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Kolby Granville (Editor), Matthew Wallace (Contribuidor), Tyler W. Kurt (Contribuidor), Shawn Winchester (Contribuidor), Steven Simoncic (Contribuidor), Margery Topper Weinstein (Contribuidor), Keith Raymond (Contribuidor), Mark Bessen (Contribuidor), Edward Daschle (Contribuidor), Jan McCleery (Contribuidor), Jared Cappel (Contribuidor), David Rich (Contribuidor)

Synopsis: Carefully curated stories from our monthly magazine to create a themed short story book about the philosophy and ethics of equality and diversity.

Perfect for classrooms and book clubs, each story is 1,500-7,000 words and comes with five suggested discussion questions. Edition Editor - Kolby Granville

  • A Wolf On The Bus: A wolf rides the bus, and is subject to discrimination by riders and police.
  • Teddy And Roosevelt: Two misfit boys strike up an unlikely friendship in the shadow of President Roosevelt.
  • The Hanging Man: Patrons ignore a dead homeless man hanging in the corner of a posh art gallery opening.
  • Never Enough (Until You Earn It): Two African refugees make their way to Europe and are provided "basic income."
  • Drag Brunch: Hannah's gay friend is excluded from her bachelorette party.
  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Reincarnation: A gay couple, and a trans couple, get together for drinks and try to figure out what it means to be a man/woman.
  • The Draft: Society forces all babies to be born, but creates a lottery system requiring all men to care for the offspring.
  • The Human Experience: A married couple negotiates the genetic future of their unborn child.
  • The Crate: Two women escape from a country that forces equal treatment to one that encourages differences, and find both have their issues.
  • As You Wish: An elderly woman finds a trunk of tattered stuffed animals and makes a promise to fix them all.
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LGBTQ+, Fiction and Literature, Philosophy, Sexuality and Gender Studies
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Amy Bloom (Editor, Contribution by), Chris Knopf (Contribution by), Sarah Pemberton Strong (Contribution by), Sawhney Hirsh (Contribution by), David Rich (Contribution by), Roxana Robinson (Contribution by), Karen E. Olson (Contribution by), Stephen L. Carter (Contribution by), Jessica Speart (Contribution by), Jonathan Stone (Contribution by), Alice Mattison (Contribution by), John Crowley (Contribution by), Chandra Prasad (Contribution by), Michael Cunningham (Contribution by), Lisa D. Gray (Contribution by)
Séries: Akashic Noir
Akashic Books continues its groundbreaking series of original noir anthologies, launched in 2004 with Brooklyn Noir. Each story is set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the city of the book. Brand-new stories by: Michael Cunningham, Roxana Robinson, Stephen L. Carter, John Crowley, Amy Bloom, Alice Mattison, Chris Knopf, Jonathan Stone, Sarah Pemberton Strong, Karen E. Olson, Jessica Speart, Chandra Prasad, David Rich, and Hirsh Sawhney. New Haven may be best known for Yale University, but its criminal dimensions run as deep as anywhere else on the Eastern Seaboard. Whether the setting is a college campus, the waterfront, East Rock, The Hill, or Wooster Square, the stories in this volume bring the full city to life—and death. From editor Amy Bloom: New Haven in not a tourist kind of town. Yes, if you want to see the Cushing brain collection of 400 brains-in-jars (with another 150 planned for display), including artifacts like the piece of steak signed (if that’s the word)—using an electrosurgical knife—by Ivan Pavlov, and plenty of infant skulls. Also, more transcendently, you can visit beautiful Beinecke Library, a six-story tower of translucent marble, instead of mere glass, protecting the rare books, including my favorite, the Voynich manuscript, written centuries ago in what seems to be a fictional language with drawings of plants that don’t exist. Also, for the picnickers, the tomb of Midnight Mary in the eighty-five-acre Evergreen Cemetery, right off Ella T. Grasso Boulevard. On her gravestone, it reads: The people shall be troubled at midnight and pass away. It’s a noir kind of town. I love New Haven. I asked other writers who have the same odd, deep affection for the city that I do to tell me their stories. Michael Cunningham, Roxana Robinson, Stephen L. Carter, Alice Mattison, John Crowley. And more. We’ve got the darkly funny, the darker, the ineffable, and the deeply brooding. What we’ve got for you, right here . . . is New Haven.
Mystery, Fiction and Literature
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