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Cretaceous deposits of the eastern Gulf region and species of Exogyra from the eastern Gulf region and the Carolinas by Lloyd William Stephenson 0 exemplares81
Contributions to the Geology and Paleontology of San Juan County, New Mexico 1 Stratigraphy of a Part of the Chaco River Valley: Department of the Interior United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 98-P by Clyde Max Bauer 1 exemplar98-P
Contributions to the Geology and Paleontology of San Juan County, New Mexico: 2 Vertibrate Faunas of the Ojo Alamo, Kirtland and Fruitland Formations: Department of the Interior United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 98-Q by Charles W. Gilmore 2 exemplares98-Q
Contributions to the geology and paleontology of San Juan County, New Mexico. 3, Nonmarine cretaceous invertebrates of the San Juan Basin by T. W. Stanton 1 exemplar98-R
Contributions to the geology and paleontology of San Juan County, New Mexico: 4. Flora of the Fruitland and Kirtland formations (Geological Survey) by Frank Hall Knowlton 1 exemplar98-S
Geology and ore deposits of the Ducktown mining district, Tennessee by William H. Emmons 1 exemplar139
Fossil Proboscidea and Edentata of the San Pedro valley, Arizona (Geological Survey professional paper) by James Williams Gidley 1 exemplar140-B
Water-Laid Volcanic Rocks of Early Upper Cretaceous Age in Southwestern Arkansas, Southeastern Oklahoma and Northeastern Texas U. S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 154-F by Clarence S. Ross 1 exemplar154-F
Shorter Contributions To General Geology 1929 : Geological Survey Professional Paper 158 by United States Department of Agriculture 1 exemplar158
Geologic history of the Yosemite Valley by François Matthes 4 exemplares160
The minerals of Franklin and Sterling Hill, Sussex County, New Jersey by Charles Palache 6 exemplares180
Additions to the Wilcox Flora from Kentucky and Texas, 1941, Geological Survey Professional Paper, PP 193-E : pages 83-99 with 5 plates. by E. W. Berry 0 exemplares193-E
Geology and Ore Deposits of the Metaline Quadrangle Washington (Geological Survey Professional Paper 202) by C.F.:Cannon Park, R.S. 1 exemplar202
Stratigraphy and fauna of the Louisiana limestone of Missouri, (U.S. Geological Survey. Professional paper 203) by James Steele Williams 1 exemplar203
Geology and paleontology of Palos Verdes hills, California, (U.S. Geological Survey professional paper) by W. P. Woodring 3 exemplares207
Geology and Geography of the Zion Park Region Utah and Arizona (Geological Survey Professional Paper 220) by Herbert E Gregory 3 exemplares220
Geology and Georgraphy of the Henry Mountains Region Utah by Charles B. Hunt 1 exemplar228
Bikini and Nearby Atolls: Marshall Islands. Geological Survey Professional Paper 260-CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH. by GPO 1 exemplar260-CC,DD,EE,FF,GG,HH
The stratigraphic section in the vicinity of Eureka, Nevada; USGS PP 276 by Thomas B. Nolan 2 exemplares276
The Rocks and Fossils of Glacier National Park : The Story of Their Origin and History by Clyde P. Ross 3 exemplares294-K
Micropaleontology of the mesozoic rocks of northern Alaska (Geological Survey professional paper) by Harlan R Bergquist 1 exemplar302-D
Geology of Central Dickinson County Michigan by H. L. James 1 exemplar310
Aerial photographs in geologic interpretation and mapping by Richard G. Ray 4 exemplares373
Eocene Algae from Ishigaki-shima Ryukyu-retto Geological Survey Professional Paper 399-C by J. Harlan Johnson 1 exemplar399-C
The Eureka Mining District Nevada by Thomas B. Nolan 6 exemplares406
Geology of the northern Santa Ana Mountains, California by J. E. Schoellhamer 2 exemplares420-D
Physiographic and Hydraulic Studies of Rivers, 1961, 1961, Geological Survey Professional Paper, P422. by United States Geological Survey. 1 exemplar422
Morphology and Hydrology of a Glacial Stream - White River, Mount Rainier Washington, 1963, Geological Survey Professional Paper, P422A. by United States Geological Survey. 1 exemplar422-A
Water resources of the Upper Colorado River Basin, technical report by William Vaughn Iorns 1 exemplar441
The Hallett Volcanic Province, Antarctica by Warren Hamilton 1 exemplar456-C
Early and Middle Cambrian Trilobites from Antarctica by Allison R. Palmer 1 exemplar456-D
Geology of the Flaming Gorge Area: Utah-Colorado-Wyoming (Geological Survey Professional Paper 490) by Wallace R. Hansen 2 exemplares490
Thermal Springs of the United States and Other Countries of the World : A Summary (Geological Survey professional paper) by Gerald Ashley Waring 1 exemplar492
Regional hydrology of the Navajo and Hopi Indian Reservations, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, 1969, Geological Survey Professional Paper, P521A. by M. E. et al. Cooley 1 exemplar521-A
Ash Flows and Related Volcanic Rocks Associated with the Creede Caldera San Juan Mountains Colorado, 1967, Geological Survey Professional Paper, PP 524-H : 58 pages with 25 figures and 1 plate map. by James C. Ratte 1 exemplar524-H
The Alaska Earthquake, March 27, 1964: Lessons and Conclusions, (Geological Survey Professional Paper 546) by Edwin Butt Eckel 0 exemplares546
Petrology of the Morrison Formation in the Colorado Plateau Region (Geological Survey Professional Paper 556) by Robert A. Cadigan 1 exemplar556
Subfamilies and genera of the Soricidae by Charles Albert Repenning 4 exemplares565
Dictionary of Alaska Place Names by Donald J. Orth 9 exemplares567
Stratigraphy of Slick Rock District and Vicinity, San Miguel and Dolores Counties, Colorado (Geological Survey Professional Paper 576-A) by Daniel R. Shawe 2 exemplares576-A
Sedimentary Rock Alteration in the Slick Rock District, San Miguel and Dolores Counties, Colorado. Geological Survey Professional Paper 576-D by Daniel R. Shawe 0 exemplares576-D
Geology of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Tennessee and North Carolina by Philip Burke King 9 exemplares587
A Photoelectric-Photographic Study of the Normal Albedo of the Moon by Howard A. Pohn 1 exemplar599-E
Summary of Lunar Stratigraphy : Telescopic Observations by Don E. Wilhelms 1 exemplar599-F
The Contributions of Ranger Photographs to Understanding the Geology of the Moon by N. J. Trask 1 exemplar599-J
Principal gold-producing districts of the United States by Albert Herbert Koschmann 10 exemplares610
Permian Sphenopsids from Antarctica by J. F. Rigby 1 exemplar613-F
Uppermost Cretaceous and Tertiary stratigraphy of Fossil basin, southwestern Wyoming by Steven S. Oriel 3 exemplares635
Geology of the salt anticline region in southwestern Colorado by Fred W. Cater 1 exemplar637
Ordovician brachiopods, trilobites, and stratigraphy in eastern and central Nevada; USGS PP 639 by Reuben James Ross 3 exemplares639
The Colorado River Region and John Wesley Powell: Geological Survey Professional Paper 669 by Mary C. Rabbitt 1 exemplar669
John Wesley Powell and the Anthropology of the Canyon Country by John W. Powell 2 exemplares670
Geology and fuel resources of the Fruitland formation and Kirtland shale of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado by James E. Fassett 2 exemplares676
Fossils from the Ordovician bioherm at Meiklejohn Peak, Nevada; USGS PP 685 by Reuben James Ross 3 exemplares685
Review of Ordovician pelecypods (Geological Survey professional paper 695) by John Pojeta 1 exemplar695
Late Quaternary vegetation history of the Yellowstone Lake Basin, Wyoming Geological Survey Professional Paper 729-E by Richard G. Baker 0 exemplares729-E
Glacial and Postglacial Geologic History of Isle Royale National Park, Michigan by N. King Huber 2 exemplares754-A
Geochemistry of Lower Eocene Sandstones in the Rocky Mountain Region (Geological Survey Professional Paper 789) by James David Vine 1 exemplar789
Missile Impact Craters (White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico) and Applications to Lunar Research by H. J. Moore 1 exemplar812-B
Crystallization History of Lunar Feldspathic Basalt 14310 by Odette B. James 1 exemplar841
Ammonites from the Navesink Formation at Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey by William Aubrey Cobban 1 exemplar845
Explanatory Text to Accompany the Geologic Map of the United States (Geological Survey Professional Paper 901) by Philip B. King 1 exemplar901
Precambrian Geology of the United States : An Explanatory Text to Accompany the Geologic Map of the United States (Geological Survey Professional Paper 902) by Philip Burke King 2 exemplares902
The Paleozoic and Mesozoic Rocks : A Discussion to Accompany the Geologic Map of the United States (Geological Survey Professional Paper 903) by Philip B. King 2 exemplares903
Boundaries of the United States and the several states by Franklin K. Van Zandt 9 exemplares909
ERTS-I : a new window on our planet by Richard S. Williams 3 exemplares929
Seismic Safety and Land-Use Planning by Geological Survey Professional Paper 670 1 exemplar941-B
Nature to be Commanded: Earth-Science Maps Applied to Land and Water Management Geological Survey Professional Paper 950 by U.S. Dept of Interior 1 exemplar950
Characteristic Marine Molluscan Fossils From the Dakota Sandstone and Intertongued Mancos Shale, West-Central New Mexico (GEOLOGICAL SURVEY PROFESSIONAL PAPER 1009) 1977 by William A. Cobban 0 exemplares1009
Stratigraphy of Part of the Lunar Near Side by Don E. Wilhelms 1 exemplar1046-A
Lunar Remote Sensing and Measurements by H. J. Moore 1 exemplar1046-B
Geometric Interpretation of Lunar Craters by Richard J. Pike 1 exemplar1046-C
Experimental Photogrammetry of Lunar Images by Sherman S. C. Wu 1 exemplar1046-D
Geology of the Apollo 16 Area, Central Lunar Highlands by George E. Ulrich 1 exemplar1048
The Geologic Investigation of the Taurus-Littrow Valley : Apollo 17 Landing Site by Edward W. Wolfe 1 exemplar1080
Rock Pushing and Sampling Under Rocks on Mars by H. J. Moore 1 exemplar1081
The Mississippian and Pennsylvanian (Carboniferous) systems in the United States--Arizona: Historical review and summary of areal, stratigraphic, structural, ... (US Geological Survey professional paper 1110-Z) by H. Wesley Peirce 1 exemplar1110-Z
Stratigraphy, paleontology, and geology of the central Santa Cruz Mountains, California Coast Ranges US Geological Survey professional paper 1168 by Joseph C Clark 1 exemplar1168
The Upper Cretaceous (Turonian) ammonite family Coilopoceratidae Hyatt in the western interior of the United States (Geological Survey professional paper ; 1192) by William Aubrey Cobban 1 exemplar1192
The National Gazetteer of the United States of America - Arizona 1986 - U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1200-AZ by U. S. Geological Survey 1 exemplar1200-AZ
The National gazetteer of the United States of America. New Jersey, 1982 2 exemplares1200-NJ
Environmental geology of the Front Range Urban Corridor and vicinity, Colorado; USGS PP 1230 by Wallace R. Hansen 2 exemplares1230
Facing geologic and hydrologic hazards; earth-science considerations, Geological Survey Professional Paper P1240B by W. W. - (United States Geological Survey) Hays 1 exemplar1240-B
National Petroleum Reserve In Alaska, Earth-science Considerations, U. S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1240-C by George Gryc 1 exemplar1240-C
Perennial-streamflow characteristics related to channel geometry and sediment in the Missouri River basin (Geological Survey professional paper) by W. R Osterkamp 1 exemplar1242
The 1980 eruptions of Mount St. Helens, Washington by Peter W. Lipman 11 exemplares, 1 crítica1250
An analytical treatment of channel-morphology relations (Geological Survey professional paper) by W. R Osterkamp 1 exemplar1288
The Geologic History of the Moon by Don E. Wilhelms 5 exemplares1348
Volcanism in Hawaii, U. S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1350, (Vol. 2) by U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1350 1 exemplar1350
Volcanism in Hawaii (Vol 1) U. S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1350. by Robert W. Decker 2 exemplares1350
Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World: Alaska (U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1386-K) by Bruce F. Molnia 1 exemplar1386-K
Map projections--a working manual by John P. Snyder 19 exemplares1395
Geohydrology of Mesozoic rocks in the Upper Colorado River Basin in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, excluding the San Juan Basin by Geoffrey W. Freethey 1 exemplar1411-C
Geology of the Blue Mountains Region of Oregon, Idaho, and Washington: Geologic Implications of Paleozoic and Mesozoix Paleontology and Biostratigraphy, Blue Mountains Province, Oregon and Idaho (U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1435) by Vallier Brooks 1 exemplar1435
Summary of the U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Bureau of Land Management National Coal-Hydrology Program, 1974-84 1 exemplar1464
The Future of Energy Gases (U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper ; 1570) by D. G. Howell 1 exemplar1570
Atlas of Volcanic Landforms on Mars by Carroll Ann Hodges 3 exemplares16-1534
Integrated Geoscience Studies in the Greater Yellowstone Area - Volcanic, Tectonic, and Hydrothermal Processess in the Yellowstone Geoecosystem by Lisa A. Morgan 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1717
A Volcano Rekindled: the Renewed Eruption of Mount St. Helens, 2004-2006 (U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper, 1750) by David R. Sherrod 1 exemplar1750


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