75 Books Challenge for 2021

Anyone can join. Just start a thread and begin listing the books you have read in 2021. You don't have to begin on January 1! Some members just list their titles and authors while others post a mini-review of each book. It's all up to you. It turns out we care less about the numbers than we do about the exchange of book info and the community of readers.

We hope you'll join us, but be forewarned. We like to comment on each other's threads and we've found our stacks of books to be read have grown exponentially!

Note: Please put your username in your thread title. This makes it much easier for folks to find you. Thanks!

New folks, start here: Welcome To New Friends

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Humouress in 2021; putting 2020 in hindsight (thread 1)195 por ler / 195humouress, Hoje 1:36am
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EllaTim reading in 2021. Winter220 por ler / 220PaulCranswick, Ontem 11:57pm
Mahsdad's (Jeff) 2021 Thread - Q1169 por ler / 169PaulCranswick, Ontem 11:48pm
Jim (drneutron) Reads: Volume 2225 por ler / 225humouress, Ontem 11:47pm
Anita's (Figs) Reading in 2021! Second thread.60 por ler / 60PaulCranswick, Ontem 11:46pm
klobrien2 Karen O's Book-a-Rama 202160 por ler / 60PaulCranswick, Ontem 11:28pm
Vivian's 2021 Reading60 por ler / 60PaulCranswick, Ontem 11:26pm
Berly Turns the Page #2256 por ler / 256humouress, Ontem 11:25pm
Terri (tymfos) tries to take a bite from her TBR pile in 202166 por ler / 66PaulCranswick, Ontem 11:23pm
Whisper1 Third thread of 202162 por ler / 62PaulCranswick, Ontem 11:17pm
Chatterbox Welcomes 2021: Act I73 por ler / 73PaulCranswick, Ontem 11:11pm
CBL (cbl_tn) reads more than 75 in 2021 - Part 225 por ler / 25cbl_tn, Ontem 10:55pm
torontoc- reading and maybe seeing films in 202149 por ler / 49PaulCranswick, Ontem 10:51pm
MickyFine Attends the Assembly Rooms in 2021, Third Cotillion87 por ler / 87SandyAMcPherson, Ontem 10:38pm
Social Distancing Readathon #51 - March 5 - 718 por ler / 18Carmenere, Ontem 10:10pm
Weird_O Bill's Bookish Whatchamacallit143 por ler / 143lauralkeet, Ontem 9:12pm
British Author Challenge March 2021: Eleanor Hibbert & Vaseem Khan14 por ler / 14amanda4242, Ontem 9:06pm
CBL (cbl_tn) reads more than 75 in 2021 - Part 1177 por ler / 177cbl_tn, Ontem 8:00pm
The Great Booksale/E-booksale Alert13 por ler / 13elkiedee, Ontem 7:39pm
Mark's Reading Place: Chapter Five40 por ler / 40jessibud2, Ontem 6:50pm
Beth's (BLBera) Pages in 2021 - Chapter 2133 por ler / 133BLBera, Ontem 6:49pm
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Chelle Reads in 2021: Thread #295 por ler / 95ChelleBearss, Ontem 5:59pm
richardderus's fifth 2021 thread74 por ler / 74ChelleBearss, Ontem 5:56pm
John Simpson - Back to the Normal Reads No 239 por ler / 39ChelleBearss, Ontem 5:49pm
AMERICAN AUTHORS CHALLENGE for 2021 General Discussion34 por ler / 34laytonwoman3rd, Ontem 5:42pm
Try try again15 por ler / 15theexiledlibrarian, Ontem 5:31pm
Susan/quondame may have something to say about books in 2021 - 1273 por ler / 273jjmcgaffey, Ontem 5:26pm
Joe's Book Cafe 4 202141 por ler / 41richardderus, Ontem 5:16pm
What We Are Reading: SF & Fantasy22 por ler / 22Kristelh, Ontem 4:49pm
Familyhistorian’s Keeping Positive Thoughts for a Year of Change – Part 351 por ler / 51SandyAMcPherson, Ontem 4:48pm
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Caroline's 2021 Reading Hammock (part 1)205 por ler / 205Caroline_McElwee, Ontem 1:55pm
Shelley (jessibud2) Will Read Anywhere, chapter 248 por ler / 48jessibud2, Ontem 1:41pm
Deedledee is hoping for better things in 202127 por ler / 27Deedledee, Ontem 1:26pm
harrygbutler tackles books, magazines, and movies in 2021 — 1209 por ler / 209harrygbutler, Ontem 1:07pm
RebaRelishesReading in 2021 - #2 moving toward spring57 por ler / 57SandyAMcPherson, Ontem 1:01pm
SandDune’s Retirement Reads - Part 299 por ler / 99SandyAMcPherson, Ontem 12:46pm
Lynda(Carmenere)'s Book Resort - 223 por ler / 23Carmenere, Ontem 12:09pm
swynn reads stuff in 2021160 por ler / 160swynn, Ontem 11:33am
Streamsong #2 - The Beginning of Spring48 por ler / 48streamsong, Ontem 11:32am
Therese (Takenby05) It has been awhile41 por ler / 41takenby05, Ontem 11:03am
Sandy's 2021 Reading Odyssey ~ #2 ~38 por ler / 38SandyAMcPherson, Ontem 10:04am
Magician's Nephew: It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow62 por ler / 62magicians_nephew, Ontem 9:47am
Laura (lauralkeet)'s 75 in 2021 - Part 2187 por ler / 187BLBera, Ontem 9:41am
CassieBash Continues the Challenge: More Eclectic and Sometimes Disturbing Reads67 por ler / 67CassieBash, Ontem 9:35am
Karen (aka witchyrichy) Just Reads in 2021 - Part I68 por ler / 68BLBera, Ontem 9:34am
Emery false-knight Goes to Book Purgatory118 por ler / 118scaifea, Ontem 8:52am
Es Tries Again, 2021 Edition61 por ler / 61scaifea, Ontem 8:40am
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Sir Furboy's 75 books in 2001146 por ler / 146PaulCranswick, Ontem 8:38am
Joe's Book Cafe 3 2021325 por ler / 325scaifea, Ontem 8:31am
(Sir)Thomas way through 2021 with friends and books213 por ler / 213PaulCranswick, Ontem 8:11am
lyzard's list: Reading many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore in 2021 - Part 2111 por ler / 111PaulCranswick, Ontem 8:08am
Bekka's back for 2021127 por ler / 127PaulCranswick, Ontem 7:32am
Connie is back, part 1190 por ler / 190connie53, Ontem 7:02am
Yoyogod's 2021 Reads22 por ler / 22yoyogod, Ontem 12:10am
Mamie's 2021 Madness, page 4191 por ler / 191EBT1002, Quinta-feira 11:50pm
ffortsa reads and hopes in 2021128 por ler / 128EBT1002, Quinta-feira 11:00pm
TIOLI Challenge 2021 - Supplementary Thread23 por ler / 23SqueakyChu, Quinta-feira 10:01pm
justchris and Duende chilling with books and cat toys in 2021153 por ler / 153justchris, Quinta-feira 9:41pm
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brewbooks hikes through 202112 por ler / 12brewbooks, Quinta-feira 8:20pm
Group Read: “Love” by Toni Morrison15 por ler / 15dudes22, Quinta-feira 6:56pm
75 Books Challenge for 2021 for praisemusictlp (10th year)7 por ler / 7praisemusictlp, Quinta-feira 6:45pm
Jean (Majkia) Reads in 202169 por ler / 69majkia, Quinta-feira 5:21pm
British Author Challenge 2021 Wildcard: Books off your shelves34 por ler / 34amanda4242, Quinta-feira 4:34pm
2021*1: Lizzie Reads with New Hope194 por ler / 194karenmarie, Quinta-feira 4:30pm
Barbara (Ameise1)'s world (1)219 por ler / 219PersephonesLibrary, Quinta-feira 4:10pm
Group read: Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope206 por ler / 206majkia, Quinta-feira 3:42pm
Leperdbunny's 2021 Reading Room46 por ler / 46PersephonesLibrary, Quinta-feira 3:35pm
SilverWolf28's 2021 Books, part 148 por ler / 48richardderus, Quinta-feira 2:48pm
ArlieS's Attempt to Read Half the Local Library in 2021 ;-(32 por ler / 32SilverWolf28, Quinta-feira 2:08pm
Social Distancing Readathon #50 - February 26 - 2855 por ler / 55SilverWolf28, Quinta-feira 2:07pm
TIFFIN'S First for 202184 por ler / 84tiffin, Quinta-feira 12:39pm
Laytonwoman3rd ZOOMS in to 2021152 por ler / 152laytonwoman3rd, Quinta-feira 12:32pm
Curioussquared begins 2021 with some books222 por ler / 222curioussquared, Quinta-feira 12:26pm
Greg's ( ocgreg34 ) Reads for 202123 por ler / 23PaulCranswick, Quinta-feira 11:46am
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