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Pessoas/Personagens: Plato

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Obras (75)

Action Philosophers Giant-Size Thing Vol. 1 por Fred Van Lente
Aerobics for the Mind: Practical Exercises in Philosophy that Anybody can Do por Michael Potts
The Age of Absurdity: Why Modern Life Makes it Hard to be Happy por Michael Foley
The Alphabet Abecedarium: Some Notes on Letters por Richard A. Firmage
The Anatomy of Melancholy por Robert Burton
Apocalypse Wow por James Finn Garner
Apology por Plato
Aristotle, containing selections from seven of the most important books por Aristotle
Aspects of Antiquity: Discoveries and Controversies por M. I. Finley
The Athenian murders por José Carlos Somoza
Athens: A Portrait of the City in Its Golden Age por Christian Meier
Beknopte geschiedenis der wijsbegeerte por R. Casimir
The Cambridge History of Classical Literature: I - Greek Literature por P. E. Easterling
The Case of the Fiddle-Playing Fox por John R. Ericksona bird dog
The Case of the Kidnapped Collie #26 (Hank the Cowdog) por John R. Ericksona bird dog, very nice
Che cosa possiamo sperare? por Ghislain Lafont
The Closing of the Western Mind: The Rise of Faith and the Fall of Reason por Charles Freeman
The Dictes and Sayings of the Philosophers por John William Sutton
Diuini Platonis opera omnia quae exstant por Plato
Doubt : a history por Jennifer Michael Hecht
Détresse du politique, force du religieux por Paul Valadier
Early Socratic Dialogues por Plato
Economic Thought before Adam Smith Volume 1 por Murray Rothbard
Encounter With God: A Theology of Christian Experience por Morton T. Kelsey
The Etymologicon: A Circular Stroll Through the Hidden Connections of the English Language por Mark Forsythc.428-347 BC
Eurydice and the Birth of Macedonian Power por Elizabeth Donnelly Carney
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Heaven, but Never Dreamed of Asking por Peter Kreeft
Eyewitness to History por John Carey
Faded Love por John R. Ericksona bird dog
Genius: A Mosaic of One Hundred Exemplary Creative Minds por Harold Bloomc.428-347 BC
The Greek Way por Edith Hamilton
Heaven por Randy AlcornGreek philosopher, p 52
A history of ancient Greek literature por Gilbert Murray
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 1, Part I : Greece & Rome por Frederick Copleston
A History of Reading por Alberto Manguel
How to Think Like a Bat and 34 Other Really Interesting Uses of Philosophy por Peter Cave
Hunting Season por Philip A. Lee
Image and Paradigm in Plato's Sophist por David Ambuel
Interpreting Plato's Dialogues por J. Angelo Corlett
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie por John R. Ericksona bird dog
Lost in the Blinded Blizzard por John R. Ericksonthe bird dog Beulah prefers to Hank -- he's clueless about how Hank feels
Love: A Discovery in Comics por Margreet de Heer
The Monk and the Philosopher: A Father and Son Discuss the Meaning of Life por Jean-François Revel
The Mopwater Files por John R. Ericksona bird dog, very nice
Neue Sternstunden der Philosophie. Schlüsselerlebnisse großer Denker von Platon bis Adorno por Otto A. Böhmer
An Open Letter to Jesus Christ por De Robigne Mortimer Bennett
The Open Society and Its Enemies por Karl Popper
Philosophical Documents in Education (3rd Edition) por Tony W. Johnson
Philosophie grecque: Socrate, Platon, Aristote por Françoise Kinot
Plato for Beginners por Robert Cavalier
Plato's Late Ontology: A Riddle Resolved por Kenneth Sayre
Plato, and the other companions of Sokrates por George Grote
Plato: A Collection of Critical Essays Volume 1 por Gregory Vlastos
Plato: A Very Short Introduction por Julia Annas
Plato: Complete Works por Plato
Platon. Philosophie jetzt! por Plato
The Poincare Conjecture: In Search of the Shape of the Universe por Donal O'Shea
Preface to Plato por Eric Havelock
Property and wealth in classical Sparta por Stephen Hodkinson
The Quest for the Great White Quail por John R. Ericksonthe bird dog with whom Beulah is in love and vice versa
Re:Collections: The Best of Short Trips por Simon Guerrier
The Rise and Fall of Alexandria: Birthplace of the Modern World por Justin Pollard
The Route of Parmenides por Alexander P. D. Mourelatos
Science Fiction Handbook, Revised por L. Sprague de Camp
Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership por Keith R. A. DeCandido
Shrapnel: The Official Battletech Magazine (Issue #5) por Philip A. Lee
Socrates por Anthony Gottlieb
Technical Readout: Succession Wars por Catalyst Game Labs
Therapeia: Plato's Conception of Philosophy por Robert Earl Cushman
The Trial of Socrates por I. F. Stone
The Value of Freethought: How to Become a Truth-Seeker and Break the Chain of Mental Slavery por Bertrand Russell
Van Oudheid tot Renaissance : Plato, Aristoteles, Seneca, Erasmus por Wouter van Gils
Voyage Around My Room: Selected Works of Xavier de Maistre por Xavier de Maistre
Who Killed Captain Kirk? por Peter David
Zanimatelnaya Gretsiya por Mikhail Gasparov

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