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Anthropological Religion by F. Max Müller 6 exemplares1888
Natural Religion: The Gifford Lectures Delivered before the University of Glasgow in 1888 by Friedrich Max Mueller 2 exemplares1888
Theosophy or Psychological Religion by Friedrich Max Mueller 2 exemplares1888
The Making of Religion by Andrew Lang 21 exemplares1889-1890
The Evolution of Religion by Edward Caird 15 exemplares1890-1892
Physical Religion by Max Müller 3 exemplares1891
The philosophy of the Christian religion by A. M. Fairbairn 38 exemplares1891-1893
Philosophy and development of religion being the Gifford lectures delivered before the University of Edinburgh, 1894 by Otto Pfleiderer 2 exemplares1892-1894
The fundamental ideas of Christianity by John Caird 4 exemplares1892-1896
Philosophy of theism : the Gifford lectures delivered before the University of Edinburgh in 1894-96 by Alexander Campbell Fraser 2 exemplares1894-1896
Naturalism and Agnosticism 2 Volume Paperback Set: The Gifford Lectures Delivered before the University of Aberdeen in the Years 1896-1898 (Cambridge Library Collection - Philosophy) by James Ward 10 exemplares1896-1898
The providential order of the world by Alexander Balmain Bruce 5 exemplares1896-1898
The moral order of the world by Alexander Balmain 3 exemplares1898
The world and the individual by Josiah Royce 34 exemplares1898-1900
New tales of old Rome by Rodolfo Lanciani 7 exemplares1899-1901
The evolution of theology in the Greek philosophers. The Gifford lectures, delivered in the University of Glasgow in sessions 1900-1 and 1901-2 by Edward Caird 7 exemplares1900
The Religions of Ancient Egypt and Babylonia by A. H. Sayce 20 exemplares1900
The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James 4,338 exemplares, 29 críticas1900-1902
The Pathway To Reality, Stage The Second: Being The Gifford Lectures Delivered In The University Of St. Andrews In The Session, 1903-1904 (1904) by Richard Burdon Haldane 2 exemplares1902-1904
The knowledge of God and its historical development by Henry Melvill Gwatkin 6 exemplares1903
Science et religion dans la philosophie contemporaine by Emile Boutroux 5 exemplares1903
The Knowledge of God and Its Historical Development, vol 1 by Henry Melvill Gwatkin 1 exemplar1903-1905
The religious teachers of Greece; being Gifford Lectures on natural religion delivered at Aberdeen by James Adam 11 exemplares1904-1906
The Science and Philosophy of the Organism, Volume 1 by Hans Driesch 5 exemplares1906-1908
Ideals of Religion by A. C. Bradley 4 exemplares1907
The Religious Experience of the Roman People From the Earliest Times to the Age of Augustus by W. Warde Fowler 16 exemplares1909-1910
The interpretation of religious experience. Part I: Historical by John Watson 1 exemplar1910-1912
The principle of individuality and value; the Gifford lectures for 1911, delivered in Edinburgh University by Bernard Bosanquet 6 exemplares1910-1912
The Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead by Sir James George Frazer 2 exemplares1911
The Idea of God in the Light of Recent Philosophy by A. Seth Pringle-Pattison 15 exemplares1911-1913
The value and destiny of the individual by Bernard Bosanquet 4 exemplares1912
Theism and Humanism : The Book that Influenced C. S. Lewis by Arthur James Balfour 42 exemplares, 1 crítica1913-1914
Moral values and the idea of God; the Gifford lectures delivered in the University of Aberdeen in 1914 and 1915 by W. R. Sorley 6 exemplares1913-1915
The system of animate nature by J. Arthur Thomson 1 exemplar1915-1916
Space, time, and Deity : the Gifford lectures at Glasgow 1916-1918 by Samuel Alexander 49 exemplares1916-1918
The Philosophy of Plotinus; The Gifford Lectures at St. Andrews, 1917-1918 [2-volume set] by William Ralph Inge 24 exemplares, 1 crítica1917-1918
God and personality by Clement Charles Julian Webb 5 exemplares1917-1919
Greek Hero Cults and Ideas of Immortality by Lewis Richard Farnell 14 exemplares1919-1920
God & Nature by G. F. Stout 1 exemplar1919-1921
Mind & Matter by George Frederick Stout 2 exemplares1919-1921
The Domain of Natural Science by Ernest William Hobson 7 exemplares1920-1922
Emergent evolution by C. Lloyd Morgan 6 exemplares1921-1922
Theism and Thought-a Study in Familiar Beliefs by Arthur James Balfour 4 exemplares1922-1923
Studies In The Philosophy Of Religion by A. Seth Pringle-Pattison 3 exemplares1923
The Worship of Nature by James George Frazer 8 exemplares1923-1925
The Reality Of God and Religion & Agnosticism: Being the Literary Remains of Baron Friedrich von Hugel by Baron Friedrich von Hügel 7 exemplares1924
The nature of religion by W. P. Paterson 8 exemplares1924-1925
The Nature of the Physical World by A. S. Eddington 170 exemplares, 4 críticas1926-1927
The Faith of a Moralist (Gifford Lectures - Series 1) by A. E. Taylor 5 exemplares1926-1928
The Faith of a Moralist: Vol. Two: Natural Theology and the Positive Religions by A. E. Taylor 3 exemplares1926-1928
The faith of a moralist;: Gifford lectures delivered in the University of St. Andrews, 1926-1928, by A. E. Taylor 17 exemplares1926-1928
The Sciences and Philosophy by J. S. Haldane 4 exemplares1926-1928
Process and Reality by Alfred North Whitehead 713 exemplares, 1 crítica1927-1928
Scientific theory and religion : the world described by science and its spiritual interpretation by Ernest William Barnes 1 exemplar1927-1929
The Quest for Certainty: A Study of the Relation of Knowledge And Action by John Dewey 232 exemplares, 1 crítica1928-1929
The philosophy of the good life by Charles Gore 32 exemplares1929-1930
Faith, Hope And Charity In Primitive Religion by R. R. Marett 4 exemplares1930
The Living God by Nathan Soderblom 3 exemplares1930
The Spirit of Mediaeval Philosophy by Etienne Gilson 324 exemplares1930-1932
Der lebendige Gott im Zeugnis der Religionsgeschichte by Nathan Söderblom 0 exemplares1931
Holy images : an inquiry into idolatry and image-worship in ancient paganism and in Christianity by Edwyn Robert Bevan 7 exemplares1932
Nature, Man and God by William Temple 75 exemplares, 1 crítica1932-1934
Symbolism and belief by Edwyn Bevan 42 exemplares1932-1934
Christian morality : natural, developing, final; being the Gifford Lectures, 1935-1936 by Hensley Henson 3 exemplares1935
Foundations of ethics by W. D. Ross 26 exemplares1935-1936
The human situation by W. Macneile Dixon 47 exemplares1935-1937
The Theology of the Early Greek Philosophers: The Gifford Lectures, 1936 by Werner Jaeger 93 exemplares, 5 críticas1936-1937
Gotteserkenntnis Und Gottesdienst Nach Reformatorischer Lehre 20 Vorlesungen (Gifford-Lectures) uber Das Schottische Bekenntis Von 1560 Gehalten an Der Universitat Aberdeen Im Fruhjahr 1937 and 1938 Von Karl Barth by Karl Barth 2 exemplares1937-1938
The Knowledge of God and the Service of God According to the Teaching of the Reformation: Recalling the Scottish Confession of 1560 (Gifford Lectures 1937 & 1938) by Karl Barth 48 exemplares1937-1938
Man on His Nature by Charles Sherrington 86 exemplares1937-1938
Theism and cosmology: being the first series of a course of Gifford Lectures on the general subject of metaphysics and theism given in the University of Glasgow in 1939 by John Laird 6 exemplares1938-1939
The Nature and Destiny of Man: A Christian Interpretation by Reinhold Niebuhr 422 exemplares, 2 críticas1938-1940
The primacy of faith by Richard Kroner 1 exemplar1939-40
Mind and Deity (Gifford Lectures) by John Laird 6 exemplares1940
Christianity and Civilization by Emil Brunner 26 exemplares1946-1948
Realms of value; a critique of human civilization by Ralph Barton Perry 6 exemplares1946-1948
Religion and culture by Christopher Dawson 84 exemplares1947-1949
Religion and the Rise of Western Culture by Christopher Dawson 379 exemplares, 3 críticas1947-1949
Volume IV - Causality and Complementarity by Niels Henrik David Bohr 7 exemplares1948
The modern predicament; a study in the philosophy of religion by H. J. Paton 21 exemplares1949-1950
The mystery of being by Gabriel Marcel 50 exemplares, 1 crítica1949-1950
Revelation and religion : studies in the theological interpretation of religious types by Herbert Henry Farmer 5 exemplares1950
Natural religion and Christian theology by Charles E. Raven 15 exemplares1950-1952
Reason and Belief by Brand Blanshard 6 exemplares1951
Natural religion and Christian theology. Second series : Experience and interpretation by Charles E. Raven 2 exemplares1951-1952
Personal Knowledge: Towards a Post-Critical Philosophy by Michael Polanyi 635 exemplares, 4 críticas1951-1952
Reason and goodness by Brand Blanshard 16 exemplares1951-1953
An Historian's Approach to Religion by Arnold Joseph Toynbee 163 exemplares, 1 crítica1952-1953
The Self As Agent by John Macmurray 64 exemplares1952-1953
Persons in Relation by John Macmurray 44 exemplares1953-1954
Systematic theology by Paul Tillich 316 exemplares, 2 críticas1953-1954
On selfhood and godhood; the Gifford lectures delivered at the University of St. Andrews during sessions 1953-54 and 1954-55 by Charles Arthur Campbell 7 exemplares1953-1955
The presence of eternity: history and eschatology by Rudolf Bultmann 138 exemplares, 1 crítica1954-1955
For Faith and Freedom: Gifford Lectures, 1955-57 by Leonard Hodgson 9 exemplares1955
The Freedom of the Will by Austin Farrer 23 exemplares1956-1957
Norm and Action: A logical enquiry by Georg Henrik von Wright 27 exemplares, 1 crítica1958-1960
The varieties of goodness by Georg Henrik von Wright 35 exemplares1958-1960
Belief: the Gifford lectures delivered at the University of Aberdeen in 1960, (Gifford lectures) by H. H. Price 14 exemplares1959-1961
Relevance of Science by C.F. von Weizsacker 8 exemplares1959-1961
The Great Church in Captivity: A Study of the Patriarchate of Constantinople from the Eve of the Turkish Conquest to the Greek War of Independence by Steven Runciman 129 exemplares, 2 críticas1960-1962
The sense of the presence of God by John Baillie 37 exemplares1961-1962
Law and Wisdom in the Bible: David Daube's Gifford Lectures, Volume II by David Daube 5 exemplares1962
The deed and the doer in the Bible by David Daube 9 exemplares1962-1964
Divine Flame by Sir Alister Hardy 11 exemplares, 1 crítica1963-1965
The discipline of the cave by J. N. Findley 12 exemplares1964
The transcendence of the cave: (sequel to The discipline of the cave), (Gifford lectures) by J. N. Findley 17 exemplares1964-1966
The elusive mind: based on the first series of the Gifford lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh, 1966-68 by Hywel David Lewis 4 exemplares1966
The elusive self: Based on the Gifford lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh, 1966-68 by Hywel David Lewis 5 exemplares1966-1968
Concordant discord: the interdependence of faiths: being the Gifford lectures on natural religion delivered at St. Andrews in 1967-1969 by R. C. Zaehner 11 exemplares1967-1969
Animal Nature and Human Nature by William Homan Thorpe 9 exemplares1969-1971
The openness of being;: Natural theology today (The Gifford lectures) by E. L. Mascall 38 exemplares1970-1971
Critique of Earth : the second series of Gifford Lectures 1970-72 by Arend Theodoor van Leeuwen 7 exemplares1970-1972
Kritiek van hemel en aarde : deel 1 : Kritiek van de hemel by Arend Theodoor van Leeuwen 7 exemplares1970-1972
Development of Mind (Gifford lectures) by Anthony John Patrick Kenny 5 exemplares1971-1973
The Nature of mind by Anthony John Patrick Kenny 7 exemplares1971-1973
The Central Questions of Philosophy by A. J. Ayer 203 exemplares1972-1973
The Life of the Mind: One-Volume Edition by Hannah Arendt 733 exemplares, 6 críticas1972-1974
The Secularization of the European Mind in the Nineteenth Century by Owen Chadwick 164 exemplares1973-1974
Morality: Religious and Secular: The Dilemma of the Traditional Conscience by Basil Mitchell 24 exemplares1974-1976
The Road of Science and the Ways to God by Stanley L. Jaki 69 exemplares1974-1976
Programs of the Brain by J. Z. Young 50 exemplares1975-1977
The Human Mystery (Gifford Lectures) by John C. Eccles 19 exemplares, 1 crítica1977-1979
The Human Psyche (Gifford Lectures) by John C. Eccles 17 exemplares1977-1979
Beyond ideology: Religion and the future of Western civilization (Gifford lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh) by Ninian Smart 10 exemplares1979-1980
Religion and the One: Philosophies East and West (Gifford Lectures) by Frederick Charles Copleston 33 exemplares, 1 crítica1979-1981
Knowledge and the Sacred by Seyyed Hossein Nasr 80 exemplares1980-1981
From Athens to Jerusalem: The Love of Wisdom and the Love of God by Stephen R. L. Clark 18 exemplares1981-1982
Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals (Penguin Philosophy) by Iris Murdoch 438 exemplares, 1 crítica1981-1982
God and the Poets (Gifford Lecture) by David Daiches 9 exemplares1982-1983
New Images of the Natural in France: A Study in European Cultural History 1750-1800 by D. G. Charlton 2 exemplares1982-1983
The Evolution of the Soul by Richard Swinburne 77 exemplares, 1 crítica1982-1984
The Construction of Reality by Michael A. Arbib 16 exemplares1983-1984
In search of deity: An essay in dialectical theism (The Gifford lectures) by John Macquarrie 50 exemplares1983-1984
God in Creation (The Gifford Lectures, 1984-1985) by Jürgen Moltmann 267 exemplares1984-1985
Infinite in All Directions by Freeman Dyson 500 exemplares, 5 críticas1985
The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God by Carl Sagan 1,312 exemplares, 27 críticas1985
Oneself as Another by Paul Ricœur 293 exemplares, 1 crítica1985-1986
Behind the Eye (Gifford Lectures, 1986) by Donald MacCrimmon MacKay 4 exemplares1986
An Interpretation of Religion by John Harwood Hick 116 exemplares1986-1987
Three Rival Versions of Moral Enquiry : Encyclopaedia, Genealogy and Tradition by Alasdair MacIntyre 305 exemplares, 1 crítica1987-1988
Warrant and Proper Function by Alvin Plantinga 147 exemplares1987-1988
Warrant: The Current Debate by Alvin Plantinga 126 exemplares, 1 crítica1987-1988
Theories of Everything: The Quest for Ultimate Explanation by John D. Barrow 291 exemplares, 1 crítica1988
Creation of the Sacred: Tracks of Biology in Early Religions by Walter Burkert 163 exemplares, 2 críticas1988-1989
Ethics in an Age of Technology: Gifford Lectures, Volume Two (The Gifford Lectures 1989-1991, Vol 2) by Ian G. Barbour 76 exemplares1989-1990
Religion in an Age of Science (Gifford Lectures 1989-1991, Vol 1) by Ian G. Barbour 99 exemplares, 1 crítica1989-1990
Science as Salvation: A Modern Myth and Its Meaning by Mary Midgley 80 exemplares1989-1990
Religion in an Age of Science: The Gifford Lectures, Volume One (Gifford Lectures 1989-1991, Vol 1) by Ian G. Barbour 1 exemplar1989-1991
Grammars of Creation by George Steiner 309 exemplares, 3 críticas1990
Biblical Faith and Natural Theology: The Gifford Lectures for 1991: Delivered in the University of Edinburgh (Clarendon Paperbacks) by James Barr 42 exemplares, 1 crítica1990-1991
Renewing Philosophy by Hilary Putnam 91 exemplares1990-1991
Deciphering the Signs of God: A Phenomenological Approach to Islam by Annemarie Schimmel 51 exemplares1991-1992
Christianity and Classical Culture: The Metamorphosis of Natural Theology in the Christian Encounter with Hellenism by Jaroslav Pelikan 225 exemplares1992-1993
Theology for a Scientific Age by Arthur Peacocke 68 exemplares1992-1993
Upheavals of Thought: The Intelligence of Emotions by Martha C. Nussbaum 370 exemplares, 3 críticas1992-1993
The Faith of a Physicist: Reflections of a Bottom-Up Thinker by J. C. Polkinghorne 155 exemplares1993-1994
Religion and Revelation : A Theology of Revelation in the World's Religions by Keith Ward 48 exemplares, 1 crítica1993-1994
Science and Christian Belief: Theological Reflections of a Bottom-up Thinker by J. C. Polkinghorne 46 exemplares1993-1994
The Bible and criticism in Victorian Britain : profiles of F.D. Maurice and William Robertson Smith by J. W. Rogerson 11 exemplares1994-1995
The Shadow of Scotus: Philosophy and Faith in Pre-Reformation Scotland by Alexander Broadie 15 exemplares1994-1995
Thomas Reid and the Story of Epistemology (Modern European Philosophy) by Nicholas Wolterstorff 41 exemplares1995
If You're an Egalitarian, How Come You're So Rich? by G. A. Cohen 132 exemplares, 1 crítica1995-1996
Reconstructing Nature: The Engagement of Science and Religion by John Hedley Brooke 39 exemplares1995-1996
Emotion and Peace of Mind: From Stoic Agitation to Christian Temptation (The Gifford Lectures) by Richard Sorabji 45 exemplares, 1 crítica1996-1997
Thought and Reality by Michael Dummett 45 exemplares1996-1997
Genes, Genesis and God: Values and their Origins in Natural and Human History by III Holmes Rolston 32 exemplares1997-1998
The God Experiment: Can Science Prove the Existence of God? by Russell Stannard 41 exemplares1997-1998
Christ and Horrors: The Coherence of Christology by Marilyn McCord Adams 45 exemplares, 1 crítica1998-1999
Characters in Search of Their Author: The Gifford Lectures Glasgow 1999-2000 (The Gifford Lectures, 1999-2000) by Ralph McInerny 27 exemplares1999-2000
Autonomy and Trust in Bioethics by Onora O'Neill 29 exemplares2000-2001
Concept of Nature by John Habgood 5 exemplares2000-2001
With the Grain of the Universe: The Church's Witness and Natural Theology by Stanley Hauerwas 262 exemplares, 4 críticas2000-2001
The nature and limits of human understanding by Anthony J. Sanford 16 exemplares2001
The Problem of Evil: The Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of St. Andrews in 2003 by Peter van Inwagen 83 exemplares2002
The Lesser Evil: Political Ethics in an Age of Terror by Michael Ignatieff 220 exemplares, 1 crítica2003
Alone in the World?: Human Uniqueness in Science and Theology by J. Wentzel van Huyssteen 39 exemplares2004
Sovereignty: God, State, and Self (Gifford Lectures) by Jean Bethke Elshtain 86 exemplares, 3 críticas2005-2006
Seeing Things: Deepening Relations with Visual Artefacts (Gifford Lectures) by Stephen Pattison 5 exemplares2007
Faith and Its Critics: A Conversation by David Fergusson 32 exemplares2008
A Fine-Tuned Universe: The Quest for God in Science and Theology by Alister E. McGrath 70 exemplares2009
Who's in Charge?: Free Will and the Science of the Brain by Michael S. Gazzaniga 344 exemplares, 10 críticas2009
The Face of God: The Gifford Lectures by Roger Scruton 104 exemplares2010
The Territories of Science and Religion by Peter Harrison 58 exemplares, 1 crítica2011
Dealing with Darwin: Place, Politics, and Rhetoric in Religious Engagements with Evolution by David N. Livingstone 10 exemplares2014
A Secular Age by Charles Taylor 1,058 exemplares, 8 críticas

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