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Eventos: War of 1812

Obras (400)

"Our young soldier" : Lieutenant Francis Simcoe, 6 June 1791-6 April 1812 por Mary Beacock Fryer
"Sound off!" Soldier Songs from Yankee Doodle to Parley voo por Edward Arthur Dolph
Abandoned on the Wild Frontier por Dave Jackson
The American Twins of 1812 por Lucy Fitch Perkins
American war songs
Andrew Jackson por Sean Wilentz
The Battle of Stonington: Torpedoes, Submarines, and Rockets in the War of 1812 por James T. de Kay
Black Hawk, Frontier Warrior por Joanne Oppenheim
Brock's Railroad por Tom Taylor
Capital in Flames: The American Attack on York, 1813 por Robert Malcomson
Captain Barney por Jan Vlachos Westcott
The Causes of the War of 1812 por Reginald Horsman
Chief Tecumseh (Native American Biographies) por Anne M. Todd
City of Glory: A Novel of War and Desire in Old Manhattan por Beverly Swerling
Coastal Maine: A Maritime History por Roger F. Duncan
Cobblestone: An Introduction to the War of 1812 1988 January por Cobblestone
Cobblestone: By Dawn's Early Light: The War of 1812 [2012 Oct] por Cobblestone
A Colored man's reminiscences of James Madison por Paul Jennings
A Comprehensive And Popular History of the United States por Alexander Hamilton Stephens
Constitution vs Guerriere: Frigates during the War of 1812 (Duel) por Mark Lardas
A Country Made by War : From the Revolution to Vietnam—The Story of America's Rise to Power por Geoffrey Perret
Crossing the Panther's Path por Elizabeth Alder
Danger at Niagara por Margaret Goff Clark
Dead Man Wins Election: The Ultimate Collection of Outrageous, Weird, and Unbelievable Political Tales por Phil Mason
Death at Snake Hill por Paul Litt
The Death of Tecumseh por Pierre Berton
Decision at Sea por Craig L. Symonds
The defended border por Morris Zaslow
The Defenders por Robert Livesey
Destitute Patriots: Bertie County in the War of 1812 por Gerald W. Thomas
The Devil's Backbone: the Story of the Natchez Trace por Jonathan Daniels
Dissent in Three American Wars por Samuel Eliot Morison
Don't Give Up the Ship!: Myths of the War of 1812 por Donald R. Hickey
The Embroidered Tent: Five Gentlewomen in Early Canada por Marian Fowler
Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815 por Gordon S. Wood
The Enduring Journey Of The USS Chesapeake: Navigating the Common History of Three Nations por Chris Dickon
Establishing Congress: The Removal to Washington, D.C., and the Election of 1800 (Perspective History Of Congress) por Kenneth R. Bowling
Every Man Will Do His Duty: An Anthology of Firsthand Accounts from the Age of Nelson por Dean King
Famous People of the War of 1812 (Documenting the War of 1812) por Robin Johnson
The fight for a free sea; a chronicle of the war of 1812 por Ralph D. Paine
Fighting Canadians: Our Regimental History from New France to Afghanistan por David J. Bercuson
The Final Invasion: Plattsburgh, the War of 1812's Most Decisive Battle por David Fitz-Enz
A Fine Tops'l Breeze por William H. White
Fire Along the Sky por Sara Donati
Fire Ship por Marianne Brandis
The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt por T. J. Stiles
Flames in the City: A Tale of the War of 1812 por Candice Ransom
Flotilla: The Patuxent Naval Campaign in the War of 1812 por Donald G. Shomette
For King and Canada : the story of the 100th Regiment of Foot por A. Barry Roberts
Fort York por Donald Feather
Fort York: A Short History and Guide por Carl Benn
Four years on the Great Lakes, 1813-1816 : the journal of Lieutenant David Wingfield, Royal Navy por David Wingfield
Free Trade and Sailors' Rights in the War of 1812 por Paul A. Gilje
The French War Against America: How a Trusted Ally Betrayed Washington and the Founding Fathers por Harlow Giles Unger
From bloody beginnings : Richard Beasley's Upper Canada por David R. Beasley
Gabrielle por Theresa Conway
George Logan of Philadelphia por Frederick Barnes Tolles
Ghost Ships: Hamilton and Scourge Historical Treasures from the War of 1812 por Emily Cain
Ghosts of 1812: History, Folklore, Tradition and the Niagara War por Mason Winfield
The Gold-Lined Box por Marjory Hall
The Good Soldier: The Story of Sir Isaac Brock por D. J. Goodspeed
The Great Divide: The Conflict between Washington and Jefferson that Defined a Nation por Thomas Fleming
Great Zombies in History por Joe Sergi
The Green Tiger. James FitzGibbon: A Hero Of The War Of 1812 por Enid Mallory
The growth of the American Republic por Samuel Eliot Morison
The hero of Upper Canada por W. Kaye Lamb
Historic Fort York, 1793-1993 por Carl Benn
A History & Guide to Old Fort Niagara por Brian Leigh Dunnigan
The History of the American Sailing Navy: The Ships and Their Development por Howard I. Chapelle
A History of the Indian Wars. por Daniel Clarke Sanders
History of the United States Army por Russell F. Weigley
History of the United States of America during the second administration of James Madison, vol. 1 por Henry Adams
How the States Got Their Shapes por Mark Stein
If By Sea: The Forging of the American Navy -From the Revolution to the War of 1812 por George C. Daughan
In Peace and War: Interpretations of American Naval History, 1775–1984 por Kenneth J. Hagan
In the Shadow of the United States Capitol: Congressional Cemetery and the Memory of the Nation por Abby Arthur Johnson
An Infamous Marriage por Susanna Fraser
The Internal Enemy: Slavery and War in Virginia, 1772-1832 por Alan Taylor
Into the Wind: Part One (American Dreams) por Jean Ferris
The Invasion of Canada: 1812-1813 por Pierre Berton
The Invasion of Canada: Battles of the War of 1812 por Ronald Dale
James Beckwourth: Mountaineer, Scout, and Pioneer por Susan R. Gregson
James FitzGibbon: Defender of Upper Canada por Ruth McKenzie
James Madison por Garry Wills
James Madison and the Creation of the American Republic por Jack Rakove
James Madison and the Struggle for the Bill of Rights por Richard Labunski
James Madison: A Biography por Ralph Ketcham
James Madison: The Founding Father por Robert Allen Rutland
James Monroe: The Quest for National Identity por Harry Ammon
The Jeffersonian Republicans: The Louisiana Purchase and the War of 1812 : 1800-1823 (Drama of American History) por Christopher Collier
Jeremy's War 1812 por John Ibbitson
John Quincy Adams por Robert V. Remini
The Killdeer: An American novel set during the War of 1812 por Northcott Mayes
Kingston before the War of 1812 : a collection of documents por Richard Arthur Preston
The Last Founding Father: James Monroe and a Nation's Call to Greatness por Harlow Giles Unger
Laura Secord : The Legend and the Lady por Ruth McKenzie
Laura Secord's Brave Walk por Connie Brummel Crook
Laura Secord, the heroine of 1812. A Drama. and Other Poems. por Sarah Anne Curzon
Laura Secord: A Story of Courage por Janet Lunn
Laura Secord: The Heroic Adventures of a Canadian Legend (Amazing Stories) por Cheryl MacDonald
Laura's Choice: The Story of Laura Secord por Connie Brummel Crook
The legacy of the War of 1812 por Lizann Flatt
Liberty or Death: Wars that Forged a Nation por Daniel Marston
The Life of Andrew Jackson por Robert V. Remini
Little House by Boston Bay por Melissa Wiley
A Little Maid of New Orleans por Alice Turner Curtis
Mad Boy por Nick Arvin
Maneuver and Firepower: The Evolution of Divisions and Separate Brigades (Army Lineage Series) por John B. Wilson
Marie Laveau por Francine Prose
Marriage of Mercy por Carla Kelly
Maryland Militia in the War of 1812 Volume 3: Cecil and Harford Counties por F. Edward Wright
Maryland Militia in the War of 1812 Volume 4: Anne Arundel and Calvert Counties por F. Edward Wright
Men of Patriotism, Courage & Enterprise! Fort Meigs in the War of 1812 por Larry L. Nelson
Merry Hearts Make Light Days: The War of 1812 Journal of Lieutenant John Le Couteur, 104th Foot por Donald E. Graves
The Military Heroes Of The War Of 1812: With A Narrative Of The War por Charles J. Peterson
A Military History of Canada por Desmond Morton
The military in the Niagara Peninsula : Eighth annual Niagara Peninsula History Conference por Wesley B. Turner
The Monroe Doctrine, 1823: A Landmark in American Foreign Policy por Harold Cecil Vaughan
Moral Minority: Our Skeptical Founding Fathers por Brooke Allen
More Battlefields of Canada por Mary Beacock Fryer
More Fighting for Canada : Five Battles 1760-1944 por Donald E. Graves
Mr. Madison's War: Politics, Diplomacy and Warfare in the Early American Republic, 1783-1830 por J. C. A. Stagg
Mr. Madison's war; 1812: the second war for independence por Noel Bertram Gerson
My Dear Hamilton por Stephanie Dray
A Neighbourly War: New Brunswick and the War of 1812 (New Brunswick Military Heritage Series) por Robert L. Dallison
Never Seduce a Scoundrel por Sabrina Jeffries
North American Indians: A Very Short Introduction por Theda Perdue
Notes on Maryland War of 1812, Indians, etc. por Jane Smith
Old Fort Henry: The Citadel of Upper Canada por Ronald L. Way
Old Ironsides por Thomas Gillmer
Oliver Hazard Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie por Gerard T. Altoff
On Tide Mill Lane por Melissa Wiley
Panther in the Sky por James Alexander Thom
Patriot Hearts por Barbara Hambly
Pennsylvania and the War of 1812 por Harold L Myers
Perry's Lake Erie Fleet: After the Glory por David Frew
Philadelphia : the place and the people por Agnes Repplier
Pierre Berton's War of 1812 por Pierre Berton
Preble's boys; Commodore Preble and the birth of American sea power por Fletcher Pratt
A Press Of Canvas por William H. White
Privateering: Patriots and Profits in the War of 1812 (Johns Hopkins Books on the War of 1812) por Faye M. Kert
Prize and prejudice: Privateering and naval prize in Atlantic Canada in the War of 1812 (Research in maritime history) por Faye Margaret Kert
Problems of the New Nation por Academic Industries
Profiles in Folly: History's Worst Decisions and Why They Went Wrong por Alan Axelrod
Prologue to War: England and the United States, 1805-1812 por Bradford Perkins
Queen of Swords por Sara Donati
A Rage for Glory: The Life of Commodore Stephen Decatur, USN por James Tertius de Kay
Red Coats & Grey Jackets: The Battle of Chippawa, 5 July 1814 por Donald E. Graves
Redcoats and Loyalists, 1760-1815 (Canada's illustrated heritage) por Leslie F Hannon
Redcoats' Revenge: An Alternate History of the War of 1812 por David Fitz-Enz
A Republic for the Ages: The United States Capitol and the Political Culture of the Early Republic (United States Capitol Historical Society) por Donald R. Kennon
Richardson's War of 1812 por Alexander Clark Casselman
The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln por Sean Wilentz
River Apart por Robert Sutherland
The Robber Barons and the Sherman Antitrust Act: Reshaping American Business (Milestones in American History) por Tim McNeese
Rough Notes of Seven Campaigns in Portugal, Spain, France and America During the Years 1809-1815 por John Spencer Cooper
Sailors of 1812: Memoirs & Letters of Naval Officers on Lake Ontario por Robert Malcomson
Salt: A Story of Friendship in a Time of War por Helen Frost
The sea and the States; a maritime history of the American people por Samuel Wood Bryant
Sea Change por Darlene Marshall
The Second Bend in the River por Ann Rinaldi
The Shawnees and the war for America por Colin G. Calloway
The Shining Sea: David Porter and the Epic Voyage of the U.S.S. Essex during the War of 1812 por George C. Daughan
Ships of Oak, Guns of Iron: The War of 1812 and the Forging of the American Navy por Ronald Utt
Sir Allan Napier MacNab por Donald R. Beer
Sir Isaac Brock por T. G. Marquis
Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy por Ian W. Toll
Sketches Illustrating the Early Settlement and History of Glengarry in Canada por J. A. Macdonell
Snake Hill : an investigation of a military cemetery from the War of 1812 por Susan Pfeiffer
Soldiers of 1814: American Enlisted Men's Memoirs of the Niagara Campaign por Jarvis Frary Hanks
Some North Carolina Widows and Orphans of the War of 1812 por Robert S. Davis
A Sorrow in our Heart: The Life of Tecumseh por Allan W. Eckert
A Spy in Old New Orleans por Anne Emery
The star-spangled rooster por Bruce Grant
The Star-Spangled Secret por K. M. Kimball
State of Vermont - Roster of soldiers in the war of 1812-14 por Vermont
Stephen Decatur: A Life Most Bold And Daring por Spencer Tucker
Stephen Girard: America's First Tycoon por George Wilson
The story of American folk song por Russell Ames
The Story of Billy Green and the Battle of Stoney Creek June 6, 1813 por James E. Elliot
The Story of the White House por Kate Waters
Strange Fatality: The Battle of Stoney Creek, 1813 por James E. Elliott
The Struggle for the Border por Bruce Hutchison
A Survey of Sites Related to the American Revolution and War of 1812 in Tennessee por Benjamin C. Nance
Tecumseh's bones por Guy St-Denis
Through Water, Ice & Fire: Schooner Nancy of the War of 1812 por Barry Gough
Thundergate: The Forts of Niagara por Robert West Howard
To Stand and Fight Together: Richard Pierpoint and the Coloured Corps of Upper Canada por Steve Pitt
Tom Cringle: Battle on the High Seas por Gerald Hausman
Tom Cringle: The Pirate and the Patriot (Tom Cringle 2) por Gerald Hausman
Tracing Your War of 1812 Ancestors por David A. Norris
Treason at York por John F. Hayes
Twenty-Five Years in the Rifle Brigade por William Surtees
Uncle Sam's Architects: Builders of the Capital por William B. Bushong
Union 1812: The Americans Who Fought the Second War of Independence por A. J. Langguth
A Veteran of 1812: The Life of James FitzGibbon por Mary Agnes FitzGibbon
Virginia Military Records: Colonial Wars, Revolutionary War, War of 1812 por Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc.
Voyageurs por Margaret Elphinstone
The War of 1812 por Miriam Greenblatt
The War of 1812 (Essential Events) por Katie Marsico
The War of 1812 (Let Freedom Ring: The New Nation) por Susan E. Haberle
The War of 1812 (We the People: Expansion and Reform) por Lucia Raatma
The War of 1812 (World History Series) por Don Nardo
The War of 1812 in the Age of Napoleon por Jeremy Black
The War of 1812: A Brief History por Robert C. Jones
The War of 1812: Expanding & Preserving the Union (Primary Source Readers) por Jill Mulhall
War of 1812: The Land Operations (Historical publication / Canadian War Museum) por George F. G. Stanley
Washington Past and Present: A Guide to the Nation's Capital por Donald R. Kennon
Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation por Peter L. Bernstein
Where Right and Glory Lead! The Battle of Lundy's Lane, 1814 por Donald E. Graves
Where the People Speak: The United States Capitol and Its Place in History por Andrew R. Dodge
William "Tiger" Dunlop, "Blackwoodian Backwoodsman" por Carl F. Klinck
Woman of the green glade : the story of an Ojibway woman on the Great Lakes frontier por Virginia M Soetebier
"Creek Nativism and the Creek War of 1813-1814. Part 2 (Stiggins Narrative, Continued)," por Theron A. Nunez Jr.1815
1812 por David Nevin1815
1812: A Nation Emerges por Sidney Hart1815
1812: A Traveler's Guide to the War That Defined a Continent por National Geographic1815
1812: The Navy's War por George C. Daughan1815
1812: The War Nobody Won por Albert Marrin1815
1812: The War That Forged a Nation por Walter R. Borneman1815
1812: War with America por Jon Latimer1815
187 Things You Should Know about the War of 1812 por Donald R. Hickey1815
Against All Odds: U.S. Sailors in the War of 1812 por Charles E. Brodine1815
The Age Of Fighting Sail: The Story of the Naval War of 1812 por C. S. Forester1815
Amateurs, to Arms!: A Military History of the War of 1812 por John R. Elting1815
America's First Dynasty : The Adamses, 1735-1918 por Richard Brookhiser1815
American Civil War por Winston S. Churchill1815
American Eden: David Hosack, Botany, and Medicine in the Garden of the Early Republic por Victoria Johnson1815
The American War 1812-14 (Men-at-Arms 36) por Philip Katcher1815
Amongst My Best Men: African Americans and the War of 1812 por Gerard T. Altoff1815
Andrew Jackson and His Indian Wars por Robert V. Remini1815
Andrew Jackson and the Course of American Empire, Volume 1: 1767-1821 por Robert V. Remini1815
Andrew Jackson and the Creek War: Victory at the Horseshoe por James Wendell Holland1815
Baine's history of the late war between the United States and Great Britain por Edward Baines1815
Battle for the Southern Frontier: The Creek War and the War of 1812 por Mike Bunn1815
The Battle of New Orleans: Andrew Jackson and America's First Military Victory por Robert V. Remini1815
The Battle of Queenston Heights por Sarah Anne Curzon1815
Bibiography of Literature Related to the Creek War and the War of 1812 in the Gulf South. por Mike Bunn1815
The Black Phalanx: African American Soldiers In The War Of Independence, The War Of 1812, And The Civil War por Joseph T. Wilson1815
Bold, Brave, and Born to Lead: Major General Isaac Brock and the Canadas por Mary Beacock Fryer1815
The British at the Gates por Robin Reilly1815
British Generals in the War of 1812: High Command in the Canadas por Wesley B. Turner1815
Broadsides: The Age of Fighting Sail, 1775-1815 por Nathan Miller1815
Builders of America Vol. XVII, Andrew Jackson por Clifford Smyth1815
The Burning of Washington: The British Invasion of 1814 por Anthony S. Pitch1815
By the Dawn's Early Light: The Story of the Star-Spangled Banner por Steven Kroll1815
A Call to Battle: The War of 1812, Alexander MacKay, Upper Canada, 1812 por Gillian Chan1815
Canada on Fire por Jennifer Crump1815
The Captain from Connecticut por C. S. Forester1815
The Causes of the War of 1812: National Honor or National Interest? por Bradford Perkins1815
Chasing Oliver Hazard Perry: Travels in the Footsteps of the Commodore Who Saved America por Craig Heimbuch1815
The Chesapeake Campaigns 1813-15: Middle Ground of the War of 1812 por Scott S. Sheads1815
Citizen Soldiers in the War of 1812 por C. Edward Skeen1815
The Civil War of 1812: American Citizens, British Subjects, Irish Rebels, & Indian Allies por Alan Taylor1815
Creek War, 1813-1814 (U.S. Army Campaigns of the War of 1812) por Center of Military History1815
The Dartmoor Massacre : a British atrocity against American POWs at Princetown jail during the War of 1812 por Vivian Bird1815
The dawn's early light por Walter Lord1815
The Death of Isaac Brock por Pierre Berton1815
Defenders of the old southwest : a muster listing of all known Mississippi territorial volunteers (1784-1811), soldiers in the War of 1812, Creek "Red Stick" War (1813-1814), the Alamo (1836) and Mexican War (1846-1848) por H. Grady Howell1815
Encyclopedia of the War of 1812 por David Stephen Heidler1815
The Fall and Recapture of Detroit in the War of 1812: In Defense of William Hull (Great Lakes Books) por Anthony J. Yanik1815
Field of Glory: The Battle of Crysler's Farm, 1813 por Donald E. Graves1815
Fighting Sail on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay: The War of 1812 and its Aftermath por Barry M. Gough1815
Flames Across the Border: 1813-1814 por Pierre Berton1815
For Honour's Sake: The War of 1812 and the Brokering of an Uneasy Peace por Mark Zuehlke1815
Forts of the War of 1812 por Rene Chartrand1815
The Frigates: An Account of the Lesser Warships of the Wars from 1793 to 1815 por James Henderson1815
From Sea to Shining Sea: From the War of 1812 to the Mexican War; The Saga of America's Expansion por Robert Leckie1815
Frontier Militiaman in the War of 1812: Southwestern Frontier por Ed Gilbert1815
General Brock (The Makers of Canada Series) por Lady Matilda Ridout Edgar1815
General Brock and Niagara Falls por Samuel Hopkins Adams1815
The Generals: Andrew Jackson, Sir Edward Pakenham, and the Road to the Battle of New Orleans por Benton Rain Patterson1815
Guide Book to the Historic Sites of the War of 1812 por Gilbert Collins1815
Hacks, Sycophants, Adventurers, and Heroes: Madison's Commanders in the War of 1812 por Colonel David Fitz-Enz1815
Half-Hearted Enemies: Nova Scotia, New England and the War of 1812 por John Boileau1815
Henry Clay : from "War Hawk" to the "Great Compromiser" por Alison Davis Tibbitts1815
Henry Clay and the War of 1812 por Quentin Scott King1815
Historical Dictionary of the War of 1812 (Historical Dictionaries of War, Revolution, and Civil Unrest) por Robert Malcomson1815
In the Midst of Alarms: The Untold Story of Women and the War of 1812 por Dianne Graves1815
The Incredible War of 1812: A Military History por J. Mackay Hitsman1815
Index to certified copy of list of American prisoners of war, 1812-1815: As recorded in General entry book, Ottawa, Canada. List of American prisoners ... at Princetown, Dartmoor, England, 1812-1815 por Deborah Edith Wallbridge Carr1815
Infantry regiments of the US Army por James A. Sawicki1815
The Iroquois in the War of 1812 por Carl Benn1815
Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas por Stephanie Barron1815
A Journal of a Young Man of Massachusetts, 2nd ed. Late A Surgeon On Board An American Privateer, Who Was Captured At Sea By The British, In May, Eighteen ... Of Dartmoor Prison, Representing The... por Benjamin Waterhouse1815
Kentucky in the War of 1812 por Anderson Chenault Quisenberry1815
The life of Andrew Jackson, major-general in the service of the United States por John Henry Eaton1815
The Lion and the Union: The Anglo-American War 1812-15 por Kate Caffrey1815
The Lively Lady por Kenneth Lewis Roberts1815
Lords of the Lake: The Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812-1814 por Robert Malcomson1815
Lower Canada, 1791-1840 : social change and nationalism por Fernand Ouellet1815
Loyalties in Conflict: A Canadian Borderland in War and Rebellion,1812-1840 por John Little1815
Madison County, New York Soldiers in the War of 1812 por William H. Tuttle1815
Memoirs of Andrew Jackson, late major general and commander in chief of the Southern division of the army of the United States por John Henry Eaton1815
Men, Ships, and the Sea por Alan John Villiers1815
Military Records: New York in the Revolution and War of 1812 por Broderbund Software Inc.1815
National safety : a sermon por James McChord1815
Native Memoirs from the War of 1812: Black Hawk and William Apess por Carl Benn1815
Naval Occurrences of the War of 1812: A Full and Correct Account of the Naval War between Great Britain and The United States of America, 1812-1815 por William James1815
The Naval War of 1812 por Theodore Roosevelt1815
The Naval War of 1812 por Robert Gardiner1815
Naval War of 1812, A Documentary History, V. 2 por William S. Dudley1815
Negro soldiers in the Battle of New Orleans (Battle of New Orleans sesquicentennial historical booklets) por Marcus Christian1815
New Orleans 1815: Andrew Jackson Crushes the British por Tim Pickles1815
Niagara 1814: America Invades Canada por Richard V. Barbuto1815
Niagara 1814: The Final Invasion por Jon Latimer1815
Officers of the British forces in Canada during the war of 1812-15 por L. Homfray Irving1815
Patriotic Fire: Andrew Jackson and Jean Laffite at the Battle of New Orleans por Winston Groom1815
Perilous Fight: America's Intrepid War with Britain on the High Seas, 1812-1815 por Stephen Budiansky1815
The pictorial field-book of the War of 1812 por Benson J. Lossing1815
The Pirates Laffite: The Treacherous World of the Corsairs of the Gulf por William C. Davis1815
Plunder, Profit, and Paroles: A Social History of the War of 1812 in Upper Canada por George Sheppard1815
Prisoners of War at Dartmoor: American and French Soldiers and Sailors in an English Prison During the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812 por Trevor James1815
Register of the General Society of the War of 1812 por Frederick Ira Ordway, Jr.1815
The Republic in Peril: 1812 por Roger H. H. Brown1815
The Republic's Private Navy: The American Privateering Business as Practiced by Baltimore in the War of 1812 (American Maritime Library Series) por Jerome R. Garitee1815
The Rockets' Red Glare: An Illustrated History of the War of 1812 por Donald R. Hickey1815
The rowboat war: On the Great Lakes, 1812-1814 (Great stories of Canada ; no.31) por Fred Swayze1815
A Ruinous and Unhappy War: New England and the War of 1812 por James Ellis1815
Sea power in its relations to the War of 1812 por A. T. Mahan1815
The Shawnee Prophet por R. David Edmunds1815
A Signal Victory: The Lake Erie Campaign, 1812-1813 (Bluejacket Books) por David Curtis Skaggs1815
The sinews of war: Army logistics, 1775-1953 por James A. Huston1815
Singing Our History: Canada's Story in Song por Edith Fowke1815
Sink or Be Sunk! The Naval Battle in the Mississippi Sound That Preceded the Battle of New Orleans por Paul Estonza LA Violette1815
The Slaves' Gamble: Choosing Sides in the War of 1812 por Gene Allen Smith1815
The Smuggler's Treasure por Sarah Masters Buckey1815
Soldiers of the King: The Upper Canadian Militia 1812-1815 por William M. Gray1815
The Solitary Envoy por T. Davis Bunn1815
The Story of Isaac Brock: Hero, Defender and Saviour of Upper Canada 1812 por Walter R. Nursey1815
The Story of the Burning of Washington por R. Conrad Stein1815
The Story of the Star-Spangled Banner por Natalie Miller1815
Struggle for the Gulf Borderlands: The Creek War and the Battle of New Orleans, 1812-1815 por Frank Lawrence Owsley, Jr.1815
Tecumseh and Brock: The War of 1812 por James Laxer1815
Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership por R. David Edmunds1815
Ten years of Upper Canada in peace and war, 1805-1815 por Matilsa Edgar1815
Tenting Tonight: The Soldier's Life por James I. Robertson1815
Tohopeka : Rethinking the Creek War and the War of 1812 por Kathryn E. Holland Braund1815
The Twins The Pirates And The Battle Of New Orleans por Harriette Gillem Robinet1815
Uniforms and Equipment of the United States Forces in the War of 1812 por Rene Chartrand1815
The United States Army : 1812-1815 por James Kochan1815
The United States Army in the War of 1812: Concise Biographies of Commanders and Operational Histories of Regiments, with Bibliographies of Published and Primary Sources por John C. Fredriksen1815
Utmost Gallantry: The U.S. and Royal Navies at Sea in the War of 1812 por KEVIN D. MCCRANIE1815
A very brilliant affair : the Battle of Queenston Heights, 1812 por Robert Malcomson1815
A Wampum Denied: Procter's War of 1812 (Carleton Library) por Sandy Antal1815
War 1812 por George S. May1815
War of 1812 por Carl Benn1815
The War of 1812 por Victor Suthren1815
The War of 1812 por John K. Mahon1815
The War of 1812 por Andrew Santella1815
The War of 1812 por Rebecca Stefoff1815
The War of 1812 por Henry Adams1815
The War of 1812 por Harry L. Coles1815
The War of 1812 por Richard Brandon Morris1815
The War of 1812 (America's Wars) por Don Nardo1815
The War of 1812 Against the States (Amazing Stories) por Jennifer Crump1815
The War of 1812 and the many veterans who migrated to Ohio and Indiana [sound recording] por F. Edward Wright1815
The War of 1812 and the Rise of the U.S. Navy por Mark Collins Jenkins1815
War of 1812 Genealogy por George K. Schweitzer1815
The War of 1812 in the Old Northwest por Alec R. Gilpin1815
The War of 1812: A Complete Chronology with Biographies of 63 General Officers por Bud Hannings1815
The War of 1812: A Forgotten Conflict por Donald R. Hickey1815
The War of 1812: Conflict for a Continent por J. C. A. Stagg1815
The War of 1812: The War that Both Sides Won por Wesley B. Turner1815
The War of 1812: Writings from America's Second War of Independence: (Library of America #232) por Donald R. Hickey1815
The War With the United States : A Chronicle of 1812 por William Charles Henry Wood1815
Warships of the Great Lakes, 1754-1834 por Robert Malcomson1815
Washington Burning: How a Frenchman's Vision for Our Nation's Capital Survived Congress, the Founding Fathers, and the Invading British Army por Les Standiford1815
Washington City Is Burning por Harriette Gillem Robinet1815
When Britain Burned the White House: The 1814 Invasion of Washington por Peter Snow1815
When Washington Burned por Arnold Blumberg1815
While Washington Burned: The Battle for Fort Erie 1814 por Joseph Whitehorne1815
Whispers of War: The War of 1812 Diary of Susanna Merritt por Kit Pearson1815
With Perry on Lake Erie: A Tale of 1812. por James Otis1815
“The Red Stick War: Creek Indian Affairs During the War of 1812,” por Arthur H. Hall1815
"Creek Nativism and the Creek War of 1813-1814," por Theron A. Nunez Jr.1812-1815
1812: The Rivers of War (The Trail of Glory) por Eric Flint1812-1815
Agent Of Destiny: The Life And Times Of General Winfield Scott por John Eisenhower1812-1815
America and War por Elwood Worcester1812-1815
American Courage, American Carnage: 7th Infantry Chronicles por John C. McManus1812-1815
American Philatelist, No. 1370, March 2015 por American Philatelic Society1812-1815
Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times por H. W. Brands1812-1815
Arming the Fleet: U.S. Navy Ordnance in the Muzzle-Loading Era por Spencer Tucker1812-1815
Attack on Montreal por Pierre Berton1812-1815
The Backwoods of Canada por Catharine Parr Traill1812-1815
The Battle of Lake Erie por F. van Wyck Mason1812-1815
Battle of Lake Erie por Pierre Berton1812-1815
Battlefields of Canada por Mary Beacock Fryer1812-1815
The Battles of the War of 1812 por Pierre Berton1812-1815
Benjamin Henry Latrobe por Talbot Hamlin1812-1815
The Boy Spies at the Siege of Detroit: A Story of the Ohio Boys In the War of 1812 por James Otis1812-1815
Broken Days por Ann Rinaldi1812-1815
The building of Perry's fleet on Lake Erie, 1812-1813 por Max Rosenberg1812-1815
The Bully Boys por Eric Walters1812-1815
The Burning of Washington: August 1814 por Mary Kay Phelan1812-1815
The Buzzel About Kentuck: Settling the Promised Land por Craig Thompson Friend1812-1815
Canada Under Siege por Pierre Berton1812-1815
Canada, a modern history por John Bartlet Brebner1812-1815
Canada: The Foundations of its Future por Stephen Leacock1812-1815
The Canadian Brothers: Or the Prophecy Fulfilled : A Tale of the Late American War (Centre for Editing Early Canadian Texts, No 9) por Major Richardson1812-1815

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