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Absurd Drama - Amedee, Professor Taranne, The Two Executioners & The Zoo Story by Martin Esslin 90 exemplares
Baby Doll and Other Plays by Tennessee Williams 67 exemplares, 2 críticas
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams 2,532 exemplares, 26 críticas
The Doctor's Dilemma by George Bernard Shaw 288 exemplares, 5 críticas1
Equus by Peter Shaffer 1,914 exemplares, 22 críticas
Four Plays by Günter Grass 52 exemplares
Heartbreak House by George Bernard Shaw 602 exemplares, 6 críticas
The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde 9,531 exemplares, 157 críticas
The Lion in Winter by James Goldman 579 exemplares, 13 críticas
The Long and the Short and the Tall; Yes and After; Each His Own Wilderness by Willis Hall 4 exemplares
The Love-Girl and the Innocent by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 245 exemplares, 7 críticas
Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw 1,032 exemplares, 11 críticas
New American Drama (Penguin Plays & Screenplays) by Charles Marowitz 20 exemplares
New English Dramatists 1 by E. Martin Browne 18 exemplares
New English Dramatists 10 by Arnold Wesker 5 exemplares
New English Dramatists 11 by Mervyn Jones 10 exemplares
New English Dramatists 12 : Radio Plays by Irving Wardle 14 exemplares
New English Dramatists 13 by Simon Trussler 11 exemplares
New English Dramatists 14 by Edwin Morgan 9 exemplares
New English Dramatists 2 by Tom Maschler 9 exemplares
New English Dramatists 3 by Tom Maschler 13 exemplares
New English Dramatists 4 by Tom Maschler 18 exemplares
New English Dramatists 5 by Tom Maschler 15 exemplares
New English Dramatists 7 by Arnold Wesker 29 exemplares
New English Dramatists 8 by Charles Wood 9 exemplares
New English Dramatists 9 by Donald Howarth 14 exemplares
Penguin Plays: New American Drama by Edward Albee 11 exemplares
Plays Unpleasant by George Bernard Shaw 510 exemplares, 3 críticas
The Plebeians Rehearse the Uprising: A German Tragedy (Harvest Book) by Günter Grass 111 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Rules of the Game; The Life I Gave You; Lazarus by Luigi Pirandello 31 exemplares
Three Australian plays by Alan Seymour 75 exemplares
Three Tragedies by Federico Garcia Lorca 808 exemplares, 3 críticas
Three Plays for Puritans by Bernard Shaw 315 exemplares, 2 críticas2
Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw 5,748 exemplares, 69 críticasPL3
The Millionairess by George Bernard Shaw 48 exemplaresPL9
Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller 10,247 exemplares, 100 críticasPL28
New English Dramatists 6 by Robert Bolt 31 exemplaresPL45
Three German Plays by Georg Büchner 11 exemplaresPL46
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee 4,047 exemplares, 59 críticasPL61
The Crucible by Arthur Miller 12,813 exemplares, 138 críticas78
Four Plays : to Have the Honour: Belinda : The Dover Road : Mr Pim Passes By by A. A. Milne 12 exemplares196
Right You Are ! (If You Think So) ; All for the Best ; Henry IV by Luigi Pirandello 1 exemplar
Three European Plays by E. Martin Browne 54 exemplares

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