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Donna Scott (Editor), Neil Williamson (Contribuidor), Andrew Wilson (Contribuidor), A.J. McIntosh (Contribuidor), David Whitmarsh (Contribuidor), Tim Major (Contribuidor), E.M. Faulds (Contribuidor), Liam Hogan (Contribuidor), Alice Dryden (Contribuidor), Ian Whates (Contribuidor), Eric Brown (Contribuidor), Philip Irving (Contribuidor), Stephen Oram (Contribuidor), L.N. Hunter (Contribuidor), Matt Thompson (Contribuidor), Val Nolan (Contribuidor), Stewart Baker (Contribuidor), J.K. Fulton (Contribuidor), Brent Baldwin (Contribuidor), Fiona Moore (Contribuidor), Robert Bagnall (Contribuidor), Keith Brooke (Contribuidor), Eric Brown (Contribuidor), Dafydd McKimm (Contribuidor), Ida Keogh (Contribuidor), Vaughan Stanger (Contribuidor), Lavie Tidhar (Contribuidor)

This is the eighth year of the Best of British Science Fiction anthology series, and once again editor Donna Scott has outdone herself, scouring magazines, anthologies, webzines and obscure genre corners to discover the very best science fiction stories by British and British-based authors published during 2022. Two dozen stories, varying greatly in subject matter and style.

Donna Scott is a director and former chair of the BSFA, as well as being a distinguished poet, writer, and stand-up comedian. Donna is also a free-lance editor who has worked behind the scenes for a number of major publishers over the course of several years.


Introduction by Donna Scott

A Moment of Zugzwang – Neil Williamson

A Quickening Tide – Andrew Wilson and A J McIntosh

In the Weave – David Whitmarsh

The Marshalls of Mars – Tim Major

The Amelioration of Existence in Spite of Truth and Reconciliation – EM Faulds

Last Bite at the Klondike – Liam Hogan

For I Shall Consider My Cat J/FRY – Alice Dryden

The FenZone – Ian Whates

Translation – Philip Irving

Long Live the Strawberries of Finsbury Park – Stephen Oram

Eternal Soldier – L.N. Hunter

I Know What You Are – Matt Thompson

Gortcullinane Man – Val Nolan

The Spreads of Space and Endless Devastation – Stewart Baker

Call of the Void – J.K. Fulton

Retirement Options for (Too) Successful Space Entrepreneurs – Brent Baldwin

The Memory Spider – Fiona Moore

Sunrunner – Robert Bagnall

Assets – Keith Brooke and Eric Brown

The Flamingo Maximizer – Dafydd McKimm

Wheel of Fortune – Ida Keogh

Those We Leave Behind – Vaughan Stanger

Junk Hounds – Lavie Tidhar

About the Authors

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