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The British Fantasy Society presents this award every year at FantasyCon. See also the nominees.

Note - The novel award used to be called The August Derleth Fantasy Award and was awarded to the best mostrar mais horror or fantasy novel of the year. In 2012 the BFS decided to just award the August Derleth Award for best horror novel, and have a new award (the Robert Holdstock Award) for best fantasy novel. mostrar menos
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Nominee 101

Candescent Blooms por Andrew Hook2023
Behind a Broken Smile por Penny Jones2023
Breakable Things por Cassandra Khaw2023
I Spit Myself Out por Tracy Fahey2022
The Museum For Forgetting por Pete W Sutton2022
The Ghost Sequences por A.C. Wise2022
Only the Broken Remain por Dan Coxon2021
We All Hear Stories in the Dark [Trade Paperback 3 Volume Set] por Robert Shearman2021
Bloody Britain por Anna Taborska2021
Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight por Aliette de Bodard2020
This House of Wounds por Georgina Bruce2020
The Boughs Withered (When I Told Them My Dreams) por Maura McHugh2020
Growing Things and Other Stories por Paul Tremblay2020
How Long 'Til Black Future Month? por N. K. Jemisin2019
Octoberland por Thana Niveau2019
Resonance and Revolt por Rosanne Rabinowitz2019
The Future Is Blue [collection of stories] por Catherynne M. Valente2019
You Will Grow into Them por Malcolm Devlin2018
Norse Mythology por Neil Gaiman2018
Tanith By Choice: The Best of Tanith Lee por Tanith Lee2018
Tender: Stories por Sofia Samatar2018
Sharp Ends por Joe Abercrombie2017
The Unheimlich Manoeuvre por Tracy Fahey2017
A Tiding Of Magpies por Peter Sutton2017
The Parts We Play por Stephen Volk2017
Secret Language por Neil Williamson2017
Probably Monsters por Ray Cluley2016
The Stars Seem So Far Away por Margret Helgadottir2016
Monsters por Paul Kane2016
Scar City (Paperback) por Joel Lane2016
Skein and Bone por V.H. Leslie2016
Scruffians! Stories of Better Sodomites por Hal Duncan2015
The Bright Day Is Done por Carole Johnstone2015
Gifts for the One Who Comes After por Helen Marshall2015
Black Gods Kiss por Lavie Tidhar2015
North American Lake Monsters por Nathan Ballingrud2014
Holes for Faces por Ramsey Campbell2014
For Those Who Dream Monsters por Anna Taborska2014
The Woman Who Married a Cloud: The Collected Short Stories of Jonathan Carroll por Jonathan Carroll2013
Where Furnaces Burn por Joel Lane2013
From Hell to Eternity por Thana Niveau2013
Rumours of the Marvellous por Peter Atkins2012
Mrs Midnight and Other Stories por Reggie Oliver2012
A Glass of Shadow por Liz Williams2012
The Gravedigger's Tale por Simon Clark2011
One Monster is Not Enough por Paul Finch2011
Walkers in the Dark por Paul Finch2011
Last Exit for the Lost por Tim Lebbon2011
Once and Future Cities por Allen Ashley2010
Just Behind You por Ramsey Campbell2010
The Terrible Changes por Joel Lane2010
Cyberabad Days por Ian McDonald2010
Just After Sunset por Stephen King2009
How to Make Monsters por Gary McMahon2009
Islington Crocodiles por Paul Meloy2009
Glyphotech and Other Macabre Processes por Mark Samuels2009
Midnight Bazaar - A Secret Arcade of Strange and Eerie Tales por Simon Clark2008
Stains por Paul Finch2008
Plots and Misadventures por Stephen Gallagher2008
Dirty Prayers por Gary McMahon2008
Going Back por Tony Richards2008
The Lost District por Joel Lane2007
The Man from the Diogenes Club por Kim Newman2007
Unbecoming: And Other Tales of Horror por Mike O'Driscoll2007
Choices por Christopher C Teague2007
The Ephemera por Neil Williamson2007
Sea-Kings of Mars and Otherworldly Stories por Leigh Brackett2006
Hotel Midnight por Simon Clark2006
Beyond Each Blue Horizon por Andrew Hook2006
The Life to Come por Tim Lees2006
The Mask Behind the Face por Stuart Young2006
Somnambulists por Allen Ashley2005
Darker Ages por Paul Finch2005
Trujillo por Lucius Shepard2005
Demonized por Christopher Fowler2004
Things That Never Happen por M. John Harrison2004
The White Hands and Other Weird Tales por Mark Samuels2004
More Tomorrow & Other Stories por Michael Marshall Smith2004
The Virtual Menagerie: And Other Stories por Andrew Hook2003
Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales por Stephen King2003
Tales from Earthsea por Ursula K. Le Guin2003
The Emperor of Dreams por Clark Ashton Smith2003
The Conan Chronicles, Volume 2: The Hour of the Dragon por Robert E. Howard2002
As the Sun Goes Down por Tim Lebbon2002
London Bone por Michael Moorcock2002
Magic Terror por Peter Straub2002
Phantoms and fiends por R. Chetwynd-Hayes2001
Conan: People of the Black Circle por Robert E. Howard2001
Dark Matters por Terry Lamsley2001
The Midnight Man por Stephen Laws2001
The Collected Strange Stories of Robert Aickman Vol. 1 por Robert Aickman2000
Hearts in Atlantis por Stephen King2000
Moonlight & Vines por Charles de Lint2000
What You Make It: Selected Short Stories por Michael Marshall Smith2000
Driving Blind por Ray Bradbury1999
The Paladin Mandates por Mike Chinn1999
Shadows of Light and Dark por Jo Fletcher1999
Personal Demons por Christopher Fowler1999
Faith in the Flesh por Tim Lebbon1999
A Coven of Vampires por Brian Lumley1999
Manitou Man por Graham Masterton1999


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