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Rogue Heroes
Ben Macintyre's latest book of derring-do and wartime intrigue reveals the incredible story of the last truly unsung secret organization of World War II--Britain's Special Air Service, or the SAS. Facing long odds and a tough slog against Rommel and the Germans' tanks in the Middle East theater, Britain turned to the brainchild of one its most unlikely heroes: David Stirling, a young man whose aimlessness and almost practiced ennui belied a remarkable mind for strategy. With the help of his equally idiosyncratic colleague, the rough-and-tumble Jock Lewes, Stirling sought to assemble a crack team of highly trained men who would parachute in behind enemy lines to sabotage the German war machine. Though he faced stiff resistance from those who believed such activities violated the rules of war, Stirling persevered and in the process created a legacy. Staffed by brilliant and sometimes brutal men, whose talents defied both tradition and expectations, the SAS would change not only the course of the war, but the very nature of combat itself. Written with complete access to the never-before-seen SAS archives (the organization chose Macintyre to be their official historian), Savage Heroes offers a powerfully intimate look at life on the battlefield as lived by a group of remarkable soldiers whose contributions have, until now, gone unrecognized beyond the classified world. Filled with wrenching set pieces and weaving its way through multiple theaters of our grandest and most terrible war, this book is both an excellent addition to the Macintyre library and critical piece in our understanding of the war's unfolding.
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