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Prémios literários: SB&F Best Science Books for Junior High and High School Readers

Prémios literários por capa

Obras (696)

100 most popular scientists for young adults : biographical sketches and professional paths por Kendall Haven1999
101 Questions Your Brain Has Asked About Itself But Couldn't Answer... Until Now por Faith Hickman Brynie1999
About This Life: Journeys on the Threshold of Memory por Barry Lopez1999
Against the Tide por Cornelia Dean1999
Alternative Medicine: Is It for You? (Issues in Focus) por Kathiann M. Kowalski1999
Amphetamines and Other Uppers (Junior Drug Awareness) por Linda N. Bayer1999
Animal Rights (Talking Points) por Barbara James1999
Anorexia and Bulimia (Diseases and People) por Paul R. Robbins1999
Are You the Pet for Me?: Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family por Mary Jane Checchi1999
Bears: Behavior, Ecology, Conservation por Erwin A. Bauer1999
Beyond the Crime Lab: The New Science of Investigation por Jon H. Zonderman1999
Blood: An Epic History of Medicine and Commerce por Douglas Starr1999
Carbon (The Elements) por Giles Sparrow1999
Child Abuse and Neglect: Examining the Psychological Components (Encyclopedia of Psychological Disorders) por Elizabeth Russell Connelly1999
The Clock of the Long Now por Stewart Brand1999
Clone: The Road to Dolly and the Path Ahead por Gina Kolata1999
Conquering Calculus por Jefferson Hane Weaver1999
Cosmic Adventure: A Renegade Astronomer's Guide To Our World And Beyond por Bob Berman1999
Deep-Sky Companions: The Messier Objects por Stephen James O'Meara1999
DK Science Encyclopedia por Susan McKeever1999
DNA Pioneers and Their Legacy por Ulf Lagerkvist1999
Double Full Moon Night por Gentry Lee1999
Earth Story: The Shaping of Our World por Simon Lamb1999
The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory por Brian Greene1999
Enigma Variations por Richard Price1999
Fantastic Book Of Math Puzzles por Margaret C. Edmiston1999
Fermat's Last Theorem: The Story of a Riddle That Confounded the World's Greatest Minds for 358 Years por Simon Singh1999
Forensic Science: Evidence, Clues, and Investigation (Crime, Justice & Punishment) por Andrea Campbell1999
Fossil Fuels: A Resource Our World Depends On (InfoSearch: Managing Our Resources) por Ian Graham1999
Galapagos: Islands Born of Fire por Tui De Roy1999
Genocide (Talking Points) por R. G. Grant1999
Geothermal and Bio-energy (Energy Forever?) por Ian Graham1999
Glass:: From The First Mirror To Fiber Optics, The Story Of The Substance That Changed The World por William S. Ellis1999
Hard-To-Solve Brainteasers (Mensa) por Jaime Poniachik1999
The History of Rockets (Venture Book) por Ron Miller1999
Inhalants & Solvents (Junior Drug Awareness) por Linda Bayer1999
Inside the Dzanga-Sangha Rain Forest : Exploring the Heart of Central Africa por Francesca Lyman1999
The Inuksuk Book por Mary Wallace1999
The Invisible Pyramid por Loren Eiseley1999
Iron (The Elements) por Giles Sparrow1999
The Jock Doc's Body Repair Kit: The New Sports Medicine for Recovery and Increased Performance por Andrew Feldman1999
Life on other Worlds por Steven J. Dick1999
Makin' Numbers: Howard Aiken and the Computer (History of Computing) por I. Bernard Cohen1999
Mars: Uncovering the Secrets of the Red Planet por Paul Raeburn1999
The Maya por Michael D. Coe1999
Medicine's 10 Greatest Discoveries por Meyer Friedman1999
My Brain Is Open; The Mathematical Journeys of Paul Erdős por Bruce Schechter1999
Nearly Impossible Brain Bafflers (Mensa) por Tim Sole1999
The New Solar System por J. Kelly Beatty1999
NightWatch : A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe, 3rd ed. por Terence Dickinson1999
Of Flies, Mice, and Men por François Jacob1999
One Renegade Cell: How Cancer Begins por Robert A. Weinberg1999
Out of the Crater por Richard V. Fisher1999
The Pattern on the Stone por W. Daniel Hillis1999
Physics in the 20th Century por Curt Suplee1999
Rocks and Minerals (Spotlights) por Neil Curtis1999
Science Fair Success Using the Internet por Marc Alan Rosner1999
The Science of Star Wars: An Astrophysicist's Independent Examination of Space Travel, Aliens, Planets, and Robots as Portrayed in the Star Wars Films and Books por Jeanne Cavelos1999
Science Projects About Plants por Robert Gardner1999
Scientists, Mathematicians, and Inventors: An Encyclopedia of People Who Changed the World (Lives and Legacies Series) por Doris Simonis1999
The Search for the Giant Squid: The Biology and Mythology of the World's Most Elusive Sea Creature por Richard Ellis1999
Seeing and Believing: How the Telescope Opened Our Eyes and Minds to the Heavens por Richard Panek1999
Solar Power (Energy Forever?) por Ian Graham1999
Steroids por Dynise Balcavage1999
Summers with the Bears: Six Seasons in the North Woods por Jack Becklund1999
The Sun, The Genome, and The Internet: Tools of Scientific Revolution (New York Public Library Lectures in Humanities) por Freeman J. Dyson1999
Time's Pendulum: From Sundials to Atomic Clocks, the Fascinating History of Timekeeping and How Our Discoveries Changed the World por Jo Ellen Barnett1999
Time-Life Student Library: The Universe por Time-Life Books1999
Venus Revealed : A New Look Below the Clouds of our Mysterious Twin Planet por David Harry Grinspoon1999
Verse & Universe: Poems About Science and Mathematics por Kurt Brown1999
Water Power (Energy Forever?) por Ian Graham1999
Well Woman (DK Healthcare) por Miriam Stoppard1999
When the Sun Dies por Roy A. Gallant1999
The Whole Shebang: A State-of-the-Universe(s) Report por Timothy Ferris1999
The Wild Colorado: The true adventures of Fred Dellenbaugh, age 17, on the second Powell Expedition into the Grand Canyon por Richard Maurer1999
Wind Power (Energy Forever?) por Ian Graham1999
101 Questions About Your Immune System You Felt Defenseless to Answer ... Until Now por Faith Hickman Brynie2000
Animal Experimentation and Testing: A Pro/Con Issue (Hot Pro/Con Issues) por Geraldine Woods2000
The Art of Genes: How Organisms Make Themselves por Enrico Coen2000
Benjamin Banneker: Astronomer and Mathematician por Laura Baskes Litwin2000
Biology Projects for Young Scientists por Salvatore Tocci2000
Black Holes, Wormholes & Time Machines por Jim Al-Khalili2000
Bugs: Insects, Spiders, Centipedes, Millipedes, and Other Closely Related Arthropods por Frank Lowenstein2000
Censorship: Changing Attitudes, 1900-2000 (Twentieth Century Issues) por Scarlett MccGwire2000
The Climate Revealed por William J. Burroughs2000
Crime and Punishment (Twentieth Century Issues) por Alison Brownlie2000
Eggs, Nests, and Baby Dinosaurs: A Look at Dinosaur Reproduction (Life of the Past) por Kenneth Carpenter2000
Engineering Tomorrow: Today's Technology Experts Envision the Next Century por Dave Dooling2000
Eskimos and explorers por Wendell H. Oswalt2000
The Essential Aldo Leopold: Quotations and Commentaries por Curt D. Meine2000
Evolutionary Wars: The Battle of Species on Land, at Sea, and in the Air por Charles Kingsley Levy2000
Evolutionism and Creationism (Single Title: Social Studies: Current Events) por Ben Sonder2000
Exercise (Health & Fitness) por Judy Sadgrove2000
Famous Problems and Their Mathematicians (Teacher Ideas Press) por Art Johnson2000
Far Horizons por Robert Silverberg2000
The Fuzzy Future: From Society and Science to Heaven in a Chip por Bart Kosko2000
God's Equation: Einstein, Relativity, and the Expanding Universe por Amir D. Aczel2000
The Hidden Forest: The Biography of an Ecosystem por Jon R. Luoma2000
High-Tech Ids: From Finger Scans to Voice Patterns por Salvatore Tocci2000
The History of Invention/from Stone Axes to Silicon Chips por Trevor I. Williams2000
How We Believe: The Search for God in an Age of Science por Michael Shermer2000
Ice Blink: The Tragic Fate of Sir John Franklin's Lost Polar Expedition por Scott Cookman2000
Ingenious Pursuits: Building the Scientific Revolution por Lisa Jardine2000
Insect Lives: Stories of Mystery and Romance from a Hidden World por Erich Hoyt2000
Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life on Earth por Bert Dodson2000
Islands of Hope por Phillip Manning2000
The Kingdom of Infinite Number: A Field Guide por Bryan Bunch2000
Majestic Universe: Views from Here to Infinity por Serge Brunier2000
Major Unsolved Crimes (Crime, Justice and Punishment) por Phelan Powell2000
Mapping Epidemics: A Historical Atlas of Disease (Reference) por Brent Hoff2000
The Martians por Kim Stanley Robinson2000
Measuring the Universe: The Historical Quest to Quantify Space por Kitty Ferguson2000
Medical Ethics (20th Century Issues) por Robert Snedden2000
Medicine Quest: In Search of Nature's Healing Secrets por Mark J. Plotkin2000
The Miracle of Flight por Stephen Dalton2000
National Geographic United States Atlas for Young Explorers por National Geographic2000
New Moments in Science: 3 por Karl Kruszelnicki2000
One Universe: At Home in the Cosmos por Neil deGrasse Tyson2000
Orangutans: Wizards of the Rain Forest por Anne E. Russon2000
Our National Parks and the Search for Sustainability por Bob R. O'Brien2000
Our Worlds: The Magnetism and Thrill of Planetary Exploration por S. Alan Stern2000
Packing Fraction and Other Tales of Science and Imagination por Julie E. Czerneda2000
Poverty: Changing Attitudes, 1900-2000 (Twentieth Century Issues) por Teresa Garlake2000
Racism : Changing Attitudes 1900-2000 (20th Century Issues) por R. G. Grant2000
The Science times book of mammals por Nicholas Wade2000
Scientific American: Science Desk Reference por Editors Of Scientific American2000
Sensory Exotica: A World beyond Human Experience por Howard C. Hughes2000
Solving Crimes: Pioneers of Forensic Science por Ron Fridell2000
Stars and Planets por Donald H. Menzel2000
Sunrise to Paradise: The Story of Mount Rainier National Park por Ruth Kirk2000
Travels with the Fossil Hunters por Peter J. Whybrow2000
Trees: Their Natural History por P. A. Thomas2000
Unfolding our Universe por Iain Nicolson2000
The Universal History of Numbers: From Prehistory to the Invention of the Computer por Georges Ifrah2000
Voices of the Rocks : A Scientist Looks at Catastrophes and Ancient Civilizations por Robert M. Schoch2000
Walking With Dinosaurs [BBC series]2000
Who Gives a Gigabyte? por Gary Stix2000
Women and Nature: Saving the "Wild" West (Women in the West) por Glenda Riley2000
Women's Rights: Changing Attitudes 1900-2000 (Twentieth Century Issues Series) por Kaye Stearman2000
100 Scientists Who Shaped World History por John Tiner2001
101 Questions About Blood and Circulation: With Answers Straight From the Heart por Faith Hickman Brynie2001
Almost Everyone's Guide to Science: The Universe, Life and Everything por John Gribbin2001
Amphibians por Robert Hofrichter2001
Ancient Civilizations Volume 3: Ch'in Shihuangdi's Tomb - Exploration por Shona Grimbly2001
Ancient Egypt (Journey to the Past) por Romano Solbiati2001
Ancient Egypt: The Great Discoveries por C. N. Reeves2001
Ancient Encounters: Kennewick Man and the First Americans por James C. Chatters2001
Armistice 1918 (The World Wars) por R. G. Grant2001
Arthritis por Edward Willett2001
Asthma (Single Title: Science: Health and Human Disease) por Alissa Greenberg2001
Atom : An Odyssey from the Big Bang to Life on Earth...and Beyond por Lawrence M. Krauss2001
Bears of the World (Worldlife Discovery Guides) por Lance Craighead2001
The Bees of the World por Charles D. Michener2001
The Best Book of Fossils, Rocks, and Minerals por Chris Pellant2001
Beyond the Edge of the Sea: Sailing with Jason and the Argonauts, Ulysses, the Vikings, and Other Explorers of the Ancie por Mauricio Obregon2001
Breast Cancer:Questions And An por Carole Garbuny Vogel2001
Brother Astronomer: Adventures of a Vatican Scientist por Guy Consolmagno2001
Buzzwords: A Scientist Muses on Sex, Bugs, and Rock 'n' Roll por May R. Berenbaum2001
The Cheyenne (Indian Nations (Austin, Tex.).) por Dennis Limberhand2001
Classical Athens (Journey to the Past) por Mario Denti2001
Conned Again, Watson! Cautionary Tales of Logic, Math, and Probability por Colin Bruce2001
Dinosaurs and Other Archosaurs (Random House Lib Knowledge(TM)) por Peter Zallinger2001
Dinosaurs of Darkness (Life of the Past) por Thomas H. Rich2001
Earthquakes and Volcanoes (Earth Science, Vol 4)2001
Emotion: A Very Short Introduction por Dylan Evans2001
Encyclopedia of Computer Science por Anthony Ralston2001
Encyclopedia of Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones por David Longshore2001
The Endocrine System (The Encyclopedia of Health. Healthy Body) por Marjorie Little2001
The Engines of Our Ingenuity: An Engineer Looks at Technology and Culture por John H. Lienhard, IV2001
The Eternal Frontier: An Ecological History of North America and Its Peoples por Tim Flannery2001
Everyday Life (How The Future Began) por Clive Gifford2001
Exercise for Weight Management (Nutrition and Fitness) por Gustav Mark Gedatus2001
Exploring the Highest Sierra por James Gregory Moore2001
The Facts on File dictionary of biotechnology and genetic engineering por Mark L. Steinberg2001
The Family Butterfly Book por Rick Mikula2001
A Fish Caught in Time: The Search for the Coelacanth por Samantha Weinberg2001
Fossils (Earth Science) por Brian Knapp2001
Geology Underfoot in Central Nevada por Richard L. Orndorff2001
The Grizzly Almanac por Robert H. Busch2001
Healthy Eating for Weight Management (Nutrition and Fitness for Teens) por Mary Turck2001
Heart Disease (Health Watch) por John Coopersmith Gold2001
The History of Archaeology: Great Excavations of the World por John Romer2001
History of Science in United States: An Encyclopedia (Garland Reference Library of Social Science) por Marc Rothenberg2001
Human Body Explorations por Karen Kalumuck2001
In Search of the Golden Frog por Marty Crump2001
The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 por Virginia Aronson2001
Inside a Skyscraper por Bobbi Searle2001
The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia por Charles Taylor2001
The Lady Tasting Tea: How Statistics Revolutionized Science in the Twentieth Century por David Salsburg2001
The Laser Odyssey por Theodore H. Maiman2001
Life at the Top: Research in a Tropical Forest Canopy (Rain Forest Pilot) por Ellen Doris2001
Lizard Island (Single Title: Science: Life and Environmental Science) por Sneed B. Collard2001
Look Inside a Greek Theater (Look Inside) por Peter Chrisp2001
Look Inside A Roman Villa (Look Inside) por Richard Dargie2001
Macmillan Encyclopedia of Weather por Paul Stein2001
The Man Who Found the Missing Link: Eugine Dubois and His Lifelong Quest to Prove Darwin Right por Pat Shipman2001
Mars: The Nasa Mission Reports, Vol. 1 por Robert Godwin2001
Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World por Simon Garfield2001
Mean Genes: From Sex to Money to Food: Taming Our Primal Instincts por Terry Burnham2001
Medicine in Quotations: Views of Health and Disease Through the Ages, Second Edition por Edward J. Huth2001
Mendeleyev's Dream: The Quest for the Elements por Paul Strathern2001
The Menominee por Verna Fowler2001
Milestones of Science: The History of Humankind's Greatest Ideas (reading line) por Curt Suplee2001
Mother Nature: Maternal Instincts and How They Shape the Human Species por Sarah Hrdy2001
The Nature of Frogs: Amphibians with Attitude por Harry Parsons2001
Objects in Motion: Principles of Classical Mechanics (Secrets of the Universe) por Paul Fleisher2001
The Ojibwa por Cathy McCarthy2001
The Oneida por L. Gordon McLester2001
Our Cosmic Future: Humanity's Fate in the Universe por Nicolas Prantzos2001
Parallax: The Race to Measure the Cosmos por Alan W. Hirshfeld2001
The Penguin Encyclopedia of Science and Math por Bryan Bunch2001
Plate Tectonics por Not Available2001
Reefscape: Reflections on the Great Barrier Reef por Rosaleen Love2001
The Reproductive System (Encyclopedia of Health) por Regina Avraham2001
Science Fair Projects: Energy por Bob Bonnet2001
The Science of Structures (Living Science) por Janice Parker2001
Something New Under the Sun: An Environmental History of the Twentieth-Century World por J. R. McNeill2001
Spare Parts por Wendy Murphy2001
Story in the Stone: The Formation of a Tropical Land Bridge (Turnstone Rain Forest Pilot Books) por Tom Gidwitz2001
Time-Life Student Library: Physical Science por Time-Life Books2001
Understanding Obesity: The Five Medical Causes (Your Personal Health) por Dr. Lance Levy2001
Walking on Eggs: The Astonishing Discovery of Thousands of Dinosaur Eggs in the Badlands of Patagonia por Luis Chiappe2001
Why Do Buses Come in Threes? por Rob Eastaway2001
Why Elephants Have Big Ears: Understanding Patterns of Life on Earth por Chris Lavers2001
Why Moths Hate Thomas Edison: And Other Urgent Inquiries into the Odd Nature of Nature (Outside Books) por Hampton Sides2001
Wild Solutions: How Biodiversity is Money in the Bank, Second Edition por Andrew Beattie2001
Wildflowers Around the Year por Hope Ryden2001
Wolf: Spirit of the Wild: A Celebration of Wolves in Word and Image por Diana Landau2001
World War I: War in the Trenches (World Wars) por Ole Steen Hansen2001
Animal Watch por Roger Few2002
The Antarctic por Cheryl Hook2002
Antarctica and the Arctic: The Complete Encyclopedia por David McGonigal2002
The Atlas of the Earth por Alexa Stace2002
BBC Walking with Dinosaurs: Fascinating Facts por M. J. Benton2002
Beetles (Insects) (Insects and Spiders) por Shane F. McEvey2002
Beneath our Feet: The Rocks of Planet Earth por Ron Vernon2002
Biomes and Habitats (Living Universe Series) por Philip Whitfield2002
Bird Alert (Science of Saving) por Peggy Thomas2002
Black Rhino (Natural World) por Malcolm Penny2002
The Bone Museum: Travels in the Lost Worlds of Dinosaurs and Birds por Wayne Grady2002
Bugs (Insects) (Insects and Spiders) por Shane F. McEvey2002
Build Me an Ark por Brenda Peterson2002
The Cambridge Dictionary of Space Technology por Mark Williamson2002
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites por O. Richard Norton2002
Chance, Luck and Statistics: The Science of Chance por Horace C. Levinson2002
The Colossal Book of Mathematics: Classic Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Problems por Martin Gardner2002
Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids por DK2002
Dead Reckoning: The New Science of Catching Killers por Michael Baden2002
Dinosaur Encyclopedia: From Dinosaurs to the Dawn of Man por David Lambert2002
DNA Fingerprinting: The Ultimate Identity (Single Title: Science) por Ron Fridell2002
Earth Almanac: An Annual Geophysical Review of the State of the Planet, Second Edition (Earth Almanac) por Natalie Goldstein2002
Ecstasy and Other Designer Drugs (Drug Dangers) por Myra Weatherly2002
Electricity and Magnets (Hands-on Science) por Sarah Angliss2002
Endangered Animals (First Discovery Books) por Pierre de Hugo2002
Energy Resources: Our Impact on the Planet por Ewan McLeish2002
The Evolution Explosion: How Humans Cause Rapid Evolutionary Change por Stephen R. Palumbi2002
Extreme Science: The Highway of Light and Other Man-Made Wonders por Peter Jedicke2002
Flies (Insects) (Insects and Spiders) por Shane F. McEvey2002
Forces and Motion (Hands-on Science) por John Graham2002
Fossil Fish Found Alive: Discovering the Coelacanth por Sally M. Walker2002
The Genie in the Bottle: 67 All-New Commentaries on the Fascinating Chemistry of Everyday Life por Joseph A. Schwarcz2002
Giraffe (Natural World) por Michael Leach2002
Global Warming (Worldlife Library Series) por Dr. Mark Maslin2002
Golden Eagle: Habitats, Life Cycles, Food Chains, Threats (Natural World (Hardcover Raintree)) por Malcolm Penny2002
Gorillas: The Greatest Apes (BBC/Discovery) por DK2002
The Great Atlas of the Stars por Serge Brunier2002
Great Physicists: The Life and Times of Leading Physicists from Galileo to Hawking por William H. Cropper2002
Gregor Mendel: And the Roots of Genetics por Edward Edelson2002
A Guide to the Elements (Oxford) por Albert Stwertka2002
Hands-On Science: Matter and Materials por Jack Challoner2002
The Hidden Powers of Animals (Reader's Digest) por Karl P. N. Shuker2002
The History of Science Fiction (Single Title : Social Studies) por Ron Miller2002
How Science Works: Learn the Science then Do the Project (How Science Works) por Nigel Hawkes2002
How to Clone a Sheep por Hazel Richardson2002
Inside the Earth (21st Century Science) por Claude Lafleur2002
The Invisible Future: The Seamless Integration Of Technology Into Everyday Life por Peter J. Denning2002
Keepers of the Wolves: The Early Years of Wolf Recovery in Wisconsin por Richard P. Thiel2002
Kids' Guide to the Internet por Dan Whitcombe2002
The Kingfisher Young People's Book of the Universe (Kingfisher Book Of) por David Lambert2002
Layers of Life (Deep in the Amazon) por James L. Castner2002
Leopard (Natural World) por Bill Jordan2002
Life Beyond Earth por Timothy Ferris2002
Life Script: How the Human Genome Discoveries Will Transform Medicine and Enhance Your Health por Nicholas Wade2002
Lords of the Harvest: Biotech, Big Money, and the Future of Food por Dan Charles2002
Louis Pasteur and the Hidden World of Microbes por Louise E. Robbins2002
Makers of Science: 5-Volume Set por Derek Gjertsen2002
Making Babies : The Science of Pregnancy por David Bainbridge2002
Mammoth: The Resurrection Of An Ice Age Giant por Richard Stone2002
Mars: The Lure of the Red Planet por William Sheehan2002
Mercury (Watts Library) por Ray Spangenburg2002
Microbes and People: An A-Z of Microorganisms in Our Lives por Neeraja Sankaran2002
Moths and Butterflies (Insects and Spiders) por Shane F. McEvey2002
Naturally Dangerous: Surprising Facts About Food, Health, and the Environment por James Paddock Collman2002
Nature Encyclopedia: An A-Z Guide to Life on Earth por Oxford University Pr2002
The Nature of Penguins por Jonathan Chester2002
Nigeria: The Culture por Anne Rosenberg2002
Nigeria: The Land por Anne Rosenberg2002
Nucleus: A Trip into the Heart of Matter por Ray Mackintosh2002
Our Planet Today (21st Century Science) por Claude Lafleur2002
The Physical Brain por Faith Byrnie2002
Pioneers of Geology : Discovering Earth's Secrets (Lives in Science) por Margaret W. Carruthers2002
Pluto (Watts Library: Space) por Carmen Bredeson2002
Portraits of Great American Scientists por Judith A. Scheppler2002
Pro/Con Volume 1: Individual and Society por Sally McFall2002
Prometheans in the Lab: Chemistry and the Making of the Modern World por Sharon Bertsch McGrayne2002
Radar, Hula Hoops, and Playful Pigs: 67 Digestible Commentaries on the Fascinating Chemistry of Everyday Life por Joe Schwarcz2002
Rain Forests: Our Impact on the Planet por Ewan McLeish2002
Relativity and Quantum Mechanics: Principles of Modern Physics (Secrets of the Universe) por Paul Fleisher2002
Robots por Mark Bergin2002
The Science Book: 250 Milestones in the History of Science por Peter Tallack2002
Science Fair Success Using Household Products por Salvatore Tocci2002
Science Project Ideas About Kitchen Chemistry por Robert Gardner2002
Scorpions (Animals in Order) por Allison Lassieur2002
The Secret Life of Dust: From the Cosmos to the Kitchen Counter, the Big Consequences of Little Things por Hannah Holmes2002
The Sibley Guide to Bird Life & Behavior por David Allen Sibley2002
Sister Wendy's Impressionist Masterpieces por Wendy Beckett2002
Sleep and Dreams (Single Title: Science) por Andrew T. McPhee2002
Sound and Light (Hands-on Science) por Sarah Angliss2002
Sputnik: The Shock of the Century por Paul Dickson2002
The Sun (Watts Library) por Ray Spangenburg2002
Surviving Galeras por Stanley Williams2002
Tales From The Underground: A Natural History Of Subterranean Life por David W. Wolfe2002
The Tapir's Morning Bath: Solving the Mysteries of the Tropical Rain Forest por Elizabeth Royte2002
Turtles, Tortoises and Terrapins: Survivors in Armor por Ronald Orenstein2002
Tuxedo Park : A Wall Street Tycoon and the Secret Palace of Science That Changed the Course of World War II por Jennet Conant2002
The Unbroken Chain por Guenter Wendt2002
Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood por Oliver Sacks2002
Unsolved Mysteries of Science por John Malone2002
Venus (Watts Library) por Ray Spangenburg2002
Vitals por Greg Bear2002
Waste, Recycling, and Reuse: Our Impact on the Planet por Rob Bowden2002
What If We Run Out of Fossil Fuels? (High Interest Books: What If?) por Kimberly M. Miller2002
What the Numbers Say: A Field Guide to Mastering Our Numerical World por Derrick Niederman2002
World Atlas of the Oceans: More than 300 Maps and Charts of the Ocean Floor por Manfred Leier2002
World's Wildest Animals por Leslie Elliott2002
The Worlds of Galileo: The Inside Story of Nasa's Mission to Jupiter por Michael Hanlon2002
1001 Facts About the Human Body (Backpack Books) por Sue Grabham2003
101 Questions about Sex and Sexuality...With Answers for the Curious, Cautious, and Confused por Faith Hickman Brynie2003
Addiction por Susan Papa2003
Amphibians, Reptiles, and Their Conservation por Marty L. Crump2003
The Annotated Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions por Ian Stewart2003
Arctic Tundra and Polar Deserts (Biomes Atlases) por Chris Woodford2003
The Atlas of Space Exploration por Tim Furniss2003
Autonomy in the Extreme Situation por Paul Marcus2003
The Backyard Astronomer's Guide por Terence Dickinson2003
Bats (Secret World of...) por Theresa Greenaway2003
The Big Splat, or How Our Moon Came to Be por Dana Mackenzie2003
Birds of North America por Fred J. Alsop2003
Butterflies of North America por Jeffrey Glassberg2003
The Cambridge Star Atlas por Wil Tirion2003
Car (Take It Apart) por Chris Oxlade2003
Charles Darwin (Scientists Who Made History) por Cath Senker2003
The Chip : How Two Americans Invented the Microchip and Launched a Revolution por T. R. Reid2003
Code Name Ginger: The Story Behind Segway and Dean Kamen's Quest to Invent a New World por Steve Kemper2003
Counting Up, Counting Down por Harry Turtledove2003
Creating Space: The Story of the Space Age Through Models: Apogee Books Space Series 24 por Mat Irvine2003
Crime Scene: The Ultimate Guide to Forensic Science por Richard Platt2003
The Cruelest Miles: The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against an Epidemic por Gay Salisbury2003
The Deep-Sea Floor por Sneed B. Collard2003
Deserts and Semideserts (Biomes Atlases) por Michael Allaby2003
Diabetes (Lucent Overview Series) por Gail Stewart2003
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life por Hazel Richardson2003
DK Concise Atlas of the World por DK2003
DK Encyclopedia of the Human Body por DK2003
Dragonflies of the World por Jill Silsby2003
Earthquakes (Watts Library: Earth Science) por Trudi Strain Trueit2003
Endangered Species: Our Impact on the Planet por Malcolm Penny2003
Ernest Rutherford and the Explosion of Atoms por J. L. Heilbron2003
Essential Atlas of Technology por Parramon Studios2003
Food Supply: Our Impact on the Planet por Rob Bowden2003
Fossils (Watts Library: Earth Science) por Trudi Strain Trueit2003
Fundamentals of Interface and Colloid Science: Solid-Liquid Interfaces por J. Lyklema2003
The Golden Ratio: The Story of PHI, the World's Most Astonishing Number por Mario Livio2003
Good Seeing: A Century of Science at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1902-2002 por James Trefil2003
The Gopher Tortoise (Endangered and Threatened Animals) por Donald G. Schueler2003
The Gray Wolf (Endangered and Threatened Animals) por Chris Reiter2003
Guide to Wild Dinosaurs por Adam Yates2003
Heavy-Duty Science Projects with Weight: How Much Does It Weigh? (Sensational Science Experiments) por Robert Gardner2003
A History of Modern Computing (History of Computing) por Paul E. Ceruzzi2003
History of modern science and mathematics por Brian S. Baigrie2003
Hopscotch por Kevin J. Anderson2003
How to Build Your Own Prize-Winning Robot (Science Fair Success) por Edwin J. C. Sobey2003
The Human Genome Project: What Does Decoding DNA Mean for Us? por Kevin A. Boon2003
Ice Age Mammals of North America por Ian Lange2003
Indoor Zoo (You Are the Scientist) por Michael Elsohn Ross2003
Isaac Newton por James Gleick2003
Japanese Macaques (The Untamed World) por Patricia Miller-Schroeder2003
Joseph E. Murray and the Story of the First Human Kidney Transplant (Unlocking the Secrets of Science) por Joanne Mattern2003
Kangaroos (Secret World of...) por Malcolm Penny2003
King of Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon por David R. Montgomery2003
Kitchen Lab por Michael Elsohn Ross2003
The Last Big Cats: An Untamed Spirit por Erwin A. Bauer2003
Leatherback Turtles por Mélanie Watt2003
Life Through Time: Evolutionary Activities for Grades 5-8 (LHS GEMS Guides) por Nicole Parizeau2003
Lions (Untamed World) por Jonathan Bocknek2003
Little Lemur Named Mew, A por Joyce Powzyk2003
A Look at Earth (Out of This World) por John Tabak2003
A Look at Mercury por Ray Spangenburg2003
A Look at Neptune (Out of This World) por John Tabak2003
A Look at Pluto (Out of This World) por Salvatore Tocci2003
A Look at Uranus (Out of This World) por Salvatore Tocci2003
A Magic Web: The Forest of Barro Colorado Island por Christian Ziegler2003
Major Systems of the Body (21st Century Science) por Francois Fortin2003
Mammals por Pat Morris2003
Marine Geology: Exploring the New Frontiers of the Ocean (Living Earth) por Jon Erickson2003
Math and Science Across Cultures: Activities and Investigations from the Exploratorium por Maurice Bazin2003
Math Charmers: Tantalizing Tidbits for the Mind por Alfred S. Posamentier2003
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology (20 Volume Set) por McGraw-Hill2003
Metals (ChemLab) por Brian J. Knapp2003
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Incredible Fish (Raintree Freestyle: Incredible Creatures) por John Townsend2005
Incredible Insects (Raintree Freestyle: Incredible Creatures) por John Townsend2005
Incredible Mammals (Raintree Freestyle: Incredible Creatures) por John Townsend2005
Incredible Mollusks (Raintree Freestyle: Incredible Creatures) por John Townsend2005
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The Quark (The Library of Subatomic Particles) por Fred Bortz2005
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World of Animals: San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park por Bill Bruns2005
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