Série de EditoraBastei Science Fiction-Special


Dark Star by Alan Dean Foster 326 exemplares, 3 críticas24005
Hrolf Kraki's Saga by Poul Anderson 343 exemplares, 9 críticas24007
Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany 3,213 exemplares, 70 críticas24011
The Robot Who Looked Like Me [collection] by Robert Sheckley 129 exemplares, 2 críticas24020
Stranger in a Strange Land (Uncut Edition) by Robert A. Heinlein 8,227 exemplares, 142 críticas
Amazons! by Jessica Amanda Salmonson 215 exemplares, 3 críticas24023
Tales of Nevèrÿon by Samuel R. Delany 952 exemplares, 8 críticas24026
The Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven 3,937 exemplares, 36 críticas24028
Capitol by Orson Scott Card 212 exemplares, 1 crítica24032
The 1982 Annual World's Best SF by Donald A. Wollheim 190 exemplares, 1 crítica24036
Aliens! by Jack Dann 45 exemplares24041
Kindred by Octavia E. Butler 6,109 exemplares, 278 críticas24042
Omnivore by Piers Anthony 625 exemplares, 2 críticas24046
Neveryóna by Samuel R. Delany 572 exemplares, 5 críticas24053
Brainstorming und andere ausgezeichnete Stories. by Michael Görden 5 exemplares24055
Last Orders by Brian W. Aldiss 122 exemplares, 1 crítica24056
Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey 3,132 exemplares, 40 críticas24057
Wild Seed by Octavia E. Butler 2,263 exemplares, 71 críticas24060
Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven by Larry Niven 1,188 exemplares, 9 críticas24064
Millennium by John Varley 914 exemplares, 13 críticas24065
Orn by Piers Anthony 696 exemplares, 2 críticas24067
Faszination der Science Fiction. ( Jubiläums- Bibliothek). by Isaac Asimov 15 exemplares24068
Das große Robert - Sheckley - Buch. ( Science Fiction Special). (Jubiläumsbibliothek). by Robert Sheckley 14 exemplares24070
Electric Forest by Tanith Lee 386 exemplares, 6 críticas24081
Science Fiction Special: Das zweite Robert Sheckley Buch by Robert Sheckley 15 exemplares24090
With a Tangled Skein by Piers Anthony 3,063 exemplares, 26 críticas24102
Afterlives by Pamela Sargent 40 exemplares, 1 crítica24112
The Best of Isaac Asimov by Isaac Asimov 486 exemplares, 3 críticas24113
Wielding a Red Sword by Piers Anthony 2,877 exemplares, 23 críticas24114
The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick 11,610 exemplares, 307 críticas24117
Job: A Comedy of Justice by Robert A. Heinlein 3,907 exemplares, 47 críticas24118
Sing ein Lied für Satan by Piers Anthony 0 exemplares24119
The Smoke Ring by Larry Niven 1,187 exemplares, 11 críticas24121
A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick 6,601 exemplares, 123 críticas24123
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls by Robert A. Heinlein 4,442 exemplares, 48 críticas24124
The Birth of Flux and Anchor by Jack L. Chalker 281 exemplares, 1 crítica24125
The Hercules Text by Jack McDevitt 301 exemplares, 5 críticas24126
Empires of Flux and Anchor by Jack L. Chalker 371 exemplares, 2 críticas24131
A Talent for War by Jack McDevitt 1,180 exemplares, 35 críticas24134
Escape From Kathmandu by Kim Stanley Robinson 430 exemplares, 13 críticas24137
Land's End by Frederik Pohl 155 exemplares24142
Out on Blue Six by Ian McDonald 240 exemplares, 11 críticas24147
Pacific Edge by Kim Stanley Robinson 605 exemplares, 11 críticas24151
Achilles' Choice by Larry Niven 446 exemplares, 3 críticas24157
The Star Beast by Robert A. Heinlein 1,798 exemplares, 25 críticas24163
Empire Dreams by Ian McDonald 105 exemplares, 3 críticas24166
The Memory of Earth by Orson Scott Card 2,649 exemplares, 19 críticas24167
PartnerShip by Anne McCaffrey 1,369 exemplares, 7 críticas24173
The Ship Who Searched by Anne McCaffrey 1,792 exemplares, 13 críticas24175
The Door into Summer by Robert A. Heinlein 3,650 exemplares, 64 críticas24176
Phthor by Piers Anthony 372 exemplares, 1 crítica24178
The Call of Earth by Orson Scott Card 2,014 exemplares, 9 críticas24179
Elvissey by Jack Womack 253 exemplares, 2 críticas24181
The City Who Fought by Anne McCaffrey 1,387 exemplares, 11 críticas24182
Farnham's Freehold by Robert A. Heinlein 2,697 exemplares, 38 críticas24183
Steel Beach by John Varley 1,109 exemplares, 19 críticas24184
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein 9,147 exemplares, 165 críticas24191
The Ships of Earth by Orson Scott Card 1,756 exemplares, 10 críticas24195
The Ship Who Won by Anne McCaffrey 1,252 exemplares, 5 críticas24196
The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey 2,880 exemplares, 28 críticas24198
Permutation City by Greg Egan 1,637 exemplares, 37 críticas24200
Gold: The Final Science Fiction Collection by Isaac Asimov 1,212 exemplares, 6 críticas24206
The Engines of God by Jack McDevitt 1,653 exemplares, 39 críticas24208
Earthfall by Orson Scott Card 1,616 exemplares, 12 críticas24211
Isaac Asimov's Caliban by Roger MacBride Allen 607 exemplares, 10 críticas24212
Power Lines by Anne McCaffrey 1,289 exemplares, 5 críticas24215
Earthborn by Orson Scott Card 1,518 exemplares, 9 críticas24217
Isaac Asimov's Inferno by Roger MacBride Allen 398 exemplares, 6 críticas24218
Freedom's Landing by Anne McCaffrey 2,123 exemplares, 17 críticas24226
Ancient Shores by Jack McDevitt 851 exemplares, 24 críticas24235
The Ringworld Throne by Larry Niven 2,280 exemplares, 9 críticas24236
Ringworld by Larry Niven 8,692 exemplares, 162 críticas24238
Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card 7,969 exemplares, 69 críticas24240
Man-Kzin Wars by Larry Niven 1,181 exemplares, 9 críticas24244
Eternity Road by Jack McDevitt 998 exemplares, 21 críticas24245
Freedom's Choice by Anne McCaffrey 1,846 exemplares, 11 críticas24252
Protector by Larry Niven 2,004 exemplares, 17 críticas24258
Freedom's Challenge by Anne McCaffrey 1,673 exemplares, 12 críticas24261
Crashlander by Larry Niven 649 exemplares, 4 críticas24262
Flatlander: The Collected Tales of Gil "The Arm" Hamilton by Larry Niven 554 exemplares, 6 críticas24266
Moonfall by Jack McDevitt 713 exemplares, 11 críticas24268
Man-Kzin Wars VI by Larry Niven 327 exemplares, 2 críticas24272
Isaac Asimov's Utopia by Roger MacBride Allen 392 exemplares, 8 críticas24273
Friday by Robert A. Heinlein 4,580 exemplares, 61 críticas24275
World of Ptavvs by Larry Niven 1,154 exemplares, 6 críticas24279
Past Through Tomorrow by Robert A. Heinlein 2,448 exemplares, 19 críticas24280
A Gift from Earth by Larry Niven 1,253 exemplares, 10 críticas24284
Ships in the night : and other stories by Jack McDevitt 16 exemplares, 2 críticas24291
Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert A. Heinlein 1,501 exemplares, 23 críticas24293
Sin of Origin by John Barnes 78 exemplares, 1 crítica24295
Lord Gamma. by Michael Marrak 38 exemplares24301
The Five Gold Bands by Jack Vance 234 exemplares, 3 críticas24308
King Rat by China Miéville 1,850 exemplares, 57 críticas24310
The Rolling Stones by Robert A. Heinlein 1,945 exemplares, 23 críticas24311
Deepsix by Jack McDevitt 999 exemplares, 27 críticas24321
Imagon by Michael Marrak 26 exemplares, 1 crítica24325
Phylogenesis by Alan Dean Foster 488 exemplares, 2 críticas24327
Chindi by Jack McDevitt 1,251 exemplares, 28 críticas24328
Cold as Ice by Charles Sheffield 442 exemplares, 5 críticas24331
Dirge by Alan Dean Foster 411 exemplares, 4 críticas24333
Dark as Day by Charles Sheffield 242 exemplares, 2 críticas24338
Morphogenesis. by Michael Marrak 24 exemplares, 1 crítica24339
Diuturnity's Dawn by Alan Dean Foster 299 exemplares, 5 críticas24340
Omega by Jack McDevitt 977 exemplares, 21 críticas24341
Iron Council by China Miéville 3,161 exemplares, 75 críticas24344
Crossfire by Nancy Kress 276 exemplares, 8 críticas24345
Polaris by Jack McDevitt 1,050 exemplares, 29 críticas24349
Lost and Found by Alan Dean Foster 405 exemplares, 7 críticas24350
Crucible by Nancy Kress 125 exemplares, 1 crítica24353
Looking for Jake and Other Stories by China Miéville 1,370 exemplares, 40 críticas24361
Seeker by Jack McDevitt 1,215 exemplares, 24 críticas24362
Transcendence (The Heritage Universe, Book 3) by Charles Sheffield 140 exemplares, 2 críticas24363
Convergence by Charles Sheffield 213 exemplares, 4 críticas24365
Mid-Flinx by Alan Dean Foster 742 exemplares, 7 críticas24367
Odyssey by Jack McDevitt 713 exemplares, 21 críticas24369
Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C. Clarke 8,702 exemplares, 152 críticas24371
The Mind Pool by Charles Sheffield 362 exemplares, 3 críticas24374
Reunion by Alan Dean Foster 614 exemplares, 2 críticas24375
Juggler of Worlds by Larry Niven 530 exemplares, 6 críticas24376
Cauldron by Jack McDevitt 634 exemplares, 24 críticas24377
Flinx's Folly by Alan Dean Foster 513 exemplares, 4 críticas24378
Sliding Scales by Alan Dean Foster 449 exemplares, 8 críticas24384
The Devil's Eye by Jack McDevitt 583 exemplares, 14 críticas24386
Running from the Deity by Alan Dean Foster 413 exemplares, 6 críticas24387
The City & The City by China Miéville 5,337 exemplares, 329 críticas24393
Patrimony by Alan Dean Foster 307 exemplares, 5 críticas24394
Time Travelers Never Die by Jack McDevitt 523 exemplares, 27 críticas24396

Collections and Selections

Fremde aus dem All. Lübbes Auswahlband. Science Fiction-Geschichten. by unbekannt 12 exemplares24031
The Complete Robot by Isaac Asimov 2,000 exemplares, 33 críticas24082
Ein Treffen mit Medusa by Arthur C. Clarke 9 exemplares24086
Drachenbrut by Jack Vance 15 exemplares24087
Ender's War by Orson Scott Card 381 exemplares, 7 críticas24155
Perdido Street Station, Volume 2: Der Weber by China Miéville 75 exemplares, 1 crítica24298
The Scar, Volume 1: Die Narbe by China Miéville 28 exemplares24320
The Scar, Volume 2: Leviathan by China Miéville 29 exemplares24322


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