Série de EditoraUrania


Le gabbie dell'infinito by Kenneth Bulmer 6 exemplares478
Psychogeist by L. P. Davies 46 exemplares, 1 crítica458
Slan by A. E. Van Vogt 1,433 exemplares, 29 críticas
River of Gods by Ian McDonald 1,497 exemplares, 44 críticasJumbo, 40
The Visitors by Clifford D. Simak 487 exemplares, 6 críticas140
City by Clifford D. Simak 2,112 exemplares, 62 críticas157
The Trouble With Tycho by Clifford D. Simak 131 exemplares, 1 crítica170
The Mind Cage by A. E. Van Vogt 355 exemplares, 1 crítica191
Pilgrimage by Zenna Henderson 656 exemplares, 9 críticasClassici, 198
Man of Earth by Algis Budrys 60 exemplares283
Untouched by Human Hands by Robert Sheckley 281 exemplares, 9 críticas285
Journey Beyond Tomorrow by Robert Sheckley 302 exemplares, 7 críticas313
They Walked Like Men by Clifford D. Simak 347 exemplares, 6 críticas315
Foundation by Isaac Asimov 17,107 exemplares, 306 críticas317 bis
The Flood by John Creasey 26 exemplares319
Psychon by Daniel F. SF Galouye 0 exemplares327
Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov 11,023 exemplares, 128 críticas329 bis
Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov 10,235 exemplares, 107 críticas338
Way Station by Clifford D. Simak 2,086 exemplares, 67 críticas351
Il sesto palazzo e altri racconti by Franco Lucentini 1 exemplar388
Fantalmanacco by Mack Reynolds 1 exemplar477
Time Out of Joint by Philip K. Dick 1,983 exemplares, 24 críticas491
The Werewolf Principle by Clifford D. Simak 504 exemplares, 5 críticas495
The Peregrine by Poul Anderson 245 exemplares, 7 críticas515
Computer World by Mack Reynolds 22 exemplares526
Dimension of Miracles by Robert Sheckley 480 exemplares, 14 críticas530
Out of Their Minds by Clifford D. Simak 381 exemplares, 4 críticas559
The Status Civilization by Robert Sheckley 417 exemplares, 10 críticas581
The brass dragon by Marion Zimmer Bradley 195 exemplares, 2 críticas595
Trist lo straniero by Michael SF Elder 0 exemplares597
Galassia che vai by Frank SF Russell 0 exemplares613
The Mindblocked Man by Jeff Sutton 49 exemplares616
Trouble with Lichen by John Wyndham 1,201 exemplares, 25 críticas618
L'occhio del purgatorio by Jacques Spitz 1 exemplar622
The blue atom by Robert Moore Williams 10 exemplares628
In Our Hands, the Stars by Harry Harrison 244 exemplares, 2 críticas631
Survival Margin by Charles Eric Maine 81 exemplares, 1 crítica632
Megalopolis 2073 by Michael Elder 0 exemplares633
Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C. Clarke 8,561 exemplares, 150 críticas634
The Terror by John Creasey 28 exemplares644
Lifeboat by James White 154 exemplares, 3 críticas645
The Drowned World by J. G. Ballard 2,332 exemplares, 56 críticas648
Our Children's Children by Clifford D. Simak 273 exemplares, 4 críticas656
He Owned the World by Charles Eric Maine 52 exemplares, 1 crítica665
Stormtrack by James Sutherland 32 exemplares667
Gli incappucciati d'ombra by Edmond Hamilton 5 exemplares671
L'uomo che correva by J. Hunter SF Holly 0 exemplares674
Brain Wave by Poul Anderson 723 exemplares, 22 críticas677
Pellegrinaggio vietato by Clifford D. Simak 1 exemplar685
The Star Treasure by Keith Laumer 191 exemplares, 1 crítica692
The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis 1,210 exemplares, 35 críticas694
Earth Unaware by Mack Reynolds 113 exemplares698
L'arma dei Walbrook by Ron SF Goulart 0 exemplares700
High-Rise by J. G. Ballard 2,032 exemplares, 68 críticas707
Tower at the Edge of Time by Lin Carter 104 exemplares709
The Floating Zombie by D. F. Jones 21 exemplares716
Ring Around the Sun by Clifford D. Simak 520 exemplares, 15 críticas719
The Survivor by James Herbert 382 exemplares, 1 crítica724
Delitto al fantacongresso by Gene DeWeese 1 exemplar725
Warlock by Dean Koontz 66 exemplares, 1 crítica733
The Long Sleep by John Hill 36 exemplares, 1 crítica735
The Space Vampires by Colin Wilson 387 exemplares, 5 críticas744
I mondi di Eklos by Rex SF Gordon 0 exemplares746
The Micronauts by Gordon Williams 93 exemplares, 1 crítica748
La spedizione degli angeli by Steve Wilson 1 exemplar749
The Green Millennium by Fritz Leiber 300 exemplares, 7 críticas751
Ciò che uscì dal Lago Michigan by Roger Lovin 0 exemplares754
Crompton divided by Robert Sheckley 186 exemplares, 3 críticas757
Mastodonia by Clifford D. Simak 427 exemplares, 7 críticas762
The Robot Who Looked Like Me [collection] by Robert Sheckley 128 exemplares, 2 críticas768
La doppia faccia degli ufo by Ian SF Watson 0 exemplares781
Fugitive from Time by Philip E. High 5 exemplares785
The Drought by J. G. Ballard 844 exemplares, 19 críticas788
Hawkshaw by Ron Goulart 43 exemplares, 1 crítica791
L'attacco delle tarantole by Bernhardt J. SF Hurwood 0 exemplares792
The squares of the city by John Brunner 508 exemplares, 9 críticas799
Le lenti del potere by Alfred E. SF Van Vogt 0 exemplares824
Supernormale by J. Hunter Holly 1 exemplar825
The Paper Dolls by L. P. Davies 22 exemplares, 2 críticas831
Dagger of the Mind by Bob Shaw 64 exemplares, 1 crítica832
Stellar Assignment by E. C. Tubb 1 exemplar833
All Judgment Fled by James White 190 exemplares, 1 crítica840
Matilda's Stepchildren by A. Bertram Chandler 77 exemplares, 2 críticas841
The Searing by John Coyne 60 exemplares, 1 crítica877
S.T.A.R. Flight by E. C. Tubb 83 exemplares, 1 crítica893
City Come A-Walkin' by John Shirley 244 exemplares, 3 críticas902
Nightwalk by Bob Shaw 262 exemplares, 4 críticas909
La notte del furore by Philip Friedman 2 exemplares915
Alieno in croce by Raymond F. Jones 1 exemplar916
A Whiff of Madness by Ron Goulart 51 exemplares918
Mondo senza stelle by Poul SF Anderson 0 exemplares925
World Enough, and Time by James Kahn 146 exemplares, 3 críticas934
Time's Dark Laughter by James Kahn 92 exemplares, 3 críticas948
The Banished by J. N. Williamson 13 exemplares949
Brinkman by Ron Goulart 12 exemplares956
The Hunters by Jack Lovejoy 42 exemplares963
Dramocles: An Intergalactic Soap Opera by Robert Sheckley 97 exemplares, 1 crítica974
L'uomo nelle rovine by Nathan SF Butler 0 exemplares994
The Merchants' War by Frederik Pohl 395 exemplares, 6 críticas998
Foundation's Edge by Isaac Asimov 8,441 exemplares, 62 críticas1000
The Long Walk by Stephen King 4,282 exemplares, 104 críticas1001
Stardeath by E. C. Tubb 55 exemplares1004
The Watch Below by James White 190 exemplares, 4 críticas1011
The Aquiliad by Somtow Sucharitkul 116 exemplares, 1 crítica1021
Victim Prime by Robert Sheckley 158 exemplares, 1 crítica1041
Highway of Eternity by Clifford D. Simak 372 exemplares, 4 críticas1043
La strada dell'eternita by Clifford D. SF Simak 0 exemplares1043
Les semeurs d'abîmes by Serge Brussolo 19 exemplares1061
Hunter/Victim by Robert Sheckley 138 exemplares, 1 crítica1088
Alieni e no (Urania n.1091) by Clifford D. Simak 0 exemplares1091
Sommeil de sang by Serge Brussolo 14 exemplares1104
Aquila and the Iron Horse by S. P. Somtow 39 exemplares1105
The Dark Door by Kate Wilhelm 96 exemplares, 3 críticas1118
Foundation and Earth by Isaac Asimov 6,876 exemplares, 61 críticas1131
Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov 6,980 exemplares, 82 críticas1149
Count Zero by William Gibson 6,355 exemplares, 50 críticas1179
Strength of Stones by Greg Bear 490 exemplares, 6 críticas1200
The Girls from Planet Five by Richard Wilson 60 exemplares1206
Star light by Hal Clement 310 exemplares, 2 críticas1207
Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams 10,881 exemplares, 108 críticas1209
The Renegades of Pern by Anne McCaffrey 3,791 exemplares, 24 críticas1210
The Warrior's Apprentice by Lois McMaster Bujold 2,783 exemplares, 86 críticas1211
E bello essere marziani by Long Frank Belknap 2 exemplares1261
Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov 4,902 exemplares, 47 críticas1287
Eclipse Corona by John Shirley 141 exemplares, 2 críticas1290
I biplani di D'Annunzio by Luca Masali 21 exemplares1296
Mindswap by Robert Sheckley 506 exemplares, 9 críticas1302
Memorie di un cuoco d'astronave by Massimo Mongai 17 exemplares, 2 críticas1320
Tutti i denti del mostro sono perfetti by Niccolò Ammaniti 22 exemplares1322
Quicker Than the Eye by Ray Bradbury 1,066 exemplares, 14 críticas1328
The Siege of Eternity by Frederik Pohl 322 exemplares, 2 críticas1338
abisso del passato by i. sprague de camp 2 exemplares1361
La perla alla fine del mondo by Luca Masali 7 exemplares1362
La fantascienza di Playboy - parte prima by Doris Lessing 1 exemplar1368
La fantascienza di Playboy - parte seconda by Billy Crystal 1 exemplar1373
Software by Rudy Rucker 863 exemplares, 17 críticas1382
Ciao futuro by Vittorio Curtoni 1 exemplar1406
Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer 1,589 exemplares, 54 críticas1414
Wetware by Rudy V. B. Rucker 570 exemplares, 6 críticas1419
Il castello di Eymerich by Valerio Evangelisti 82 exemplares, 4 críticas1438
The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams 5,917 exemplares, 67 críticasSpeciale, 16 Supplemento al n. 1486
Schild's Ladder by Greg Egan 850 exemplares, 25 críticas1490
Flesh and Silver by Stephen L. Burns 88 exemplares, 1 crítica1491
Crucible by Nancy Kress 124 exemplares, 1 crítica1509
Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers by Harry Harrison 452 exemplares, 8 críticas1517
Slan Hunter by A. E. van Vogt 97 exemplares, 2 críticas1526
Dimension of Miracles Revisited by Robert Sheckley 0 exemplares1537
The Last Theorem by Arthur C. Clarke 563 exemplares, 23 críticas1587
Empress of the Sun by Ian McDonald 79 exemplares, 6 críticas1661

Collections and Selections

La terza alternativa by John Douglas 0 exemplares478
Souvenir by Roger Deeley 0 exemplares541
The Thing In The Stone [short story] by Clifford D. Simak 10 exemplares543
Bolle d'infinito by John Varley 1 exemplar1102
Il preludio a Dune. I ribelli dell'impero by Brian Herbert 10 exemplares1485


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