Revolutionary left

Welcome comrade!

this group is for leftists, anarchists, communists, anarcho-communists, socialists, anti-capitalists, libertarians and other revolutionaries to come together on librarything. If you're interested in revolutionary politics & political theory/activism feel free to join us.

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The economics of communism5 por ler / 5TJ_Petrowski, Junho 2020
anarchist urban theory?6 por ler / 6Carnophile, Maio 2013
May Day2 por ler / 2LolaWalser, Maio 2013
Revolution Is a Dinner Party -- The Rise of Rogue Pluralism in China2 por ler / 2lilithcat, Março 2013
What are you reading?26 por ler / 26anna_in_pdx, Fevereiro 2013
other political groups1 por ler / 1jordan.ethier, Setembro 2012
Anyone interested?6 por ler / 6revolutionarythinker, Maio 2011
Green Politics1 por ler / 1rubicon528, Março 2011
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