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13th century(44) 14th century(1,166) 14th century literature(108) academic(173) allegory(93) Anglo-Saxon(27) Arthurian fiction(28) arthurian mythology(30) Arthurian Romance(62) autobiography(132) biography(919) Britain(302) British(784) British history(151) British poetry(71) Broadview(11) Camelot(63) canon(20) Canterbury(80) Chaucer(2,003) Christianity(195) classic(1,720) classics(2,242) Cliffs Notes(43) college(47) Early English(16) England(1,122) English author(44) English History(150) English literature(1,800) epic(220) epic poem(19) epic poetry(136) Europe(65) European History(45) fantasy(598) folklore(373) folklore and mythology(88) frame narrative(11) frame story(33) Geoffrey Chaucer(287) grail(64) Great Britain(71) high school(52) historical(123) historical fiction(227) history(1,480) Holy Grail(38) humor(150) knight(18) knighthood(23) knights(188) Knights and knighthood(17) Lancelot(45) language(86) Late Middle Ages(40) legend(187) legends(169) literary(47) literary criticism(679) literary fiction(51) literary studies(40) literature(3,520) Literature & Fiction(89) Matter of Britain(64) medieval(4,314) Medieval England(66) Medieval English(15) Medieval Europe(28) medieval fiction(37) medieval literature(1,944) medieval poetry(88) medieval romance(16) medieval studies(234) Medieval Tales(19) medievalism(20) Middle Ages(1,114) modernized(9) Morgan le Fay(13) mysticism(104) myth(165) myths(49) narrative poetry(47) Norton(19) Old English(90) outlaws(21) paper(32) Pearl(10) pilgrimage(186) pilgrimages(31) poem(47) poems(44) poetry(6,496) Poetry & Drama(14) poets(22) premodern(16) primary source(60) reference(178) religion(352) Renaissance(47) retelling(42) romance(359) romances(67) saga(27) satire(74) sca(20) school(102) short story(38) stories(114) storytelling(48) texts(29) textual criticism(17) travel(106) uk(146) undergrad(16) verse(128) women(114) world literature(38)

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