Série de EditoraHesperus Classics


Another Round of Stories by the Christmas Fire by Charles Dickens 21 exemplares, 1 crítica
Apology for a Murder by Lorenzino de'Medici 27 exemplares, 1 crítica
Arctic Summer by E. M. Forster 80 exemplares, 1 crítica
Autobiography of a Pocket Handkerchief by James Fenimore Cooper 43 exemplares
Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street by Herman Melville 2,318 exemplares, 74 críticas
Before Adam by Jack London 364 exemplares, 8 críticas
Behind a Mask; Or, A Woman's Power by Louisa May Alcott 116 exemplares, 6 críticas
Betrayal by Marquis de Sade 31 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Book of the Virgins by Gabriele D'Annunzio 54 exemplares
Captain Pamphile by Alexandre Dumas 52 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Captain's Daughter by Alexander Pushkin 796 exemplares, 10 críticas
Captains Courageous: A Story of the Grand Banks by Rudyard Kipling 3,940 exemplares, 42 críticas
Carmen by Prosper Mérimée 474 exemplares, 8 críticas
The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer Lytton, Baron Lytton 403 exemplares, 11 críticas
Commonplace by Christina Rossetti 41 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Corsican Brothers by Alexandre Dumas 137 exemplares, 2 críticas
Cousin Phillis by Elizabeth Gaskell 222 exemplares, 9 críticas
The Devil’s Pool by George Sand 634 exemplares, 16 críticas
The Diary of a Man of Fifty by Henry James 45 exemplares, 1 crítica
Directions to Servants (Hesperus Classics) by Jonathan Swift 187 exemplares, 2 críticas
Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions by Charles Dickens 93 exemplares
The Double by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 1,315 exemplares, 23 críticas
The Dream by Émile Zola 417 exemplares, 11 críticas
Dream Days by Kenneth Grahame 358 exemplares, 11 críticas
Dubrovsky and Egyptian Nights by Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin 8 exemplares
The Essays of Elia by Charles Lamb 421 exemplares, 14 críticas
The Eternal Husband by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 673 exemplares, 19 críticas
Eureka by Edgar Allan Poe 175 exemplares, 2 críticas
The Exclamation Mark by Anton Chekhov 32 exemplares, 2 críticas
Fables by Jean de La Fontaine 1,503 exemplares, 15 críticas
The Fatal Eggs by Mikhail Bulgakov 648 exemplares, 10 críticas
Faust by Ivan Turgenev 79 exemplares, 2 críticas
Fellow-Townsmen (Hesperus Classics) by Thomas Hardy 32 exemplares
For a Night of Love by Émile Zola 101 exemplares, 2 críticas
The Foundling (Hesperus Classics) by Charlotte Brontë 86 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Fox by D. H. Lawrence 439 exemplares, 10 críticas
The Frozen Deep by Wilkie Collins 167 exemplares, 6 críticas
Fugitive Poems (Hesperus Classics - Poetry) by John Keats 12 exemplares
The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 3,250 exemplares, 41 críticas
The Ghost-seer by Friedrich Schiller 211 exemplares
The Green Dwarf by Charlotte Brontë 101 exemplares, 3 críticas
The Haunted House by Charles Dickens 323 exemplares, 14 críticas
Heart of a Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov 2,599 exemplares, 53 críticas
Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad 19,989 exemplares, 329 críticas
A Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov 3,202 exemplares, 51 críticas
The Highland Widow by Sir Walter Scott 34 exemplares
History of King Richard III by Sir Thomas More 65 exemplares, 2 críticas
The History of the Reign of King Henry the Seventh by Francis Bacon 106 exemplares, 2 críticas
The Holly-Tree Inn by Charles Dickens 51 exemplares, 14 críticas
A House to Let by Charles Dickens 177 exemplares, 6 críticas
How the Two Ivans Quarrelled by Nikolai Gogol 165 exemplares, 5 críticas
How to Mix Drinks or, the Bon-Vivant's Companion by Jerry Thomas 112 exemplares, 11 críticas
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow by Jerome K. Jerome 498 exemplares, 9 críticas
In a German Pension by Katherine Mansfield 429 exemplares, 15 críticas
Incognita by William Congreve 58 exemplares
Jettatura by Théophile Gautier 92 exemplares, 1 crítica
John the Valiant by Sándor Petőfi 59 exemplares, 2 críticas
Jonathan Wild by Henry Fielding 464 exemplares, 6 críticas
A Journey Around My Room by Xavier de Maistre 271 exemplares, 9 críticas
Keats (Poetic Lives) by Robert Mighall 18 exemplares, 6 críticas
The King of Pirates by Daniel Defoe 77 exemplares, 1 crítica
Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk by Nikolai Leskov 233 exemplares
The Last Day of a Condemned Man by Victor Hugo 880 exemplares, 25 críticas
The Lawyer's Secret by M. E. Braddon 35 exemplares, 11 críticas
Lazy Thoughts of a Lazy Girl (Hesperus Classics) by Jenny Wren 13 exemplares
The lazy tour of two idle aprentices by Charles Dickens 93 exemplares, 3 críticas
Lesley Castle by Jane Austen 133 exemplares, 6 críticas
Letters to Pauline (Hesperus Classics) by Stendhal 11 exemplares
The Life and Death of Mr. Badman by John Bunyan 52 exemplares, 1 crítica
Life in the Country by Giovanni Verga 69 exemplares, 2 críticas
Life of a Good-for-Nothing by Joseph von Eichendorff 778 exemplares, 6 críticas
Lives of Eminent Men (Hesperus Classics) by John Aubrey 11 exemplares
Lois the Witch by Elizabeth Gaskell 163 exemplares, 6 críticas
The Lost Stradivarius by John Meade Falkner 211 exemplares, 4 críticas
The Lover's Watch (Hesperus Classics) by Aphra Behn 26 exemplares
Mademoiselle de Scudéri by E. T. A. Hoffmann 440 exemplares, 3 críticas
The Man of Fifty by Wolfgang von Goethe 51 exemplares, 1 crítica
Manon Lescaut by Abbé Prévost 1,713 exemplares, 47 críticas
The Marquise of O-- ; The earthquake in Chile ; The foundling. by Heinrich von Kleist 58 exemplares, 2 críticas
The Maytrees: A Novel by Annie Dillard 1,144 exemplares, 47 críticas
Memoirs of a Madman by Gustave Flaubert 166 exemplares, 1 crítica
Memoirs of an Egotist by Stendhal 163 exemplares, 3 críticas
Memoirs of the Extraordinary Life, Works, and Discoveries of Martinus Scriblerus by Alexander Pope 161 exemplares, 5 críticas
Memorie by Voltaire 34 exemplares
The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka 9,085 exemplares, 142 críticas
Metamorphosis and Other Stories [Hesperus] by Franz Kafka 10 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Moorland Cottage by Elizabeth Gaskell 132 exemplares, 9 críticas
Mrs Lirriper [Mrs Lirriper's Lodgings / Mrs Lirriper's Legacy] by Charles Dickens 62 exemplares, 1 crítica
Mugby Junction by Charles Dickens 132 exemplares, 4 críticas
My Life by Giuseppe Garibaldi 43 exemplares
The Mystery of Cloomber by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 155 exemplares, 9 críticas
Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 10,432 exemplares, 133 críticas
November by Gustave Flaubert 174 exemplares, 5 críticas
On Death by John Donne 12 exemplares
One Thousand and One Ghosts by Alexandre Dumas 129 exemplares, 4 críticas
The Pilgrims by Mary Shelley 19 exemplares, 3 críticas
Pleasures and Regrets by Marcel Proust 353 exemplares, 3 críticas
Poetic Lives: Coleridge by Daniel Hahn 20 exemplares, 10 críticas
Poetic Lives: Dickinson by Rebecca Swift 8 exemplares
Poetic Lives: Donne by Nicholas Robins 6 exemplares
Poetic Lives: Shelley by Daniel Hahn 22 exemplares, 9 críticas
Polite Conversation (Hesperus Classics) by Jonathan Swift 33 exemplares
Prophecies (Hesperus Classics) by Leonardo da Vinci 54 exemplares
The Ragionamenti: The Lives of Nuns, The Lives of Married Women, The Lives of Courtesans by Pietro Aretino 214 exemplares, 4 críticas
The Rape of the Lock, and a Key to the Lock by Alexander Pope 38 exemplares
Rappaccini's Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne 188 exemplares, 4 críticas
Rebecca and Rowena by W. M. Thackeray 64 exemplares, 3 críticas
The Return by Joseph Conrad 87 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Rich Boy by F. Scott Fitzgerald 67 exemplares, 1 crítica
A Rogue's Life by Wilkie Collins 202 exemplares, 6 críticas
A Round of Stories by the Christmas Fire by Charles Dickens 32 exemplares
Sanctuary by Edith Wharton 133 exemplares, 2 críticas
Sarrasine by Honoré de Balzac 182 exemplares, 9 críticas
Scientific Lives (Hesperus Classics) by John Aubrey 7 exemplares
The Secret (Hesperus Classics) by Charlotte Brontë 65 exemplares, 4 críticas
The Seven Poor Travellers by Charles Dickens 46 exemplares, 3 críticas
A Shot in the Dark by Saki 28 exemplares, 1 crítica
A Shropshire Lad by A. E. Housman 1,255 exemplares, 14 críticas
Simonetta Perkins by L. P. Hartley 45 exemplares
The Single Hound (Hesperus Classics) by Emily Dickinson 25 exemplares
Somebody's Luggage by Charles Dickens 58 exemplares
The Spell by Charlotte Brontë 67 exemplares
Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters 3,003 exemplares, 36 críticas
The Story of a Lie by Robert Louis Stevenson 19 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson 14,229 exemplares, 275 críticas
The Tale by Joseph Conrad 18 exemplares
Tales of the Islanders by Charlotte Brontë 20 exemplares, 2 críticas
Thoughts (Hesperus Classics) by Giacomo Leopardi 242 exemplares, 3 críticas
Three Tales by Gustave Flaubert 1,960 exemplares, 35 críticas
The Three-Cornered Hat by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón 368 exemplares, 7 críticas
Tom Sawyer, Detective by Mark Twain 537 exemplares, 13 críticas
The Touchstone by Edith Wharton 262 exemplares, 9 críticas
Transformation and Other Stories by Mary Shelley 74 exemplares, 5 críticas
Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup 2,740 exemplares, 92 críticas
Two Legends: Oedipus and Theseus by André Gide 95 exemplares, 1 crítica
Two Princesses (Hesperus Classics) by Vladimir F. Odoevsky 22 exemplares
Uncle's Dream by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 187 exemplares, 7 críticas
Vendetta by Honoré de Balzac 81 exemplares, 4 críticas
Virtue (Hesperus Classics) by Marquis de Sade 14 exemplares
La Vita Nuova by Dante Alighieri 1,865 exemplares, 20 críticas
Vénus dans le cloître, ou la religieuse en chemise by L'Abbe du Prat 15 exemplares, 1 crítica
Wessex Poems by Thomas Hardy 15 exemplares, 1 crítica
Who Killed Zebedee?/John Jago's Ghost by Wilkie Collins 85 exemplares, 2 críticas
With the Flow by Joris-Karl Huysmans 184 exemplares, 2 críticas
The Wreck of the Golden Mary by Charles Dickens 95 exemplares
Zastrozzi (Hesperus Classics) by Percy Bysshe Shelley 50 exemplares, 3 críticas

Collections and Selections

Amos Barton by George Eliot 43 exemplares, 3 críticas
Daughters of the Vicar (Hesperus Classics) by D. H. Lawrence 44 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Dialogue of the Dogs by Miguel de Cervantes 111 exemplares
Dubrovsky by Alexander Pushkin 154 exemplares, 2 críticas
The Duel by Giacomo Girolamo Casanova 151 exemplares, 2 críticas
The Enchanted Isles by Herman Melville 95 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Forged Coupon by Leo Tolstoy 140 exemplares, 3 críticas
Gargantua by François Rabelais 535 exemplares, 10 críticas
Incest by Marquis de Sade 122 exemplares
Janet's Repentance by George Eliot 24 exemplares, 1 crítica
Lady Susan by Jane Austen 1,569 exemplares, 86 críticas
The Lake of the Bees / A Quiet Musician by Theodor Storm 29 exemplares
The Madwoman on a Pilgrimage (Hesperus Classics) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 34 exemplares, 15 críticas
The Merchant's Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer 7 exemplares
The Miller's Prologue and Tale (Selected Tales from Chaucer) by Geoffrey Chaucer 139 exemplares, 2 críticas
Mr Gilfil's Love Story by George Eliot 26 exemplares
Pantagruel by François Rabelais 377 exemplares, 10 críticas
The Parliament of Birds by Geoffrey Chaucer 75 exemplares, 1 crítica
The portrait of Mr W.H. : the greatly enlarged version prepared by the author after the appearance of the story in 1889 but not published by Oscar Wilde 235 exemplares, 8 críticas
Sanditon (Unfinished) by Jane Austen 165 exemplares, 21 críticas
The School of Whoredom by Pietro Aretino 68 exemplares
The Secret Life of Nuns by Pietro Aretino 41 exemplares
The Secret Life of Wives by Pietro Aretino 23 exemplares
The Tales of Belkin by Alexander Pushkin 235 exemplares, 15 críticas
Three Years by Anton Chekhov 90 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Tragedy of the Korosko by Arthur Conan Doyle 138 exemplares, 5 críticas
Voyage to the Moon by Cyrano de Bergerac 205 exemplares, 8 críticas
The Watsons [fragment] by Jane Austen 176 exemplares, 9 críticas


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