Let's Talk Religion

Feel free to discuss openly any topics related to religion and to agnostic and atheistic perspectives. All positions and topics are open. I would like to learn about religious issues, non Western religions, ancient religions, and atheistic and agnostic positions.

Of course questions about faith and non faith are encouraged as well.

It would be great for me personally to learn from discussions about the diversity of beliefs and non belief.

April 12, 2012 update: When you join the group you are also invited to add pictures to the Group Picture gallery. I try periodically to rotate through the gallery to change the group profile picture, to reflect the various insights of group members. I think it is fun.

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Young-Earth Creationism is Cruel14 por ler / 14zangasta, Julho 2018
There is no such thing as "religious experience", only experiences deemed religious41 por ler / 41zangasta, Julho 2018
Religion is funny - psychotically funny. Argue otherwise if you can.14 por ler / 14JGL53, Julho 2018
Science and religion meet at the top of the mountain.1 por ler / 1JGL53, Julho 2018
Pascal's Wager 2.0104 por ler / 104Tid, Maio 2018
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Has UK hit ‘peak secular’?3 por ler / 3JGL53, Maio 2017
'How to defeat terrorists? True extremism'5 por ler / 5JGL53, Janeiro 2017
currently reading: On Religion193 por ler / 193librorumamans, Janeiro 2017
Is science part of human nature?41 por ler / 41southernbooklady, Dezembro 2016
Religious dating sites must make gay matches44 por ler / 44timspalding, Dezembro 2016
Atlantic: The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife37 por ler / 37Tid, Novembro 2016
Fear of Isaac15 por ler / 15richardbsmith, Agosto 2016
Inerrancy8 por ler / 8JGL53, Julho 2016
NYT: A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus’ Wife132 por ler / 132timspalding, Junho 2016
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Paper: "How Good Is the Samaritan, and Why?"2 por ler / 2John5918, Junho 2016
Did Augustine read the bible literally?41 por ler / 41quicksiva, Maio 2016
Introduction to Talmud1 por ler / 1richardbsmith, Maio 2016
Bad theology?62 por ler / 62John5918, Maio 2016
Second Coming12 por ler / 12quicksiva, Abril 2016
Latest Pew: Highly religious people…35 por ler / 35zangasta, Abril 2016
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What matters in your faith?27 por ler / 27hf22, Abril 2016
Limits of Expression?513 por ler / 513southernbooklady, Abril 2016
God Is a Question, Not an Answer5 por ler / 5rrp, Abril 2016
René Girard on The Scapegoat1 por ler / 1librorumamans, Março 2016
Good introductory book(s) on islam?17 por ler / 17zangasta, Março 2016
Why are so many smart people such idiots about philosophy?23 por ler / 23rrp, Março 2016
Original Sin80 por ler / 80richardbsmith, Fevereiro 2016
edx series: Religions and their Scriptures1 por ler / 1richardbsmith, Fevereiro 2016
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Is Why? a theological question?18 por ler / 18richardbsmith, Janeiro 2016
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Anglicans suspend Episcopal Church over same-sex marriage45 por ler / 45richardbsmith, Janeiro 2016
Being Gay in the Islamic State5 por ler / 5margd, Janeiro 2016
Is God all-fair?19 por ler / 19JGL53, Janeiro 2016
Mudderfokker! Tell it, brother!3 por ler / 3JGL53, Janeiro 2016
What does it mean to say that Muslims and Christians worship the same God?81 por ler / 81JGL53, Janeiro 2016
Heaven does no speaking - Confucius22 por ler / 22richardbsmith, Dezembro 2015
'What scares the new atheists'71 por ler / 71JGL53, Dezembro 2015
A man climbing must scrape his knees - Levertov2 por ler / 2margd, Dezembro 2015
Does atheism have to be anti-religious?189 por ler / 189JGL53, Dezembro 2015
New Pew Survey: America's Changing Religious Landscape (2015)24 por ler / 24JGL53, Dezembro 2015
Essentially the same or Fundamentally different?6 por ler / 6richardbsmith, Dezembro 2015
"If Israel accepts the Torah, you will continue to exist"4 por ler / 4MarthaJeanne, Dezembro 2015
"A tiny minority"? My ass.33 por ler / 33JGL53, Novembro 2015
Oppen "Psalm"62 por ler / 62richardbsmith, Novembro 2015
Well I'd say that pretty much sums it up.11 por ler / 11JGL53, Outubro 2015
Doesn't all religion form (except etheism) seek the same thing?....27 por ler / 27jburlinson, Outubro 2015
Atheist tribalism poisons everything6 por ler / 6JGL53, Outubro 2015
Pope Francis' Remarks to Congress8 por ler / 8John5918, Setembro 2015
Bad News Reporting in Religion4 por ler / 4timspalding, Setembro 2015
Thich Nhat Hanh remains in coma7 por ler / 7Mr.Durick, Setembro 2015
Religion and Politics: When to get involved?127 por ler / 127John5918, Agosto 2015
'Extremist is the secular word for heretic'6 por ler / 6John5918, Julho 2015
Francis Defends Evolution And Big Bang: ‘God Is Not A Magician’13 por ler / 13zangasta, Junho 2015
I dedicate this thread to Nathaniel Campbell.1 por ler / 1JGL53, Maio 2015
Should we thank God for civilzation?21 por ler / 21timspalding, Maio 2015
Orthodoxy: does it matter? Who has it?29 por ler / 29nathanielcampbell, Abril 2015
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