Awards and Honors Organizations

100 Year Starship (1 award/honor)
15° Laboratory, Louisiana State University (1 award/honor)
1913 Journal (1 award/honor)
3x3 Magazine (1 award/honor)
9mobile (1 award/honor)
A Different Drummer (Burlington, ON) (1 award/honor)
AAA: American Ethnological Society
AAA: Anthropology and Environment Society
AAA: Archaeology Division
AAA: Association for Africanist Anthropology
AAA: Association for Feminist Anthropology
AAA: Association for Political and Legal Anthropology
AAA: Association for Queer Anthropology (AQA) (1 award/honor)
AAA: Association of Black Anthropologists
AAA: Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists
AAA: Biological Anthropology Section (1 award/honor)
AAA: Council for Museum Anthropology
AAA: General Anthropology Division
AAA: Middle East Section
AAA: Society for Anthropological Sciences
AAA: Society for Cultural Anthropology (1 award/honor)
AAA: Society for East Asian Anthropology (1 award/honor)
AAA: Society for Economic Anthropology
AAA: Society for Humanistic Anthropology (SHA) (1 award/honor)
AAA: Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (1 award/honor)
AAA: Society for Linguistic Anthropology (1 award/honor)
AAA: Society for Medical Anthropology (1 award/honor)
AAA: Society for Psychological Anthropology
AAA: Society for Urban, National, and Transnational/Global Anthropology (1 award/honor)
AAA: Society for Visual Anthropology
AAA: Society for the Anthropology of Europe (1 award/honor)
AAA: Society for the Anthropology of North America (1 award/honor)
AAA: Society for the Anthropology of Religion (1 award/honor)
AAA: Society for the Anthropology of Work
AAS Committee on Educational Issues and Policy (1 award/honor)
AAS Northeast Asia Council (NEAC) (1 award/honor)
AAS Solar Physics Division (1 award/honor)
AAS South Asia Council (1 award/honor)
AAUW of North Carolina
ABC Books (1 award/honor)
ABC Children's Group (1 award/honor)
ABC-CLIO (1 award/honor)
ABS Fond (1 award/honor)
ABZ Press (1 award/honor)
ACT Public Library (1 award/honor)
ACT Writers Centre (1 award/honor)
ADAC Motorwelt (1 award/honor)
AHA Pacific Coast Branch (3 Awards and Honors)
ALA (30 Awards and Honors)
ALA Core Division
ALA Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) (2 Awards and Honors)
ALA, Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (1 award/honor)
ALA, Feminist Task Force of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (1 award/honor)
APA Division 01: Society for General Psychology (1 award/honor)
APA Division 07: Division of Developmental Psychology (1 award/honor)
APA Division 41: American Psychology-Law Society (1 award/honor)
APA Division 52: International Psychology (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 01: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 02: Law & Courts (2 Awards and Honors)
APSA Section 03: Legislative Studies (2 Awards and Honors)
APSA Section 04: Public Policy (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 05: Political Organizations and Parties (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 06: Public Administration (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 07: Conflict Processes (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 08: Representation and Electoral Systems (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 09: Presidents and Executive Politics (2 Awards and Honors)
APSA Section 11: Religion and Politics (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 13: Urban and Local Politics (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 15: Science, Technology, and Environmental Politics (2 Awards and Honors)
APSA Section 17: Foundations of Political Theory (2 Awards and Honors)
APSA Section 18: Information Technology and Politics (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 19: International Security (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 20: Comparative Politics (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 21: European Politics and Society (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 22: State Politics and Policy (2 Awards and Honors)
APSA Section 23: Political Communication (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 24: Politics and History (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 25: Political Economy (2 Awards and Honors)
APSA Section 27: Critical Political Science (Formerly New Political Science) (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 28: Political Psychology (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 32: Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behavior (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 33: Ethnicity and Politics (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 34: International History and Politics (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 35: Democracy and Autocracy (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 36: Human Rights (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 37: Qualitative and Multi-Method Research (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 42: Experimental Research (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 43: Migration and Citizenship (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 45: Class and Inequality (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 46: Ideas, Knowledge and Politics (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 47: American Political Thought (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 48: International Collaboration (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 49: Middle East and North Africa Politics (1 award/honor)
APSA Section 51: Education Politics and Policy (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Aging and the Life Course (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Animals and Society (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Asia and Asian America (3 Awards and Honors)
ASA Section on Biosociology and Evolutionary Sociology (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Children and Youth (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Communication, Information Technologies, and Media Sociology (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Community and Urban Sociology (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Comparative-Historical Sociology (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Crime, Law, and Deviance (2 Awards and Honors)
ASA Section on Decision-Making, Social Networks, and Society (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Economic Sociology (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Environmental Sociology (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Family (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Global and Transnational Sociology (2 Awards and Honors)
ASA Section on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on International Migration (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Labor and Labor Movements (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Latina/Latino Sociology (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Marxist Sociology (2 Awards and Honors)
ASA Section on Mathematical Sociology (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Medical Sociology (2 Awards and Honors)
ASA Section on Methodology (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Organizations, Occupations, and Work (2 Awards and Honors)
ASA Section on Peace, War and Social Conflict (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Political Economy of the World-System (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Political Sociology (2 Awards and Honors)
ASA Section on Race, Gender and Class (3 Awards and Honors)
ASA Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Science, Knowledge and Technology (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Social Psychology (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Sociology of Culture (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Sociology of Human Rights (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Sociology of Population (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Sociology of Religion (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Teaching and Learning in Sociology Section (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on Theory (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on the History of Sociology and Social Thought (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on the Sociology of Body and Embodiment (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on the Sociology of Consumers and Consumption (2 Awards and Honors)
ASA Section on the Sociology of Development (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on the Sociology of Education (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on the Sociology of Law (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on the Sociology of Mental Health (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on the Sociology of Sex and Gender (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on the Sociology of Sexualities (1 award/honor)
ASA Section on the Sociology of the Body and Embodiment (1 award/honor)
ASCII Media Works (1 award/honor)
ASHA Council on Ethnic Participation (CEP) (1 award/honor)
ASIFA-Hollywood (1 award/honor)
ASME History and Heritage Committee (1 award/honor)
ASSABIL Friends of Public Libraries Association (1 award/honor)
ATKV (5 Awards and Honors)
Aamulehti (1 award/honor)
Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah Foundation (1 award/honor)
AbeBooks (4 Awards and Honors)
Abilene, TX I.S.D. (1 award/honor)
Abingdon Press (1 award/honor)
Abingdon Theatre Company (2 Awards and Honors)
Aboriginal History Studies Group (1 award/honor)
Abraham Lincoln Institute (1 award/honor)
Abu Dhabi Department Of Culture And Tourism (2 Awards and Honors)
Academi Gymreig (1 award/honor)
Academia Argentina de Letras (1 award/honor)
Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española (ANLE) (2 Awards and Honors)
Academia Portuguesa da Historia (11 Awards and Honors)
Academia Rossica (1 award/honor)
Academics' Choice (1 award/honor)
Academie Pégase (2 Awards and Honors)
Academisch-cultureel Centrum SPUI25
Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design (1 award/honor)
Academy of American Poets (8 Awards and Honors)
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television (1 award/honor)
Academy of Comic Book Art (1 award/honor)
Academy of Country Music (ACM) (1 award/honor)
Academy of Gastronomy (1 award/honor)
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (2 Awards and Honors)
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films (2 Awards and Honors)
Académie Cévénole, Alès, Gard, France (1 award/honor)
Académie Goncourt (5 Awards and Honors)
Académie Littéraire de Bretagne et des Pays de la Loire (2 Awards and Honors)
Académie Mallarmé (1 award/honor)
Académie Nationale de Cuisine (1 award/honor)
Académie Nationale de Pharmacie (1 award/honor)
Académie de Bretagne et des Pays de la Loire (1 award/honor)
Académie de Marine (4 Awards and Honors)
Académie de Marseille
Académie de Versailles (1 award/honor)
Académie de médecine
Académie des Arts, Lettres, et Sciences de Languedoc (6 Awards and Honors)
Académie des Beaux-Arts (2 Awards and Honors)
Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres (AIBL) (37 Awards and Honors)
Académie des Sciences, Arts et Belles-Lettres de Caen (1 award/honor)
Académie des Sciences, Lettres et Arts d'Alsace (ASLAA) (3 Awards and Honors)
Académie des Sciences, Lettres et Arts de Marseille (3 Awards and Honors)
Académie des lettres du Québec (2 Awards and Honors)
Académie des sciences d’outre-mer (ASOM) (15 Awards and Honors)
Académie des sciences morales et politiques (ASMP) (91 Awards and Honors)
Académie des sciences, arts et lettres de Versailles et de l’Ile-de-France (1 award/honor)
Académie du Jazz (1 award/honor)
Académie du Languedoc (3 Awards and Honors)
Académie du Maine (1 award/honor)
Académie du Vin de Bordeaux (1 award/honor)
Académie française (173 Awards and Honors)
Académie nationale de médecine (1 award/honor)
Académie royale Belgique (1 award/honor)
Académie royale de langue et de littérature françaises de Belgique (ARLLFB) (25 Awards and Honors)
Accademia del Cinema Italiano (1 award/honor)
Acoustical Society of America (ASA) (1 award/honor)
Actors Theatre of Louisville (1 award/honor)
Adam Foundation (1 award/honor)
Adirondack Center for Writing (1 award/honor)
Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA) (1 award/honor)
Adventure Writers Competition (2 Awards and Honors)
Affaire de Coeur Magazine (6 Awards and Honors)
Afisha Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS) (1 award/honor)
African Book Publishing Record (1 award/honor)
African Speculative Fiction Society (1 award/honor)
African Studies Association (ASA) (3 Awards and Honors) (1 award/honor)
Agence française de développement (1 award/honor)
Agency for Cultural Affairs (1 award/honor)
Agricultural History Society (2 Awards and Honors)
Ahsahta Press (2 Awards and Honors)
Ajuntament de Sant Cugat (1 award/honor)
Ajuntament de Santanyi (1 award/honor)
Ajuntament de Tarragona (1 award/honor)
Akademie der Künste (Berlin) (2 Awards and Honors)
Akademie science fiction, fantasy a hororu (SFFH) (1 award/honor)
Akwaba Culture Association (1 award/honor)
Alabama Center for the Book
Alabama Historical Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Alabama Library Association (1 award/honor)
Alabama School Library Association (ASLA) (1 award/honor)
Alabama State Department of Education, Library Media (1 award/honor)
Alabama Writers' Conclave (1 award/honor)
Alaska Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Alaska State Council on the Arts (1 award/honor)
Alberndorf in der Riedmark (1 award/honor)
Alcuin Society (1 award/honor)
Alfaguara (1 award/honor)
Alfred Harcourt Foundation (1 award/honor)
Algemeen-Nederlands Verbond (1 award/honor)
Ali & Nino Publishing House (1 award/honor)
Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América - Tratado de Comercio de los Pueblos (ALBA-TCP) (1 award/honor)
Alicante Noir Festival de Ficción Criminal (1 award/honor)
Alice B Awards Committee (1 award/honor)
Alice James Books (1 award/honor)
All About Romance (AAR) (4 Awards and Honors)
Alliance of Radical Booksellers (2 Awards and Honors)
Allied Irish Banks (1 award/honor)
Alma Littera (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Amazing Heroes (1 award/honor)
Amazon Kindle (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor), Inc. (5 Awards and Honors)
Ambassadors of the French-speaking countries in Copenhagen (1 award/honor)
Amber Quill Press (1 award/honor)
America Magazine (1 award/honor)
American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters (1 award/honor)
American Academy for Jewish Research (1 award/honor)
American Academy of Arts and Letters (7 Awards and Honors)
American Academy of Diplomacy (1 award/honor)
American Academy of Nursing (1 award/honor)
American Academy of Religion (AAR) (2 Awards and Honors)
American Anthropological Association (AAA) (2 Awards and Honors)
American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) (1 award/honor)
American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) (1 award/honor)
American Association for State and Local History (1 award/honor)
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (2 Awards and Honors)
American Association for the History of Medicine (AAHM) (1 award/honor)
American Association for the History of Nursing (AAHN) (1 award/honor)
American Association of Hispanics in Higher Educations (AAHHE) (1 award/honor)
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (1 award/honor)
American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages (AATSEEL) (1 award/honor)
American Association of Ukrainian Studies (1 award/honor)
American Association of University Women (AAUW)
American Association on Aging (1 award/honor)
American Astronautical Society (1 award/honor)
American Astronomical Society (AAS) (1 award/honor)
American Bar Association (ABA) (2 Awards and Honors)
American Book Fest (3 Awards and Honors)
American Bookfest
American Booksellers Association (ABA) (4 Awards and Honors)
American Bridge Teachers' Association (1 award/honor)
American Catholic Historical Association (3 Awards and Honors)
American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) (3 Awards and Honors)
American Civil War Museum (2 Awards and Honors)
American College of Healthcare Executives (1 award/honor)
American Committee on Italian Migration (1 award/honor)
American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) (2 Awards and Honors)
American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS) (7 Awards and Honors)
American Council of Learned Societies. (1 award/honor)
American Crystallographic Association (1 award/honor)
American Culture Association (1 award/honor)
American Educational Research Association (2 Awards and Honors)
American Educational Studies Association (1 award/honor)
American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture (1 award/honor)
American Film Institute (AFI) (10 Awards and Honors)
American Folklore Society (2 Awards and Honors)
American Folklore Society Folk Belief and Religious Folklife Section (1 award/honor)
American Folklore Society, Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Folklore Section (1 award/honor)
American Heritage Publishing Company (1 award/honor)
American Historical Association (AHA) (43 Awards and Honors)
American Horticultural Society (3 Awards and Honors)
American Indian Library Association (1 award/honor)
American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL) (1 award/honor)
American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) (1 award/honor)
American Institute of Architecture (AIA) (1 award/honor)
American Institute of Graphic Arts (1 award/honor)
American Institute of Graphic Arts Book Show (1 award/honor)
American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) (1 award/honor)
American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) (1 award/honor)
American Institute of Physics (AIP) (3 Awards and Honors)
American Jewish Historical Society (1 award/honor)
American Library Association (ALA)
American Library Association (ALA)2 (7 Awards and Honors)
American Library Association Public Programs Office (1 award/honor)
American Library in Paris (1 award/honor)
American Literary Guild (1 award/honor)
American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) (5 Awards and Honors)
American Mathematical Society (AMS) (2 Awards and Honors)
American Medical Association (AMA) (1 award/honor)
American Medical Writers Association (1 award/honor)
American Medical Writers Association, New England Chapter (1 award/honor)
American Mensa (1 award/honor)
American Meteorological Society (AMS) (1 award/honor)
American Museum of Natural History
American Musical Instrument Society (1 award/honor)
American Musicological Society (AMS) (12 Awards and Honors)
American Nursery & Landscape Association (1 award/honor)
American Philological Association (1 award/honor)
American Philosophical Association (3 Awards and Honors)
American Philosophical Society (2 Awards and Honors)
American Phytopathological Society (1 award/honor)
American Pixel Academy (1 award/honor)
American Place Theatre (1 award/honor)
American Poetry Review (2 Awards and Honors)
American Political Science Association (APSA) (8 Awards and Honors)
American Political Science Association, Politics Section (?) (1 award/honor)
American Psychoanalytic Association
American Psychological Association (APA) (1 award/honor)
American Public Health Association (APHA) (1 award/honor)
American Revolution Round Table of Philadelphia (1 award/honor)
American Revolution Round Table of Richmond (1 award/honor)
American Scholastic Press Association (1 award/honor)
American Society For Science Fiction Audio (ASFSFA) (1 award/honor)
American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (2 Awards and Honors)
American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) (1 award/honor)
American Society for Ethnohistory (1 award/honor)
American Society for Indexing (1 award/honor)
American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) (1 award/honor)
American Society for Legal History (ASLH) (4 Awards and Honors)
American Society for Theatre Research (1 award/honor)
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) (1 award/honor)
American Society of Church History (3 Awards and Honors)
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) (3 Awards and Honors)
American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) (3 Awards and Honors)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
American Society of Overseas Research (ASOR) (3 Awards and Honors)
American Sociological Association (ASA) (5 Awards and Honors)
American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (1 award/honor)
American Studies Association (2 Awards and Honors)
American Theatre Critics Association (1 award/honor)
American Theatre Wing (1 award/honor)
American University
American University in Cairo (1 award/honor)
American-Irish Foundation (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Americana Music Association (1 award/honor)
Amitiés France-Acadie (1 award/honor)
Amnesty International (1 award/honor)
Amnesty International UK (1 award/honor)
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK) (1 award/honor)
An Post (1 award/honor)
Anagrama (1 award/honor)
Analog Magazine
Analog Science Fiction and Fact (2 Awards and Honors)
Anasoft (1 award/honor)
Ancient City Romance Authors (2 Awards and Honors)
Andersen - Il mondo dell'infanzia (1 award/honor)
Andre Simon Memorial Fund (1 award/honor)
Andrew Melrose (1 award/honor)
Android Press (1 award/honor)
Anesthesia Foundation (1 award/honor)
Angleseyisle (1 award/honor)
Anglo-Hellenic League (1 award/honor)
Angus Council (1 award/honor)
Anhinga Press (1 award/honor)
Animal Behavior Society (1 award/honor)
Anna Bijns Stichting (1 award/honor)
Anna Lindh Foundation (1 award/honor)
Anna Seghers-Stiftung (1 award/honor)
Annalise-Wagner-Stiftung (1 award/honor)
Anonimul Foundation (1 award/honor)
Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association (ALAA) (1 award/honor)
Apollo Magazine (1 award/honor)
Appalachian Studies Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Apple Inc. (1 award/honor)
Arab American National Museum (1 award/honor)
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jugendliteratur und Medien (AJuM) der GEW (1 award/honor)
Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur (1 award/honor)
Arc Poetry Magazine (1 award/honor)
Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation Inc (2 Awards and Honors)
Archaeological Institute of America (3 Awards and Honors)
Archambault (1 award/honor)
Archant Limited
Archeon (1 award/honor)
Archives & Records Association of New Zealand (1 award/honor)
Arena Holdings
Arizona Authors Association (1 award/honor)
Arizona Library Association (1 award/honor)
Arizona Publishing Association (1 award/honor)
Arizona State University
Arkansas Center for the Book (2 Awards and Honors)
Arkansas Literacy Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Arkansas State Historical Society (1 award/honor)
Arkansas Teen Book Award Steering Committee (1 award/honor)
Arkcomité van het Vrije Woord (1 award/honor)
Arkiv for Dansk Litteratur (1 award/honor)
ArmadilloCon (1 award/honor)
Army Historical Foundation (2 Awards and Honors)
Armée de terre (1 award/honor)
Around the World Magazine (1 award/honor)
Art Bubble
Art Bubble Festival (1 award/honor)
Art Libraries Society of North America (1 award/honor)
Art of Manliness (3 Awards and Honors)
Arte Mare (1 award/honor)
Artists of Utah (1 award/honor)
Arts + Literature Laboratory (1 award/honor)
Arts Club of Washington (1 award/honor)
Arts Council England (3 Awards and Honors)
Arts Council of Great Britain (2 Awards and Honors)
Arts Council of Wales (2 Awards and Honors)
Arts Council of the African Studies Association (1 award/honor)
Arts Queensland (1 award/honor)
Arts Tasmania (1 award/honor)
Arts and Humanities Foundation (1 award/honor)
Arts and Literature Laboratory
Asahi Shimbun (1 award/honor)
Asahi Shimbun Company (2 Awards and Honors)
Asahikawa (1 award/honor)
Asham Literary Endowment Trust (1 award/honor)
Ashiya City Board of Education (1 award/honor)
Ashland Poetry Press (1 award/honor)
Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust (1 award/honor)
Ashé Journal (1 award/honor)
Asia Pacific Publishers' Association (1 award/honor)
Asia Pacific Screen Academy (1 award/honor)
Asia Society (1 award/honor)
Asia Weekly (2 Awards and Honors)
Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) (1 award/honor)
Asian American Writers' Workshop (AAWW) (1 award/honor)
Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop (ACWW) (1 award/honor)
Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) (1 award/honor)
Asimov's Science Fiction (1 award/honor)
Askews (1 award/honor)
Asociación Aragonesa de Amigos del Libro (1 award/honor)
Asociación Española de Escritores de Terror (Nocte) (1 award/honor)
Asociación Española de Fantasía, Ciencia Ficción y Terror (AEFCFT) (1 award/honor)
Asociación Galega de Editoras (1 award/honor)
Asociación de Colombianistas (1 award/honor)
Asociación de Literatura infantil y Juvenil de la Argentina (ALIJA) (1 award/honor)
Aspen Words (1 award/honor)
Aspire Magazine (1 award/honor)
Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (ALAN), NCTE (1 award/honor)
Assemblée nationale du Québec (ANQ) (3 Awards and Honors)
Assilah Forum Foundation (1 award/honor)
Assises Internationales du Journalisme et de l’Information (1 award/honor)
Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (1 award/honor)
Association "Jules Rimet - Sport et Culture" (1 award/honor)
Association 813 (1 award/honor)
Association Aladin (1 award/honor)
Association Anteios (1 award/honor)
Association Artémisia (1 award/honor)
Association Capitale Européenne des Littératures (EUROBABEL) (1 award/honor)
Association Cocktail & Culture (3 Awards and Honors)
Association Edgar Faure (1 award/honor)
Association France-Canada (1 award/honor)
Association France-Togo (1 award/honor)
Association Française d'Ingénierie des Systèmes d'Information (AFISI) (1 award/honor)
Association La Première Rue (1 award/honor)
Association Le Prix des Incorruptibles (1 award/honor)
Association Les Avocats du Diable Vauvert (1 award/honor)
Association Les Franc-Comtois à Paris (1 award/honor)
Association (1 award/honor)
Association Québec-France (1 award/honor)
Association Une autre Terre (1 award/honor)
Association amicale des administrateurs des affaires maritimes (1 award/honor)
Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française (ACELF) (1 award/honor)
Association centrale des officiers de réserve de l’armée de mer (ACORAM) (2 Awards and Honors)
Association de solidarité franco-arabe (ASFA) (1 award/honor)
Association des Amis de La Ferté-Vidame (1 award/honor)
Association des Anciens Élèves de l'Institut de Haute Finance (IHFi) (1 award/honor)
Association des Critiques et des journalistes de Bande Dessinée (ACBD) (1 award/honor)
Association des amis de Théophraste Renaudot (2 Awards and Honors)
Association des anciens élèves de l’École navale (1 award/honor)
Association des auteures et des auteurs des Cantons de l’Est (AAAE) (4 Awards and Honors)
Association des auteurs de la Montérégie (AAM) (2 Awards and Honors)
Association des auteurs de l’Ontario français (1 award/honor)
Association des librairies spécialisées jeunesse (ALSJ) (1 award/honor)
Association des Écrivains Bretons (AEB) (23 Awards and Honors)
Association des Écrivains Sportifs (AES) (4 Awards and Honors)
Association des Écrivains de Langue Française (ADELF) (23 Awards and Honors)
Association des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois pour la jeunesse (AEQJ) (1 award/honor)
Association des écrivains catholiques de langue française (2 Awards and Honors)
Association des écrivains combattants (AEC) (8 Awards and Honors)
Association des écrivains croyants d'expression française (2 Awards and Honors)
Association du livre et des auteurs comtois (ALAC) (3 Awards and Honors)
Association du prix Albert-Londres (1 award/honor)
Association for Asian Studies (AAS) (10 Awards and Honors)
Association for Canadian and Québec Literatures (ACQL) (2 Awards and Honors)
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC) (1 award/honor)
Association for Humanist Sociology (1 award/honor)
Association for Israel Studies (AIS) (1 award/honor)
Association for Jewish Studies (1 award/honor)
Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) (9 Awards and Honors)
Association for Mormon Letters (1 award/honor)
Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (1 award/honor)
Association for Reading Promotion and Cultural Literacy, Lithuania (1 award/honor)
Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) (4 Awards and Honors)
Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) (10 Awards and Honors)
Association for Symbolic Logic (2 Awards and Honors)
Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) (1 award/honor)
Association for Women in Psychology (2 Awards and Honors)
Association for Women in Slavic Studies (2 Awards and Honors)
Association for the Award of the Yitzhak Sadeh Prize (1 award/honor)
Association for the Recognition of Excellence in SF & F Translation (ARESFFT) (1 award/honor)
Association for the Study of African American Life and History (1 award/honor)
Association for the Study of Australian Literature (ASAL) (3 Awards and Honors)
Association for the Study of Food and Society (1 award/honor)
Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE)
Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present (ASAP) (1 award/honor)
Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora (ASWAD) (1 award/honor)
Association française de psychiatrie (1 award/honor)
Association française des historiens des idées politiques (AFHIP) (1 award/honor)
Association française des journalistes et écrivains de tourisme (1 award/honor)
Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) (1 award/honor)
Association of American Geographers (AAG) (3 Awards and Honors)
Association of American Publishers (AAP) (2 Awards and Honors)
Association of American Publishers (AAP) Professional and Scholarly Publishing (PSP) (1 award/honor)
Association of American University Presses (AAUP) (1 award/honor)
Association of Black Women Historians (ABWH) (1 award/honor)
Association of Booksellers for Children (1 award/honor)
Association of Caribbean Historians (ACH) (1 award/honor)
Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) (1 award/honor)
Association of Christian Librarians (1 award/honor)
Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) (1 award/honor)
Association of Earth Science Editors (1 award/honor)
Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) (3 Awards and Honors)
Association of French Cultural Studies (1 award/honor)
Association of Global South Studies (1 award/honor)
Association of Icelandic Book Publishers (1 award/honor)
Association of Illinois School Library Educators (AISLE) (4 Awards and Honors)
Association of Illustrators (1 award/honor)
Association of Indiana School Library Educators (AISLE) (1 award/honor)
Association of International Critics for Art (1 award/honor)
Association of Internet Researchers (1 award/honor)
Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) (1 award/honor)
Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) (2 Awards and Honors)
Association of Professional Futurists (1 award/honor)
Association of Recorded Sound Collections (1 award/honor)
Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) (1 award/honor)
Association of Specialized, Government, and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA)
Association of Third World Studies (1 award/honor)
Association of Tokyo Film Journalists (1 award/honor)
Association of University Presses (AUP) (1 award/honor)
Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) (2 Awards and Honors)
Association of Writers of Macedonia (1 award/honor)
Association pour l'avancement des sciences et des techniques de la documentation (ASTED) (1 award/honor)
Association pour la création et la diffusion artistique (ACDA) (1 award/honor)
Association pour la promotion des services documentaires scolaires (1 award/honor)
Association professionnelle de la critique de théâtre, de musique et de danse
Association professionnelle et artistique du théâtre (APAT) (1 award/honor)
Association québécoise des professeurs de français (AQPF) (1 award/honor)
Associazione Subalpina Mathesis (1 award/honor)
Associazione per il Premio Italo Calvino (1 award/honor)
Associação Portuguesa de Críticos Literários (APCL) (1 award/honor)
Associação Portuguesa de Escritores (APE) (10 Awards and Honors)
Associação Portuguesa dos Críticos Literários (APCL) (1 award/honor)
Associação dos Escritores Moçambicanos (1 award/honor)
Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press (1 award/honor)
Astounding/Analog Science Fiction and Fact (3 Awards and Honors)
Astronomical Society of the Pacific (1 award/honor)
Atelier imaginaire (1 award/honor)
Atenea (1 award/honor)
Ateneu Barcelonès (1 award/honor)
Athenaeum of Philadelphia (1 award/honor)
Athens Academy (2 Awards and Honors)
Athens Dionysia Drama Festival (1 award/honor)
Atilla İlhan Science, Arts and Culture Foundation (1 award/honor)
Atlanta Civil War Round Table (1 award/honor)
Atlanta Writers Club (1 award/honor)
Atlantic Book Awards Society (1 award/honor)
Atlantic Monthly (1 award/honor)
Atlantic Monthly Press (1 award/honor)
Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI) (1 award/honor)
Audible UK
Audio Publishers Association (1 award/honor)
AudioFile (2 Awards and Honors)
Audioworld (1 award/honor)
Aurora Metro Arts and Media Ltd. (1 award/honor)
AustLit (1 award/honor)
Austin Civil War Round Table (1 award/honor)
Austin Film Critics Association (1 award/honor)
Australia Council (1 award/honor)
Australian Archaeological Association (1 award/honor)
Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) (1 award/honor)
Australian Book Designers Association (1 award/honor)
Australian Book Industry (1 award/honor)
Australian Book Publishers Association
Australian Booksellers Association (1 award/honor)
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Australian Christian Literature Society (1 award/honor)
Australian Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts (1 award/honor)
Australian Film Institute (1 award/honor)
Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) (1 award/honor)
Australian Historical Association (3 Awards and Honors)
Australian Horror Writers Association (1 award/honor)
Australian Human Rights Commission (1 award/honor)
Australian Independent Bookseller (1 award/honor)
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) (1 award/honor)
Australian National Science Fiction Convention (1 award/honor)
Australian Poetry (1 award/honor)
Australian Political Book of the Year Award (1 award/honor)
Australian Psychological Society
Australian Publishers Association (1 award/honor)
Australian Romance Readers Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Australian Science Fiction Foundation (ASFF) (1 award/honor)
Australian Society of Authors (1 award/honor)
Australian University Heads of English (1 award/honor)
Australian Wilderness Society (2 Awards and Honors)
Australian Writers' Guild (1 award/honor)
Austrian Cultural Forum London (1 award/honor)
Author Shout (1 award/honor)
Authors' Club (3 Awards and Honors)
AuthorsDB (1 award/honor)
Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society (1 award/honor)
Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (1 award/honor)
Autumn House Press (1 award/honor)
Aviation/Space Writers Association (1 award/honor)
Aye Write (1 award/honor)
Ayuntamiento de A Coruña
Ayuntamiento de Albolote (1 award/honor)
Ayuntamiento de Alcalá la Real
Ayuntamiento de Baeza (1 award/honor)
Ayuntamiento de Cox (1 award/honor)
Ayuntamiento de Córdoba
Ayuntamiento de Córdoba, Delegación de Cultura y Patrimonio Histórico (1 award/honor)
Ayuntamiento de Málaga
Ayuntamiento de Salamanca (1 award/honor)
Ayuntamiento de Santander (1 award/honor)
Ayuntamiento de Toledo (1 award/honor)
Ayuntamiento de Tomelloso (2 Awards and Honors)
Ayuntamiento de Villanueva de Córdoba (1 award/honor)
Azia Books
Azia Books Awards Board (1 award/honor)
Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies (1 award/honor)
B.C. Library Association
BBC Arts and The Reading Agency (1 award/honor)
BBC Countryfile (1 award/honor)
BBC Culture (3 Awards and Honors)
BBC History Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
BBC News
BBC News Ukraine (1 award/honor)
BBC Northern Ireland (1 award/honor)
BBC Radio 4 (3 Awards and Honors)
BBC Sky at Night (2 Awards and Honors)
BBC World Service (1 award/honor)
BC Booklook
BDGest (1 award/honor)
BDSM Writers Con (1 award/honor)
BET (1 award/honor)
BHF-Bank-Stiftung (1 award/honor)
BIBIANA (2 Awards and Honors)
BNG Bank N.V. (1 award/honor)
BOA Editions, Ltd. (2 Awards and Honors)
BP (1 award/honor)
BT (1 award/honor)
BTS Book Reviews (1 award/honor)
Babel (1 award/honor)
Backwaters Press
Bad Dürkheim (1 award/honor)
Badan Musyawarah Kebudayaan Nasional (BMKN) (1 award/honor)
Baltic Assembly (1 award/honor)
Baltimore Science Fiction Society (1 award/honor)
Banco del Libro (1 award/honor)
Bank Street College
Bank Street College Center for Children's Literature (2 Awards and Honors)
Bank of New Zealand (1 award/honor)
Banque Palatine (1 award/honor)
Bar-Ilan University
Barnard College (1 award/honor)
Barnes & Noble (15 Awards and Honors)
Barrow Street Press (1 award/honor)
Baton Rouge Area Foundation (1 award/honor)
Bay Area Book Reviewers (1 award/honor)
Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Bedford Today (1 award/honor)
Beeson Divinity School, Samford University (1 award/honor)
Before Columbus Foundation (1 award/honor)
Behavioral Scientist (1 award/honor)
Belmont University (1 award/honor)
Belvoir St. Theatre (1 award/honor)
Ben Warren-International House Trust (1 award/honor)
Benjmain L. Hooks Institute for Social Change (1 award/honor)
Bennett Jones (1 award/honor)
Berkshire Book Award (1 award/honor)
Berkshire Conference of Women Historians (1 award/honor)
Berlin International Film Festival (1 award/honor)
Berthold Leibinger Stiftung (1 award/honor)
Bertrand Russell Society (1 award/honor)
Best Indie Book Award
Best of State (1 award/honor)
Bezirksverband Pfalz (1 award/honor)
Bi Writers Association (1 award/honor)
Biblioasis Press (1 award/honor)
Biblioteca La Bòvila (1 award/honor)
Bibliotekarforbundet (2 Awards and Honors)
Bibliotekets litteraturpris
Bibliotekę Śląską (1 award/honor)
Bienal Brasil do Livro e da Leitura (1 award/honor)
Biennale Venice Film Festival (1 award/honor)
Biennale internationale du Livre du Vin (1 award/honor)
BigAl's Books and Pals (1 award/honor)
Bild der Wissenschaft (1 award/honor)
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (1 award/honor)
Billboard (2 Awards and Honors)
Billings Public Libary Board (1 award/honor)
Binghamton Center for Writers (1 award/honor)
Biographers International Organization (1 award/honor)
Biographers' Club (1 award/honor)
Birmingham Cable Ltd (1 award/honor)
BizarroCon (1 award/honor)
BkMk Press (1 award/honor)
Black American Cinema Society (1 award/honor)
Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Black Entertainment Television (BET) (1 award/honor)
Black Lawrence Press (2 Awards and Honors)
Black Library (1 award/honor)
Black Writers Alliance (1 award/honor)
BlackBoard African-American Bestsellers, Inc. (1 award/honor)
Blackwell's (1 award/honor)
Blair Publisher (1 award/honor)
Blicherfonden (1 award/honor)
Blogger News Network (1 award/honor)
Bloody Scotland (2 Awards and Honors)
Bloody Words Mystery Conference (1 award/honor)
Bloomsbury (2 Awards and Honors)
Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference (1 award/honor)
Board of University Publications, University of Chicago (1 award/honor)
BoardGameGeek (1 award/honor)
Boardman Tasker Charitable Trust (1 award/honor)
Bochumer Krimi Archiv (1 award/honor)
Boekhandel Donner, Rotterdam (1 award/honor)
Bog & idé (1 award/honor)
BogForum (1 award/honor)
Bogklubben 12 bøger (1 award/honor)
Bogliasco Foundation (1 award/honor)
Bokförlaget Opal (1 award/honor)
Bolden Books (1 award/honor)
Bollinger (1 award/honor)
Bologna Children's Book Fair (5 Awards and Honors)
Bolton Literacy Trust (1 award/honor)
Book Depository (1 award/honor)
Book Excellence (1 award/honor)
Book Publishers Association of Alberta (2 Awards and Honors)
Book Publishers' Association (1 award/honor)
Book Riot (3 Awards and Honors)
Book Sense (15 Awards and Honors)
Book Society (1 award/honor)
Book of the Month (4 Awards and Honors)
Book-of-the-Month Club (1 award/honor)
BookBrowse (1 award/honor)
BookBrunch (1 award/honor)
BookLife (2 Awards and Honors)
BookPage (1 award/honor)
BookPeople (1 award/honor)
BookScan (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
BookTrust (7 Awards and Honors)
BookTube Community (1 award/honor)
BookWorks (1 award/honor)
Bookbeat (1 award/honor)
Bookchat (1 award/honor)
Booker Prize Foundation (6 Awards and Honors)
Booklist (38 Awards and Honors)
Books for Children (1 award/honor)
Booksellers Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Border Regional Library Association (BRLA) (1 award/honor)
Borders (3 Awards and Honors)
Borders Book Festival (1 award/honor)
Bordighera Press (1 award/honor)
Borgens Forlag (1 award/honor)
Boston Authors Club (2 Awards and Honors)
Boston Book Review (3 Awards and Honors)
Boston Globe (4 Awards and Honors)
Boston Magazine (1 award/honor)
Boston Public Library (BPL) (2 Awards and Honors)
Boston Society of Film Critics (1 award/honor)
Bouchercon World Mystery Convention (1 award/honor)
Boys Club of America (1 award/honor)
Brasserie Lipp (1 award/honor)
Brasseries du Cameroun (1 award/honor)
Brazosport ISD (1 award/honor)
Bread Loaf Writers' Conference (1 award/honor)
Brecknock Society and Museum Friends (1 award/honor)
Briery Creek Press (1 award/honor)
Brigham Young University
Bright Hill Press (1 award/honor)
Brightly (1 award/honor)
Bristol Ideas (1 award/honor)
British Academy (2 Awards and Honors)
British Academy of Film and Television Arts (2 Awards and Honors)
British Association for American Studies (2 Awards and Honors)
British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES) (2 Awards and Honors)
British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL) (1 award/honor)
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
British Columbia Historical Federation (1 award/honor)
British Council (1 award/honor)
British Fantasy Society (1 award/honor)
British Film Institute (1 award/honor)
British Medical Association (BMA) (2 Awards and Honors)
British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) (1 award/honor)
British Psychological Society (1 award/honor)
British Psychological Society Research Board (1 award/honor)
British Records Association (1 award/honor)
British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) (2 Awards and Honors)
British Society for Literature and Science (1 award/honor)
British Society for the History of Mathematics (1 award/honor)
British Society for the History of Science (2 Awards and Honors)
British Society of Cinematographers (1 award/honor)
British Travel Association (1 award/honor)
British-Kuwait Friendship Society
Broadside Lotus Press (1 award/honor)
BroadwayWorld (1 award/honor)
Bronte Prize Committee (1 award/honor)
Bronx Council on the Arts (1 award/honor)
Brooklyn Magazine (1 award/honor)
Brooklyn Public Library (1 award/honor)
Brown Brothers Books (1 award/honor)
Bruckman Rare Book Friends (1 award/honor)
Bryan Prince Bookseller (1 award/honor)
Buchholtz Selskabet
Buckeye Children's and Teen Book Award Council (1 award/honor)
Buddenbrookhaus (1 award/honor)
Buddhist Society (1 award/honor)
Buddhist Society in the United Kingdom
Bulgarian Ministry of Culture (1 award/honor)
Bulgarian Studies Association (1 award/honor)
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (BCCB) (2 Awards and Honors)
Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur (1 award/honor)
Bundesministeriums für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport (BMKÖS) der Republik Österreich (1 award/honor)
Bungakukai (1 award/honor)
Bungei Shunjūsha (1 award/honor)
Bunkamura (1 award/honor)
Burnley Express (1 award/honor)
Business Archives Council (BAC) (1 award/honor)
Business History Conference (3 Awards and Honors)
Business Week (1 award/honor)
Bust Magazine (1 award/honor)
Butler University
BuzzFeed (3 Awards and Honors)
Byline Magazine (1 award/honor)
Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels (1 award/honor)
Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, Landesverband Bayern e.V. (3 Awards and Honors)
Büchereiverband Österreich (1 award/honor)
C.A.A. Birks Family Foundation (1 award/honor)
CCXP (1 award/honor)
CEZAM (1 award/honor)
CLA Young Adult Services Interest Group (YASIG) (1 award/honor)
CN Group
CNRS Écritures de la modernité
COCBA Committee (1 award/honor)
CODE (Canadian Organization for Development Through Education) (2 Awards and Honors)
CODES: Notable Books Council (1 award/honor)
COMICON (1 award/honor)
CP All Public Company Limited (1 award/honor)
CYBILS Awards (1 award/honor)
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (1 award/honor)
Caffè Nero (1 award/honor)
CajaGranada (1 award/honor)
Caketrain [a journal and press] (1 award/honor)
Caledonia Novel Award (1 award/honor)
California Department of Education (CDE) (1 award/honor)
California Early Math Initiative (1 award/honor)
California Independent Booksellers Alliance (CALIBA) (1 award/honor)
California Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
California Reading Association (2 Awards and Honors)
California State University, Fresno (1 award/honor)
California Teachers Association (CTA) (1 award/honor)
Calvin Rutstrum Foundation (1 award/honor)
CambridgeshireLive (1 award/honor)
Camera Obscura Journal (1 award/honor)
Campus Life (1 award/honor)
Canada Council for the Arts (2 Awards and Honors)
Canada Library Association
Canadian Association of Children's Librarians (CACL) (1 award/honor)
Canadian Association of Public Libraries
Canadian Authors Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Canadian Authors' Association
Canadian Booksellers Association (CBA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) (7 Awards and Honors)
Canadian Children's Book Centre (2 Awards and Honors)
Canadian Children's Book Centre (CCBC) (13 Awards and Honors)
Canadian Confederacy for the Humanities and Social Sciences (1 award/honor)
Canadian Council for the Arts (1 award/honor)
Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (1 award/honor)
Canadian Historical Association (9 Awards and Honors)
Canadian Historical Association. (1 award/honor)
Canadian Law and Society Association (CLSA) (1 award/honor)
Canadian Library Association (CLA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Canadian Nautical Research Society (1 award/honor)
Canadian Political Science Association (4 Awards and Honors)
Canadian Political Science Association/Association canadienne de science politique (1 award/honor)
Canadian Psychological Association (1 award/honor)
Canadian Railroad Historical Association (CRHA) (1 award/honor)
Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (1 award/honor)
Canadian Society for the Study of Religion
Canadian Society for the Study of Religion/Société Canadienne pour l’Étude de la Religion (1 award/honor)
Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (1 award/honor)
Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP) (1 award/honor)
Canadian Society of Medievalists (1 award/honor)
Canton of Bern (1 award/honor)
Capitol Choices (1 award/honor)
Capitol District Civil War Round Table (1 award/honor)
Carbet (1 award/honor)
Carbonell Awards, Inc. (1 award/honor)
Cardboard Republic (1 award/honor)
Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) (1 award/honor)
Carl Brandon Society (2 Awards and Honors)
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (1 award/honor)
Carolina Wren Press (1 award/honor)
Cartoon Art Museum
Casa Italiana Zerilli / Marimò (1 award/honor)
Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana
Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana Benjamín Carrión Núcleo de Loja (1 award/honor)
Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, núcleo Guayas (1 award/honor)
Casa de las Américas (2 Awards and Honors)
Casinos Austria (1 award/honor)
Cat Writers' Association (1 award/honor)
Cat Writers’ Association (1 award/honor)
CataRomance (1 award/honor)
CatholiCity (1 award/honor)
Catholic Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Catholic Media Association (1 award/honor)
Catholic Press Association
Catholic Teachers Association of West Germany (1 award/honor)
Catholic Writers Guild (2 Awards and Honors)
Cave Canem Foundation (1 award/honor)
Center for Cartoon Studies (1 award/honor)
Center for Children's Books (1 award/honor)
Center for Contemporary Russian Literature of the Institute of Philology and History, Russian State University for the Humanities (1 award/honor)
Center for Cultural Landscapes, UVA School of Architecture (1 award/honor)
Center for Documentary Studies (CDS), Duke University (1 award/honor)
Center for Eighteenth-Century Studies at Indiana University (1 award/honor)
Center for Fiction
Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln (1 award/honor)
Center for Latin American & Latino Studies at American University (1 award/honor)
Center for Literary Publishing (1 award/honor)
Center for Robert Penn Warren Studies, Western Kentucky University (1 award/honor)
Center for litteratur fra Afrika, Asien, Latinamerika og Oceanien (1 award/honor)
Center for the Book at the New Hampshire State Library (2 Awards and Honors)
Center for the History of Collecting at The Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference (1 award/honor)
Center for the Study of Multicultural Children's Literature (CSMCL) (1 award/honor)
Center for the Study of Science Fiction, University of Kansas (2 Awards and Honors)
Center for the Support of Domestic Literature (1 award/honor)
Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) (1 award/honor)
Central Bank of Barbados
Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) (1 award/honor)
Central European History Society (1 award/honor)
Central Florida chapter of the Romance Writers of America (1 award/honor)
Central News Agency (1 award/honor)
Central Plains Mennonite Conference (1 award/honor)
Central and East European Publishing Project (1 award/honor)
Centre Aude pour l'étude de la nouvelle (CAEN) (1 award/honor)
Centre for Children's Literature at the University of South Australia (1 award/honor)
Centre for Indigenous Theatre (1 award/honor)
Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) (1 award/honor)
Centre for Scottish Studies (1 award/honor)
Centre for Youth Literature, State Library of Victoria (1 award/honor)
Centre international d'études en littérature de jeunesse (CIELJ) (1 award/honor)
Centre national du livre (CNL) (1 award/honor)
Centro Cultural Peruano Japonés (1 award/honor)
Centro Nacional de Cultura (1 award/honor)
Centro de la Generación del 27 (1 award/honor)
Century Hutchinson (1 award/honor)
Cercador Committee (1 award/honor)
Cercle Artístic de Ciutadella (1 award/honor)
Cercle France-Amériques (1 award/honor)
Cercle de la mer (1 award/honor)
Cercle du livre de France (1 award/honor)
Ceská sekce IBBY (2 Awards and Honors)
Cevdet Kudret (1 award/honor)
Champlain Society (1 award/honor)
Chancellerie des universités de Paris (1 award/honor)
Changbi (1 award/honor)
Chanticleer Book Reviews
Chanticleer International Book Awards (25 Awards and Honors)
Chapters (1 award/honor)
Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, Brigham Young University (1 award/honor)
Charles Taylor Foundation (1 award/honor)
Charlotte Aitken Trust (1 award/honor)
Charta 77 Foundation (1 award/honor)
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) (3 Awards and Honors)
Chartered Management Institute (1 award/honor)
Chautauqua Institute (1 award/honor)
Cheiron: The International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences (1 award/honor)
Cheltenham Literature Festival (2 Awards and Honors)
Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation (1 award/honor)
Cherrick Center for the study of Zionism, the Yishuv, and the State of Israel (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Chester County Intermediate Unit [et al.] (1 award/honor)
Chicago Book Clinic (1 award/honor)
Chicago Council on Global Affairs (1 award/honor)
Chicago Film Critics Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Chicago Public Library (4 Awards and Honors)
Chicago Public Schools (CPS) (1 award/honor)
Chicago Reader (1 award/honor)
Chicago Tribune (1 award/honor)
Chicago Tribune Media Group
Chicago Writers Association (1 award/honor)
Chick Lit Cafe (1 award/honor)
Child Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
Child Study Association (1 award/honor)
Child Study Association of America (1 award/honor)
Children Raving About Books (CRAB) (1 award/honor)
Children's Book Committee, Bank Street College Center for Children's Literature (12 Awards and Honors)
Children's Book Council of Australia (3 Awards and Honors)
Children's Book Council of Australia (Queensland Branch) (1 award/honor)
Children's Books History Society (1 award/honor)
Children's Books Ireland (1 award/honor)
Children's Books Ireland (CBI)
Children's Librarians of Dover, New Hampshire (1 award/honor)
Children's Librarians of New Hampshire (1 award/honor)
Children's Literary Classics (1 award/honor)
Children's Literature Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English
Children's Literature Association (ChLA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Children's Literature Association of Utah (CLAU) (1 award/honor)
Children's Literature Center (1 award/honor)
Children's Literature Council of Southern California (CLCSC) (1 award/honor)
Children's Literature Roundtables of Canada (1 award/honor)
Children's Rights Workshop (1 award/honor)
Children's Services Division, Delaware Library Association (1 award/honor)
Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) (1 award/honor)
Children’s Book Council of Australia (Tasmanian Branch) (1 award/honor)
Children’s Folklore Section, American Folklore Society (2 Awards and Honors)
Children’s Literature Association (1 award/honor)
Chill Chill (1 award/honor)
Chill with a Book (6 Awards and Honors)
Chimaera Publications (1 award/honor)
China Times (1 award/honor)
China Writers Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Chinese American Library Association (CALA) (3 Awards and Honors)
Chocolate Lily Young Reader's Choice Awards (1 award/honor)
Choice Reviews (1 award/honor)
Christchurch City Libraries Ngā Kete Wānanga o Ōtautahi (1 award/honor)
Christian European Visual Media Association (1 award/honor)
Christian Home & School (1 award/honor)
Christian Home and School Magazine (1 award/honor)
Christian Manifesto (1 award/honor)
Christian Today (1 award/honor)
Christianity Today (2 Awards and Honors)
Christopher Ewart-Biggs Memorial Trust (1 award/honor)
Christopher G. Moore Foundation (1 award/honor)
Chroniquesdelarentréelitté (1 award/honor)
Church Times (2 Awards and Honors)
Church and Synagogue Library Association (CSLA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Chūōkōron Shinsha (2 Awards and Honors)
Cider Press Review (2 Awards and Honors)
City Limits (1 award/honor)
City Weekly (1 award/honor)
City of Calgary
City of Darwin Libraries (1 award/honor)
City of Espoo, Finland (1 award/honor)
City of Fremantle (1 award/honor)
City of Fukuoka (1 award/honor)
City of Kanazawa (1 award/honor)
City of Ottawa (1 award/honor)
City of Porvoo (1 award/honor)
City of Reykjavik (1 award/honor)
City of Toronto (1 award/honor)
City of Uji (1 award/honor)
City of Vancouver (1 award/honor)
City of Victoria, BC (1 award/honor)
City of Wrocław (1 award/honor)
City of Xàtiva (2 Awards and Honors)
Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration (1 award/honor)
Ciudad de Málaga
Ciutat de Gandia (1 award/honor)
Ciutat de Mataró (1 award/honor)
Civil War Round Table of New York (2 Awards and Honors)
Claremont Graduate University (2 Awards and Honors)
Claremont Reading Conference (1 award/honor)
Classical Association of the Middle West and South (2 Awards and Honors)
Clement K. Shorter
Clements Center for Southwest Studies (1 award/honor)
Cleveland Arts Prize (1 award/honor)
Cleveland Foundation (1 award/honor)
Cleveland Public Library (1 award/honor)
Cleveland State University
Cleveland State University Poetry Center (2 Awards and Honors)
Climbing Magazine (1 award/honor)
Clube de Leitores de Ficção Científica (1 award/honor)
Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) (1 award/honor)
Coeur Du Bois Chapter, RWA (1 award/honor)
Cognitive Development Society (1 award/honor)
Colectivo Trëma (1 award/honor)
Collectieve Propaganda van het Nederlandse Boek (CPNB) (1 award/honor)
College Art Association (CAA) (3 Awards and Honors)
College of Saint Benedict (1 award/honor)
Collège Montmorency
Collégiens du Pas-de-Calais (1 award/honor)
Colonial Dames of America (1 award/honor)
Colorado Author's League (1 award/honor)
Colorado Authors League (CAL) (1 award/honor)
Colorado Council of the International Reading Association (CCIRA) (1 award/honor)
Colorado Humanities (1 award/honor)
Colorado Independent Publishers Association (1 award/honor)
Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy (CLEL) (1 award/honor)
Colorado State University
Colorlines (1 award/honor)
Columbia College Academic Awards Committee (1 award/honor)
Columbia University Armenian Center (1 award/honor)
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism (1 award/honor)
Columbia University in the City of New York (3 Awards and Honors)
Comenius Programme (2 Awards and Honors)
Comité Mac Orlan (1 award/honor)
Comité Organizador del Premio Altazor (1 award/honor)
Comité d'histoire de la Ville de Paris (1 award/honor)
Comité national olympique et sportif français (CNOSF) (1 award/honor)
Comité organizador del Premio Anubis (1 award/honor)
Commission on American Parliamentary Practice (1 award/honor)
Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) (1 award/honor)
Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender History (CLGBTH) (1 award/honor)
Committee on Psychoanalysis and the Academy, American Psychoanalytic Association (1 award/honor)
Commonwealth Club of California (1 award/honor)
Commonwealth Writers (1 award/honor)
Commune de Blois (1 award/honor)
Commune de Le Cannet (1 award/honor)
Commune de Saint-Amand-Montrond (1 award/honor)
Communication-Jeunesse (1 award/honor)
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) (2 Awards and Honors)
Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) (1 award/honor)
Comun di Codroip (1 award/honor)
Comune di Padova
Comune di Roseto degli Abruzzi (1 award/honor)
Concello de Bueu (1 award/honor)
Concello de Fornelos de Montes (1 award/honor)
Concello de Lugo (1 award/honor)
Concello de Pontevedra (1 award/honor)
Concordia University
Concordia University Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Conference on Christianity and Literature (1 award/honor)
Conference on Faith and History (1 award/honor)
Conference on Latin American History (CLAH) (5 Awards and Honors)
Conference on Latin American History (CLAH) General Committee (1 award/honor)
Confituur Boekhandels (1 award/honor)
Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art (CINOA) (1 award/honor)
Connecticut Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Connecticut Library Association (1 award/honor)
Connecticut State Department of Education (1 award/honor)
Connecticut State Library
Connecticut State Library Division of Library Development (1 award/honor)
Conseil des ambassadeurs arabes (1 award/honor)
Conseil départemental des Hauts-de-Seine (1 award/honor)
Conseil général de la Charente (1 award/honor)
Conseil général du Calvados (1 award/honor)
Conseil supérieur de la langue française (CSLF) (1 award/honor)
Consejo General del Libro Infantil y Juvenil
Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Ribera del Duero
Consell Català del Llibre Infantil i Juvenil – IBBYcat
Consell Comarcal del Pla d'Urgell (1 award/honor)
Consequence of Sound (2 Awards and Honors)
Consortium Octet (1 award/honor)
Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (CLASP) (1 award/honor)
Cooperative Children’s Book Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison (CCBC) (4 Awards and Honors)
Copenhagen Comics
Copernicus Society of America (1 award/honor)
Copper Nickel (1 award/honor)
Corderie Royale (1 award/honor)
Core Committee Recognizing Excellence in Children’s and Young Adult Science Fiction (1 award/honor)
Corgi Books (1 award/honor)
Cork City Council (1 award/honor)
Cornell University
Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations (1 award/honor)
Costa Coffee (1 award/honor)
Coucou Magazin (1 award/honor)
Council for European Studies (1 award/honor)
Council for Exceptional Children (1 award/honor)
Council for Wisconsin Writers (1 award/honor)
Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS) (1 award/honor)
Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) (1 award/honor)
Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) (1 award/honor)
Council of the British Academy (1 award/honor)
Council of the Capital City of Warsaw (1 award/honor)
Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries, Inc. (CBHL) (1 award/honor)
Council on European Studies (1 award/honor)
Council on Foreign Relations (1 award/honor)
Council on Interracial Books for Children (CIBC)
Count Dracula Society (1 award/honor)
CounterPunch (2 Awards and Honors)
Counterpunch (1 award/honor)
Country Music Association (CMA) (1 award/honor)
Courtney Oldmeadow Children's Literature Foundation (1 award/honor)
Coventry City Council
Coventry Schools Library and Resource Service (1 award/honor)
Crab Orchard Review (1 award/honor)
Cranleigh Schools (1 award/honor)
Creative Australia (1 award/honor)
Creative Child Magazine (1 award/honor)
Creative Scotland (1 award/honor)
Creative Writing Program, English Department, University of Louisville (1 award/honor)
Cricket Writers' Club' (CWC) (1 award/honor)
Crime Cologne (1 award/honor)
Crime Writers Association of Australia (1 award/honor)
Crime Writers of Canada (CWC) (1 award/honor)
Crime Writers of Scandinavia (1 award/honor)
Crime Writers' Association (7 Awards and Honors)
Crime Writers’ Association (CWA) (1 award/honor)
CrimeFest (2 Awards and Honors)
Crimespree Magazine (1 award/honor)
Crimezone (5 Awards and Honors)
Critics Choice Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Critics' Choice Association
Critics' Choice Association (CCA)
Crooks Corner Book Prize Foundation (1 award/honor)
Crossword Bookstores (1 award/honor)
Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States of America (4 Awards and Honors)
Culture Mauricie (1 award/honor)
CultureGeek (1 award/honor)
Cultuurcentrum Knokke-Heist (1 award/honor)
Cumbria County Council
Curbstone Press (1 award/honor)
Current Archaeology (1 award/honor)
Curriculum Materials Center at Minnesota State University Moorhead (2 Awards and Honors)
Cuyahoga County Public Library (1 award/honor)
Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District [Houston, TX] (CFISD) (2 Awards and Honors)
Czech Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror (1 award/honor)
Czechoslovak Studies Association (1 award/honor)
Câmara Municipal da Amadora (1 award/honor)
Câmara Municipal da Póvoa de Varzim (1 award/honor)
Câmara Municipal de Coimbra (1 award/honor)
Câmara Municipal de Loures (1 award/honor)
Câmara Municipal do Funchal (1 award/honor)
Cégep Garneau
Círculo De Leitores (1 award/honor)
Círculo de Lectores (1 award/honor)
Círculo de Leitores (1 award/honor)
DBP (1 award/honor)
DIE ZEIT (4 Awards and Honors)
DS Magazine (1 award/honor)
DSC Prize Secretariat (1 award/honor)
DVA-Stiftung (1 award/honor)
Dafoe Foundation (1 award/honor)
Daily Express (2 Awards and Honors)
Daily Mail (2 Awards and Honors)
Daily Mail and General Trust
Dallas Museum of Art (1 award/honor)
Dallas Observer (1 award/honor)
Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association (1 award/honor)
Dan Turèll Mindelegat (1 award/honor)
Dan Turèll Selskabet (1 award/honor)
Dani & Gual Cultural (1 award/honor)
Daniel Boone Foundation (1 award/honor)
Daniel Goldsmith Associates (1 award/honor)
Daniel S. Burt
Danish Film Academy (1 award/honor)
Danmarks Biblioteksforening (1 award/honor)
Danmarks Kommunistiske Parti
Danmarks Kommunistiske Partis Forretningsudvalg (1 award/honor)
Danmarks Radio (4 Awards and Honors)
Danmarks Skolebibliotekarer
Danmarks Skolebibliotekarforening (1 award/honor)
Danmarks Skolebiblioteksforening
Dansk Blindesamfund (1 award/honor)
Dansk Forfatterforening (33 Awards and Honors)
Dansk Historisk Fællesråd (1 award/honor)
Dansk Horror Selskab (1 award/honor)
Dansk Kvindesamfund (1 award/honor)
Dansk Oversætterforbund (2 Awards and Honors)
Dansk Tegneserieråd (1 award/honor)
Danske Bank (1 award/honor)
Danske Dramatikeres Forbund (3 Awards and Honors)
Danske Tegneserieskabere (1 award/honor)
Danske bladtegnere
Dark Scribe Magazine (1 award/honor)
Dark Sky Magazine (1 award/honor)
Dartmouth College
Daughters of the Republic of Texas (2 Awards and Honors)
David St John Thomas Charitable Trust (1 award/honor)
Davidsfonds (1 award/honor)
De Groene Waterman, Antwerp (1 award/honor)
De Re Militari: the Society for Medieval Military History (1 award/honor)
De Valentijnprijs (1 award/honor)
Deadly Ink Press (2 Awards and Honors)
Deadly Pleasures (1 award/honor)
Deathrealm Magazine (1 award/honor)
Deborah Rogers Foundation (1 award/honor)
Decorative Arts Society, Inc. (2 Awards and Honors)
Dedalus Foundation (2 Awards and Honors)
Delacorte Press (1 award/honor)
Delaware Library Association
Delaware Press Association (1 award/honor)
Delegação Socialista Português no Parlamento Europeu (1 award/honor)
Dell Publications (1 award/honor)
Delta Kappa Gamma
Delta Kappa Gamma Minnesota State Organization (1 award/honor)
Democrat and Chronicle (1 award/honor)
Den danske Boghandlerforening (1 award/honor)
Den danske Boghandlermedhjælperforening (1 award/honor)
Den norske Bokprisen (1 award/honor)
Den norske Lyrikklubben (1 award/honor)
Denver Public Library (4 Awards and Honors)
Department for Enterprise (Isle of Man)
Department for the Economy [Northern Ireland]
Department of Culture of Padua Municipality (1 award/honor)
Department of Education (Northern Territory) (1 award/honor)
Department of Education Victoria (1 award/honor)
Department of Education WA (1 award/honor)
Department of English, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Department of English, University of Iowa
Department of Land of Israel Studies, Bar-Ilan University (1 award/honor)
Department of Writing and Rhetoric, University of Mississippi (1 award/honor)
Deputación Provincial de A Coruña (1 award/honor)
Der Spiegel (1 award/honor)
Des Moines Public Library Foundation (1 award/honor)
Desert Rose Chapter, RWA (1 award/honor)
Det Danske Akademi (11 Awards and Honors)
Det Danske Kriminalakademi (6 Awards and Honors)
Det Kongelige Bibliotek (1 award/honor)
Det Norske Samlaget (1 award/honor)
Detroit Public Library (DPL) (1 award/honor)
Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung (DASD) (1 award/honor)
Deutschen Kulturforum östliches Europa e. V. (1 award/honor)
Deutscher Buchhandel (1 award/honor)
Deutscher Hörbuchpreis (1 award/honor)
Deutscher Jury (1 award/honor)
Deutscher Verband Evangelischer Büchereien (1 award/honor)
Deutschlandfunk (1 award/honor)
Dewan Kesenian Jakarta (2 Awards and Honors)
Dial Press (1 award/honor)
Dialogue on Diversity (1 award/honor)
Diamond State Reading Association (DSRA) (1 award/honor)
Diana Jones Committee (1 award/honor)
Diavazo Magazine (1 award/honor)
Digital Book World (2 Awards and Honors)
Dillons (1 award/honor)
Diputació d'Alacant (1 award/honor)
Diputación de Granada (1 award/honor)
Diputación de Segovia (1 award/honor)
Directors Guild of America (1 award/honor)
Direção-Geral do Livro, dos Arquivos e das Bibliotecas (2 Awards and Honors)
Disability History Association (DHA) (1 award/honor)
Discover Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
Discover Northern Ireland (1 award/honor)
District of Colombia Library Association
District of Columbia Center for the Book
District of Columbia Library Association: School Library Section (1 award/honor)
Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (1 award/honor)
Dodd Human Rights Impact Programs (1 award/honor)
Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Dolly Parton's Imagination Library (1 award/honor)
Domingos da Silva Teixeira (DST) (1 award/honor)
Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture at Columbia University (2 Awards and Honors)
Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications, Penn State (1 award/honor)
Donald Windham-Sandy M. Campbell Literature Prizes (1 award/honor)
Doncaster Book Awards Ltd (1 award/honor)
Donner Canadian Foundation (1 award/honor)
Doppelfeld Stiftung (1 award/honor)
Dorset County Council
Dorset Travel Guide (1 award/honor)
Doubleday (1 award/honor)
Doğan Kitap (1 award/honor)
Dr. Dobb's Journal (1 award/honor)
Dr. Toy (2 Awards and Honors)
Dragon Con (2 Awards and Honors)
Dramatist Guild Foundation (DGF) (1 award/honor)
Dramatists Guild of America (1 award/honor)
Dronning Margrethes og Prins Henriks Fond (1 award/honor)
Društvo Marjana Rožanca (1 award/honor)
Društvo slovenskih literarnih kritikov (1 award/honor)
Društvo slovenskih pisateljev (1 award/honor)
Društvo slovenskih pisateljev (1 award/honor)
Dublin City Public Libraries and Archive (1 award/honor)
Duff Cooper Memorial Fund (1 award/honor)
Duke University
Duke University Press (1 award/honor)
Dundee City Council
Dundee – One City, Many Discoveries (1 award/honor)
Dungeon (1 award/honor)
Dystopia (1 award/honor)
Dzanc Books (1 award/honor)
Déjeuner du lundi (1 award/honor)
Département de français, Collège Montmorency (1 award/honor)
E. P. Dutton (1 award/honor)
E.Leclerc (1 award/honor)
EES for Schools (1 award/honor)
EUPL Consortium (1 award/honor)
Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop (1 award/honor)
Early Slavic Studies Association (ESSA) (1 award/honor)
Earthshine Media Group (1 award/honor)
East Coast Black Age Of Comics Convention (1 award/honor)
Eastern Daily Press (1 award/honor)
Eastern Sociological Society (1 award/honor)
Eastern Washington University
Easton Press (1 award/honor)
Eaton Conference (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Economic History Association (3 Awards and Honors)
Edge Hill University (2 Awards and Honors)
Edgerton Foundation (1 award/honor)
Ediciones Alféizar (1 award/honor)
Ediciones Destino (2 Awards and Honors)
Ediciones Hiperión (1 award/honor)
Ediciones Rialp (1 award/honor)
Ediciones Xerais (1 award/honor)
Ediciones Áltera (1 award/honor)
Edicions del Bullent (1 award/honor)
Edicións Xerais (1 award/honor)
Edinburgh Children's Book Group (1 award/honor)
Edinburgh Festival Fringe (1 award/honor)
Editora y Distribuidora Hispano Americana S.A. (EDHASA) (1 award/honor)
Editorial Columna (1 award/honor)
Editorial Cruïlla (1 award/honor)
Editorial Destino (1 award/honor)
Editorial Espasa (1 award/honor)
Editorial Losada (1 award/honor)
Editorial Planeta (2 Awards and Honors)
Edmond Memorial High School
Edmond, OK School Librarians (1 award/honor)
Edmonton Journal (1 award/honor)
Education Department, Antioch University Los Angeles (AULA) (1 award/honor)
Educational Book and Media Association (EBMA) (1 award/honor)
Edwin Mellen Press (2 Awards and Honors)
Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal (1 award/honor)
Eesti Kirjanike Liit (1 award/honor)
Eesti Kultuurkapital (KULKA) (1 award/honor)
Eighteenth-Century Russian Studies Association (ECRSA) (1 award/honor)
Eksmo (1 award/honor)
El Libro Foundation (1 award/honor)
El País (1 award/honor)
El Proyecto Mandarache (2 Awards and Honors)
El Templo de las Mil Puertas (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Eleanor Crowder Bjoring Center for Nursing Inquiry (1 award/honor)
Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC) (1 award/honor)
Elisa Rolle (1 award/honor)
Elise Mathilde Fund (1 award/honor)
Elizabeth Park Trust (1 award/honor)
Elkar (1 award/honor)
Elle Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
Elysian Fields Quarterly (1 award/honor)
Embassy of France in Ukraine (1 award/honor)
Empathy Lab (1 award/honor)
Emporia State University
Emporia State University (1 award/honor)
Emporia State University Libraries & Archives (1 award/honor)
Empowering Latino Futures (1 award/honor)
En bok för alla (1 award/honor)
Enfants Québec (1 award/honor)
English & Literature Department, Utah Valley University (1 award/honor)
English Academy of South Africa (1 award/honor)
English Academy of Southern Africa (1 award/honor)
English Association (4 Awards and Honors)
English Chess Federation (1 award/honor)
English Department, University of Louisville
English Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2 Awards and Honors)
English PEN (5 Awards and Honors)
English-Speaking Union (3 Awards and Honors)
English-Speaking Union of the United States (1 award/honor)
Enoch Pratt Library of Baltimore (1 award/honor)
Entertainment Weekly (10 Awards and Honors)
Entrada Publishing (1 award/honor)
Epicurious (1 award/honor)
Epigram Books (1 award/honor)
Epiphany Publishing (1 award/honor)
Eric Hoffer Project (1 award/honor)
Ernst-Toller-Gesellschaft (1 award/honor)
Erwin Stein Foundation (1 award/honor)
Escuela de Lengua y Literatura de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (1 award/honor)
Esprit d'Europe (1 award/honor)
Esquire (8 Awards and Honors)
Esquire China (1 award/honor)
Essence Magazine (1 award/honor)
Essex Book Festival (1 award/honor)
Estate of Miles Franklin (1 award/honor)
Estonian Section of IBBY (1 award/honor)
Estonian Union for Child Welfare (2 Awards and Honors)
Estoril Conferences (1 award/honor)
Estoril Sol (1 award/honor)
Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy (EMMA) (1 award/honor)
Eugene O’Neill Theater Center (1 award/honor)
Eurocon (1 award/honor)
European Academy of Sociology (1 award/honor)
European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) (1 award/honor)
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) (1 award/honor)
European Science Fiction Society (ESFS) (1 award/honor)
European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET) (1 award/honor)
European Translation Center (EKEMEL) (1 award/honor)
European Union (1 award/honor)
European Union Studies Association (1 award/honor)
Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) (3 Awards and Honors)
Evanston Public Library (2 Awards and Honors)
Evening Standard (6 Awards and Honors)
Eventyrernes Klub (1 award/honor)
Everest Yayınları (1 award/honor)
Every Child a Reader (2 Awards and Honors)
Excellence in Media (1 award/honor)
Excelsior Award (1 award/honor)
Exclusive Books (1 award/honor)
Expanded Reason Institute, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (1 award/honor)
Expository Times (1 award/honor)
Expressen (1 award/honor)
Extensive Reading Foundation (1 award/honor)
ExxonMobil (1 award/honor)
Ezra Jack Keats Foundation (1 award/honor)
FIYAHCON (1 award/honor)
FUP (1 award/honor)
Faber & Faber (1 award/honor)
Facultat de l'Educació Blaquerna, Universitat Ramon Llull (1 award/honor)
Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne (1 award/honor)
Fagbevægelsens Hovedorganisation
Faith, Hope and Love, a Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers of America (1 award/honor)
Fantagraphics (1 award/honor)
Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine (1 award/honor)
Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Romance Writers (1 award/honor)
Fantasyfestival (1 award/honor)
FarPoint Media (1 award/honor)
Fawcett Society (1 award/honor)
Feathered Quill Reviews (3 Awards and Honors)
Federació d'Entitats Excursionistes de Catalunya (1 award/honor)
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1 award/honor)
Federation of Children's Book Groups (FCBG) (2 Awards and Honors)
Federation of Women Teachers' Association of Ontario (FWTAO) (1 award/honor)
Fellowship of Australian Writers (2 Awards and Honors)
Fellowship of Australian Writers Victoria Inc. (1 award/honor)
Femina (4 Awards and Honors)
Feminista (1 award/honor)
Fence Books (2 Awards and Honors)
Feria Internacional del Libro de Guayaquil (1 award/honor)
Fervenzas Literarias (1 award/honor)
Festival Internacional del Cómic de Santiago (FIC Santiago) (1 award/honor)
Festival International du Livre d'Art et du Film (FILAF) (1 award/honor)
Festival National du Livre Franco-Arménien (3 Awards and Honors)
Festival de Género Negro de Valencia (1 award/honor)
Festival de la bande dessinée francophone de Québec (1 award/honor)
Festival international de géographie (FIG) (1 award/honor)
Festival international de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême (1 award/honor)
Festival international du film policier de Beaune (1 award/honor)
Festival literario Getafe Negro (1 award/honor)
Festival of Romance (1 award/honor)
Festiwal Kryminału „Kryminalna Piła” (1 award/honor)
Ficción Breve Venezolana (1 award/honor)
Fiction Collective Two (FC2) (2 Awards and Honors)
Fictionary (1 award/honor)
Filipino ReaderCon (1 award/honor)
FilmForum Festival (1 award/honor)
Filmtropia (1 award/honor)
Financial Times (5 Awards and Honors)
Finborough Theatre (1 award/honor)
Finch Publishing (1 award/honor)
Finnish Book Foundation (1 award/honor)
Finnish Tolkien Society (1 award/honor)
First Coast Romance Writers (FCRW) (2 Awards and Honors)
First Coast Writers
First Nation Communities READ (1 award/honor)
First Things (2 Awards and Honors)
Fischer Taschenbuchverlag (1 award/honor)
Fitzhenry Family Foundation (1 award/honor)
Flamingnet (1 award/honor)
Flavorwire (1 award/honor)
Flemish Ministry of Culture
Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME) (3 Awards and Honors)
Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) (1 award/honor)
Florida Historical Society (1 award/honor)
Florida Literacy Association (1 award/honor)
Florida Publishers Association (1 award/honor)
Florida State University Libraries (1 award/honor)
Florida Writers Association (1 award/honor)
Floris Books (1 award/honor)
Fnac (1 award/honor)
Folio Academy (1 award/honor)
Folklore Society (1 award/honor)
Fomento de las Artes y del Diseño (FAD) (1 award/honor)
Fondation Charles Veillon (1 award/honor)
Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson (1 award/honor)
Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’Ecriture et la Littérature (1 award/honor)
Fondation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet (1 award/honor)
Fondation Marcel-Bleustein-Blanchet (1 award/honor)
Fondation Napoléon (2 Awards and Honors)
Fondation Pierre-Lafue (1 award/honor)
Fondation Roi Baudouin
Fondation de France (1 award/honor)
Fondation du centre des auteurs dramatiques (CEAD) (1 award/honor)
Fondation Émile-Nelligan (1 award/honor)
Fondazione Bellonci (3 Awards and Honors)
Fondazione Centessimus Annus Pro Pontifice (1 award/honor)
Fondazione Cesare Pavese (1 award/honor)
Fondazione Corrado Alvaro (1 award/honor)
Fondazione Premio Napoli (1 award/honor)
Fondazione Salimbeni per le Arti Figurative (1 award/honor)
Fondazione Sicilia (1 award/honor)
Fondazione città del libro (1 award/honor)
Fondazione il Campiello-Confindustria Veneto (1 award/honor)
Fondo de Cultura Económica (1 award/honor)
Fonds Baron Jean Charles Velge (1 award/honor)
Fonds Handicap & Société (1 award/honor)
Forbes (8 Awards and Honors)
Forbes Russia (1 award/honor)
ForeWord Magazine (1 award/honor)
Foreningen for Boghaandværk (1 award/honor)
Forest History Society (1 award/honor)
Foreword Reviews (2 Awards and Honors)
Forfatterforbundet (1 award/honor)
Forlaget Fremad (1 award/honor)
Forlaget Gyldendal (8 Awards and Honors)
Forlæggerforeningen (1 award/honor)
Fortune (4 Awards and Honors)
Forum du livre de Saint-Louis (Haut-Rhin) (1 award/honor)
Forward Arts Foundation (1 award/honor)
Foundation Charles Veillon (1 award/honor)
Foundation Lettre International Award (1 award/honor)
Foundation de France (1 award/honor)
Foundation for Australian Literary Studies, James Cook University (2 Awards and Honors)
Foundation for the Future (1 award/honor)
Foundation of Lower Saxony (1 award/honor)
Foyles (2 Awards and Honors)
France Culture (1 award/honor)
Frances S. Summersell Center for the Study of the South (1 award/honor)
Francis Geffard (1 award/honor)
Franco-British Society (1 award/honor)
Frank Collymore Literary Endowment (1 award/honor)
Fraunces Tavern Museum (1 award/honor)
Freedom Reads
FreedomFest (1 award/honor)
Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge (1 award/honor)
Freie Volksbühne Berlin (1 award/honor)
Fremantle Press (2 Awards and Honors)
French Colonial Historical Society (1 award/honor)
French Crime Writers Association (1 award/honor)
Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (1 award/honor)
Friends of American Writers (1 award/honor)
Friends of Children and Literature (1 award/honor)
Friends of Lulu (1 award/honor)
Friends of Missoula Public Library (1 award/honor)
Friends of Mystery (1 award/honor)
Friends of the Earth (2 Awards and Honors)
Friends of the Pikes Peak Library District (1 award/honor)
Friends of the TCU Library (1 award/honor)
Friends of the University Library, University of Texas at El Paso (1 award/honor)
From The Heart Romance Writers (1 award/honor)
Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, University of Arkansas
Fundació Enciclopèdia Catalana (1 award/honor)
Fundació Jordi Sierra i Fabra (1 award/honor)
Fundació Prudenci Bertrana (1 award/honor)
Fundación Amado Alonso (1 award/honor)
Fundación Arena (1 award/honor)
Fundación Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos Rómulo Gallegos (1 award/honor)
Fundación Cultural Miguel Hernández (1 award/honor)
Fundación El Libro (4 Awards and Honors)
Fundación Francisco Umbral (1 award/honor)
Fundación Gerardo Diego (1 award/honor)
Fundación Loewe (1 award/honor)
Fundación María José Jove (1 award/honor)
Fundación Max Aub (1 award/honor)
Fundación SM (1 award/honor)
Fundación Unicaja (1 award/honor)
Fundación para la Cultura Urbana (1 award/honor)
Fundacja Solaris (1 award/honor)
Fundacja „Tygodnika Powszechnego” (1 award/honor)
Fundalectura (1 award/honor)
Fundação Biblioteca Nacional (1 award/honor)
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (1 award/honor)
Fundação Casa de Mateus (2 Awards and Honors)
Fundação Inês de Castro (1 award/honor)
Fundação Luís Miguel Nava (1 award/honor)
Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil (FNLIJ) (1 award/honor)
Furry Writers’ Guild (1 award/honor)
Furthermore Foundation (1 award/honor)
Fuse #8 Productions (1 award/honor)
Future plc (1 award/honor)
FutureCycle Press (1 award/honor)
Futuröck FM (1 award/honor)
Fédération Française Syndicale de la librairie (FFSL) (1 award/honor)
Fédération Nationale du Mérite Maritime (1 award/honor)
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (FW-B) (1 award/honor)
Fédération canadienne des sciences humaines (1 award/honor)
Fédération des Bretons de Paris (1 award/honor)
Fédération des Dirigeants Commerciaux de France (DCF) (1 award/honor)
Fédération des industries nautiques (1 award/honor)
Fédération des milieux documentaires (1 award/honor)
Fédération des parents d'élèves de l'enseignement public (PEEP) (1 award/honor)
Fédération des sciences humaines (3 Awards and Honors)
Félag íslenskra bókaútgefenda (1 award/honor)
Förderkreis Gleimhaus (1 award/honor)
Förderkreis deutscher Schriftsteller in Baden-Württemberg e. V. (1 award/honor)
G.E.C. Gads Fonden
GALIX (1 award/honor)
GLAAD (1 award/honor)
GQ (1 award/honor)
GRV Media
Galtzagorri Elkartea
Games Workshop
Gannett Co., Inc.
Garcia Award for the Best Fiction Book of the Year (1 award/honor)
Garden Writers Association (1 award/honor)
Garden Writers Association of America (1 award/honor)
GardenComm (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Gay Times of England (1 award/honor)
Gaylactic Network
Gaylactic Spectrum Awards Foundation (1 award/honor)
Gazeta Wyborcza (1 award/honor)
Gelett Burgess Center for Creative Expression (1 award/honor)
Gemeente Zaanstad (1 award/honor)
Gemeinschaften der Künstlerinnen und Kunstförderer e. V. (GEDOK) (1 award/honor)
Gen Con (1 award/honor)
General Mills (1 award/honor)
Genome of the Russian soul (1 award/honor)
Geological Society (1 award/honor)
George C. Stone Center for Children's Books (1 award/honor)
George Devine Award (1 award/honor)
George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War (1 award/honor)
Georgetown Center for the Constitution (1 award/honor)
Georgetown Law
Georgetown University
Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) (1 award/honor)
Georgia Center for the Book (3 Awards and Honors)
Georgia Historical Society (2 Awards and Honors)
Georgia Library Media Association (1 award/honor)
Georgia Romance Writers (1 award/honor)
Georgia Writers Association (1 award/honor)
Georgia Writers' Association (1 award/honor)
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (1 award/honor)
German Medical Women's Association (1 award/honor)
German Studies Association (GSA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Gesellschaft Roter Vogel (1 award/honor)
Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft
Gigamesh (1 award/honor)
Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History (4 Awards and Honors)
Glasgow Herald (1 award/honor)
Glasscock Center for Humanities Research, Texas A&M University (1 award/honor)
Glimmer Train (2 Awards and Honors)
Global English Editing (4 Awards and Honors)
Global Ideas Bank (1 award/honor)
Global Literature in Libraries Initiative (GLLI) (1 award/honor)
Global Read Aloud (1 award/honor)
Gloucestershire Live (1 award/honor)
Go On Girl! Book Club (1 award/honor)
Gobierno de Cantabria (1 award/honor)
Goddard Riverside (2 Awards and Honors)
Goethe-Institut Chicago (1 award/honor)
Golden Baobab Foundation for Education (1 award/honor)
Golden Books (1 award/honor)
Golden Crown Literary Society (1 award/honor)
Goldsboro Books (1 award/honor)
Goldsmiths, University of London (1 award/honor)
Good Housekeeping (1 award/honor)
Good Morning America (1 award/honor)
Goodreads (6 Awards and Honors)
Gordon Burn Trust (1 award/honor)
Gourmet Magazine (1 award/honor)
Government of Western Australia
Government of Western Australia Department of Culture and the Arts (1 award/honor)
Gradske knjižnice Rijeka (1 award/honor)
Grady McWhiney Research Foundation (1 award/honor)
Gramedia Pustaka Utama (1 award/honor)
Gran Sasso Science Institute, Scuola Universitaria Superiore (1 award/honor)
Grand Press (1 award/honor)
Granta (2 Awards and Honors)
Graywolf Press (1 award/honor)
Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (1 award/honor)
Great British Life (2 Awards and Honors)
Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) (1 award/honor)
Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association (3 Awards and Honors)
Great Midwest Book Festival (1 award/honor)
Greater Detroit Romance Writers (GDRW) (1 award/honor)
Greater Kansas City Association of School Librarians (GKCASL) (1 award/honor)
Gregynog Press (1 award/honor)
GrubStreet (1 award/honor)
Grupo Anaya (1 award/honor)
Grupo Clarín (1 award/honor)
Grupo Edelvives (1 award/honor)
Grupo SM (1 award/honor)
Gruppe 47 (1 award/honor)
Gruppo artistico letterario La Soffitta (1 award/honor)
Grémio Literário de Lisboa (1 award/honor)
Guadalajara International Book Fair (1 award/honor)
Guardian Media Group
Guild of Food Writers (1 award/honor)
Guildford Book Festival (1 award/honor)
Gulbenkian / Casa da Leitura (1 award/honor)
Gulf South Historical Association (1 award/honor)
Gummerus (1 award/honor)
Gunzo (1 award/honor)
Gunzō (1 award/honor)
Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights (1 award/honor)
Günter-Grass-Stiftung Bremen (1 award/honor)
H. C. Andersen Litteraturpris Komitte (1 award/honor)
HK (1 award/honor)
Hachette (1 award/honor)
Hadassah Magazine (1 award/honor)
Hainaut Culture Tourisme (1 award/honor)
Hakusuisha (1 award/honor)
Hall Center for the Humanities, University of Kansas (1 award/honor)
Hamburger Autorenvereinigung (1 award/honor)
Hamilton Arts Council (1 award/honor)
Hampshire County Council
Hampshire County Council, School Library Service (1 award/honor)
Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture (1 award/honor)
Hans R. Jenemann Foundation (1 award/honor)
Hardie Grant Egmont (1 award/honor)
Harper & Brothers (1 award/honor)
Harper Brothers (1 award/honor)
HarperCollins (4 Awards and Honors)
Harriet Beecher Stowe Center (1 award/honor)
Harry S. Truman Library Institute for National and International Affairs (1 award/honor)
Harvard Book Store (1 award/honor)
Harvard Kennedy School
Harvard Magazine (1 award/honor)
Harvard University
Harvard University Press (HUP) (2 Awards and Honors)
Hastings Bad Cinema Society (1 award/honor)
Hauptverband des österreichischen Buchhandels (1 award/honor)
Haus der Kulturen der Welt (1 award/honor)
Haverbrook Newspapers (1 award/honor)
Hawai'i Book Publishers Association (1 award/honor)
Hawai'i Library Association
Hawai'i Library Association, Children and Youth Section (1 award/honor)
Hawthornden Foundation (1 award/honor)
Headline Publishing (1 award/honor)
Heart of Denver Romance Writers (1 award/honor)
Hebban (9 Awards and Honors)
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1 award/honor)
Hebrew Writers Association in Israel (1 award/honor)
Helicon Nine Editions (1 award/honor)
Helikon (1 award/honor)
Hellenic Foundation (1 award/honor)
Hellenic Foundation for Culture (1 award/honor)
Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports (1 award/honor)
Helmet-kirjastojen (1 award/honor)
Helsingin Sanomat (HS) (1 award/honor)
Helsinki Science Fiction Society (1 award/honor)
Hennepin County Library (2 Awards and Honors)
Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Georgia (1 award/honor)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association (1 award/honor)
Hereford Times (1 award/honor)
Heritage Toronto (1 award/honor)
Het Literatuurmuseum (1 award/honor)
Hidden River Arts (1 award/honor)
Highland Council (1 award/honor)
Highland Society of London (1 award/honor)
Hillman Foundation (1 award/honor)
Historian Ystäväin Liiton (1 award/honor)
Historians of British Art (HBA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Historic New Orleans Collection (1 award/honor)
Historical Association (1 award/honor)
Historical Book Club of North Carolina
Historical Novel Society (3 Awards and Honors)
Historical Novel Society Australasia (1 award/honor)
Historical Society of New Mexico (HSNM) (6 Awards and Honors)
Historical Writers' Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Historisch Nieuwsblad
History Reclaimed (1 award/honor)
History Today Ltd (2 Awards and Honors)
History and Folklore Section, American Folklore Society (1 award/honor)
History of Economics Society (1 award/honor)
History of Education Society (1 award/honor)
History of Science Society (3 Awards and Honors)
Hogg's New Novelist's Magazine (1 award/honor)
Hollins University (1 award/honor)
Hollywood Critics Association (1 award/honor)
Hollywood Foreign Press Association (1 award/honor)
Holtzbrinck Publishing Group
Hong Kong Arts Development Council (1 award/honor)
Hongan-ji (1 award/honor)
Honkaku Mystery Writers Club of Japan (1 award/honor)
Hopwood Program (2 Awards and Honors)
Horror Spotlight (1 award/honor)
Horror Writers Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Hotel Bel Ami (1 award/honor)
Houghton Mifflin (1 award/honor)
Houston Bay Area Romance Writers of America (1 award/honor)
Houston Independent School District (HISD) (1 award/honor)
Howling Bird Press (1 award/honor)
Huffington Post (4 Awards and Honors)
Human Relations Indie Book Award (1 award/honor)
Hungary in Europe Foundation (1 award/honor)
Hungry Mind Review (1 award/honor)
Hurston/Wright Foundation (1 award/honor)
I'm Your Neighbor Books (1 award/honor)
IATI Theater (1 award/honor)
IBBY Australia (1 award/honor)
IBBY Canada (3 Awards and Honors)
IBBY Chile (1 award/honor)
IBBY Finland (1 award/honor)
IBBY Iceland (1 award/honor)
IBBY Lebanon (LBBY) (1 award/honor)
IBBY Mexico (1 award/honor)
IBBY SA (1 award/honor)
IBBY SA North (1 award/honor)
IBBY Section belge francophone (2 Awards and Honors)
IBBY Sweden (2 Awards and Honors)
IBBY-Nederland (1 award/honor)
IGN (1 award/honor)
ILA Literacy and Social Responsibility Special Interest Group (L-SR SIG) (1 award/honor)
ILA, CL/R SIG (Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group) (1 award/honor)
ISA Human Rights Section (1 award/honor)
ISA International Security Studies Section (ISSS) (1 award/honor)
ISE Magazine (1 award/honor)
IZA Institute of Labor Economics (1 award/honor)
Idaho Battle of the Books (IBOB) (1 award/honor)
Idaho Library Association (1 award/honor)
Idaho State University
Iedereen Leest vzw (1 award/honor)
Igniting Souls (1 award/honor)
Ikšķiles novads (1 award/honor)
Il Giallo Mondadori (1 award/honor)
Iliffe Media Group
Illinois Author Project (2 Awards and Honors)
Illinois Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Illinois Reading Council (1 award/honor)
Image (1 award/honor)
Imaginarium Convention (1 award/honor)
Immediate Media Company
Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE)
Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE), National Chapter of Canada (2 Awards and Honors)
In the Margins (5 Awards and Honors)
InD'Tale Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
Inclusive Books for Children (1 award/honor)
Independent Book Publishers Association (1 award/honor)
Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group (1 award/honor)
Independent Mystery Booksellers Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Independent Press Award (1 award/honor)
Independent Publishers of New England (1 award/honor)
Index on Censorship (2 Awards and Honors)
Indiana Center for the Book (2 Awards and Honors)
Indiana Humanities (1 award/honor)
Indiana Library Federation (2 Awards and Honors)
Indiana Library Foundation
Indiana RWA (1 award/honor)
Indiana State Library
Indiana University Bloomington
Indiana Wesleyan University
Indie Author Project (1 award/honor)
Indie Romance Convention (IRC) (1 award/honor)
IndieBound (4 Awards and Honors)
IndieReader (1 award/honor)
Indies Today (1 award/honor)
Indigenous Literary Studies Association (1 award/honor)
Indigo Books & Music Inc. (1 award/honor)
Ink & Insights (1 award/honor)
InsightOut Book Club (2 Awards and Honors)
Institució Alfons el Magnànim (1 award/honor)
Institut Canadien de Québe (1 award/honor)
Institut Français de Bucarest (1 award/honor)
Institut Français de Géopolitique (1 award/honor)
Institut Français du Liban (1 award/honor)
Institut François Mitterrand (1 award/honor)
Institut René Goscinny (1 award/honor)
Institut Terjemahan dan Buku Malaysia (ITBM) (1 award/honor)
Institut d'histoire de l'Amérique française (1 award/honor)
Institut de France (10 Awards and Honors)
Institut français de Cracovie (1 award/honor)
Institut français de Serbie (1 award/honor)
Institut français d’Italie (1 award/honor)
Institut für Germanistik der Universität Koblenz (1 award/honor)
Institute for Humanities Research (1 award/honor)
Institute for Literary Translation (1 award/honor)
Institute for Southern Studies (1 award/honor)
Institute for US-China Issues, University of Oklahoma (1 award/honor)
Institute for the Study of Genocide (1 award/honor)
Institute of Commonwealth Studies (1 award/honor)
Institute of Historical Research (1 award/honor)
Institute of Intellectual History, University of St Andrews (1 award/honor)
Institute of Physics (IOP)
Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) (1 award/honor)
Instituto Cultural de la provincia de Buenos Aires (1 award/honor)
Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura (INBAL) (2 Awards and Honors)
Instituto de Estudios Zamoranos “Florián de Ocampo” (1 award/honor)
Instituto de Literatura Puertorriqueña (1 award/honor)
Instruction Section, American Library Association (1 award/honor)
Instructors of Science Fiction in Higher Education (ISFHE) (1 award/honor)
Intellectual Freedom Round Table, American Library Association (1 award/honor)
Interactive Press (IP) (1 award/honor)
Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) (1 award/honor)
Interessenverband Comic e.V. (ICOM) (1 award/honor)
International Academy of Comparative Law (1 award/honor)
International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) (1 award/honor)
International Association for Media and History (1 award/honor)
International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (IAFA) (2 Awards and Honors)
International Association for the Study of Popular Music—US Branch (1 award/honor)
International Association of Crime Writers (1 award/honor)
International Association of Crime Writers, North American Branch (1 award/honor)
International Association of Culinary Professionals (5 Awards and Honors)
International Association of Media Tie-in Writers (1 award/honor)
International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) (3 Awards and Honors)
International Bridge Press Association (1 award/honor)
International Cartographic Association (ICA) (1 award/honor)
International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA) (1 award/honor)
International Christian Visual Media Association (1 award/honor)
International Communication Association (ICA) (3 Awards and Honors)
International Conference for the Study of Political Thought (1 award/honor)
International Conference on Romanticism (1 award/honor)
International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) (1 award/honor)
International Dyslexia Association
International Horror Guild (IHG) (1 award/honor)
International Institute for Asian Studies (1 award/honor)
International Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University (1 award/honor)
International Literacy Association (ILA) (1 award/honor)
International Literacy Association and Children’s Book Council (1 award/honor)
International Map Industry Association (IMIA) (3 Awards and Honors)
International Maritime History Association (1 award/honor)
International Napoleonic Society (1 award/honor)
International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) (1 award/honor)
International Political Science Association
International Press Academy (1 award/honor)
International Research Society for Children’s Literature (IRSCL) (1 award/honor)
International Skiing History Association (1 award/honor)
International Society for Animal Rights (1 award/honor)
International Society for the Study of Narrative (1 award/honor)
International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) (1 award/honor)
International Society of Political Psychology (2 Awards and Honors)
International Studies Association (4 Awards and Honors)
International Swimming Hall of Fame (1 award/honor)
International Thriller Writers (8 Awards and Honors)
International Youth Library (1 award/honor)
Internationaler Johann-Gottfried-Seume-Verein „Arethusa“ e.V. Grimma (1 award/honor)
Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin (1 award/honor)
Interpresscon (1 award/honor)
Investigative Reporters and Editors (1 award/honor)
Iowa Association of School Librarians (IASL) (4 Awards and Honors)
Iowa Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Iowa Library Association (1 award/honor)
Iowa Writers' Workshop (1 award/honor)
Iowa's Area Education Agencies (IAEAs) (1 award/honor)
Irish Examiner (1 award/honor)
Irish Independent (1 award/honor)
Irish Writers Centre (1 award/honor)
Isle of Harris Distillery (1 award/honor)
Isle of Man Government
Isle of Wight County Press (1 award/honor)
Isle of Wight Festival (1 award/honor)
Israel Numismatic Society (INS) (1 award/honor)
Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy (1 award/honor)
Istituzione Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (1 award/honor)
Italcon (1 award/honor)
Italian Cultural Centre Society of Vancouver (1 award/honor)
Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists (1 award/honor)
Itaú Cultural (1 award/honor)
Ivo-Andrić-Stiftung (1 award/honor)
J. Anthony Lukas Prize Project (1 award/honor)
J. B. Lippincott Company (1 award/honor)
J. P. Jacobsen Selskabet
J. R. Ackerley Trust (1 award/honor)
JADA Press (1 award/honor)
JCB Literature Foundation (1 award/honor)
JM Northern Media LLC (13 Awards and Honors)
JWC Publishing
Jacana Media (1 award/honor)
Jacket Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
Jade Pagoda (1 award/honor)
James Agee Film Project (1 award/honor)
James Beard Foundation (1 award/honor)
James Cook University
James Joyce Center with The Irish Times (1 award/honor)
James Madison Book Award Fund, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole (1 award/honor)
Jan Campert Foundation (6 Awards and Honors)
Jane Addams Peace Association (1 award/honor)
Jane's Stories Press Foundation (1 award/honor)
January Magazine (1 award/honor)
Japan Academy (2 Awards and Honors)
Japan Adventure Fiction Association (1 award/honor)
Japan Children's Writers Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Japan School Library Association (1 award/honor)
Japanese Board on Books for Young People (JBBY) (1 award/honor)
Japanese Cartoonists Association (1 award/honor)
Jefferson Cup Committee, Virginia Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Jenkins Group, Inc. (5 Awards and Honors)
Jersey Journal (2 Awards and Honors)
Jewcy (1 award/honor)
Jewish Book Council (2 Awards and Honors)
Jewish Community Centers of Greater Philadelphia (1 award/honor)
Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund (1 award/honor)
Jewish Public Library of Montreal (1 award/honor)
Jewish Quarterly (1 award/honor)
Joffe Books
John Burroughs Association (2 Awards and Honors)
John Button Foundation (1 award/honor)
John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (1 award/honor)
John Wesley Honors College, Indiana Wesleyan University (1 award/honor)
John Whitmer Historical Association (3 Awards and Honors)
Johnson, Smith Knisely Foundation (1 award/honor)
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University
Jordon (1 award/honor)
Joseph-Beth Booksellers (1 award/honor)
José-Manuel-Lara-Stiftung (1 award/honor)
Journal de Montréal (1 award/honor)
Journal of Advanced Composition (JAC) (2 Awards and Honors)
Journal of Africana Religions (1 award/honor)
Journal of the American Revolution (2 Awards and Honors)
Journal of the History of Philosophy (1 award/honor)
Journées nationales du Livre et du Vin (1 award/honor)
Julia Ellsworth Foundation (1 award/honor)
Junior Library Guild (1 award/honor)
Juniper Education (1 award/honor)
Jury (1 award/honor)
Jury du Prix Sade (1 award/honor)
Jury œcuménique de la bande dessinée (1 award/honor)
KM Media Group
KOALA - Kids Own Australian Literature Awards Inc. (1 award/honor)
KPBS Public Media (1 award/honor)
Kadokawa (5 Awards and Honors)
Kalevi Jäntin säätiön (1 award/honor)
Kanavan (1 award/honor)
Kansas Association of Teachers of English (KATE) (1 award/honor)
Kansas Authors Club (6 Awards and Honors)
Kansas Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Kansas City Film Critics Circle (1 award/honor)
Kansas City Public Library (1 award/honor)
Kansas NEA Reading Circle (1 award/honor)
Kansas National Education Association (KNEA)
Kappa Tau Alpha (1 award/honor)
Karl-Renner-Institut (1 award/honor)
Karnataka Sahitya Academy (1 award/honor)
Kasaoka (1 award/honor)
Kawabata Yasunari Memorial Association (1 award/honor)
Kawade Shobō Shinsha (1 award/honor)
Kawaii Hayao Foundation (1 award/honor)
Keck Futures Initiative (1 award/honor)
Kent State University
KentOnline (1 award/honor)
Kentucky Association of School Librarians (KASL) (1 award/honor)
Kentucky Historical Society (1 award/honor)
Kentucky Humanities (1 award/honor)
Kenya Publishers' Association (1 award/honor)
Kerry Group (1 award/honor)
Keystone State Literacy Association (1 award/honor)
Khalifa Award for Education (1 award/honor)
Khemlal-Harikala Lamichhane Samaaj Kalyan Pratisthan (1 award/honor)
Killer Nashville (2 Awards and Honors)
KillerCon (1 award/honor)
Kindle Book Review (1 award/honor)
King County Library System (1 award/honor)
King Fahd Center for Middle East Studies (1 award/honor)
Kipple Officina Librari (1 award/honor)
Kirkus (1 award/honor)
Kirkus Reviews (10 Awards and Honors)
Kiss the Book (1 award/honor)
Kitchen Dog Theater (1 award/honor)
KitchenAid (2 Awards and Honors)
Kleist-Stiftung (1 award/honor)
Klepsidra (1 award/honor)
Knack (1 award/honor)
Kodansha (2 Awards and Honors)
Koen Book Distributors (1 award/honor)
Koffler Centre of the Arts (1 award/honor)
Komiks (1 award/honor)
Kommunernes Forening for Pædagogiske Læringscentre (1 award/honor)
Kommunernes Skolebiblioteksforening (2 Awards and Honors)
Kommunistische Partei Japans (1 award/honor)
Koninklijk Verbond voor Grafische Ondernemingen (KVGO) (1 award/honor)
Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal en Letteren (KANTL) (1 award/honor)
Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde in Gent (3 Awards and Honors)
Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten (KVAB) (1 award/honor)
Konzervatívny inštitút Milana Rastislava Štefánika (1 award/honor)
Kore Press (1 award/honor)
Korean Board on Books for Young People (KBBY) (1 award/honor)
Koret Foundation (1 award/honor)
Korrespondent Magazine (1 award/honor)
Kraszna-Krausz Foundation (1 award/honor)
Kreisstadt Limburg an der Lahn (1 award/honor)
KrimFestivalen (1 award/honor)
Krimi Schweiz – Verein für schweizerische Kriminalliteratur (1 award/honor)
Krimimessen i Horsens
Krista og Viggo Petersens Fond
Kulturministeriet (2 Awards and Honors)
Kulturradio (1 award/honor)
Kundiman (1 award/honor)
Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa (1 award/honor)
Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (1 award/honor)
Kyōdo Verlag (1 award/honor)
Kırmızı Kedi Yayınevi (1 award/honor)
Kōdansha (1 award/honor)
LA Press Club (1 award/honor)
LDStorymakers (1 award/honor)
LEEM (Syndicat des entreprises du médicament) (1 award/honor)
LGBTQ Study Group, American Musicological Society (1 award/honor)
LO (1 award/honor)
LSE Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method (1 award/honor)
La France Mutualiste (1 award/honor)
La Ligue des familles (1 award/honor)
La Montagne (1 award/honor)
La Plume de Paon (1 award/honor)
La Presse (1 award/honor)
La Voz de Galicia (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Ladies of Horror Fiction (1 award/honor)
Laissez Faire Books (1 award/honor)
Lambda Literary
Lambda Literary Foundation (2 Awards and Honors)
Lambeth Fund (1 award/honor)
Lancashire County Council (3 Awards and Honors)
LancsLive (3 Awards and Honors)
Landbrugsraadet (1 award/honor)
Landeshauptstadt Hannover (1 award/honor)
Landeshauptstadt München (1 award/honor)
Landfall (1 award/honor)
Landkreis Straubing-Bogen (1 award/honor)
Langum Charitable Trust (2 Awards and Honors)
Lannan Foundation (3 Awards and Honors)
Lanrat des Landkreises Uckermark (1 award/honor)
Larry Corse Foundation (1 award/honor)
Las Vegas Movie Awards
Lastenkirjainstituutti (1 award/honor)
Latin American Studies Associaton (LASA) (4 Awards and Honors)
Latino Literary Hall of Fame (1 award/honor)
Latter-day Saints in Publishing, Media, and the Arts (1 award/honor)
Latvian Section of IBBY (2 Awards and Honors)
Lauri Jäntin säätiö (1 award/honor)
Law and Society Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Le Droit (1 award/honor)
Le Figaro Magazine (1 award/honor)
Le Monde (2 Awards and Honors)
Le Point (1 award/honor)
Le Prince Maurice (1 award/honor)
Le Prince-Maurice (1 award/honor)
Le nouvel Attila (1 award/honor)
League of Canadian Poets (LCP) (4 Awards and Honors)
League of Utah Writers (3 Awards and Honors)
Learning Magazine (3 Awards and Honors)
Lectio Book Award Reading Program (1 award/honor)
Lee & Low Books (2 Awards and Honors)
Leeway Foundation (1 award/honor)
Left Coast Crime (1 award/honor)
Leicester City Council (1 award/honor)
Leipzig Book Foundation (1 award/honor)
Leipziger Messe (1 award/honor)
Lengua de Trapo (1 award/honor)
Lennox Robinson Literary Festival (1 award/honor)
Les Amis de Georges Brassens (1 award/honor)
Les Amis de Louis Guillaume (1 award/honor)
Les Deux Magots (1 award/honor)
Lesfic Bard Awards Committee (1 award/honor)
Lewisham Libraries (1 award/honor)
Libby (1 award/honor)
Libertarian Futurist Society (2 Awards and Honors)
Liberty Victoria (1 award/honor)
Librairie des Champs-Élysées (1 award/honor)
Librarians of the Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) (1 award/honor)
Library Company of Philadelphia (1 award/honor)
Library Foundation of Martin County (1 award/honor)
Library History Round Table, American Library Association (1 award/honor)
Library Journal (19 Awards and Honors)
Library Services for Youth in Custody (LSYC)
Library and Archives Northern Territory (LANT) (1 award/honor)
Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (LIANZA) (1 award/honor)
Library of Congress (4 Awards and Honors)
Library of Congress Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Library of Michigan (3 Awards and Honors)
Library of Virginia Foundation (1 award/honor)
Librerías Gandhi (1 award/honor)
Libris (2 Awards and Honors)
Libros Prohibidos (1 award/honor)
Lietuvos literatūros vertėjų sąjungos (1 award/honor)
Lighthouse Writers Workshop (1 award/honor)
Likhaan: U.P. Institute of Creative Writing (1 award/honor)
Lille Bogdag (1 award/honor)
Lilly Awards Foundation, Inc. (1 award/honor)
Limerick Literary Festival (1 award/honor)
Limfjordsegnens litteratur Samvirke (1 award/honor)
Lincoln Journal Star (2 Awards and Honors)
LincolnshireWorld (1 award/honor)
Lindbergh Foundation (1 award/honor)
Linguistic Society of America (1 award/honor)
Lionel Gelber Foundation (1 award/honor)
Lire (3 Awards and Honors)
Lire la société (1 award/honor)
Lire à Saint-Étienne (1 award/honor)
LitAccent (1 award/honor)
Litchfield Independent Review (1 award/honor)
Literacy Association of Ireland (1 award/honor)
Literair Productiefonds (1 award/honor)
Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (2 Awards and Honors)
Literary Arts (1 award/honor)
Literary Classics (3 Awards and Honors)
Literary Hub (2 Awards and Honors)
Literary Hub (1 award/honor)
Literary Review (1 award/honor)
Literary Review of Canada (2 Awards and Honors)
Literary Translators' Association of Canada (1 award/honor)
Literaturbüro Ruhr (1 award/honor)
Literature Wales (1 award/honor)
Literaturhaus Hamburg (1 award/honor)
Literaturhaus Köln (1 award/honor)
Literaturwerk Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar e.V. (1 award/honor)
Literárny fond (1 award/honor)
Lithgow Public Library (1 award/honor)
Lithuanian Section of IBBY (1 award/honor)
Litsy (1 award/honor)
Litteraturfrämjandet (1 award/honor)
Litteraturkritikernes Lav (2 Awards and Honors)
Little Free Library (1 award/honor)
Little Miss Data (1 award/honor)
Little Tiger Press (1 award/honor)
Littéraire Sociëteit De Witte (1 award/honor)
LiveLib (4 Awards and Honors)
LiveMint (3 Awards and Honors)
Llibreria 22 (1 award/honor)
Llibreria Documenta (1 award/honor)
Locus Magazine (4 Awards and Honors)
Lois Roth Endowment (1 award/honor)
London Borough of Redbridge (1 award/honor)
London Evening Standard (1 award/honor)
London Hellenic Society (1 award/honor)
London Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
London School of Economics (LSE)
London Times (1 award/honor)
London Tourist Board (1 award/honor)
Long Island Reads (1 award/honor)
Long Island University (1 award/honor)
Long and Short Reviews (LASR) (1 award/honor)
Los Amigos del Libro (1 award/honor)
Los Angeles Film Awards
Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA) (1 award/honor)
Los Angeles Public Library (1 award/honor)
Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) (1 award/honor)
Los Angeles Times (10 Awards and Honors)
Los Angeles Unified School District (1 award/honor)
Lost Horse Press (1 award/honor)
Loughborough University
Loughborough University, School of the Arts, English and Drama (1 award/honor)
Louisiana (1 award/honor)
Louisiana Association of School Libraries (1 award/honor)
Louisiana Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (1 award/honor)
Louisiana Library Association (1 award/honor)
Louisiana State Library
Louisiana State University
Louisiana State University Press (1 award/honor)
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Love is Murder Conference (1 award/honor)
LovelyBooks (1 award/honor)
Lowy Institute for International Policy (1 award/honor)
Lucca Comics & Games (1 award/honor)
Lucid House Publishing (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Lumina Foundation (1 award/honor)
Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation (1 award/honor)
Lyuben Dilov (1 award/honor)
Läkerol (1 award/honor)
Lærebogsforlaget Samfundslitteratur
M-Net (1 award/honor)
MCFLS Young Adult Services Committee (YASC) (1 award/honor)
MFA in Creative and Professional Writing, Western Connecticut State University (1 award/honor)
MTV (1 award/honor)
Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde (2 Awards and Honors)
MacMillan Center (1 award/honor)
Macmillan (3 Awards and Honors)
Macmillan Publishers
Madame Figaro (1 award/honor)
Madan Puraskar Guthi (1 award/honor)
Maebashi (1 award/honor)
Magazyn Pocisk (1 award/honor)
Magnolia Arts Center (1 award/honor)
Mail Order Zombie (1 award/honor)
Main Street Plaza (1 award/honor)
Maine Association of School Libraries (MASL) (1 award/honor)
Maine Humanities Council (2 Awards and Honors)
Maine Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Maine State Library (2 Awards and Honors)
Maine Student Book Award Committee
Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance (1 award/honor)
Mainichi Newspapers Co. (1 award/honor)
Mainichi Shimbun (2 Awards and Honors)
Maison des Associations de la Communauté de Communes de Trévières (1 award/honor)
Malcolm Robertson Foundation (1 award/honor)
Malice Domestic Ltd (2 Awards and Honors)
Maltese Falcon Society
Maltese Falcon Society, Japan Chapter (1 award/honor)
Man Group (1 award/honor)
Manchester Evening News (1 award/honor)
Manchester Library & Information Service
Manga Taishō Executive Committee (1 award/honor)
Manhattan Institute (1 award/honor)
Manitoba Historical Society (2 Awards and Honors)
Manitoba Writers' Guild (1 award/honor)
Manitoba Young Reader’s Choice Award (1 award/honor)
Marginal Revolution (2 Awards and Honors)
Maria Cristina di Savoia Cultural Meetings (1 award/honor)
Marin Theatre Company (1 award/honor)
Marine Corps Heritage Foundation (2 Awards and Honors)
Maritime Foundation (1 award/honor)
Mark Allen Group
Mark Twain House & Museum (1 award/honor)
Marsh Charitable Trust
Marsh Christian Trust (1 award/honor)
Marten Toonder Stichting (1 award/honor)
Marten Toonderstichting (1 award/honor)
Mary Frances Early College of Education, University of Georgia (1 award/honor)
Maryland Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Maryland Library Association (1 award/honor)
Maryland Library Association Children's Services Division (CSD) (1 award/honor)
Maryland Writers Association (1 award/honor)
Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Foundation (1 award/honor)
Maskew Miller Longman (1 award/honor)
Massachusetts Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Massachusetts Review (1 award/honor)
Massachusetts School Library Association (MSLA) (1 award/honor)
Massey University (1 award/honor)
Mathematical Association of America (MAA) (3 Awards and Honors)
Maurice English Poetry Award (MEPA) (1 award/honor)
Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies, University of Hartford (1 award/honor)
Max Geilinger Foundation (1 award/honor)
McGill University, Montreal
McIlhenny Company (1 award/honor)
Mecklenburgische Literaturgesellschaft (1 award/honor)
Media Ecology Association (MEA) (6 Awards and Honors)
Media Wales Ltd. (1 award/honor)
Media24 (1 award/honor)
Medical Journalists' Association (1 award/honor)
Medienstiftung der Sparkasse Leipzig (1 award/honor)
Medieval Academy of America (3 Awards and Honors)
Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Melbourne Moomba Festival (1 award/honor)
Melbourne Prize Trust (1 award/honor)
Melody Maker (2 Awards and Honors)
Memphis Science Fiction Association (MSFA) (1 award/honor)
Mephisto Magazine (1 award/honor)
Mershon Center for International Security Studies, Ohio State University (1 award/honor)
Mesa Public Library (1 award/honor)
Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana
Metropolitan Rod & Gun Club (1 award/honor)
Miami Herald (3 Awards and Honors)
Miami University
Miami University Press (1 award/honor)
Miami-Dade Public Library System (1 award/honor)
Miasto Rybnik (1 award/honor)
Michigan Association of School Librarians (MASL) (1 award/honor)
Michigan Humanities (1 award/honor)
Michigan Library Association (3 Awards and Honors)
Michigan Reading Association (1 award/honor)
Mid Atlantic States Association (1 award/honor)
Mid-Continent Public Library (MCPL) (1 award/honor)
Middle East Children's Alliance
Middle East Monitor (MEMO) (1 award/honor)
Middle East Outreach Council (1 award/honor)
Middle East Studies Association (5 Awards and Honors)
Middlebury College
Midtown International Theatre Festival (1 award/honor)
Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Midwestern History Association (1 award/honor)
Mifal HaPais (1 award/honor)
Mighty Girl (2 Awards and Honors)
Mikhail Nazarenko (1 award/honor)
Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation (1 award/honor)
Military History Matters (MHM) (1 award/honor)
Military Order of the Stars and Bars (3 Awards and Honors)
Military Writers Society of America (5 Awards and Honors)
Milkweed Editions (3 Awards and Honors)
Milliyet (1 award/honor)
Milliyet Gazetesi (1 award/honor)
Miloš Crnjanski Foundation (1 award/honor)
Milton Society of America (1 award/honor)
Milwaukee County Federated Library System (MCFLS)
Mimmo Rotella Foundation (1 award/honor)
Mind (1 award/honor)
Minerva Rising Press (1 award/honor)
Mining History Association (1 award/honor)
Ministeriet for Familie- og Forbrugeranliggender
Ministeriet for Kirke- og Undervisningsvæsenet (1 award/honor)
Ministerio de Cultura de España
Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte (MCD) (3 Awards and Honors)
Ministerio de Culturas y Turismo de Bolivia (1 award/honor)
Ministry of Culture of Taiwan (1 award/honor)
Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland (OKM) (2 Awards and Honors)
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) (1 award/honor)
Ministère des Armées (France) (1 award/honor)
Ministério da Defesa Nacional (1 award/honor)
Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums (1 award/honor)
Minnesota State Arts Board (1 award/honor)
Minnesota State University Moorhead
Minnesota Youth Reading Awards, Inc. (MYRA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Minumsa (1 award/honor)
Mir Fantastiki (1 award/honor)
Mississippi Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Mississippi Children's Museum (1 award/honor)
Mississippi Historical Society (1 award/honor)
Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (1 award/honor)
Mississippi Library Association (1 award/honor)
Mississippi University for Women (1 award/honor)
Missouri Association of School Librarians (MASL) (6 Awards and Honors)
Missouri Library Association (1 award/honor)
Missouri Romance Writers of America (1 award/honor)
Missouri Writers Guild (1 award/honor)
Mitaka (1 award/honor)
Mitchell Foundation (1 award/honor)
Mladinska Knjiga Publishing House (1 award/honor)
Modern Greek Studies Association (1 award/honor)
Modern Japan History Association (MJHA) (1 award/honor)
Modern Language Association (MLA) (23 Awards and Honors)
Modern Language Association Committee on Scholarly Editions (1 award/honor)
Modern Library (4 Awards and Honors)
Modernist Studies Association (1 award/honor)
Modersmål-Selskabet (1 award/honor)
Mohsen Hachtroudi Foundation (1 award/honor)
Moja Gear (1 award/honor)
Mojo (1 award/honor)
Moldovan Section of IBBY (1 award/honor)
Mondo (1 award/honor)
Moniack Mhor (1 award/honor)
Montana (1 award/honor)
Montana Furniture (1 award/honor)
Montana Library Association (1 award/honor)
Montana State Literacy Association (1 award/honor)
More Magazine (1 award/honor)
Mormon History Association (MHA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Mortara Center for International Studies (1 award/honor)
Moscow store (1 award/honor)
MotherReader (1 award/honor)
Motion Picture Exhibitor (1 award/honor)
Mountain West Center for Regional Studies, Utah State University (1 award/honor)
Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Movellas (1 award/honor)
Multnomah County Library (1 award/honor)
Munhaksasangsa (1 award/honor)
Municipal Council of Cabourg (1 award/honor)
Municipality of Celje (1 award/honor)
Municipality of Rapallo (1 award/honor)
Municipality of Santiago (1 award/honor)
Municipalité d'Ajaccio (1 award/honor)
Municipio de Quito (3 Awards and Honors)
Município de Gouveia (1 award/honor)
Município de Viseu (1 award/honor)
Museos Científicos Coruñeses (Ayuntamiento de A Coruña) (1 award/honor)
Museum of African American History (MAAH) (1 award/honor)
Music City Romance Writers (1 award/honor)
Musica Jazz (1 award/honor)
Myriad Editions (1 award/honor)
Mystery Ink (1 award/honor)
Mystery Readers International (1 award/honor)
Mystery Writers of America (MWA) (4 Awards and Honors)
Mystery Writers of Japan (2 Awards and Honors)
Mystère (2 Awards and Honors)
Mythopoeic Society (1 award/honor)
Māori Literature Trust Te Waka Taki Kōrero
N. N. Light's Book Heaven (1 award/honor)
NACCS—Tejas Foco (1 award/honor)
NCR Corporation (1 award/honor)
NCTE Conference on College Composition & Communication (CCCC) (2 Awards and Honors)
NDR Kultur (1 award/honor)
NE Book Awards (1 award/honor)
NG Media
NME (1 award/honor)
NOW Magazine (1 award/honor)
NPR Books (14 Awards and Honors)
NPR Code Switch Podcast (1 award/honor)
NPR Fresh Air (1 award/honor)
NPR Living on Earth (1 award/honor)
NPR Morning Edition (1 award/honor)
NSW Government (1 award/honor)
NYLA Section of School Librarians (SSL) (1 award/honor)
Nadací Charty 77 (1 award/honor)
Nai In (1 award/honor)
Nanovic Institute for European Studies, University of Notre Dame (1 award/honor)
Nantucket Atheneum (1 award/honor)
Nasjonalbiblioteket (1 award/honor)
Nati per Leggere (1 award/honor)
National Academy of Arts and Letters (1 award/honor)
National Academy of Public Administration (1 award/honor)
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) (1 award/honor)
National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (1 award/honor)
National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS) (1 award/honor)
National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (1 award/honor)
National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN) (1 award/honor)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) (1 award/honor)
National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (NAAP) (1 award/honor)
National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) (1 award/honor)
National Association of Multicultural Educators (NAME) (1 award/honor)
National Association of Press Women (1 award/honor)
National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) (1 award/honor)
National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) (1 award/honor)
National Association of Science Writers (NASW) (1 award/honor)
National Board of Review (NBR) (2 Awards and Honors)
National Book Centre of Greece (EKEBI) (1 award/honor)
National Book Club Conference (1 award/honor)
National Book Critics Circle (1 award/honor)
National Book Development Board (1 award/honor)
National Book Development Board (Thailand) (1 award/honor)
National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) (3 Awards and Honors)
National Book Foundation (4 Awards and Honors)
National Book League (1 award/honor)
National Book Tokens (1 award/honor)
National Centre for Research in Children's Literature (NCRCL) (1 award/honor)
National Centre for Writing (2 Awards and Honors)
National Christian School Association (NCSA) (1 award/honor)
National Conference of Christians and Jews (NCCJ) (1 award/honor)
National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) (1 award/honor)
National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature (NCCAL), Kuwait (1 award/honor)
National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) (5 Awards and Honors)
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) (12 Awards and Honors)
National Council of Women (1 award/honor)
National Council on Public History (1 award/honor)
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (1 award/honor)
National Cowboy Hall of Fame
National Education Association (NEA) (1 award/honor)
National Eisteddfod (2 Awards and Honors)
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) (1 award/honor)
National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) (1 award/honor)
National Federation of Press Women (NFPW) (1 award/honor)
National Federation of State Poetry Societies (1 award/honor)
National Foundation for Jewish Culture (1 award/honor)
National Gardening Association (1 award/honor)
National Geographic (4 Awards and Honors)
National Geographic Traveler (1 award/honor)
National Hispanic Cultural Center (1 award/honor)
National Historical Society (1 award/honor)
National Leather Association International (NLA-I) (1 award/honor)
National Library Association (1 award/honor)
National MS Society, Greater New York City – Long Island Chapter (1 award/honor)
National Media Museum (1 award/honor)
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
National New Play Network (1 award/honor)
National Outdoor Book Awards Foundation (1 award/honor)
National Poetry Series (2 Awards and Honors)
National Post (1 award/honor)
National Public Radio (NPR) (1 award/honor)
National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) (2 Awards and Honors)
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) (1 award/honor)
National Society of Film Critics (1 award/honor)
National Space Society (1 award/honor)
National Sporting Club (1 award/honor)
National Theatre Conference (1 award/honor)
National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) (5 Awards and Honors)
National World Publishing Limited
National World plc
National Writers Association (NWA) (2 Awards and Honors)
National Writers' Union of Ukraine (1 award/honor)
Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Native Writers' Circle of the Americas (2 Awards and Honors)
Nautilus Book Awards (1 award/honor)
Naval Order of the United States (1 award/honor)
Navy League of the United States (1 award/honor)
Nebraska Center for the Book (2 Awards and Honors)
Nebraska Farm Bureau (1 award/honor)
Nebraska Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Nederlands Dagblad (1 award/honor)
Nederlands Letterenfonds (1 award/honor)
Nederlands Letterfonds
Nederlandse Fonds Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten (1 award/honor)
Neev Literature Festival (1 award/honor)
NerdGirl Official (1 award/honor)
Nerdy Book Club (1 award/honor)
Netherlands-America Foundation (1 award/honor)
Neubrandenburger Lufti-Jugendbuch-Jury (1 award/honor)
Neukom Institute for Computational Science, Dartmouth College (1 award/honor)
Neumann University
Neumann University Library (1 award/honor)
Nevada Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Nevada Library Association (1 award/honor)
New American Press (1 award/honor)
New Apple Literary Services (2 Awards and Honors)
New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association (NAIBA) (2 Awards and Honors)
New Dramatists (1 award/honor)
New East Digital Archive (1 award/honor)
New England Booksellers Association (1 award/honor)
New England Bookseller’s Association
New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America (NECRWA) (1 award/honor)
New England Children's Bookselling Advisory Council (NECBA) (1 award/honor)
New England Historical Association (NEHA) (1 award/honor)
New England Independent Booksellers Association (NEIBA) (2 Awards and Honors)
New England Society in the City of New York (1 award/honor)
New Hampshire Department of Natural & Cultural Resources
New Hampshire Library Association
New Hampshire Library Association YALS (2 Awards and Honors)
New Hampshire State Library
New Hampshire Writers' Project (NHWP) (1 award/honor)
New Harmony Project (1 award/honor)
New Internationalist Co-operative Society
New Internationalist Publications Limited
New Issues Poetry & Prose (2 Awards and Honors)
New Jersey Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
New Jersey Civil War Roundtable (1 award/honor)
New Jersey Council for the Humanities (NJCH) (1 award/honor)
New Jersey Historical Commission (2 Awards and Honors)
New Jersey Institute of Technology (1 award/honor)
New Jersey Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
New Jersey Literacy Association (1 award/honor)
New Jersey Romance Writers (2 Awards and Honors)
New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance (1 award/honor)
New Literary Project (1 award/honor)
New Mexico Book Association (NMBA) (1 award/honor)
New Mexico Book Co-op (1 award/honor)
New Mexico Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
New Music Express
New Musical Express (1 award/honor)
New Netherland Institute (1 award/honor)
New Orleans Public Library (1 award/honor)
New Statesman (6 Awards and Honors)
New Writing North (1 award/honor)
New York Academy of Science (1 award/honor)
New York Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (1 award/honor)
New York City Big Book Award (1 award/honor)
New York Council Navy League (2 Awards and Honors)
New York Drama Critics' Circle (1 award/honor)
New York Film Critics Circle (2 Awards and Honors)
New York Foundation for the Arts (1 award/honor)
New York Herald Tribune (1 award/honor)
New York Innovative Theatre Foundation (1 award/honor)
New York Library Association (NYLA)
New York Magazine (5 Awards and Honors)
New York Military Affairs Symposium (NYMAS) (2 Awards and Honors)
New York Observer (1 award/honor)
New York Public Library (NYPL) (9 Awards and Honors)
New York Public Library’s Center for Educators and Schools (1 award/honor)
New York Society Library (1 award/honor)
New York State Historical Association (1 award/honor)
New York State Reading Association (1 award/honor)
New York Times (6 Awards and Honors)
New York Times Sunday Book Review (2 Awards and Honors)
New York University (1 award/honor)
New York University Department of English (1 award/honor)
New Yorker Magazine (1 award/honor)
New Zealand Book Awards Trust (1 award/honor)
New Zealand Listener (1 award/honor)
New Zealand Society of Authors (NZSA) (3 Awards and Honors)
New-York Historical Society (2 Awards and Honors)
Newark Public Library (1 award/honor)
Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council (2 Awards and Honors)
News Corp
News UK
Newsquest Media Group Ltd
Newsweek (5 Awards and Honors)
NextReads (2 Awards and Honors)
Nieuw Vlaams Tijdschrift
Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) (1 award/honor)
Nihil Interit (1 award/honor)
Nihon Bungaku Shinkōkai (1 award/honor)
Nihon Essayist Club (1 award/honor)
Noir in Festival (1 award/honor)
Non-Obvious Company (1 award/honor)
Nonfiction Authors Association (1 award/honor)
Nonfiction Writing Program, Department of English, University of Iowa (1 award/honor)
Nordic Council (1 award/honor)
Nordisk Råd (2 Awards and Honors)
Nordisk Skolebibliotekarforening (1 award/honor)
Nordisk Teaterunion (1 award/honor)
Norma Editorial (1 award/honor)
Norsk Barnebokforum (1 award/honor)
North American Conference on British Studies (2 Awards and Honors)
North American Society for Oceanic History (1 award/honor)
North American Society for Serbian Studies (NASSS) (1 award/honor)
North American Society for Social Philosophy (NASSP) (1 award/honor)
North Carolina Center for the Book (2 Awards and Honors)
North Carolina Genealogical Society (NCGS) (1 award/honor)
North Carolina Library Association
North Carolina Library Association - Youth Services Section (1 award/honor)
North Carolina Literary & Historical Association (1 award/honor)
North Carolina Poetry Society (1 award/honor)
North Carolina School Library Media Association (NCSLMA) (2 Awards and Honors)
North Carolina Society of Historians (2 Awards and Honors)
North Carolina Speculative Fiction Foundation (1 award/honor)
North Carolina Writers' Network (2 Awards and Honors)
North Caroliniana Society (1 award/honor)
North Central Sociological Association (NCSA) (1 award/honor)
North Dakota Library Association (1 award/honor)
North East Book Award (2 Awards and Honors)
North Jersey Civil War Round Table (1 award/honor)
North Lanarkshire Council (1 award/honor)
North Texas Book Festival (1 award/honor)
North Texas Romance Writers of America (1 award/honor)
NorthLink Ferries (2 Awards and Honors)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo (1 award/honor)
Northeast Victorian Studies Association (1 award/honor)
Northeastern University (1 award/honor)
Northern California Book Reviewers (1 award/honor)
Northern Dawn (1 award/honor)
Northern Ireland Assembly
Northern Ireland Executive
Northern Territory Government
Northland College
Northumberland's Best (1 award/honor)
Northwestern University
Northwestern University Poetry and Poetics Colloquium (1 award/honor)
Northwestern University Press (1 award/honor)
Norwegian International Film Festival (1 award/honor)
Norwegian Literature Critics' Association (1 award/honor)
Norwegian Nobel Committee (1 award/honor)
Norwegian book bloggers (1 award/honor)
Notre Temps (1 award/honor)
Nottingham Forest News (1 award/honor)
Nova Scotia Library Association
Nova Scotia Masterworks Awards Foundation (1 award/honor)
Nyt Nordisk Forlag (1 award/honor)
O'Dell Committee (1 award/honor)
O, The Oprah Magazine (4 Awards and Honors)
ODYSSEY Magazine (1 award/honor)
OLA Forest of Reading (12 Awards and Honors)
OLC Teen Services Division (1 award/honor)
OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network (1 award/honor)
Odisseia de Literatura Fantástica (1 award/honor)
Office of the First Partner, State of California (1 award/honor)
Official Best Indie Book Awards (1 award/honor)
Ohio Academy of History (2 Awards and Honors)
Ohio Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Ohio Department of Education (9 Awards and Honors)
Ohio Library Council (OLC)
Ohio State University
Ohio State University Department of English
Ohio State University MFA Program in Creative Writing
Ohio University Press (1 award/honor)
Ohioana Library (3 Awards and Honors)
Oklahoma Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Oklahoma Chapter of Romance Writers of America (OKRWA) (3 Awards and Honors)
Oklahoma Library Association (OLA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Oklahoma Romance Writers of America
Olympisch Stadion (1 award/honor)
Omega Writers (1 award/honor)
Omelian and Tetiana Antonovych Foundation (1 award/honor)
Omnimystery (1 award/honor)
Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture (1 award/honor)
One Caribbean Media (1 award/honor)
One-Minute Book Reviews (1 award/honor) (2 Awards and Honors)
Ontario Arts Council Foundation (1 award/honor)
Ontario Arts Foundation (1 award/honor)
Ontario Creates (1 award/honor)
Ontario Historical Society (1 award/honor)
Ontario Library Association (OLA) (3 Awards and Honors)
Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries
Onyko Films Awards
Openbook (1 award/honor)
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio (3 Awards and Honors)
Opzij (1 award/honor)
Oral History Association (OHA) (1 award/honor)
Orange County Chapter, RWA (1 award/honor)
Orange County Romance Writers (1 award/honor)
Orange Prize for Fiction (1 award/honor)
Order of the Coif (1 award/honor)
Oregon Christian Writers (2 Awards and Honors)
Oregon Council of Teachers of English (OCTE) (1 award/honor)
Oregon Library Association (OLA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Oregon Poetry Association (1 award/honor)
Oregon Science Fiction Convention
Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI) (1 award/honor)
Oregon State Literacy Association (1 award/honor)
Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN) (2 Awards and Honors)
Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) (1 award/honor)
Organización Española para el Libro Infantil y Juvenil (OEPLI) (2 Awards and Honors)
Organización Nacional de Ciegos (ONCE) (1 award/honor)
Organization of American Historians (OAH) (15 Awards and Honors)
Orhan Kemal Kültür Merkezi (1 award/honor)
Origins Game Fair
Os Meus Livros (1 award/honor)
Otago University
Otago University Press
Otaru (1 award/honor)
Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association (OTSA) (1 award/honor)
Oulu Comics Center (1 award/honor)
Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild Award for Excellence (OWPG) (1 award/honor)
Outdoor Writers' Guild
Outreach Council of the African Studies Association (ASA) (1 award/honor)
Overseas Press Club (1 award/honor)
Oxford Centre for Fantasy
Oxford University
PBS (2 Awards and Honors)
PBS NewsHour (1 award/honor)
PEN America (19 Awards and Honors)
PEN America Boston
PEN Català (1 award/honor)
PEN Center West (1 award/honor)
PEN Club Italia (1 award/honor)
PEN Clube Português (5 Awards and Honors)
PEN Clube de Galicia (1 award/honor)
PEN International
PEN Oakland (3 Awards and Honors)
PEN/Faulkner Foundation (2 Awards and Honors)
PH-fondet (1 award/honor)
Pacific Book Review (1 award/honor)
Pacific Coast Branch, American Historical Association
Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies (PCCLAS) (1 award/honor)
Pacific Council on Latin American Studies
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Pacific Northwest Library Association (1 award/honor)
Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Pacific Rim Voices (1 award/honor)
Pajiba (1 award/honor)
Palanca Awards (1 award/honor)
Palau Foundation (1 award/honor)
Palettes & Quills Press (1 award/honor)
Pan Macmillan (6 Awards and Honors) (1 award/honor)
Parade Magazine (1 award/honor)
Paranormal Romance Guild (3 Awards and Honors)
Parapsychological Association (1 award/honor)
Parent To Parent (1 award/honor)
Parent's Guide to Children's Media, Inc. (1 award/honor)
Parenting (1 award/honor)
Parenting Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
Parents Magazine (3 Awards and Honors)
Parents' Choice Foundation (9 Awards and Honors)
Paris Photo (1 award/honor)
Partners in Literacy (1 award/honor)
Passaic County Community College
Passeport pour l’imaginaire (1 award/honor)
Passionate Bulkboek (1 award/honor)
Passionate Ink (1 award/honor)
Paste Magazine (7 Awards and Honors)
Patronat Municipal de Cultura del Ayuntament de Mataró (1 award/honor)
Pattis Family Foundation (1 award/honor)
Paul Hamlyn Foundation (1 award/honor)
Pavement Saw Press (2 Awards and Honors)
Peace Corps Worldwide (1 award/honor)
Peggy Ramsay Foundation (1 award/honor)
Penang Monthly (1 award/honor)
Penghargaan Sastra (1 award/honor)
Penguin Random House
Penguin Random House Australia (1 award/honor)
Peninsula Romance Writers of America (1 award/honor)
Pennsylvania Center for the Book (3 Awards and Honors)
Pennsylvania Historical Association (1 award/honor)
Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLA) (1 award/honor)
Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (3 Awards and Honors)
Pennsylvania State University
Pennsylvania State University Libraries
People Magazine (5 Awards and Honors)
People's Book Prize (2 Awards and Honors)
Pepsico Pakistan (1 award/honor)
Perpich Arts Library (1 award/honor)
Perpustakaan Freedom Institute (1 award/honor)
Persea Books (2 Awards and Honors)
Peter Cundill Foundation (1 award/honor)
Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern (1 award/honor)
Phi Beta Kappa Society (3 Awards and Honors)
Phi Kappa Phi (1 award/honor)
Philadelphia Science Fiction Society (1 award/honor)
Philippine Board on Books for Young People (PBBY) (3 Awards and Honors)
Philosophical Society of Texas (2 Awards and Honors)
Philosophicum Lech (1 award/honor)
Phoenix Theatre (1 award/honor)
Photo-Eye Magazine (1 award/honor)
Physics World (3 Awards and Honors)
Piero Scaruffi (17 Awards and Honors)
Pilsudski Institute of America (1 award/honor)
Pima County Public Library (1 award/honor)
Pionirska (1 award/honor)
Pitchfork (12 Awards and Honors)
Plataforma Editorial (1 award/honor)
Play On Words (1 award/honor)
Playmarket (1 award/honor)
Playwrights' Studio (1 award/honor)
Plaza & Janés (1 award/honor)
Please Touch Museum (1 award/honor)
Ploughshares (1 award/honor)
Plymouth Independent Film Festival (1 award/honor)
Poeklubben (3 Awards and Honors)
Poetry Book Society (1 award/honor)
Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College (2 Awards and Honors)
Poetry Foundation (1 award/honor)
Poetry International Foundation (1 award/honor)
Poetry School (1 award/honor)
Poetry Society (3 Awards and Honors)
Poetry Society of America (3 Awards and Honors)
Poetry Society of Texas (1 award/honor)
Poetry Trust (1 award/honor)
Poets & Writers Magazine (1 award/honor)
Polari Salon (2 Awards and Honors)
Polcon (1 award/honor)
Polish American Historical Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Polish Historical Association (1 award/honor)
Polish Section of IBBY (2 Awards and Honors)
Political Film Society (1 award/honor)
Political Studies Association (PSA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Political Studies Association of Ireland (PSAI) (1 award/honor)
Politiken-Fonden (2 Awards and Honors)
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador
Pop Culture Classroom (1 award/honor)
PopMatters (4 Awards and Honors)
Popular Culture Association (1 award/honor)
Popular Magazine (1 award/honor)
Powell's Books (1 award/honor)
Prairie Schooner (1 award/honor)
Prakhin International Literary Foundation (1 award/honor)
Preditors & Editors (1 award/honor)
Premio Letterario Internazionale Elba - Raffaello Brignetti (1 award/honor)
Premio Stresa di Narrativa (1 award/honor)
Premis Literaris Ciutat d'Alzira (1 award/honor)
President of Italy (1 award/honor)
President of Ukraine (1 award/honor)
Pressgang (1 award/honor)
Prešernovo gledališče Kranj (1 award/honor)
Prince Bernhard Fund (1 award/honor)
Princess Grace Foundation (1 award/honor)
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (1 award/honor)
Prinzessin-von-Asturien-Stiftung (2 Awards and Honors)
Private Eye Writers of America (2 Awards and Honors)
Prix Erckmann-Chatrian (1 award/honor)
Prix de l'Inaperçu (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
ProMarket (1 award/honor)
Professional Independent Publishing Standards (PiPS) (1 award/honor)
Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division (PSP), AAP (1 award/honor)
Programa Concursos y Premios, Ministerio de Cultura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (1 award/honor)
Progressive Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
Project LIT Community (1 award/honor)
Prospect Magazine (1 award/honor)
Proverse Publishing (1 award/honor)
Providence Journal (1 award/honor)
Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association (PBFA) (1 award/honor)
Psychologists for Peace (1 award/honor)
Public (1 award/honor)
Public Record Office Victoria (1 award/honor)
Public Safety Writers Association (1 award/honor)
Public Works Historical Society (1 award/honor)
Publishers Association of New Zealand (PANZ) (1 award/honor)
Publishers Weekly (24 Awards and Honors)
Publishing Professionals Network (1 award/honor)
Publishing Triangle (3 Awards and Honors)
Pushcart Press (1 award/honor)
Pushkin House (1 award/honor)
Putkinotko ry, Helsingin yliopisto (1 award/honor)
Päätoimittajien yhdistyksen (1 award/honor)
Pædagogisk LæringsCenterForening (1 award/honor)
Quagga Books (1 award/honor)
Quality Paperback Book Club (1 award/honor)
Quebec Writers' Federation (QWF) (1 award/honor)
Queer Comics Expo (QCE) (1 award/honor)
Queer Indie (1 award/honor)
Quill & Quire (4 Awards and Honors)
Quills Foundation (1 award/honor)
RBL Romantica (1 award/honor)
REFORMA: The National Association to Promote Library & Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking (1 award/honor)
RFO (1 award/honor)
RRA-L (Romance Readers Anonymous List) (1 award/honor)
RSU 38 Elementary Library (1 award/honor)
RT Bookstores that Care Network (1 award/honor)
RTL (2 Awards and Honors)
RTVE (1 award/honor)
RUSA Collection Development and Evaluation Section (CODES) (3 Awards and Honors)
RWA Mystery/Suspense Chapter (1 award/honor)
Rabobank (1 award/honor)
Racin Meetings (1 award/honor)
Radio France Internationale (RFI) (1 award/honor)
Radio-télévision belge de la Communauté française (RTBF) (1 award/honor)
Ragna Sidéns og Vagn Clausens Fond (1 award/honor)
Railway and Locomotive Historical Society (1 award/honor)
Rainbow Romance Writers (1 award/honor)
Rainbow Round Table (RRT), American Library Association (1 award/honor)
Rakuten Kobo (2 Awards and Honors)
Rana bibliotek (1 award/honor)
Random House
Rant Lifestyle (1 award/honor)
Rathbone Investment Management
RavenCon (1 award/honor)
Raymond-Chandler-Gesellschaft (Deutschland) e.V. (1 award/honor)
ReLit Literary Group (1 award/honor)
Reach plc
Reader Views (1 award/honor)
Reader's Digest (1 award/honor)
Readercon Conference on Imaginative Literature (1 award/honor)
Readers' Favorite (1 award/honor)
Reading Rainbow (1 award/honor)
Reading Women, LLC (1 award/honor)
Readings (1 award/honor)
Real Academia Española (1 award/honor)
Red City Review (1 award/honor)
Red Crane Books (1 award/honor)
Red Dragonfly Publishing House (1 award/honor)
Redbook Magazine (1 award/honor)
Reddit r/fantasy (1 award/honor)
Reese‘s Book Club LLC (1 award/honor)
Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) (4 Awards and Honors)
Reform Magazine (1 award/honor)
Religion Communicators Council (1 award/honor)
Religion Newswriters Association (1 award/honor)
Religious Communication Association (1 award/honor)
Renaissance Charitable Foundation (1 award/honor)
Renaissance Society of America (RSA) (1 award/honor)
Rencontres méditerranéennes Albert-Camus (1 award/honor)
Rendez-Vous de l'Histoire (4 Awards and Honors)
Research Committee on the Structure and Organization of Government, International Political Science Association (1 award/honor)
Resource Links (1 award/honor)
Resources Magazine (1 award/honor)
Restless Books (1 award/honor)
Reviewers International Organization (RIO) (1 award/honor)
Revista Culturala de Familie (1 award/honor)
Reykjavik City Library (1 award/honor)
Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) (1 award/honor)
Rhode Island Center for the Book (2 Awards and Honors)
Rhode Island Latino Arts (RILA) (1 award/honor)
Rhode Island Middle School Book Award Committee (1 award/honor)
Rhode Island State Council of the International Reading Association (RISC/IRA)
Ribera del Duero (1 award/honor)
Richard Hillary Fund (1 award/honor)
Richard Peck Foundation (1 award/honor)
Richelieu International Europe
Richelieu International Europe "Paris-Neuilly" (1 award/honor)
Riksmålsforbundet (1 award/honor)
Ritz Paris (1 award/honor)
River Teeth (1 award/honor)
Rivertonklubben (1 award/honor)
Robert Bosch Stiftung (1 award/honor)
Robert E. Lee Civil War Library & Research Center of Central New Jersey (1 award/honor)
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial (1 award/honor)
Robert Walser Foundation (1 award/honor)
Rochester City Newspaper (1 award/honor)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1 award/honor)
Rockefeller Foundation (1 award/honor)
Rocky Mountain Book Award (1 award/honor)
Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies (1 award/honor)
Roehampton Poetry Centre, Roehampton University (1 award/honor)
Roehampton University
Rogers Communications (1 award/honor)
Rolling Stone (6 Awards and Honors)
RomCon (1 award/honor)
Romance Slam Jam (RSJ) Convention (1 award/honor)
Romance Writers Ink (1 award/honor)
Romance Writers of America (RWA) (6 Awards and Honors)
Romance Writers of America/New York City, Inc. (1 award/honor)
Romance Writers of Australia (1 award/honor)
Romance Writers of the Rockies (2 Awards and Honors)
Romance in Color (2 Awards and Honors)
Romantic Novelists' Association (RNA) (5 Awards and Honors)
Romantic Times (7 Awards and Honors)
Rome International Festival of Literature (1 award/honor)
Rose City Romance Writers (RCRW) (1 award/honor)
Route1Reads (1 award/honor)
Royal Academy of Bards (1 award/honor)
Royal Academy of Gastronomy of Spain (1 award/honor)
Royal Anthropological Institute (1 award/honor)
Royal Dutch Geographical Society (1 award/honor)
Royal Geographical Society (1 award/honor)
Royal Historial Society
Royal Historical Society (2 Awards and Honors)
Royal Horticultural Society (1 award/honor)
Royal Institution of Cornwall (1 award/honor)
Royal Literary Fund (1 award/honor)
Royal National Theatre Foundation (1 award/honor)
Royal Philatelic Society London (1 award/honor)
Royal Philharmonic Society (1 award/honor)
Royal Society of Biology (RSB) (3 Awards and Honors)
Royal Society of Literature (4 Awards and Honors)
Royal Society of Literature (RSL) (3 Awards and Honors)
Royal Society of New Zealand (1 award/honor)
Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI) (2 Awards and Honors)
Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales (2 Awards and Honors)
Rungstedlundfonden (1 award/honor)
Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science (1 award/honor)
Russian Science Support Foundation (1 award/honor)
Russian State Library for Youth (1 award/honor)
Russian State University for the Humanities
Russian Telecom Equipment Company (RTEC) (1 award/honor)
Ryerson Press (1 award/honor)
Ryga House (1 award/honor)
Ràdio 4 (1 award/honor)
République du Glamour (1 award/honor)
S.P.A Gourmand (1 award/honor)
SB Creative (1 award/honor)
SFX Magazine (1 award/honor) (2 Awards and Honors)
SME (1 award/honor)
SWR (2 Awards and Honors)
SYRCA – The Willow Awards, Inc. (1 award/honor)
Sa(n)jam knjige (1 award/honor)
Sabotage Reviews (1 award/honor)
Sahitya Akademi (1 award/honor)
Sail The World (STW) (1 award/honor)
Sainsbury's (1 award/honor)
Sait Faik Museum (1 award/honor)
Sajha Publications (1 award/honor)
Salford Community Leisure (1 award/honor)
Salon du Livre Maritime de Concarneau (1 award/honor)
Salon du Livre de la Plume Noire (1 award/honor)
Salon du Roman Populaire d'Elven (1 award/honor)
Salon du livre de Montréal (2 Awards and Honors)
Salon du livre de Rimouski (2 Awards and Honors)
Salon du livre de Trois-Rivières (1 award/honor)
Salon du livre de l’Outaouais (1 award/honor)
Salon du livre de mer de l’île de Noirmoutier (1 award/honor)
Salon du livre du Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean (1 award/honor)
Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse en Seine-Saint-Denis (2 Awards and Honors)
Salon international du livre de Québec (2 Awards and Honors)
Salon international du livre et de la presse de Genève (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Salt Lake City Weekly (1 award/honor)
Salt Publishing (1 award/honor)
Saltire Society (1 award/honor)
Salzburg (1 award/honor)
Salón Internacional del Cómic del Principado de Asturias (1 award/honor)
Salón del Cómic de Barcelona (1 award/honor)
Samford University
Samfundslitteratur (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Samuel French, Inc. (1 award/honor)
San Diego Comic-Con International (1 award/honor)
San Diego Magazine (1 award/honor)
San Diego Public Library (SDPL) (1 award/honor)
San Francisco Chronicle (4 Awards and Honors)
San Francisco Review of Books (1 award/honor)
San Francisco State University
San Francisco Writers Conference (1 award/honor)
San Houston State University
San Luis Obispo Little Theatre Company (1 award/honor)
Sanlam Limited (1 award/honor)
Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey
Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment (1 award/honor)
Sarabande Books (2 Awards and Honors)
Sarpay Beikman (1 award/honor)
Saskatchewan Anskohk Writers' Circle Inc. (SAWCI) (2 Awards and Honors)
Saskatchewan Book Awards (1 award/honor)
Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Awards (SYRCA)
Saturday Press (1 award/honor)
Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (1 award/honor)
Scholastic (1 award/honor)
Scholastic Asia (1 award/honor)
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (1 award/honor)
School Librarians of Rhode Island (SLoRI) (1 award/honor)
School Library Association (1 award/honor)
School Library Journal (14 Awards and Honors)
School Library Service, Dorset County Council (1 award/honor)
School Services, Manchester Library & Information Service (1 award/honor)
School for Advanced Research (1 award/honor)
School of Education, Salem State University (1 award/honor)
School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Schwedischen Akademie (1 award/honor)
Schweizer Buchhandels- und Verlags-Verband, SBVV und der Verein LiteraturBasel (1 award/honor)
Schweizer Bundesamt für Kultur (1 award/honor)
Schweizerische Schillerstiftung (1 award/honor)
Science Books & Films (SB&F) (3 Awards and Honors)
Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Science Fiction Age (1 award/honor)
Science Fiction Book Club (SFBC) (1 award/honor)
Science Fiction Chronicle (1 award/honor)
Science Fiction Club Deutschland (1 award/honor)
Science Fiction Fan Groups’ Association of Nippon (SFFAN) (1 award/honor)
Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) (1 award/honor)
Science Fiction Romance Newsletter (1 award/honor)
Science Fiction Weekly (1 award/honor)
Science Fiction World (1 award/honor)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand (1 award/honor)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Rosetta Awards (1 award/honor)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) (3 Awards and Honors)
Science Writers and Communicators of Canada (SWCC) (1 award/honor)
Science fiction Cirklen (1 award/honor)
ScienceFriday, Inc (1 award/honor)
Scotiabank (1 award/honor)
Scott O'Dell
Scottish Arts Council (2 Awards and Honors)
Scottish Book Trust (5 Awards and Honors)
Scottish Government
Scottish PEN (1 award/honor)
Scottish Poetry Library (1 award/honor)
Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (1 award/honor)
ScreenCraft (1 award/honor)
Scribes Journal of Legal Writing (1 award/honor)
Scriptores Christiani, Belgique (1 award/honor)
Secondary Schools in Wandsworth, London (1 award/honor)
Secretariado da Propaganda Nacional (1 award/honor)
Secretaría Xeral de Política Lingüística da Xunta de Galicia (1 award/honor)
Secretaría de Cultura del Estado de Querétaro (2 Awards and Honors)
Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno de Coahuila (1 award/honor)
Seix Barral (1 award/honor)
Seizure (1 award/honor)
Sektionen för barn- och ungdomslitteratur, Bult, i Sveriges Författarförbund (1 award/honor)
Self-Publishing Review (1 award/honor)
Selskabet for Børnelitteratur (1 award/honor)
Selskabet for Samtidshistorsk forskning (1 award/honor)
Semana Negra de Gijón (1 award/honor)
Seminary Co-op Bookstores (1 award/honor)
SensCritique (1 award/honor)
Serbian Literary Society (1 award/honor)
Seriefrämjandet (1 award/honor)
Serra d'Or (2 Awards and Honors)
Servais Foundation (1 award/honor)
Seven Devils Playwrights Conference (1 award/honor)
Seven Kitchens Press (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Shades of Romance Magazine (1 award/honor)
Shahr Kitab (1 award/honor)
Sheffield City Council (1 award/honor)
Shelf Unbound (1 award/honor)
Shepherd University
Sheridan Morley Prize for Theatre Biography (1 award/honor)
Shevchenko Foundation (1 award/honor)
Shinchosha Publishing Co, Ltd. (2 Awards and Honors)
Shinchō Society for the Promotion of Literary Arts (1 award/honor)
Shingo Institute, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business (1 award/honor)
Shogakukan Publishing (1 award/honor)
Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy (1 award/honor)
Short Mystery Fiction Society (1 award/honor)
Shropshire Bookfest (1 award/honor)
Sidney Hillman Foundation (1 award/honor)
Sigma Delta Chi (1 award/honor)
Signal: Approaches to Children’s Books (1 award/honor)
Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, Northland College (1 award/honor)
Silver Arrow Festival (1 award/honor)
Simon Wiesenthal Center (1 award/honor)
Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute (1 award/honor)
Singapore Book Council (SBC) (1 award/honor)
Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA) (1 award/honor)
Sisters in Crime Australia (2 Awards and Honors)
Sitges Film Festival (1 award/honor)
Sixteenth Century Society & Conference (2 Awards and Honors)
Skipping Stones Magazine (1 award/honor)
Slant Magazine (4 Awards and Honors)
Slavko Janevski Foundation for the Advancement and Promotion of Cultural Values (1 award/honor)
Slipstream Press (1 award/honor)
Slovenian Section of IBBY (1 award/honor)
Small Business Trends (1 award/honor)
Small Press Network (1 award/honor)
Smarketing LLC (3 Awards and Honors)
Smithsonian American Art Museum (1 award/honor)
Smithsonian Magazine (6 Awards and Honors)
Social Science History Association (1 award/honor)
Social Science History Association (SSHA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Sociedad Argentina de Escritores (S.A.D.E.) (1 award/honor)
Sociedad Argentina de Escritores de La Plata (1 award/honor)
Sociedad Parque de Investigación y Desarrollo Dehesa de Valme, S.A. (1 award/honor)
Sociedade Estoril Sol (1 award/honor)
Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (SPA) (1 award/honor)
Societat Catalana de Ciència-Ficció i Fantasia (SCCFF) (1 award/honor)
Societat Coral El Micalet (1 award/honor)
Societat coral el Micalet (1 award/honor)
Society for American Archaeology (1 award/honor)
Society for American Baseball Researchers (4 Awards and Honors)
Society for Applied Anthropology (SAA) (1 award/honor)
Society for Armenian Studies (SAS) (1 award/honor)
Society for Army Historical Research (1 award/honor)
Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies (1 award/honor)
Society for Cinema & Media Studies (SCMS) (1 award/honor)
Society for Ethnomusicology (1 award/honor)
Society for French Historical Studies (2 Awards and Honors)
Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) (5 Awards and Honors)
Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR) (2 Awards and Honors)
Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (1 award/honor)
Society for History in the Federal Government (SHFG) (3 Awards and Honors)
Society for Italian Historical Studies (1 award/honor)
Society for Military History (1 award/honor)
Society for Music Theory (1 award/honor)
Society for Nautical Research (1 award/honor)
Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) (1 award/honor)
Society for Renaissance Studies (1 award/honor)
Society for Research on Adolescence (1 award/honor)
Society for Romanian Studies (1 award/honor)
Society for Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR) (1 award/honor)
Society for Social Studies of Science (1 award/honor)
Society for Socialist Studies (1 award/honor)
Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies (1 award/honor)
Society for Textual Scholarship (1 award/honor)
Society for US Intellectual History (1 award/honor)
Society for Urban, National, and Transnational/Global Anthropology
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP) (1 award/honor)
Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) (3 Awards and Honors)
Society for the Promotion and Practice of Manhae's Thoughts (1 award/honor)
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (SSSR) (1 award/honor)
Society for the Social Studies of Science (1 award/honor)
Society for the Study of Early Modern Women (1 award/honor)
Society for the Study of Social Problems (1 award/honor)
Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (1 award/honor)
Society of American Historians (5 Awards and Honors)
Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) (1 award/honor)
Society of Architectural Historians (7 Awards and Honors)
Society of Authors (26 Awards and Honors)
Society of Authors' Translators Association
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) (6 Awards and Honors)
Society of Colonial Wars (1 award/honor)
Society of Environmental Journalists (1 award/honor)
Society of Illustrators (2 Awards and Honors)
Society of London Theatre (1 award/honor)
Society of Midland Authors (2 Awards and Honors)
Society of Polish Writers (1 award/honor)
Society of School Librarians International (SSLI) (1 award/honor)
Society of West End Theatres
Society of the Cincinnati (2 Awards and Honors)
Société Nouvelle d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (1 award/honor)
Société des Ecrivains Normands (SEN) (3 Awards and Honors)
Société des Gens de Lettres (SGDL) (31 Awards and Honors)
Société des étudiants de Zofingue (1 award/honor)
Société nationale des Québécois de l'Outaouais (1 award/honor)
SoftBank Group Corp.
Soho Theatre (1 award/honor)
Sons and Daughters of the Middle Passage (1 award/honor)
Sons of the Republic of Texas (1 award/honor)
Soong Ching-ling Foundation (1 award/honor)
Sound & Vision Magazine (1 award/honor)
Source Festival (1 award/honor)
South African Academy for the Sciences and Arts (3 Awards and Honors)
South Arts (2 Awards and Honors)
South Asia National Outreach Consortium (1 award/honor)
South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) (1 award/honor)
South Australian Psychologists for Peace
South Carolina Association of School Librarians (1 award/honor)
South Carolina Association of School Librarians (SCASL) (1 award/honor)
South Carolina Historical Society (1 award/honor)
South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA) (1 award/honor)
South Dakota Humanities Council (2 Awards and Honors)
South Dakota Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
South Gloucestershire Libraries (1 award/honor)
South Lanarkshire Council (1 award/honor)
SouthWest Writers (1 award/honor)
Southern Association for Women Historians (SAWH) (2 Awards and Honors)
Southern California Independent Booksellers Association (SCIBA) (1 award/honor)
Southern Conference on African American Studies (SCAASI) (1 award/honor)
Southern Environmental Law Center (1 award/honor)
Southern Historical Association (5 Awards and Honors)
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Southern Magic Romance Writers of America (2 Awards and Honors)
Southern Methodist University
Southern Political Science Association (SPSA) (1 award/honor)
Southern Regional Council (1 award/honor)
Southern Schools Book Award (1 award/honor)
Southern States Communication Association (SSCA) (1 award/honor)
Southwark Book Award (1 award/honor)
Southwest Texas Popular and American Culture Association (1 award/honor)
Space Coast Authors of Romance (1 award/honor)
SpaceNet AG (1 award/honor)
Spacefreighters Lounge (1 award/honor)
Spanish Language Affiliate (SLA), Children's Book Committee, Bank Street College Center for Children's Literature (1 award/honor)
Spark! Book Fund (1 award/honor)
SparkLit (1 award/honor)
Speak Up Talk Radio (1 award/honor)
Spear's Magazine (1 award/honor)
Special Libraries Association
Special Libraries Association, Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics Division (1 award/honor)
Speech Pathology Australia (1 award/honor)
Spellbinding Cumbria (1 award/honor)
Spiel des Jahres e.V. (3 Awards and Honors)
Spielfrieks (1 award/honor)
Spin Magazine (1 award/honor)
Spire Press (1 award/honor)
Spitball: The Literary Baseball Magazine (1 award/honor)
St Anne's College, Oxford (1 award/honor)
St. Andrews Presbyterian College (1 award/honor)
St. Anne's College, Oxford
St. Ermin's Hotel (1 award/honor)
St. Louis Magazine (1 award/honor)
Stadsarchief van Zutphen (1 award/honor)
Stadt Aalen (1 award/honor)
Stadt Ansbach (1 award/honor)
Stadt Braunschweig (2 Awards and Honors)
Stadt Bremen (1 award/honor)
Stadt Bremerhaven (1 award/honor)
Stadt Detmold (1 award/honor)
Stadt Dortmund (1 award/honor)
Stadt Hanau (1 award/honor)
Stadt Heidelberg (1 award/honor)
Stadt Jena (1 award/honor)
Stadt Köln (1 award/honor)
Stadt Limburg
Stadt Marburg (1 award/honor)
Stadt Monheim am Rhein (1 award/honor)
Stadt Neumünster (1 award/honor)
Stadt Renchen (1 award/honor)
Stadt Schöppenstedt (1 award/honor)
Stadt Troisdorf (1 award/honor)
Stadt Wetzlar (1 award/honor)
Stadt Wurzach (1 award/honor)
Stadt Überlingen (1 award/honor)
Stadtjugendring Ulm e.V. (1 award/honor)
Staffordshire County Council (1 award/honor)
Staffordshire Live (1 award/honor)
Stanfords (1 award/honor)
Starcherone Books (1 award/honor)
State Historical Society of Iowa (SHSI) (1 award/honor)
State Historical Society of Missouri (SHSMO) (1 award/honor)
State Library of NSW (1 award/honor)
State Library of NSW Foundation (2 Awards and Honors)
State Library of New South Wales (3 Awards and Honors)
State Library of Ohio (1 award/honor)
State Library of Queensland (1 award/honor)
State Library of South Australia (1 award/honor)
State Library of Victoria
State University of New York at Binghamton
State of Queensland
State of Queensland (Department of Education) (1 award/honor)
State of Rhode Island Office of Library & Information Services (OLIS) (1 award/honor)
State of Victoria
Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Litteratur
Steamcon (1 award/honor)
Steampunk Chronicle (1 award/honor)
Steimatzky (1 award/honor)
Stephen Leacock Associates (1 award/honor)
Stichting Collectieve Propaganda van het Nederlandse Boek (CPNB) (6 Awards and Honors)
Stichting Jaarlijkse Literatuurprijs voor Fictie en Non-fictie (1 award/honor)
Stichting Jo Peters PoëziePrijs (1 award/honor)
Stichting Nederlandse Biografieprijs (1 award/honor)
Stichting Poets of All Nations (1 award/honor)
Stichting Prijs voor het Belangrijkste Boek van het Jaar (1 award/honor)
Stiftung Brigitte Schubert-Oustry (1 award/honor)
Stiftung Buchkunst (1 award/honor)
Stiftung Hermann-Hesse-Literaturpreis (1 award/honor)
Stiftung Ravensburger Verlag (1 award/honor)
Stiftung Würth (1 award/honor)
Stinging Fly (1 award/honor)
StoneWall Society (1 award/honor)
Stories My Suitcase Could Tell (1 award/honor)
Storm P. Museet
Story Circle Network (1 award/honor)
Story Monsters LLC (3 Awards and Honors)
Storylines Children’s Literature Charitable Trust of New Zealand (5 Awards and Honors)
Storytelling World (1 award/honor)
Stowarzyszenie Wydawców Katolickich (1 award/honor)
Street Literature Book Award Medal Committee (SLBAM) (1 award/honor)
Strokovno združenje založnikov in knjigotržcev Slovenije (1 award/honor)
Studenterforeningen af 1820 (2 Awards and Honors)
Subito Press (1 award/honor)
Subjekt (1 award/honor)
Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns (SAAWK) (1 award/honor)
Sunday Express (2 Awards and Honors)
Sunday Times (South Africa) (3 Awards and Honors)
Sunday Times (UK)
Suomen Näytelmakirilijat ja Käshikirjoitjat ry (1 award/honor)
Suomen Taideyhdistyksen (1 award/honor)
Suomen aforismiyhdistys (1 award/honor)
Suomen dekkariseura (1 award/honor)
Suomen kääntäjien ja tulkkien liiton (SKTL) (1 award/honor)
Suomen kääntäjien ja tulkkien liitto (1 award/honor)
Suomen valtion kirjallisuustoimikunnan (1 award/honor)
Super-Con-Duck-Tivity, Inc.
Surrey Schools (5 Awards and Honors)
Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies (1 award/honor)
Susan Sontag Foundation (1 award/honor)
Suspense Magazine (1 award/honor)
Svenska Akademien (1 award/honor)
Svenska Deckarakademin (5 Awards and Honors)
Svenska Yle (1 award/honor)
Svenska bokhandelsmedhjälpareföreningen (BMF) (1 award/honor)
Svenska deckarakademin (1 award/honor)
Svenska förläggareföreningen (1 award/honor)
Sveriges Författarförbund
Swedish Academy of Crime Writers
Swedish Arts Council (1 award/honor)
Swedish Crime Writers' Academy (4 Awards and Honors)
Swedish Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Swedish National Radio (1 award/honor)
Swindon Advertiser (1 award/honor)
Switchback Books (1 award/honor)
Swoon Awards (1 award/honor)
Sydney Morning Herald (2 Awards and Honors)
Sydney Theatre Critics' Circle (1 award/honor)
Syndicat Français de la Critique de Cinéma (1 award/honor)
Syndicat Professionnel de la Critique de Théâtre, de Musique et Danse (APCTMD) (2 Awards and Honors)
Syndicat de la Presse Hebdomadaire Régionale (SPHR) (1 award/honor)
Syndicat des libraires de Littérature religieuse (SLLR) (1 award/honor)
Syndicat national des dépositaires de presse (SNDP) (1 award/honor)
Syngenta (1 award/honor)
Sächsischen Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (1 award/honor)
Sénat français (1 award/honor)
Søren Gyldendal Fonden (2 Awards and Honors)
Südwestrundfunk (1 award/honor)
T. S. Eliot Foundation (1 award/honor)
TCK Publishing (1 award/honor)
TIAA-CREF (1 award/honor)
TIME (8 Awards and Honors)
TLA Entertainment Group
TLA Video (1 award/honor)
TODAY Show (2 Awards and Honors)
Tachyon Publications (1 award/honor)
Tack n' Togs Magazine (1 award/honor)
Tacoma Historical Society (1 award/honor)
Tage der deutschsprachigen Literatur (1 award/honor)
Taipei Times (1 award/honor)
Taj Mahal Publishing, Inc.
Takami-Jun-Stiftung für Literatur (1 award/honor)
Takarajimasha (4 Awards and Honors)
Tampa Review (1 award/honor)
Tamura-Toshiko-kai (1 award/honor)
Taste Canada (1 award/honor)
Taste of Country (1 award/honor)
Tata Literature Live! (1 award/honor)
Te Waka Taki Kōrero | Māori Literature Trust (1 award/honor)
Teach Palestine (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
Television Academy (1 award/honor)
Telly Awards (1 award/honor)
Templeton Foundation (1 award/honor)
Tenerife Noir (1 award/honor)
Tennessee Association of School Librarians
Tennessee Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Tennessee Mountain Writers (1 award/honor)
Test organization
Testrup Højskole (1 award/honor)
Texas A&M University
Texas Association of Authors (1 award/honor)
Texas Booksellers Association (1 award/honor)
Texas Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Texas Christian University
Texas Christian University Library
Texas Historical Commission (1 award/honor)
Texas Institute of Letters (3 Awards and Honors)
Texas Library Association (TLA) (9 Awards and Honors)
Texas Library Association Young Adult Roundtable (1 award/honor)
Texas Observer (1 award/honor)
Texas Review Press (5 Awards and Honors)
Texas State Historical Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Texas State University
Texas State University College of Education (1 award/honor)
Texas State University Department of English (1 award/honor)
Textbook and Academic Authors Association (1 award/honor)
Textile Society of America (1 award/honor)
The A.V. Club (1 award/honor)
The Age (2 Awards and Honors)
The Alligator's Mouth (1 award/honor)
The American Library Association (1 award/honor)
The American Spectator (1 award/honor)
The Archives and Records Association of New Zealand
The Arkham Sampler (1 award/honor)
The Association of Art Museum Curators (1 award/honor)
The Atlantic (1 award/honor)
The Atlantic (2024) (1 award/honor)
The Australian (2 Awards and Honors)
The Australian Wilderness Society (2 Awards and Honors)
The Authors’ Club (1 award/honor)
The Baffler (1 award/honor)
The Banff Centre (1 award/honor)
The Believer (2 Awards and Honors)
The Biographers' Club (2 Awards and Honors)
The Bookman (1 award/honor)
The Bookman (U.K.) (1 award/honor)
The Bookseller (4 Awards and Honors)
The Boston Globe (1 award/honor)
The British Art Journal (1 award/honor)
The British Library (1 award/honor)
The British Royal Family (1 award/honor)
The Bucks Herald (1 award/honor)
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
The Caine Prize (1 award/honor)
The Center for Fiction (1 award/honor)
The Children's Book Council (5 Awards and Honors)
The Christian Science Monitor (1 award/honor)
The Christophers (1 award/honor)
The Coffee Pot Book Club (1 award/honor)
The Collective NY (1 award/honor)
The Colonial Players of Annapolis (1 award/honor)
The Committee on Latin American History (CLAH) (1 award/honor)
The Constitution Project (TCP) (1 award/honor)
The Cricket Society (1 award/honor)
The Daily Telegraph (11 Awards and Honors)
The Desmond Elliott Charitable Trust (1 award/honor)
The Economist (1 award/honor)
The Folio Society (1 award/honor)
The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library (3 Awards and Honors)
The Globe and Mail (8 Awards and Honors)
The Golden Wizard Book Prize (1 award/honor)
The Grinzane Cavour Prize Association (1 award/honor)
The Guardian (74 Awards and Honors)
The Guide Liverpool (1 award/honor)
The Hamilton Spectator (1 award/honor)
The Hindu (1 award/honor)
The Hindu Literary Review (1 award/honor)
The Historical Fiction Company (2 Awards and Honors)
The Historical Society (THS) (2 Awards and Honors)
The Horn Book Magazine (4 Awards and Honors)
The Hudson's Bay Company (1 award/honor)
The Hudson's Bay Company Retail Store
The Independent (2 Awards and Honors)
The Independent Author Network (1 award/honor)
The International Rubery Book Award (1 award/honor)
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDB) (3 Awards and Honors)
The Irish Times (5 Awards and Honors)
The Israel Museum (1 award/honor)
The Journal (2 Awards and Honors)
The Journal-Press (1 award/honor)
The Kraken Black Spiced Rum
The Lion and the Unicorn (1 award/honor)
The Literary Guild (1 award/honor)
The Marlowe Society (1 award/honor)
The Miramichi Reader (1 award/honor)
The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) (1 award/honor)
The Morning News (1 award/honor)
The Mountaineers (1 award/honor)
The Nation Institute (1 award/honor)
The National Academies (1 award/honor)
The National Museum of Taiwan Literature (1 award/honor)
The Nature Generation (1 award/honor)
The New Criterion (1 award/honor)
The New Press (1 award/honor)
The New York Times (23 Awards and Honors)
The New York Times Book Review (7 Awards and Honors)
The Newcastle Weekly Courant (1 award/honor)
The Nonfiction Detectives Best Nonfiction (1 award/honor)
The Nordic Council
The Observer (8 Awards and Honors)
The One Club for Creativity (1 award/honor)
The Oprah Winfrey Show (1 award/honor)
The Orwell Foundation (1 award/honor)
The Paris Review (1 award/honor)
The Poetry Center, San Francisco State University (1 award/honor)
The Portico Library (1 award/honor)
The Publishing Triangle
The Reading Agency (2 Awards and Honors)
The Recording Academy (1 award/honor)
The Riff Reader (1 award/honor)
The Romance Reader (TRR) (1 award/honor)
The Romance Studio (1 award/honor)
The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards (1 award/honor)
The Root (1 award/honor)
The Royal Society (2 Awards and Honors)
The Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-fiction Limited (1 award/honor)
The Science Fiction Book Club (1 award/honor)
The Society for Theatre Research (1 award/honor)
The Star (1 award/honor)
The Stella Prize Inc (1 award/honor)
The Strand Magazine (1 award/honor)
The Sunburst Award Society (1 award/honor)
The Sunday Times (6 Awards and Honors)
The Sunday Times (ZA) (1 award/honor)
The Sydney Morning Herald (1 award/honor)
The Text Publishing Company (1 award/honor)
The Times (3 Awards and Honors)
The Times of London (1 award/honor)
The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate (1 award/honor)
The University of Arizona Libraries (1 award/honor)
The Village Voice (3 Awards and Honors)
The Village Voice Literary Supplement (1 award/honor)
The Wainwright Society (1 award/honor)
The Wall Street Journal
The Week (1 award/honor)
The Wildlife Trusts (1 award/honor)
The Wolfe Pack (1 award/honor)
The Word Awards
The Word Guild (2 Awards and Honors)
The Word Works (1 award/honor)
The Writer Magazine (1 award/honor)
The Writers’ Union of Canada (1 award/honor)
The Writing Conference, Inc. (1 award/honor)
Theakston's Old Peculier (1 award/honor)
Theater an der Parkaue (1 award/honor)
Theatre Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
ThinkFest Ltd (1 award/honor)
This Is Horror (1 award/honor)
Thomas Alva Edison Foundation (1 award/honor)
Thomas B. Fordham Institute (1 award/honor)
Thomas Cook AG (1 award/honor)
Thomas Fox Averill Kansas Studies Collection at Washburn University (1 award/honor)
ThrillZone (1 award/honor)
Thurber House (1 award/honor)
Tibor Jones & Associates (1 award/honor)
TikTok (1 award/honor)
Tim's Lovely Award' Cat (1 award/honor)
Tim's Try 2 - B (1 award/honor)
Tim's Try 3 dog (1 award/honor)
Time Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
Time Mgagzine
Time Out (3 Awards and Honors)
Time magazine (1 award/honor)
Times & Star (1 award/honor)
Times Educational Supplement (1 award/honor)
Times Higher Education (5 Awards and Honors)
Times Literary Supplement (5 Awards and Honors)
Times Newspapers Ltd
Today's Parent Magazine (1 award/honor)
Tokyo Sogensha (1 award/honor)
Tolkien Society (1 award/honor)
Tome Student Literacy Society (1 award/honor)
Tomita Saika Prize
TopShelf (1 award/honor)
Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA) (1 award/honor)
Toronto Comic Arts Festival (1 award/honor)
Toronto Film Critics Association (1 award/honor)
Toronto International Film Festival (1 award/honor)
Toronto Public Library (1 award/honor)
Toronto Romance Writers (TRW) (1 award/honor)
Tourism Northern Ireland
Transatlantic Agency (1 award/honor)
Transfuge (1 award/honor)
Transworld Publishers (2 Awards and Honors)
Tresco Island (1 award/honor)
Tricycle Foundation (1 award/honor)
Trinity College Dublin
Trinity Oscar Wilde Centre (2 Awards and Honors)
TripFiction (1 award/honor)
Triple Crown Awards
Truman State University Press
Tu connais la nouvelle ? (1 award/honor)
Tucson Festival of Books (1 award/honor)
Tucson Weekly (1 award/honor)
Tupelo Press (3 Awards and Honors)
Turkish Language Association (1 award/honor)
Tuscany Press (1 award/honor)
Türk Tabipleri Birliği (1 award/honor)
Türkiye Gazeteciler Cemiyeti (1 award/honor)
Türkiye Yazarlar Sendikası (1 award/honor)
Tổng thống Quốc gia (1 award/honor)
UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY) (1 award/honor)
UCLA Anderson School of Management (1 award/honor)
UCLA Department of History (1 award/honor)
UCLA Extension Writers' Program (1 award/honor)
UCLan Publishing (1 award/honor)
USA Book News (1 award/honor)
USA Today (5 Awards and Honors)
UVA School of Nursing
UWA Publishing (1 award/honor)
Uchronia (1 award/honor)
Ueberreuter (1 award/honor)
Ukranian Writer's Union (1 award/honor)
Ultimate Classic Rock (1 award/honor)
Un livre dans la poche (1 award/honor)
Unbound Worlds (1 award/honor)
Underground Book Reviews (1 award/honor)
Undervisningsministeriet (1 award/honor)
Union Nationale Culture et Bibliothèque Pour Tous (CBPT) (1 award/honor)
Unitarian Universalist Association (1 award/honor)
United Bank Limited (UBL) (1 award/honor)
United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) (1 award/honor)
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (1 award/honor)
United States Board on Books for Young People (USBBY) (1 award/honor)
United States Golf Association (USGA) (1 award/honor)
United Third Bridge Organization (1 award/honor)
Unité de recherche en littérature, CNRS Écritures de la modernité (1 award/honor)
Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez (1 award/honor)
Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
Universidad Veracruzana (2 Awards and Honors)
Universidad de Cuenca (1 award/honor)
Universidad de Salamanca (1 award/honor)
Universidade do Minho (1 award/honor)
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (1 award/honor)
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) - Kumpulan Utusan (1 award/honor)
University of Akron
University of Akron Press (1 award/honor)
University of Alabama
University of Alabama School of Law (1 award/honor)
University of Arizona
University of Arkansas
University of Arkansas Press (1 award/honor)
University of California, Davis
University of California, Davis English Department (1 award/honor)
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Cambridge (1 award/honor)
University of Canberra (1 award/honor)
University of Central Arkansas (1 award/honor)
University of Chicago (1 award/honor)
University of Connecticut
University of East Anglia (1 award/honor)
University of Edinburgh (1 award/honor)
University of Evansville (1 award/honor)
University of Georgia
University of Georgia Press (1 award/honor)
University of Guelph
University of Hartford
University of Helsinki
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
University of Iowa
University of Iowa (1 award/honor)
University of Iowa
University of Iowa Press (2 Awards and Honors)
University of Iowa Writers' Workshop (1 award/honor)
University of Johannesburg (1 award/honor)
University of Kansas (1 award/honor)
University of Kansas
University of Kansas
University of Louisville (1 award/honor)
University of Louisville
University of Mary Washington
University of Mary Washington Center for Historical Preservation (1 award/honor)
University of Massachusetts (1 award/honor)
University of Massachusetts Press
University of Melbourne (2 Awards and Honors)
University of Memphis
University of Michigan
University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota Center for Austrian Studies (1 award/honor)
University of Minnesota, Duluth
University of Minnesota, Duluth Library (1 award/honor)
University of Mississippi
University of Nebraska Press (1 award/honor)
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
University of North Texas
University of North Texas Department of English (1 award/honor)
University of North Texas Press (2 Awards and Honors)
University of Notre Dame
University of Oklahoma
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (1 award/honor)
University of Pittsburgh Press (2 Awards and Honors)
University of Rochester (1 award/honor)
University of St Andrews
University of St Thomas (1 award/honor)
University of Texas at Austin (1 award/honor)
University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
University of Utah
University of Utah Press (2 Awards and Honors)
University of Vienna (1 award/honor)
University of Virginia
University of Virginia
University of Virginia School of Architecture
University of Waikato (1 award/honor)
University of Warwick (2 Awards and Honors)
University of Washington
University of Washington English Department (1 award/honor)
University of Western Australia
University of Wisconsin Press (1 award/honor)
University of Wisconsin-Madison (1 award/honor)
University of the Philippines
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) (1 award/honor)
Unversity of California Berkeley (1 award/honor)
Urban Affairs Association (1 award/honor)
Urban History Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Urbanisme (1 award/honor)
Utah Arts Council (1 award/honor)
Utah Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Utah Cultural Alliance (1 award/honor)
Utah Division of Arts & Museums (1 award/honor)
Utah State Historical Society (1 award/honor)
Utah State University
Utah State University Press (1 award/honor)
Utah Valley University
Utne Reader (1 award/honor)
Utrechtse Kinderboekhandel (1 award/honor)
V.B.Z. d.o.o. (1 award/honor)
VCU Department of English (2 Awards and Honors)
VG (1 award/honor)
VGH Stiftung (1 award/honor)
VH1 (1 award/honor)
VOYA Magazine (7 Awards and Honors)
VPRO (1 award/honor)
VSBfonds (1 award/honor)
Valparaíso Ediciones (1 award/honor)
Vancity (1 award/honor)
Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable (2 Awards and Honors)
Vancouver Film Critics Circle (VFCC) (1 award/honor)
Vancouver JCC Jewish Book Festival (1 award/honor)
Varlık (1 award/honor)
Varuna - The National Writers' House (1 award/honor)
Vegas Movie Awards (1 award/honor)
Vegetarian Society (1 award/honor)
Vejle Amts Biblioteksforening (1 award/honor)
Vejle Bibliotekerne (1 award/honor)
Venice International Film Festival (1 award/honor)
Vera Institute of Justice (1 award/honor)
Verein «Solothurner Literaturtage» (1 award/honor)
Vereniging ter Bevordering van het Vlaamse Boekwezen (VBVB) (2 Awards and Honors)
Verlag Friedrich Oetinger (1 award/honor)
Vermont College of Fine Arts (1 award/honor)
Vermont Department of Libraries (3 Awards and Honors)
Vermont State PTA/Department of Libraries
Vi (1 award/honor)
Vick Foundation (1 award/honor)
Victor Bumbalo Foundation (1 award/honor)
Victoria University
Victoria and Albert Museum (1 award/honor)
Victorian Society in America (2 Awards and Honors)
Victorian Society in America, New York Metropolitan Chapter (2 Awards and Honors)
Vieilles Maisons Françaises (1 award/honor)
Vietnam Veterans of America (1 award/honor)
Village of Waverton, Chester, England (2 Awards and Honors)
Villanueva de la Serena (1 award/honor)
Ville de Chambray-lès-Tours (2 Awards and Honors)
Vinyl Me Please (1 award/honor)
Virgin Books (1 award/honor)
Virginia Association of School Librarians (VAASL) (1 award/honor)
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Council on Economic Education (1 award/honor)
Virginia Hamilton Conference on Multicultural Literature for Youth (1 award/honor)
Virginia Library Association (1 award/honor)
Virginia Library Association's Children's and Young Adult Round Table
Virginia Romance Writers (VRW) (1 award/honor)
Virginia State Literacy Association (1 award/honor)
Virginia Theatre Association (1 award/honor)
Vision Australia Library (1 award/honor)
Visit Devon & Cornwall (1 award/honor)
Visit Isle of Man (1 award/honor)
VisitScotland (1 award/honor)
Vital (1 award/honor)
Vivendi (1 award/honor)
Vlaamse Academie
Vladimir Nabokov (1 award/honor)
Volkswagenstiftung (1 award/honor)
Vroege Vogels, BNNVARA (1 award/honor)
Võru maavalitsus (1 award/honor)
W Magazine (1 award/honor)
WHSmith (9 Awards and Honors)
WLA Children’s Book Award Committee (2 Awards and Honors)
WLA Literary Awards Committee (3 Awards and Honors)
WLA School Library Division (4 Awards and Honors)
WORD Christchurch Writers & Readers Festival (1 award/honor)
WORLD Magazine (2 Awards and Honors)
Wagner College Theatre (1 award/honor)
Waldenbooks (4 Awards and Honors)
Wales Arts Review (1 award/honor)
Walkley Foundation (1 award/honor)
Wall Street Journal (13 Awards and Honors)
Warner Aspect (1 award/honor)
WarwickshireWorld (1 award/honor)
Wasafiri Magazine (1 award/honor)
Washburn University
Washington Center for the Book (1 award/honor)
Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) (1 award/honor)
Washington Library Association
Washington Monthly (1 award/honor)
Washington Post (11 Awards and Honors)
Washington Post Book World (2 Awards and Honors)
Washington Post Monkey Cage (1 award/honor)
Washington Post WorldViews (1 award/honor)
Washington Press Association (1 award/honor)
Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA) (1 award/honor)
Washington State Young Adult Review Group (WASHYARG) (1 award/honor)
Washington Writers' Publishing House (2 Awards and Honors)
Waterstone (1 award/honor)
Waterstones (8 Awards and Honors)
Watford Observer (1 award/honor)
Wattpad (1 award/honor)
Waverley Council
Waverley Council, Sydney (1 award/honor)
Waverton, Chester, England
We Are Kid Lit Collective (1 award/honor)
We Need Diverse Books (1 award/honor)
Webster County Literacy Council (1 award/honor)
Weekendavisen (1 award/honor)
Wellcome Trust (1 award/honor)
Welsh Arts Council (1 award/honor)
Werkgroep Christelijke Kinderboeken (1 award/honor)
West African Oral History Association (1 award/honor)
West Australian Young Readers' Book Award (1 award/honor)
West Branch Christian Writers (1 award/honor)
West Chester University
West Chester University Poetry Center (1 award/honor)
West Coast Book Prize Society (1 award/honor)
West Nordic Council (1 award/honor)
West Virginia Center for the Book (2 Awards and Honors)
West Virginia Library Association (WVLA) (1 award/honor)
West Virginia Library Commission
Westchester Library Association (2 Awards and Honors)
Western Association of Women Historians (2 Awards and Honors)
Western Australian Government (1 award/honor)
Western Fictioneers (1 award/honor)
Western Front Association
Western Front Association, United States Branch (1 award/honor)
Western History Association (10 Awards and Honors)
Western History/Genealogy Department, Denver Public Library (1 award/honor)
Western Kentucky University (1 award/honor)
Western Literature Association (1 award/honor)
Western North Carolina Historical Association (1 award/honor)
Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) (1 award/honor)
Western Writers of America Inc. (WWA) (1 award/honor)
Westmoreland County Association of School Librarians (WCASL) (1 award/honor)
Wheeler Centre (1 award/honor)
Whippoorwill Award Committee (1 award/honor)
Whitcoulls (2 Awards and Honors)
Whiting Foundation (1 award/honor)
Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale (1 award/honor)
Wick Poetry Center, Kent State University (1 award/honor)
Wiener Holocaust Library (1 award/honor)
Wilbur & Niso Smith Foundation (1 award/honor)
Wildflower Press
Wilfrid Laurier University (1 award/honor)
Will Rogers Medallion Awards (1 award/honor)
William E. Colby Military Writers' Symposium (1 award/honor)
William Faulkner Foundation (1 award/honor)
William Grant & Sons (5 Awards and Honors)
William Hill (2 Awards and Honors)
William J. Bennett (1 award/honor)
William Saroyan Foundation (1 award/honor)
Williams and Wilkins Company (1 award/honor)
Williamsburg Regional Library (1 award/honor)
Williamstown Literary Festival (1 award/honor)
Williamstown Theatre Festival (1 award/honor)
Willow Springs Books (1 award/honor)
Wiltshire Life (1 award/honor)
Winfield Arts and Humanities Council (1 award/honor)
Wingate Foundation (1 award/honor)
Winning Writers (1 award/honor)
Wired (4 Awards and Honors)
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) (1 award/honor)
Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association (WEMTA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Wisconsin Library Association (1 award/honor)
Wisconsin Romance Writers of America (WisRWA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Wisconsin State Reading Association (WSRA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Wisden (1 award/honor)
Wizard Magazine (5 Awards and Honors)
Wolfson Foundation (1 award/honor)
Woman & Home (1 award/honor)
Women Writing the West (1 award/honor)
Women and Theatre Program (1 award/honor)
Women's Caucus of the African Studies Association (1 award/honor)
Women's Health Magazine (1 award/honor)
Women's National Book Association
Women's National Book Association, Los Angeles Chapter (1 award/honor)
Women's Prize Trust (1 award/honor)
Women’s National Book Association of New Orleans (1 award/honor)
Woodfarm Barns & Barges (1 award/honor)
Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers (2 Awards and Honors)
Wordharvest (1 award/honor)
Workman Calendars (1 award/honor)
World Economic Forum (1 award/honor)
World Fantasy Convention (1 award/honor)
World Federation of Jewish Partisans and Holocaust Survivors (1 award/honor)
World History Association (WHA) (4 Awards and Honors)
World Hunger Year (1 award/honor)
World Literature Today (2 Awards and Honors)
World Photography Organisation (1 award/honor)
World Science Fiction Society (3 Awards and Honors)
World Technology Network (1 award/honor)
World War One Historical Association (WW1HA) (1 award/honor)
WorldWideWriter (1 award/honor)
Wormwood Review (1 award/honor)
WriteForTheStage (1 award/honor)
WriteHive (1 award/honor)
Writer Magazine (1 award/honor)
Writer's Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador (WANL) (1 award/honor)
Writer's Digest (1 award/honor)
Writers Guild of America (2 Awards and Honors)
Writers Notes Magazine (1 award/honor)
Writers' Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador
Writers' Federation of New Brunswick (1 award/honor)
Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia (2 Awards and Honors)
Writers' Guild of Alberta
Writers' League of Texas (2 Awards and Honors)
Writers' Trust of Canada (9 Awards and Honors)
Writers' Union of Canada (1 award/honor)
Writers' and Publishers' Association (WPA) (1 award/honor)
Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick (WFNB) (1 award/honor)
Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia (1 award/honor)
Writers’ Guild of Alberta (WGA) (2 Awards and Honors)
Writers’ Union of Canada (1 award/honor)
Writer’s Digest (6 Awards and Honors)
Writing East Midlands (1 award/honor)
Writing Magazine (1 award/honor)
Wrocławski Dom Literatury (1 award/honor)
Wurlitzer Foundation (1 award/honor)
Wyoming Library Association (WLA) (3 Awards and Honors)
Wyoming State Historical Society (WSHS) (2 Awards and Honors)
Xavier Society (1 award/honor)
Xeric Foundation (1 award/honor)
Xulon Press (1 award/honor)
Xunta de Galicia
YMCA of Central New York
YMCA of Central New York Downtown Writers Center (1 award/honor)
Yad Vashem: The World Holocaust Remembrance Center (2 Awards and Honors)
Yale University
Yale University Press (3 Awards and Honors)
Yankee Magazine (1 award/honor)
Yasnaya Polyana (1 award/honor)
Yattendon Group
Yayasan Adikarya IKAPI (1 award/honor)
Yayasan Kebudayaan Rancagé (1 award/honor)
Yayasan Pembangunan Buku Negara (YPBN) (1 award/honor)
Yellow Rose Romance Writers (1 award/honor)
YesYes Books (1 award/honor)
Yeshiva University Center for Israel Studies (1 award/honor)
Yleisradio Oy (2 Awards and Honors)
Yomiuri Shimbun (1 award/honor)
York University (1 award/honor)
Yoshikawa Eiji National Cultural Promotion Foundation (1 award/honor)
Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) (11 Awards and Honors)
Young Artist Foundation (1 award/honor)
Young Australians Best Book Awards Council (1 award/honor)
Young Observer (1 award/honor)
Young Readers' Choice Awards Society of British Columbia (1 award/honor)
Young Readers’ Choice Awards of B.C. (1 award/honor)
Youth Services Community of Interest, Missouri Library Association (1 award/honor)
Youth Services Section Interest Group, Maine Library Association (1 award/honor)
Youth Services Subdivision of the Iowa Library Association (ILA) (1 award/honor)
Yunost Magazine (1 award/honor)
ZDF (3 Awards and Honors)
Zeitfracht GmbH & Co (1 award/honor)
Zimin Foundation (2 Awards and Honors)
Zondervan (1 award/honor)
Zócalo Public Square (2 Awards and Honors)
Zürcher Kantonalbank (1 award/honor)
artsACT (1 award/honor)
bd BOUM (4 Awards and Honors) (2 Awards and Honors)
bpNichol (1 award/honor) (1 award/honor)
deBuren (1 award/honor)
eLit Book Awards
editorial Minotauro (1 award/honor)
gemeente Tilburg (1 award/honor)
i (1 award/honor)
iParenting (1 award/honor)
iUniverse (2 Awards and Honors)
indieBRAG, LLC (1 award/honor)
io9 (1 award/honor)
kunst:raum sylt quelle (1 award/honor)
mice_elf (1 award/honor)
rec.arts.comics (1 award/honor)
reedsyDiscovery (1 award/honor)
scifidimensions (1 award/honor)
ville de Garches (1 award/honor)
vzw Strip Turnhout (1 award/honor)
vzw Vlaamse Literatuurprijs (1 award/honor)
wRite associates (1 award/honor)
Área de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Alcalá la Real (1 award/honor)
Área de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Málaga (2 Awards and Honors)
Äidinkielen opettajain liiton (ÄOL) (1 award/honor)
Çocuk ve Gençlik Yayınları Derneği (IBBY Turkey) (1 award/honor)
Çukurova Edebiyatçılar Derneği (1 award/honor)
École, Collèges et Lycées d'Angoulême (1 award/honor)
Éditions Les Nouveaux Auteurs (2 Awards and Honors)
Éditions du Masque (1 award/honor)
Étonnants Voyageurs (6 Awards and Honors)
Òmnium Cultural (1 award/honor)
Òmnium Cultural del Tarragonès (1 award/honor)
Österreichische Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des 18. Jahrhunderts (1 award/honor)
ΕΚΕΒΙ (1 award/honor)
Κύκλου του Ελληνικού Παιδικού Βιβλίου (1 award/honor)
Περιοδικό (δέ)κατα (1 award/honor)
Φανταστικοί Αργοναύτες (1 award/honor)
Дирекция „Култура” на Столична община (1 award/honor)
Издателство Сиела (1 award/honor)
Клуб „Уибробия“ (1 award/honor)
Меѓународен поетски митинг „Мостови“ (1 award/honor)
Мир Фантастики (1 award/honor)
Община Русе (1 award/honor)
Съюза на българските писатели (1 award/honor)
Утрински весник (1 award/honor)
Хеликон (1 award/honor)
Цитадель (1 award/honor)
Човешката библиотека (1 award/honor)
издателство „Жанет 45“ (1 award/honor)
بنیاد شعر و ادبیات داستانی ایرانیان (1 award/honor)
দৈনিক প্রথম আলো (1 award/honor)
„Autorengruppe deutschsprachige Kriminalliteratur“ – Das Syndikat (1 award/honor)
中央公論新社 (1 award/honor)
京都本大賞実行委員会 (1 award/honor)
日本テレビ (1 award/honor)
香港電台 (1 award/honor)