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Babe in the Woods: Building a Life One Log at a Time, captures the highs and lows of the author then, a ninety-eight-pound teenager who healed her past, grew into a woman and an artist while learning to carve a home in the wilderness.     “Babe in the Woods puts an honest and gritty face on the fantasy of living alone in the backcountry. It is My Side of the Mountain and Into the Wild, with a successful ending and expands the timeline of a young woman going it alone, central to the success of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild.”   At age 18 Yvonne arrives on the eighty acre mountainside she bought in Oregon’s Strawberry Mountains to build a log cabin. Equipped with a bow saw, and enough naiveté and fortitude to painfully and dangerously overcome her inexperience, she learns how to use a chainsaw and other tools to shape a new life in the forest of men, machines, and back breaking work. Overcoming the odds of her orphaned past and the present challenges of living alone in the wilderness Yvonne succeeds. She builds a home from trees and develops solid friendships with strangers in a valley named John Day.   Babe in the Woods includes original artwork and ledgers, further authenticating the construction of this three-story log cabin, built by hand from trees on land which Yvonne still owns today. The publisher will make the title available in the following formats; pdf, mobi or epub.
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