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New England Foodways: An Annotated Bibliography

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Descrição: Clambakes. The New England boiled dinner. Baked beans. New England has long been known for a specific regional style of cooking, and the last several decades have seen a marked rise in interest, both scholarly and by cooks throughout the country, in American regional cooking. What follows is a look at some of the works which have been produced on New England cookery, and several of the touchstone works in the history of the topic. With one historical exception, I exclude from this bibliography any books which are simply collections of recipes, as these provide little insight into why the food is prepared as it is, although many of these works do include some recipes.

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waitingtoderail (3): A landmark work in environmental history. A scholarly examination of the New England landscape as it was transformed by Europeans and European agriculture. Notes, bibliographical essay, and index.… (mais)

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waitingtoderail (4): 100th anniversary facsimile reproduction of the original 1896 edition of a classic New England cookbook, the first cookbook to call for standardized measurements of ingredients. Includes reproductions of original advertisements and corrections made by Farmer's own hand. Illustrated. Includes index.… (mais)

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waitingtoderail (10): Essays by one of America's finest food writers on the “origins of his identity as a cook.” The first half is about his childhood summers and ten years as an adult on the Maine coast. Connects his personal reminisces with the history of particular dishes specific to the region, such as baked beans and gingerbread. Much of the second half of the book delves into southern Louisiana cooking. Many chapters include recipes and some include bibliographies, with a full bibliography and index at the end.… (mais)

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waitingtoderail (9): A study of the “origins of New England food and the evolution of some of its best-known dishes” with an emphasis on the traditional foods of the region. Chapters on corn, beans and pumpkins, fish and shellfish, fowl, game and other meats, fruits, desserts, and beverages, as well as one examining regional cookbooks. Notes, strong bibliography. Index.… (mais)

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waitingtoderail (8): A study of New England food acquisition, preservation, and preparation traditions through the 19th century, with emphasis on coastal New England. Photographs and illustrations throughout. Includes nearly 200 recipes from diaries and home recipe books of the period. Citations, bibliography, and index included.… (mais)

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waitingtoderail (7): An examination of the New England phenomenon of the clambake. Three sections – starting with the history of the traditional clambake, followed by a case study of an annual community clambake in South Dartmouth, MA, and finally, “a critical examination of some of the more popular theories that deal with central elements of the clambaking tradition.” Notes, references. Index.… (mais)

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waitingtoderail (5): History and reminisces of one New England farming family and the land their family farmed for 300 years. Two sections: First, “Arrowhead Through the Centuries,” which is a history of the land, what was farmed, and the techniques used over time, and second, “Arrowhead Through the Seasons,” which consists of short vignettes and recipes. Illustrated with drawings and photographs throughout. Only the recipes are indexed.… (mais)

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