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18th century(11) 19th century(72) 21st century(12) adventure(9) African American(7) agriculture(5) animals(22) archaeology(13) architecture(97) art(20) autobiography(37) biographies(70) biography(173) black history(11) Canada(718) Canadian(159) Canadian author(25) Canadiana(75) cemeteries(5) children(8) children's(6) cities(37) city(8) community(5) correspondence(5) country life(5) cultural history(9) culture(26) design(5) Diaries and Journals(10) diary(15) education(5) emigration(6) England(5) environment(8) family(12) fire(7) food(5) forest(5) Frontier and pioneer life(50) genealogy(76) geography(52) geology(6) government(5) graphic novel(12) guide(12) guidebook(61) historical(16) history(724) hotels(9) houses(7) humor(25) immigrants(16) immigration(29) Irish(8) journal(7) Kentucky(6) letters(6) literature(5) local(17) maps(13) Michigan(5) military(7) military history(10) museums(14) nature(42) North America(16) Ontario(557) outdoors(14) paper(5) photographs(23) photography(55) picture book(20) pioneer(28) political science(6) politics(42) politics and government(41) reference(52) religion(9) rural life(5) science(6) Scotland(16) Scots(8) slavery(23) social history(14) social life(5) Social life and customs(6) social studies(6) sociology(7) survival(7) theatre(5) Toronto (Ont.)(71) tourism(14) travel(279) travel writing(5) Underground Railroad(35) urban(12) urban planning(18) urban studies(24) urbanism(9) usa(10) Victorian(7) Virago(10) War of 1812(11) Waterloo(15) wilderness(7) women(30) women's history(18) women's studies(5)

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