Reading Globally II

This is a supplemental group to our long-running Reading Globally group.

This group will focus primarily on:

The United Kingdom & Ireland
The United States
New Zealand

On any given day here on LT (the English language site), the dominant conversation is of literature in English, particularly that from the US & UK. The original Reading Globally was created to encourage readers to move out from their English-based reading comfort zones and explore literature from other parts of the world, some in English and some in translation.

However, we recognize the need for a place for those who are reading literature that is not their native literature, even if it is in English. Thus, this is a place where, for example, Americans who are reading a Welsh title might wish discuss it. Or a Brit wanting to discuss literature from the Western provinces of Canada or Australians who might be reading literature from the US South. We suggest one of the many other groups on LT for exploring classic literature of the UK and US.

We have separated the two Reading Globally groups so this discussion does not overshadow the purpose of, and discussion of other countries and literatures, on the original site.

Below, please find some basic threads started. Feel free to add threads as needed.

AGAIN, like the original group, this group wishes to encourage readers to explore literature that is NOT their native literature.

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