Personal reading plans are part of our reading culture in librarything and this group is for those readers who want to share and track their own personal projects which they have set themselves. There are plenty of groups that set reading challenges for others, such as "1001 books to read before you die" or "2019 reading challenge", however some of us make up our own reading projects either through our particular interests, a course of study or more often than not because it is fun to do so.

A typical project might be to read all the books written by a favourite author or perhaps books written about a specific event or topic. Reading books from a different era can immerse the reader in another age or another time and there is non doubt that books can lead to other books and before you know it a plan or reading project has sprung into existence. So many plans, so many projects and not enough time to do them all, but at least you can set out what you aim to do and with the added bonus that you might acquire more books along the way.

Use this group to set up your own thread for your reading project/plan, perhaps say something about why you chose the project, certainly start by listing those books you plan to read and then perhaps reviewing those that you have managed to read.

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