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The Crime Writers' Association was founded by John Creasey in 1953 and it has grown steadily ever since. Its membership has increased, its range of activities has widened, its sponsorship has mostrar mais developed and its prestige has grown. It has adapted itself to changing circumstances in crime publishing and done its utmost to serve the astonishingly diverse group of writers whom it represents. In short, it has become a distinctive feature on the crime-fiction landscape in the UK. Readers and authors alike often wonder how the CWA Dagger nominees and winners are selected. The following should answer some of those questions, as well as giving a comprehensive list of all the winners since they were instituted. Only British publishers can submit entries for the awards, and the submissions must have been published in the English language in the United Kingdom within a limited period of time. The number of awards, as well as their names, have varied over the years. In part this was due to sponsorship: in the mid 1990s the names of four of the Daggers (Gold, Silver, Non Fiction, and Short Story) were expanded to include that of its sponsor, The Macallan, distillers of one of Britain's top whiskies. Since publishers can submit the same book for all relevant awards, it is theoretically possible for a historical crime thriller by a debuting author to win the Duncan Lawrie, Creasey, Historical and Steel Daggers. mostrar menos
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Winner 47

Dirt Town por Hayley Scrivenor2023
The Appeal por Janice Hallett2022
The Creak on the Stairs por Eva Bjorg Aegisdottir2021
The Man on the Street por Trevor Wood2020
Scrublands por Chris Hammer2019
Lola por Melissa Scrivner Love2018
Tall Oaks por Chris Whitaker2017
Dodgers por Bill Beverly2016
Fourth of July Creek por Smith Henderson2015
The Axeman's Jazz por Ray Celestin2014
Norwegian by Night por Derek B. Miller2013
Good Neighbors por Ryan David Jahn2010
Echoes from the Dead por Johan Theorin2009
Still Life por Louise Penny2006
Running Hot por Dreda Say Mitchell2005
Amagansett por Mark Mills2004
Mission Flats por William Landay2003
The Cutting Room por Louise Welsh2002
The Earthquake Bird por Susanna Jones2001
God Is a Bullet por Boston Teran2000
Lie in the Dark por Dan Fesperman1999
Garnethill por Denise Mina1998
Body Politic por Paul Johnston1997
One for the Money por Janet Evanovich1995
A Grave Talent por Laurie R. King1995
Big Town por Doug J. Swanson1994
The Ice House por Minette Walters1992
Devil in a Blue Dress por Walter Mosley1991
Postmortem por Patricia Cornwell1990
A Real Shot in the Arm por Annette Roome1989
Death's Bright Angel por Janet Neel1988
The Dark Apostle por Denis Kilcommons1987
Tinplate por Neville Steed1986
The Latimer Mercy por Robert Richardson1985
A Very Private Enterprise por Elizabeth Ironside1984
The Ariadne Clue por Carol Clemeau1983
The Night the Gods Smiled por Eric Wright1983
Caroline Minuscule por Andrew Taylor1982
The Ludi Victor por James Leigh1981
Dupe por Liza Cody1980
A Running Duck por Paula Gosling1979
Saturday of Glory por David Serafin1978
The Judas Pair por Jonathan Gash1977
Death of a Thin-Skinned Animal por Patrick Alexander1976
Acid Drop por Sara George1975
The Big Fix por Roger L. Simon1974
Don't Point that Thing at Me por Kyril Bonfiglioli1973

Shortlist 142

In The Blink of An Eye por Jo Callaghan2024
The Golden Gate por Amy Chua2024
The Maiden por Kate Foster2024
West Heart Kill por Dann McDorman2024
The Tumbling Girl: 1 (Minnie & Albert, 1) por Bridget Walsh2024
Dirt Town por Hayley Scrivenor2023
Breaking por Amanda Cassidy2023
The Local: A Legal Thriller por Joey Hartstone2023
London in Black Paperback Jack Lutz por Jack Lutz2023
No Country for Girls por Emma Styles2023
Outback por Patricia Wolf2023
The Appeal por Janice Hallett2022
Welcome to Cooper por Tariq Ashkanani2022
Repentance por Eloísa Díaz2022
The Mash House por Alan Gillespie2022
Where Ravens Roost por Karin Nordin2022
How to Kidnap the Rich por Rahul Raina2022
Waking the Tiger por Mark Wightman2022
The Creak on the Stairs por Eva Bjorg Aegisdottir2021
The One That Got Away por Egan Hughes2021
The Bone Jar por S W Kane2021
Fortune Favors the Dead por Stephen Spotswood2021
Three-Fifths por John Vercher2021
Your House Will Pay por Steph Cha2020
My Lovely Wife por Samantha Downing2020
Little White Lies por Philippa East2020
The Wreckage por Robin Morgan-Bentley2020
Turn a Blind Eye por Vicky Newham2019
Overkill por Vanda Symon2019
Gravesend por William Boyle2018
IQ por Joe Ide2018
Girl in Snow por Danya Kukafka2018
East of Hounslow por Khurrum Rahman2018
The Pictures por Guy Bolton2017
Ragdoll por Daniel Cole2017
Distress Signals por Catherine Ryan Howard2017
Sirens por Joseph Knox2017
Good Me Bad Me por Ali Land2017
Fever City por Tim Baker2016
Freedom's Child por Jax Miller2016
Eileen por Ottessa Moshfegh2016
The Good Liar por Nicholas Searle2016
The Girl in the Red Coat por Kate Hamer2015
The Abrupt Physics of Dying por Paul E. Hardisty2015
You por Caroline Kepnes2015
Everything I Never Told You por Celeste Ng2015
Stone Baby por Joolz Denby2000
Lost Girls por Andrew Pyper2000
Provocation por Charlotte Grimshaw1999
Quinn por Seamus Smyth1999
The Locust Farm por Jeremy Dronfield1998
Down on Ponce por Fred Willard1998
The Riot Act (A Mask Noir Title) por Jon Stock1997
A Test of Wills por Charles Todd1997
The Greenway por Jane Adams1995
The Dark Backward por Gregory Hall1995
The Marx Sisters por Barry Maitland1994
Looking for Trouble por Cath Staincliffe1994
Night's Black Agents por David Armstrong1993
Skinner's Rules por Quintin Jardine1993
Devil's Juggler por Murray Smith1993
File Under: Deceased por Sarah Lacey1992
Unseen Witness por Lew Matthews1992
Deadly Errand por Christine Green1991
The Becket Factor por Michael David Anthony1990
A Midsummer Killing por Trevor Barnes1989
Nobody's Fool por Marten Claridge1989
Murder at the Nineteenth por J.M. Gregson1989
A Personal Possession por Jeanne Hart1989
March Violets por Philip Kerr1989
Count The Days por Lin Summerfield1989
Frost at Christmas por R. D. Wingfield1989
The Cold Light of Dawn por Graham Ison1988
The Fine Art of Murder por Anthony Quogan1988
The Hawk por Peter Ransley1988
Death in Tokyo por Guy Stanley1988
Traveler por John Katzenbach1987
The Ritual Bath por Faye Kellerman1987
Death in Time (Lythway Large Print Books) por Francis Lyall1987
Forests of the Night por Margaret Moore1987
Jumping the Cracks por Rebecca O'Rourke1987
An Infinite Number of Monkeys por Les Roberts1987
Gallows View por Peter Robinson1987
A Masculine Ending por Joan Smith1987
Goodbye, Nanny Gray por Susannah Stacey1987
An educated murder por J. R. Hulland1986
Death in Leningrad por John Lear1986
Sleeping Dog por Dick Lochte1986
Slow Turn por Mike Marqusee1986
Murder for Lunch por Haughton Murphy1986
A Dangerous Age por Martin Sylvester1986
The Unorthodox Murder Of Rabbi Wahl por Joseph Telushkin1986
Disorderly Elements por Bob Cook1985
Patterns in the Dust por Lesley Grant-Adamson1985
Organized Crimes por Nicholas von Hoffman1985
The Trouble at Aquitaine por Nancy Livingston1985
Death at Charity's Point por William G. Tapply1985
The Rembrandt Panel por Oliver T. Banks1984
Listen for the Click por Jon L. Breen1984
Outbid por David Hume1984
A healthy body por Gillian Linscott1984
A Back Room in Somers Town por John Malcolm1984
Dead in the Water por Ted Wood1984
The Name of the Rose por Umberto Eco1983
Tender Prey por Patricia Roberts1983
Swan Song por T. J. Binyon1982
Spytrap por William Crisp1982
Corridors of Death por Ruth Dudley Edwards1982
Murder at the Red October por Anthony Olcott1982
Indemnity Only por Sara Paretsky1982
The Butcher's Boy por Thomas Perry1982
Post mortem por Peter Whalley1982
Converging Parallels por Timothy Williams1982
Thus Was Adonis Murdered por Sarah Caudwell1981
Tondo for Short por Peter Inchbald1981
Morte de um inglês por Magdalen Nabb1981
Man on Fire por A. J. Quinnell1981
Deep and Crisp and Even por Peter Turnbull1981
The Lime Pit por Jonathan Valin1981
Odd's End por Tim Wynne-Jones1981
Trick of Diamonds (1980) por Alex Auswaks1980
In the Midst of Death por Helen Luce1980
In the Secret State por Robert McCrum1980
Cold War por David Brierley1979
Troika por David Gurr1979
Peripheral Spy por Bernard Peterson1979
Inside Job por Stella Allan1978
Head of the force por James Barnett1978
Aristotle Detective por Margaret Doody1978
Housespy por Maureen Duffy1978
Death in the Morning por Sheila Radley1978
Last Bus to Woodstock por Colin Dexter1975
Six Days of the Condor por James Grady1975
The Robespierre Serial por Nicholas Luard1975
Target Practice por Nicholas Meyer1975
Harry's Game por Gerald Seymour1975
See the Woman por Dallas Barnes1974
Scorpion por Christopher Hill1974
Perfumes of Arabia por Evelyn Dewar1973
Hotels with Empty Rooms por Harriett Gilbert1973
Unbecoming Habits por Tim Heald1973
Sorry, wrong number por Margaret Simpson1973

Longlist 11


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