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RMB | Rocky Mountain Books is a dynamic book publisher located in western Canada. We specialize in quality nonfiction on the outdoors, travel, ecology, conservation, the environment, First Nations, social & cultural issues. We are keenly interested in projects that relate directly to our areas of interest as listed above. These projects can take the form of regional and international guide books, books of high-end photography and art or narrative manuscripts that are thought-provoking, passionate and literary. The constant goal of RMB is to expose readers to the forgotten, the established and the contemporary voices of various mountain, outdoor and environmental writers, artists and thinkers. We do this by bringing back into print vital works from the early 20th century, along with continuing to publish and reprint writing from the late 20th century, all the while working toward giving voice to new writers, artists and communities as they are evolving in the 21st century. RMB is strongly immersed in Canada's publishing industry and we look forward to exploring the multi-layered aspects of outdoor culture in order to offer readers glimpses into the thoughts and lives of the people that comprise our world in the Mountain West and beyond.
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