work2023
Reflections por Niles Baldwin WoodCollected Work2023
A Rake of His Own por AJ LancasterNovel2023
City of Souls: Soul Court Ascension Book One por Mel Harding-ShawNovel2023
Brightest Star (The Assumptors - Voyage of Domina Penelope Book 1) por Andy SouthallNovel2023
Tarquin the HonestNovel2023
How to Get a Girlfriend (When You're a Terrifying Monster) por Marie CardnoNovella2023
Data and Divination por Andi C. BuchananNovella2023
Weddings and Witchcraft por Andi C. BuchananNovella2023
Goldie por Sean MonaghanNovella2023
The Rarkyn's Familiar por Nikky LeeYouth Novel2023
The Carbonite's Daughter por Deryn PittarYouth Novel2023
Onesies and Ouijaboards por Jamie SandsYouth Novel2023
Year's Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy: Volume 3 por Marie HodgkinsonCollected Work2022
Alt-ernate : a collection of 37 stories por Melanie Harding-ShawCollected Work2022
Seeds por Tabatha WoodCollected Work2022
Butcherbird por Cassie HartNovel2022
Gateway to Dark Stars por Kate HaleyNovel2022
Silent Sorrow (The Book of Remezov) por Russell KirkpatrickNovel2022
The King of Faerie por AJ LancasterNovel2022
A Radical Act of Free Magic por H. G. ParryNovel2022
A Force of Nature por Janna RuthNovel2022
Foxhunt por Rem WigmoreNovel2022
Raven's Haven for Women of Magic: A Contemporary Witchy Fiction Novella por Anna KirtlanNovella2022
Heart and Hearth: A Contemporary Witchy Fiction Novella por Anna KleinNovella2022
Monsters and Manuscripts por Jamie SandsNovella2022
The Impossible Resurrection of Grief por Octavia CadeNovella/Novelette2022
Fire's Caress por Lani Wendt YoungYouth Novel2022
Welcome to the Inbetween por Kate HaleyYouth Novel2022
A Lair of Bones (Curse of the Cyren Queen) por Helen ScheuererYouth Novel2022
The thaumagician's revenge por Gareth WardYouth Novel2022
Spark Hunter por Sonya WilsonYouth Novel2022
The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper por A.J. FitzwaterCollected Work2021
Year's Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy: Volume 2 por Marie HodgkinsonCollected Work2021
Ghost bus - tales from Wellington's dark side por Anna KirtlanCollected Work2021
Grotesque Monster Stories por Lee MurrayCollected Work2021
The Stone Wētā por Octavia CadeNovel2021
Gad's Army por Drew BryentonNovel2021
Transference por B. T. KeatonNovel2021
The Court of Mortals por AJ LancasterNovel2021
Blood of the Sun (Path of Ra) por Dan RabartsNovel2021
No Man's Land por A.J. FitzwaterNovella/Novelette2021
How to Get a Girlfriend (When You're a Terrifying Monster) por Marie CardnoNovella/Novelette2021
Marbles por Sean MonaghanNovella/Novelette2021
Riverwitch por Rem WigmoreNovella/Novelette2021
These Violent Delights por Chloe GongYouth Novel2021
Year's Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy: Volume I por Marie HodgkinsonCollected Work2020
The Dawnhounds por Sascha StronachNovel2020
The Blacksmith (Reforging Book 3) por Barbara HoweNovel2020
The Prince of Secrets por AJ LancasterNovel2020
Solar Federation por S E MulhollandNovel2020
Into The Ashes por Lee MurrayNovel2020
From a Shadow Grave por Andi C. BuchananNovella/Novelette2020
Hunger’s Truth por A.J. FitzwaterNovella/Novelette2020
We All Fall por Helen Vivienne FletcherNovella/Novelette2020
Would she be gone por Melanie Harding-ShawNovella/Novelette2020
Ventiforms por Sean MonaghanNovella/Novelette2020
The Clockill and the Thief por Gareth WardYouth Novel2020
Light in My Blood (Beyond the Wall Book 2) por Jean GilbertYouth Novel2020
Tyrelia (Realm #2) por S R ManssenYouth Novel2020
Dragon Rift (Riders of Fire, #3) por Eileen MuellerYouth Novel2020
Ringlet and the Day the Oceans Stopped por Felicity WilliamsYouth Novel2020
Te kōrero ahi kā = To speak of the home fires burning por Grace BridgesCollected Work2019
80,000 Totally Secure Passwords That No Hacker Would Ever Guess por Simon PetrieCollected Work2019
Into The Sounds por Lee MurrayNovel2019
The Kingfisher's Debt por Kura CarpenterNovel2019
Restoration Day por Deborah MakariosNovel2019
Teeth of the Wolf (The Path of Ra Book 2) por Dan RabartsNovel2019
The Voyage of the White Cloud por M. Darusha WehmNovel2019
The Martian Job por M. Darusha WehmNovella/Novelette2019
Quest por A. J. PonderYouth Novel2019
Wish Upon a Southern Star: A Collection of Retold Fairy Tales por Shelley ChappellCollected Work2018
Hounds of the Underworld por Dan RabartsNovel2018
Tyche's Flight (Tyche's Journey #1) por Richard ParryNovel2018
Starlight's Children (Agents of Kalanon Book 2) por Darian SmithNovel2018
Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body por Simon PetrieNovella/Novelette2018
Standard Hollywood Depravity por Adam ChristopherNovella/Novelette2018
Blood Money (A Lost Falls Story) por Chris UnderwoodNovella/Novelette2018
The Traitor and the Thief por Gareth WardYouth Novel2018
RotoVegas (Earthcore #1) por Grace BridgesYouth Novel2018
The Locksmith (Reforging, #1) por Barbara HoweYouth Novel2018
At the Edge por Dan RabartsCollected Work2017
Into The Mist por Lee MurrayNovel2017
Innocents (Dusty, #1) por Sarah ElizabethNovel2017
Den of Wolves por Juliet MarillierNovel2017
Daybreak Rising (Embers of Redemption, #1) por Kiran OliverNovel2017
The Convergence of Fairy Tales por Octavia CadeNovella/Novelette2017
Light in My Dark por Jean GilbertYouth Novel2017
Battlesaurus: Clash of Empires por Brian FalknerYouth Novel2017
Follow Me In por Terri SinclairYouth Novel2017
Brasswitch and Bot (The Rise of the Remarkables ; 1) por Gareth WardYouth Novel2017
Shortcuts. Track 1 por Marie HodgkinsonCollected Work2016
Ardus por Jean GilbertNovel2016
Sun Touched (Diamara Book 1) por J.C. HartNovel2016
Vestiges of Flames por Lyn McConchieNovel2016
The Ghost of Matter por Octavia CadeNovella/Novelette2016
Burn por J. C. HartNovella/Novelette2016
The Way the Sky Curves por J. C. HartNovella/Novelette2016
The Molenstraat Music Festival por Sean MonaghanNovella/Novelette2016
Pocket Wife (SHORTCUTS Book 4) por IK Paterson-HarknessNovella/Novelette2016
Dragons Realm (You Say Which Way) por Eileen MuellerYouth Novel2016
Deadline Delivery (You Say Which Way) por Peter FriendYouth Novel2016
Brave's Journey por Jan GoldieYouth Novel2016
The Caretaker of Imagination (The Caretaker Series Book 1) por Z.R. SouthcombeYouth Novel2016
Lost in the Museum por A. J. PonderCollected Work2015
Beyond the Briar: A Collection of Romantic Fairy Tales por Shelley ChappellCollected Work2015
Dreams of Thanatos: Collected Macabre Tales por William CookCollected Work2015
The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales por Peter FriendCollected Work2015
Engines of Empathy por Paul ManneringNovel2015
The Caves of Kirym por Derin AttwoodNovel2015
The sovereign hand por Paul GilbertNovel2015
Dreamer's Pool por Juliet MarillierNovel2015
The Seventh Friend (The Sparrow and the Wolf #1) por Tim SteadNovel2015
Onyx javelin por Steve WheelerNovel2015
Trading Rosemary por Octavia CadeNovella2015
A Mer-tale por Jan M. GoldieNovella2015
The Last Homely Housekeeper por Rolf LuchsNovella2015
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles: Cloaks & Daggers por WetaProfessional Production/Publication2015
The Caller por Juliet MarillierYouth Novel2015
Watched por Tihema BakerYouth Novel2015
Donnel's promise por Anna MackenzieYouth Novel2015
Tantamount por Thomas J. RadfordYouth Novel2015
Baby Teeth: Bite-sized Tales of Terror por Dan RabartsCollected Work2014
Regeneration New Zealand speculative fiction II por Anna CaroCollected Work2014
Prickle Moon por Juliet MarillierCollected Work2014
Heartwood por Freya RobertsonNovel2014
Journey of Shadows (The Palâdnith Chronicles) (Volume 1) por Sam J. CharltonNovel2014
A Cold Day in Hell por Sharon HannafordNovel2014
Night's Favor (Night's Champion Book 1) por Richard ParryNovel2014
Crystal Venom (Fury of Aces) por Steve WheelerNovel2014
The Wind City por Summer WigmoreNovel2014
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles II - Creatures and Characters por WetaProfessional Production/Publication2014
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles: Art & Design por WetaProfessional Production/Publication2014
Raven Flight por Juliet MarillierYouth Novel2014
When We Wake por Karen HealeyYouth Novel2014
Mansfield with Monsters por Matt CowensCollected Work2013
I Got His Blood on Me por Lawrence PatchettCollected Work2013
Queen of Iron Years por Lyn McConchieNovel2013
Dead Radiance por T. G. AyerNovel2013
Growing Disenchantments por K.D. BerryNovel2013
Empire State por Adam ChristopherNovel2013
Tropic of Skorpeo por Michael MorrisseyNovel2013
Don't Be a Hero por Chris StrangeNovel2013
Flight 404 por Simon PetrieNovella/Novelette2013
Dr. Grordbort Presents Triumph por Greg BroadmoreProfessional Production/Publication2013
The Comic Strip Companion: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who in Comics: 1964 - 1979 por Paul ScoonesProfessional Production/Publication2013
The Prince Of Soul And The Lighthouse por Fredrik BrouneusYouth Novel2013
Red Rocks por Rachael KingYouth Novel2013
Dreamtime por Garth LawlessYouth Novel2013
Shadowfell por Juliet MarillierYouth Novel2013
The enchanted flute por James NorcliffeYouth Novel2013
Wizard's Guide to WellingtonYouth Novel2013
Tales for Canterbury: Survival, Hope, Future por Cassie HartCollected Work2012
Aquasynthesis (Splashdown) por Grace BridgesCollected Work2012
The Last Days of Kali Yuga por Paul HainesCollected Work2012
Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies por Lucy SussexCollected Work2012
Thief of Lives por Lucy SussexCollected Work2012
Samiha's Song por Mary VictoriaNovel2012
Dragons Away por Kevin BerryNovel2012
Oracle's Fire por Mary VictoriaNovel2012
Nmemesis por Pat WhitakerNovel2012
Steam Girl por Dylan HorrocksNovella/Novelette2012
Battle of the Birds por Lee MurrayYouth Novel2012
Wings por Raymond HuberYouth Novel2012
Fosterling por Emma NealeYouth Novel2012
Rapture por Phillip W SimpsonYouth Novel2012
A Foreign Country: New Zealand Speculative Fiction por Anna CaroCollected Work2011
Rare Unsigned Copy: Tales of Rocketry, Ineptitude and Giant Mutant Vegetables por Simon PetrieCollected Work2011
The Heir of Night por Helen LoweNovel2011
The Questing Road por Lyn McConchieNovel2011
Geist por Philippa BallantineNovel2011
Barking Death Squirrels por Douglas A. Van BelleNovel2011
Tymon's Flight por Mary VictoriaNovel2011
Into The Wilderness por Mandy HagerNovel - Young Adult2011
Ebony Hill por Anna MackenzieNovel - Young Adult2011
Her Gallant Needs [short story] por Paul HainesNovella/Novelette2011
Voyagers: Science Fiction Poetry from New Zealand por Mark PirieCollected Work2010
Slice of Life por Paul HainesCollected Work2010
The word witch : the magical verse of Margaret Mahy por Margaret MahyCollected Work2010
Beyond the Wall of Time por Russell KirkpatrickNovel2010
Heart's Blood por Juliet MarillierNovel2010
Angels' Blood por Nalini SinghNovel2010
Branded by Fire por Nalini SinghNovel2010
Returning por Pat WhitakerNovel2010
Brain Jack por Brian FalknerNovel - Young Adult2010
Guardian of the Dead por Karen HealeyNovel - Young Adult2010
Sting por Raymond HuberNovel - Young Adult2010
The Loblolly Boy por James NorcliffeNovel - Young Adult2010
Real Life por Ella WestNovel - Young Adult2010
Wives por Paul HainesNovella/Novelette2010
Over the Rim (in ASIM 42 - HARVEY) por Ripley PattonNovella/Novelette2010
Twisted por Kevin VealeNovella/Novelette2010
The Invisible Road por Elizabeth KnoxCollected Work2009
JAAM 26 por Tim JonesCollected Work2009
Transported por Tim JonesCollected Work2009
Dark Heart por Russell KirkpatrickNovel - Adult2009
Digital Magic por Philippa BallantineNovel - Adult2009
Hostage to Pleasure por Nalini SinghNovel - Adult2009
Mine to Possess por Nalini SinghNovel - Adult2009
Thornspell por Helen LoweNovel - Young Adult2009
Juno of Taris por Fleur BealeNovel - Young Adult2009
Spiral Chrysalis por Glynne MacLeanNovel - Young Adult2009
The Magician of Hoad por Margaret MahyNovel - Young Adult2009
Any-where but here por Ella WestNovel - Young Adult2009
Stroke of Enticement por Nalini SinghNovella/Novelette2009
Deputy Dan and the Mysterious Midnight Marauder por Sally McLennanProfessional Publication2009
Doorways for the Dispossessed por Paul HainesAnthology2008
Sex Lies And Here Be Dragons por Yvonne WalusAnthology2008
Path of Revenge por Russell KirkpatrickNovel - Adult2008
Thief With No Shadow por Emily GeeNovel - Adult2008
Anarya's Secret por Tim JonesNovel - Adult2008
Ripples on the Lake por Dawn RotarangiNovel - Adult2008
Caressed by Ice por Nalini SinghNovel - Adult2008
Visions of Heat por Nalini SinghNovel - Adult2008
The Sea-wreck Stranger por Anna MackenzieNovel - Young Adult2008
Cybele's Secret por Juliet MarillierNovel - Young Adult2008
Josefa and the Vu por Tulia ThompsonNovel - Young Adult2008
Inna Furey por Isabel Waiti-MulhollandNovel - Young Adult2008
The Children of IsadorNovel - Young Adult2008
Beat of Temptation (short story) por Nalini SinghNovella/Novelette2008
Slag Fairmont - Psychic Zone Ranger por Douglas A. Van BellNovella/Novelette2008
A Day in Her Lives por Kevin VealeNovella/Novelette2008
The Assassin of Gleam por James NorcliffeNovel2007
Broken Wings por L-J BakerNovel2007
The Duke's Ballad por Andre NortonNovel2006
Chasing the Bard por Philippa BallantineNovel2006
Blade of Fortriu por Juliet MarillierNovel2006
Runeweaver: Circle of Dreams (Volume 1) por Linda McNabbNovel2006
Beast Master's Circus por Andre NortonNovel2005
Protus Rising por Ken CatranNovel2005
Across the Face of the World por Russell KirkpatrickNovel2005
Dark Shinto por Dale ElvyNovel2004
Roivan por Glynne MacLeanNovel2004
Beast Master's Ark por Andre NortonNovel2003
Spirit City por Dale ElvyNovel2003
Elf por N. D. Hansen-HillNovel2003
Grave Images por N. D. Hansen-HillNovel2003
Static por N. D. Hansen-HillNovel2003
First Hunter por Dale ElvyNovel2002
Changer of Days por Alma AlexanderNovel2002
Counterpart por Mike JohnsonNovel2002


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