Série de EditoraHarlequin Historical

Satan's Angel by Kristin James 44 exemplares, 1 crítica1
Private Treaty by Kathleen Eagle 26 exemplares2
White Witch by Bronwyn Williams 24 exemplares, 1 crítica3
Rebellion by Nora Roberts 1,000 exemplares, 6 críticas4
Passion in the Wind by Cassie Edwards 12 exemplares5
Swampfire by Patricia Potter 44 exemplares, 1 crítica6
Vixen by Marianne Willman 9 exemplares7
Shared Passions by Lucy Elliot 5 exemplares8
Dark Stranger by Heather Graham 118 exemplares9
Mistress of the Seas by Ruth Ryan Langan 18 exemplares, 1 crítica10
Dawn's Early Light by Karen Harper 25 exemplares11
Bittersweet by DeLoras Scott 15 exemplares12
China Star by Karen Keast 15 exemplares13
Silver Noose by Patricia Gardner Evans 16 exemplares14
Between the Thunder by Patricia Potter 21 exemplares15
Promises by Pamela Wallace 10 exemplares16
A Gentle Passion by Cassie Edwards 18 exemplares17
Wild Horizons by Jeanne Stephens 14 exemplares18
Rides a Hero by Heather Graham 81 exemplares, 1 crítica19
Samara by Patricia Potter 23 exemplares20
Lawless by Nora Roberts 539 exemplares, 5 críticas21
Captured Hearts by Deborah Chester 13 exemplares22
Dandelion by Bronwyn Williams 14 exemplares23
Frontiers of the Heart by Lucy Elliot 6 exemplares24
So Sweet a Sin by Brooke Hastings 11 exemplares25
Seize the Fire by Patricia Potter 20 exemplares26
Silver Swords by Caryn Cameron 9 exemplares27
Wind River by Elizabeth Lane 7 exemplares28
Rose Red, Rose White by Marianne Willman 11 exemplares29
Medicine Woman by Kathleen Eagle 27 exemplares, 2 críticas30
Texas Heart by Ruth Langan 29 exemplares31
Delta Pearl by Maureen Bronson 7 exemplares32
Apache Summer by Heather Graham 68 exemplares33
Hemlock Feathers by Shirley Parenteau 5 exemplares34
Chase the Thunder by Patricia Potter 13 exemplares35
Game of Hearts by Sally Cheney 6 exemplares36
The Forever Rose by Curtiss Ann Matlock 16 exemplares, 1 crítica37
Liberty's Lady by Karen Harper 30 exemplares39
Fire And Ice (Harlequin Historical, 40) by DeLoras Scott 14 exemplares40
Highland Barbarian by Ruth Ryan Langan 71 exemplares41
Passion's Embrace by Cassie Edwards 34 exemplares42
The Gentleman by Kristin James 24 exemplares43
Summer's Promise by Lucy Elliot 11 exemplares44
The Hell Raiser by Dorothy Glenn 21 exemplares45
Terms of Surrender by Mollie Ashton 11 exemplares46
Stormwalker by Bronwyn Williams 16 exemplares47
Dragonfire by Patricia Potter 21 exemplares48
Freedom Flame by Caryn Cameron 12 exemplares49
Heaven and Earth by Kathleen Eagle 21 exemplares, 2 críticas50
Golden Paradise by Susan Johnson 89 exemplares51
The Miss and the Maverick by Prue Scott 13 exemplares52
The Doubletree by Victoria Pade 19 exemplares53
King's Ransom by Mary Daheim 8 exemplares54
Tilly and the Tiger by Marianne Willman 10 exemplares55
Golden Bird by Jo Ann Algermissen 19 exemplares, 2 críticas56
The Yankee by Kristin James 24 exemplares57
An American Beauty by Erin Yorke 10 exemplares58
Heaven's Embrace by Lynda Trent 10 exemplares59
Stranger in My Arms by Louisa Rawlings 13 exemplares60
Braden's Brides by Caryn Cameron 9 exemplares61
Moonwitch by Nicole Jordan 41 exemplares, 1 crítica62
The Silver Link by Patricia Potter 17 exemplares63
Contraband Desire by Lucy Elliot 8 exemplares64
Highland Heather by Ruth Langan 38 exemplares65
Forbidden Fire by Heather Graham Pozzessere 20 exemplares66
Gideon's Fall by Bronwyn Williams 11 exemplares67
Sweet Justice by Jan Mckee 9 exemplares68
Stardust and Whirlwinds by Pamela Litton 11 exemplares69
Wild Lily by Caryn Cameron 7 exemplares70
Sun Woman by Lindsay McKenna 9 exemplares71
Ransom of the Heart by Kate Kingsley 9 exemplares72
Mari by Anders 12 exemplares73
Mission of Mercy by Kathryn Belmont 7 exemplares74
The Black Hawk by Lynda Trent 10 exemplares75
Cloud Dancer by Peggy Bechko 11 exemplares76
The Loving Swords by Marjorie Burrows 9 exemplares77
The Abduction by Patricia Potter 40 exemplares78
Private Paradise by Lucy Elliot 8 exemplares79
Odessa Gold by Linda Shaw 10 exemplares80
Ketti by Donna Anders 9 exemplares81
Passion's Legacy by Jennifer West 8 exemplares82
Torchlight by Doreen Owens Malek 17 exemplares83
The Daring by Patricia Hagan 10 exemplares84
Stark Lightning by Elaine Barbieri 22 exemplares, 1 crítica85
Autumn Rose by Louisa Rawlings 9 exemplares86
Improbable Eden by Mary Daheim 14 exemplares87
Golden Prospect by Shirley Parenteau 7 exemplares88
Devil Wind by Catherine Blair 14 exemplares89
Estero Bay by Elisabeth Macdonald 6 exemplares90
Highland Fire by Ruth Langan 28 exemplares91
Birds of Passage by Elizabeth Lane 12 exemplares92
Gold Fever (Harlequin Historical) by Ann Pope 8 exemplares93
Forever Defiant by Erin Yorke 9 exemplares94
Passionate Alliance by Lucy Elliot 7 exemplares95
Ragtime Dawn by Maureen Bronson 9 exemplares, 1 crítica96
Tender Feud by Nicole Jordan 36 exemplares, 1 crítica97
To Touch the Sun by Barbara Leigh 17 exemplares98
The Mariner's Bride by Bronwyn Williams 30 exemplares, 2 críticas99
Season of Storms by Kate Kingsley 8 exemplares100
Sapphire Magic by Nina Beaumont 10 exemplares101
Wedding Day Vows by Laurie Paige 7 exemplares102
Thomasina by Marianne Willman 25 exemplares103
A Corner of Heaven by Theresa Michaels 17 exemplares104
Silver Fury by Isabel Whitfield 16 exemplares105
King's Man by Caryn Cameron 25 exemplares106
Light on the Mountain by Maura Seger 19 exemplares107
Lord of Shadowhawk by Lindsay McKenna 20 exemplares, 1 crítica108
Rambler's Rest by Bay Matthews 16 exemplares109
Sweet Vengeance by June Lund Shiplett 7 exemplares110
Highland Heart by Ruth Ryan Langan 34 exemplares111
Thief in the Night by Sally Cheney 10 exemplares112
Paradise Moon by Donna Anders 6 exemplares113
Wyoming Territory by Jackie Merritt 14 exemplares, 1 crítica114
Steal The Stars by Miranda Jarrett 12 exemplares115
The Bandit's Bride by Ana Seymour 13 exemplares116
Arabesque by Kit Gardner 10 exemplares117
A Warrior's Heart by Margaret Moore 52 exemplares, 2 críticas118
Rachel by Lynda Trent 15 exemplares119
The Garden Path by Kristie Knight 7 exemplares120
The Flaming by Pat Tracy 17 exemplares121
Dance with the Devil by Pamela Litton 10 exemplares122
Rogue's Honor by DeLoras Scott 15 exemplares123
Heaven's Gate by Erin Yorke 14 exemplares124
King of Swords by Lindsay McKenna 19 exemplares125
The Prisoner by Cheryl Reavis 29 exemplares, 2 críticas126
The Lady and the Laird by Maura Seger 11 exemplares127
Sweet Suspicions by Julie Tetel Andresen 11 exemplares128
The Claim by Lucy Elliot 9 exemplares129
Pirate Bride by Elizabeth August 17 exemplares130
Texas Healer by Ruth Langan 18 exemplares131
Fortune Hunter by Deborah Simmons 23 exemplares132
Dangerous Charade by Madeline Harper 10 exemplares133
Temptation's Price by Dallas Schulze 13 exemplares134
Reluctant Bride (Harlequin Historical, No 135) by Barbara Bretton 26 exemplares135
Rose Among Thorns by Catherine Archer 15 exemplares, 1 crítica136
The Naked Huntress by Shirley Parenteau 10 exemplares137
The Dream by Kit Gardner 11 exemplares138
Boston Renegade by June Lund Shiplett 12 exemplares139
Bodie Bride by Isabel Whitfield 11 exemplares140
Knight Dreams by Suzanne Barclay 30 exemplares141
Gypsy Baron by Mary Daheim 12 exemplares142
The Desire by Patricia Hagan 17 exemplares143
Columbine by Miranda Jarrett 14 exemplares144
Gifts of Love by Theresa Michaels 12 exemplares145
The Conquest by Lucy Elliot 8 exemplares146
Christmas Miracle by Ruth Langan 16 exemplares, 1 crítica147
Tender Journey by Sally Cheney 12 exemplares148
China Blossom by Margaret Moore 29 exemplares149
Moonfire by Elizabeth Lane 10 exemplares150
Springtown by DeLoras Scott 21 exemplares151
Dangerous Deceptions by Erin Yorke 14 exemplares152
Promises to Keep by Nina Beaumont 17 exemplares153
Beloved Wife by Lynda Trent 30 exemplares154
Gamblin' Man by Barbara Faith 15 exemplares155
Jasmine and Silk by Sandra Chastain 7 exemplares156
Wicked Stranger by Louisa Rawlings 15 exemplares157
No Man's Fortune by Kristie Knight 6 exemplares158
The Taming of Amelia by Maura Seger 18 exemplares159
The Stolen Heart by Kit Gardner 6 exemplares160
To Love a Pirate by Virginia Nielsen 14 exemplares161
Knight's Lady by Suzanne Barclay 24 exemplares162
Teller of Tales by Laurel Ames 13 exemplares, 1 crítica163
Riverbend by Mary McBride 7 exemplares164
Snow Angel by Susan Amarillas 5 exemplares165
Romance of the Rose by Claire Delacroix 20 exemplares166
Sweet Seduction by Julie Tetel Andresen 13 exemplares167
Legend! (Harlequin Historical) by Ruth Jean Dale 15 exemplares168
Captured Moment by Coral Smith Saxe 11 exemplares169
Beloved Deceiver by Laurie Grant 17 exemplares170
Brave Heart by Lindsay McKenna 50 exemplares171
Destiny's Promise by Laurel Pace 18 exemplares, 1 crítica172
Angel of the Lake by Ana Seymour 22 exemplares, 1 crítica173
Spindrift by Miranda Jarrett 22 exemplares174
A Warrior's Quest by Margaret Moore 35 exemplares, 1 crítica175
Bound by Love by Erin Yorke 9 exemplares176
Web of Loving Lies by Barbara Leigh 11 exemplares177
Annabelle by Beverlee Ross 15 exemplares178
Garters and Spurs by DeLoras Scott 10 exemplares179
Texas Hero by Ruth Langan 34 exemplares180
The Cygnet by Marianne Willman 14 exemplares181
Sweet Sensations by Julie Tetel Andresen 14 exemplares182
The Seduction of Deanna by Maura Seger 13 exemplares183
Knight's Honor by Suzanne Barclay 29 exemplares184
Silent Heart by Deborah Simmons 22 exemplares185
Aurelia by Andrea Parnell 14 exemplares186
Blessing (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #24) by Deborah Bedford 56 exemplares187
Winter Fire by Pat Tracy 13 exemplares188
Fly Away Home by Mary McBride 11 exemplares189
Wait for the Sunrise by Cassandra Austin 29 exemplares, 1 crítica190
The Bargain by Veronica Sattler 36 exemplares, 1 crítica191
Tapestry by Sally Cheney 11 exemplares192
The Gilded Lion by Kit Gardner 16 exemplares193
Scarlet Woman by Louisa Rawlings 10 exemplares194
Pieces of Sky by Marianne Willman 30 exemplares, 1 crítica195
Deception by Ruth Langan 34 exemplares196
Castaway by Laurel Ames 20 exemplares, 1 crítica197
Sunshine and Satin by Sandra Chastain 21 exemplares198
The Viking by Margaret Moore 33 exemplares, 1 crítica200
Providence by Miranda Jarrett 27 exemplares201
Counterfeit Laird by Erin Yorke 14 exemplares202
Across Time by Nina Beaumont 29 exemplares, 1 crítica203
Spitfire by DeLoras Scott 13 exemplares204
The Raven and the Swan by Laurie Grant 19 exemplares205
Trust by Muriel Jensen 14 exemplares206
Defy the Eagle by Lynn Bartlett 39 exemplares207
The Squire's Daughter by Deborah Simmons 33 exemplares208
Honeyed Lies by Claire Delacroix 13 exemplares209
Dylan's Honor by Kristie Knight 8 exemplares210
The Heart's Desire by Gayle Wilson 38 exemplares, 2 críticas211
Rain Shadow by Cheryl St. John 30 exemplares212
My Lord Beaumont by Madris Dupree 17 exemplares213
Capture by Emily French 18 exemplares, 1 crítica214
Suspicion by Judith McWilliams 17 exemplares215
MacKenna's Promise by Elizabeth Lane 18 exemplares216
Island Star by Kit Gardner 13 exemplares217
The River Sprite by Kate Kingsley 14 exemplares218
Royal Harlot by Lucy Gordon 28 exemplares219
Alena by Merline Lovelace 38 exemplares220
The Fourth of Forever by Mary McBride 23 exemplares221
The Fugitive Heart by Kathryn Belmont 21 exemplares222
Unicorn Bride by Claire Delacroix 38 exemplares, 1 crítica223
A Warrior's Way by Margaret Moore 28 exemplares224
Timeless by DeLoras Scott 10 exemplares225
Homeplace by Laurel Ames 16 exemplares, 1 crítica226
Mariah's Prize by Miranda Jarrett 18 exemplares227
The Highlander by Ruth Ryan Langan 38 exemplares228
Simon's Lady by Julie Tetel ANDRESEN 47 exemplares, 1 crítica229
Sweet Song of Love by Merline Lovelace 29 exemplares230
To Share a Dream by Willio Davis Roberts 22 exemplares, 1 crítica231
Thornbeck by Lynda Trent 18 exemplares232
Silver and Steel by Susan Amarillas 18 exemplares233
Beautiful Dreamer by Ann Lynn 11 exemplares234
The Sorceress by Claire Delacroix 32 exemplares235
Siren's Call by Merline Lovelace 29 exemplares236
The Sugarman by Mary McBride 12 exemplares237
Brides for Sale by Ana Seymour 31 exemplares238
The Honor Price by Erin Yorke 9 exemplares239
Heaven Can Wait by Cheryl St. John 21 exemplares, 1 crítica240
The Devil's Lady by Deborah Simmons 82 exemplares, 1 crítica241
Winds of Destiny by Laurel Pace 8 exemplares242
Fire and Sword by Theresa Michaels 25 exemplares243
The Tempting of Julia by Maura Seger 16 exemplares244
Angel by Ruth Langan 31 exemplares245
Tapestry of Fate by Nina Beaumont 19 exemplares246
Desire My Love by Miranda Jarrett 53 exemplares, 1 crítica247
Vows by Margaret Moore 40 exemplares248
Betrayed by Judith McWilliams 33 exemplares249
Roarke's Folly by Claire Delacroix 54 exemplares250
White Gold by Curtiss Ann Matlock 18 exemplares251
Lion's Heart by Suzanne Barclay 36 exemplares252
A Bride for Adam by Muriel Jensen 18 exemplares, 1 crítica253
For Love Alone by Barbara Leigh 19 exemplares254
Sweet Surrender by Julie Tetel Andresen 9 exemplares255
The Gunslinger by Mary McBride 16 exemplares, 2 críticas256
Lord Liar by Laurie Grant 21 exemplares257
The Vicar's Daughter by Deborah Simmons 58 exemplares258
All That Matters by Elizabeth Mayne 18 exemplares259
Embrace the Dawn by Jackie Summers 12 exemplares260
Fearless Hearts by Linda Castle 18 exemplares261
Love's Wild Wager by Taylor Ryan 16 exemplares262
The Heart's Wager by Gayle Wilson 47 exemplares263
Pearl Beyond Price by Claire Delacroix 41 exemplares264
Land of Dreams by Cheryl St. John 86 exemplares265
The Bride's Portion by Susan Paul 42 exemplares266
Redwood Empire by A. E. Maxwell 43 exemplares, 1 crítica267
The Saxon by Margaret Moore 79 exemplares268
Highland Heaven by Ruth Langan 81 exemplares269
Justin's Bride by Susan Mallery 55 exemplares270
Sparhawk's Lady by Miranda Jarrett 24 exemplares271
Lion of the North by Suzanne Barclay 38 exemplares272
Saddle the Wind by Pat Tracy 18 exemplares273
Twilight by Kit Gardner 23 exemplares, 1 crítica274
His Lady's Ransom by Merline Lovelace 35 exemplares275
Once a Maverick by Theresa Michaels 24 exemplares276
Addie's Lament by DeLoras Scott 16 exemplares277
Tapestry of Dreams by Beaumont 19 exemplares278
Trusting Sarah by Cassandra Austin 17 exemplares279
Playing to Win by Laurel Ames 25 exemplares280
The Magician's Quest by Claire Delacroix 28 exemplares281
Velvet Bond by Catherine Archer 52 exemplares282
Scanlin's Law by Amarillas 23 exemplares283
Taming the Wolf by Deborah Simmons 102 exemplares284
Desert Rogue by Erin Yorke 22 exemplares285
Cecilia and the Stranger by Liz Ireland 32 exemplares, 1 crítica286
MacLaurin's Lady by Julie Tetel Andresen 29 exemplares287
Saint or Sinner by Cheryl St. John 28 exemplares288
Besieged by Laurel Ames 26 exemplares289
Moonrise by Ana Seymour 29 exemplares290
Heart of the Hawk by Elizabeth Mayne 27 exemplares291
The Sparhawk Bride by Miranda Jarrett 22 exemplares292
Unicorn Vengeance by Claire Delacroix 62 exemplares293
Forever and a Day by Mary McBride 21 exemplares294
The Welshman's Way (The Warrior Series, Book 4) (Harlequin Historical #295) by Margaret Moore 76 exemplares295
Once an Outlaw by Theresa Michaels 42 exemplares296
For Love of Rory by Barbara Leigh 40 exemplares297
Gerrity's Bride by Carolyn Davidson 48 exemplares298
The Gambler's Heart by Gayle Wilson 53 exemplares, 2 críticas299
Devil's Dare by Laurie Grant 17 exemplares300
The Heiress Bride by Susan Paul 29 exemplares301
Lydia by Elizabeth Lane 15 exemplares302
Twice Upon Time by Nina Beaumont 18 exemplares303
Lion's Legacy by Suzanne Barclay 40 exemplares, 1 crítica304
Diamond by Ruth Langan 38 exemplares305
Illusion by Emily French 16 exemplares306
Fool's Paradise by Tori Phillips 54 exemplares307
The Pearl Stallion by Rae Muir 40 exemplares308
Warrior's Deception by Diana Hall 26 exemplares309
Western Rose by Lynna Banning 24 exemplares310
The Norman's Heart by Margaret Moore 79 exemplares, 1 crítica311
Birdie by Taylor Ryan 19 exemplares312
Man of the Mist by Elizabeth Mayne 27 exemplares, 1 crítica313
The Fire Within by Lynda Trent 30 exemplares314
Sparhawk's Angel by Miranda Jarrett 27 exemplares315
Once a Lawman by Theresa Michaels 27 exemplares316
The Devil Earl by Deborah Simmons 139 exemplares, 2 críticas317
Frontier Bride by Ana Seymour 38 exemplares318
Bartered Bride by Cheryl Reavis 32 exemplares319
Lady of the Upper Kingdom by Merline Lovelace 49 exemplares320
Abbie's Child by Linda Castle 23 exemplares321
Velvet Touch by Catherine Archer 44 exemplares322
Darling Jack by Mary McBride 35 exemplares, 1 crítica323
Dulcie's Gift by Ruth Ryan Langan 31 exemplares324
Loving Katherine by Carolyn Davidson 36 exemplares, 1 crítica325
My Lady's Champion by Claire Delacroix 55 exemplares, 3 críticas326
Badlands Bride by Cheryl St.John 39 exemplares, 1 crítica327
The Baron's Quest by Margaret Moore 48 exemplares328
Pearl by Ruth Langan 40 exemplares329
Millie and the Fugitive by Liz Ireland 25 exemplares330
Jesse's Lady by Veronica Sattler 34 exemplares331
Maiden Bride by Deborah Simmons 86 exemplares, 1 crítica332
Beloved Outcast by Pat Tracy 17 exemplares, 1 crítica333
The Wager by Sally Cheney 21 exemplares334
Knight's Ransom by Suzanne Barclay 52 exemplares335
The Wedding Bargain by Emily French 22 exemplares336
Gabriel's Lady by Ana Seymour 29 exemplares337
Tempted by Laurel Ames 18 exemplares, 2 críticas338
Short Straw Bride by Dallas Schulze 97 exemplares, 2 críticas339
My Lady Midnight by Laurie Grant 35 exemplares340
Gift of the Heart by Miranda Jarrett 20 exemplares341
Beauty and the Beast by Taylor Ryan 55 exemplares342
Silent Knight by Tori Phillips 61 exemplares, 1 crítica343
The Wastrel by Margaret Moore 80 exemplares, 3 críticas344
The Trail to Temptation by Rae Muir 33 exemplares, 1 crítica345
The Devil's Kiss by DeLoras Scott 22 exemplares346
Lord of the Isle by Elizabeth Mayne 33 exemplares347
The Return of Chase Cordell by Linda Castle 28 exemplares, 2 críticas348
Raven's Vow by Gayle Wilson 39 exemplares, 1 crítica349
Lucky Bride by Ana Seymour 26 exemplares350
Wyoming Renegade by Amarillas 9 exemplares351
Jade by Ruth Langan 41 exemplares352
Lady Thorn by Catherine Archer 16 exemplares353
The Scout's Bride by Kate Kingsley 17 exemplares354
The Phoenix of Love by Susan Schonberg 17 exemplares355
Heart of the Dragon by Sharon Schulze 26 exemplares, 1 crítica356
Emily's Captain by Shari Anton 26 exemplares357
The Wicked Truth by Lyn Stone 26 exemplares358
Knights Divided by Suzanne Barclay 70 exemplares, 1 crítica359
Outlaw Love by Judith Stacy 41 exemplares, 1 crítica360
Bogus Bride by Emily French 42 exemplares, 1 crítica361
Surrender the Heart by Nina Beaumont 48 exemplares, 1 crítica362
The Secrets of Catie Hazard by Miranda Jarrett 28 exemplares363
The Dark Duke by Margaret Moore 44 exemplares, 3 críticas364
Sweet Sarah Ross by Julie Tetel Andresen 29 exemplares365
Enchanted by Claire Delacroix 64 exemplares366
Lawman by Laurie Grant 22 exemplares367
The Essential Wife by Taylor Ryan 17 exemplares368
All but the Queen of Hearts by Rae Muir 17 exemplares369
Reckless by Beth Henderson 24 exemplares370
Tempting Kate by Deborah Simmons 67 exemplares371
The Merry Widows: Mary by Theresa Michaels 27 exemplares372
The Bride Thief by Susan Spencer Paul 35 exemplares373
Wildwood by Lynna Banning 21 exemplares374
Quicksilver's Catch by Mary McBride 15 exemplares375
The Rogue's Return by Margaret Moore 38 exemplares, 1 crítica376
Outlaw Wife by Ana Seymour 18 exemplares377
Nancy Whiskey by Laurel Ames 22 exemplares378
Lord Sin by Catherine Archer 46 exemplares379
Reckless Love by Elizabeth Lowell 303 exemplares, 5 críticas38 & 199
Lady of the Lake by Elizabeth Mayne 45 exemplares380
Cally and the Sheriff by Cassandra Austin 26 exemplares381
The Marriage Mishap by Judith Stacy 41 exemplares382
The Lieutenant's Lady by Rae Muir 17 exemplares383
Ruby by Ruth Langan 48 exemplares384
The Forever Man by Carolyn Davidson 32 exemplares, 1 crítica385
To Tame a Warrior's Heart by Sharon Schulze 41 exemplares, 1 crítica386
The Knights of Christmas (The Twelfth Day of Christmas / A Wish for Noel / Kara's Gift) by Margaret Moore 59 exemplares, 1 crítica387
Wild Card by Amarillas 26 exemplares388
The Arrangement by Lyn Stone 42 exemplares, 1 crítica389
The Untamed Heart by Kit Gardner 22 exemplares390
Knight's Rebellion by Suzanne Barclay 49 exemplares, 2 críticas391
Cade's Justice by Pat Tracy 34 exemplares392
His Secret Duchess by Gayle Wilson 82 exemplares, 2 críticas393
Temple's Prize by Linda Castle 15 exemplares394
A Warrior's Bride by Margaret Moore 45 exemplares395
Countess in Buckskin by Merline Lovelace 23 exemplares396
Hero of the Flint Hills by Cassandra Austin 23 exemplares397
A Wish for Nicholas by Jackie Manning 16 exemplares, 1 crítica398
The de Burgh Bride by Deborah Simmons 83 exemplares, 3 críticas399
The Merry Widows: Catherine by Theresa Michaels 17 exemplares400
By King's Decree by Shari Anton 34 exemplares, 1 crítica401
Devlin by Erin Yorke 17 exemplares402
The Maiden and the Warrior by Jacqueline Navin 29 exemplares403
Last Chance Bride by Jillian Hart 28 exemplares404
Gabriel's Heart by Madeline George 17 exemplares405
A Duke Deceived by Cheryl Bolen 31 exemplares, 1 crítica406
Malachite by Ruth Langan 56 exemplares407
Beguiled by Susan Spencer Paul 67 exemplares, 4 críticas408
My Lady's Desire by Claire Delacroix 60 exemplares409
Prim and Improper by Liz Ireland 27 exemplares410
Lion's Lady by Suzanne Barclay 89 exemplares, 4 críticas411
Jeb Hunter's Bride by Ana Seymour 43 exemplares, 1 crítica412
The Wilder Wedding by Lyn Stone 29 exemplares413
Twice a Bride by Rae Muir 26 exemplares, 1 crítica414
Midsummer's Knight by Tori Phillips 60 exemplares, 1 crítica415
Runaway by Carolyn Davidson 27 exemplares416
Widow Woman by Patricia McLinn 16 exemplares417
Infamous by Laurel Ames 27 exemplares418
Wild West Wife by Susan Mallery 52 exemplares419
A Warrior's Honor by Margaret Moore 52 exemplares, 1 crítica420
The Duchess and the Desperado by Laurie Grant 13 exemplares421
The Shadowed Heart by Nina Beaumont 25 exemplares422
The Tiger's Bride by Merline Lovelace 22 exemplares, 1 crítica423
Storming Paradise by Mary McBride 28 exemplares424
The Courtship of Izzy McCree by Ruth Langan 41 exemplares425
Fire Song by Catherine Archer 36 exemplares, 1 crítica426
The Last Rogue by Deborah Simmons 99 exemplares, 2 críticas427
The Flower and the Sword by Jacqueline Navin 36 exemplares428
The Mistaken Widow by Cheryl St. John 51 exemplares, 2 críticas429
Flint Hills Bride by Cassandra Austin 24 exemplares430
The Wedding Promise by Carolyn Davidson 53 exemplares431
Honor's Bride by Gayle Wilson 52 exemplares, 2 críticas432
Lord of the Manor by Shari Anton 46 exemplares434
Blackthorne by Ruth Langan 35 exemplares435
Apache Fire by Elizabeth Lane 18 exemplares, 1 crítica436
Lost Acres Bride by Lynna Banning 23 exemplares437
Three Dog Knight by Tori Phillips 68 exemplares, 2 críticas438
Harrigan's Bride by Cheryl Reavis 57 exemplares439
A Warrior's Passion by Margaret Moore 83 exemplares440
Territorial Bride by Linda Castle 23 exemplares441
The Shielded Heart by Sharon Schulze 29 exemplares, 1 crítica442
Pride of Lions by Suzanne Barclay 44 exemplares443
The Heart of a Hero by Judith Stacy 23 exemplares444
The Knight's Bride by Lyn Stone 48 exemplares445
Burke's Rules by Pat Tracy 19 exemplares446
A Rose at Midnight by Jacqueline Navin 24 exemplares, 1 crítica447
For Love of Anna by Sharon Harlow 22 exemplares, 2 críticas448
The Highlander's Maiden by Elizabeth Mayne 23 exemplares, 1 crítica449
Hawken's Wife by Rae Muir 13 exemplares450
Joe's Wife by Cheryl St. John 52 exemplares, 2 críticas451
My Lord Protector by Deborah Hale 48 exemplares, 1 crítica452
The Bride of Windermere (Harlequin Historical, No. 453) by Margo Maguire 31 exemplares453
Silver Hearts by Jackie Manning 15 exemplares, 1 crítica454
Robber Bride by Deborah Simmons 87 exemplares455
The Tender Stranger by Carolyn Davidson 64 exemplares456
Rory by Ruth Langan 58 exemplares457
Father for Keeps by Ana Seymour 27 exemplares458
The Welshman's Bride by Margaret Moore 38 exemplares459
Hunter of My Heart by Janet Kendall 49 exemplares460
Maggie and the Maverick by Laurie Grant 31 exemplares461
The Unlikely Wife by Cassandra Austin 23 exemplares462
Taming the Lion by Suzanne Barclay 45 exemplares463
The Wedding Gamble by Julia Justiss 50 exemplares, 1 crítica464
The Marriage Knot by Mary McBride 23 exemplares465
A Cowboy's Heart by Liz Ireland 12 exemplares466
Bride of Trouville by Lyn Stone 49 exemplares467
Conor by Ruth Langan 57 exemplares468
The Merry Widows: Sarah by Theresa Michaels 30 exemplares469
The Rancher's Wife by Lynda Trent 31 exemplares, 1 crítica470
The Captive Bride by Susan Spencer Paul 27 exemplares471
Lord of Lyonsbridge by Ana Seymour 28 exemplares472
Heart of the Lawman by Linda Castle 19 exemplares473
Plum Creek Bride by Lynna Banning 24 exemplares474
The Midwife by Carolyn Davidson 50 exemplares, 1 crítica475
Lady of the Knight by Tori Phillips 57 exemplares476
Winter's Bride by Catherine Archer 45 exemplares, 2 críticas477
The Surrogate Wife by Barbara Leigh 20 exemplares478
Strathmere's Bride by Jacqueline Navin 39 exemplares479
Briana by Ruth Langan 39 exemplares, 1 crítica480
The Doctor's Wife by Cheryl St. John 56 exemplares, 3 críticas481
Branded Hearts by Diana Hall 22 exemplares, 1 crítica482
Lady Sarah's Son by Gayle Wilson 64 exemplares, 1 crítica483
The Hidden Heart by Sharon Schulze 33 exemplares, 1 crítica484
Cooper's Wife by Jillian Hart 32 exemplares485
The Dreammaker by Judith Stacy 38 exemplares, 2 críticas486
One Christmas Night (Highland Christmas / A Wife for Christmas / Ian's Gift) by Ruth Langan 45 exemplares487
A Gentleman of Substance by Deborah Hale 59 exemplares, 2 críticas488
Jake Walker's Wife by Loree Lough 25 exemplares, 2 críticas489
Heart and Home by Cassandra Austin 23 exemplares, 2 críticas490
The Champion by Suzanne Barclay 41 exemplares491
Shawnee Bride by Elizabeth Lane 26 exemplares492
By Queen's Grace by Shari Anton 35 exemplares493
The Lady and the Outlaw by DeLoras Scott 27 exemplares494
The Gentleman Thief by Deborah Simmons 66 exemplares, 2 críticas495
The Bachelor Tax by Carolyn Davidson 35 exemplares496
My Lady Reluctant by Laurie Grant 23 exemplares497
The Outlaw's Bride by Liz Ireland 19 exemplares498
The Rogue by Ana Seymour 26 exemplares499
Written in the Heart by Judith Stacy 20 exemplares500
Angel of the Knight by Diana Hall 29 exemplares501
A Bride for McCain by Mary Burton 32 exemplares502
The Bonny Bride by Deborah Hale 41 exemplares503
A Warrior's Kiss by Margaret Moore 36 exemplares, 1 crítica504
Once a Hero by Theresa Michaels 9 exemplares505
The Virgin Spring by Debra Lee Brown 24 exemplares506
The Conqueror by Shari Anton 35 exemplares507
The Marrying Man by Millie Criswell 23 exemplares508
Hunter's Law by Pat Tracy 23 exemplares509
Lady Of The Keep by Sharon Schulze 62 exemplares, 1 crítica510
My Lady's Choice by Lyn Stone 43 exemplares511
The Captive Heart by Cheryl Reavis 25 exemplares512
Captain Amberton's Inherited Bride by Jenni Fletcher 3 exemplares513
Tanner Stakes His Claim by Carolyn Davidson 29 exemplares513
The Bride of Spring by Catherine Archer 22 exemplares, 1 crítica514
The Viking's Heart by Jacqueline Navin 28 exemplares515
My Lady's Dare by Gayle Wilson 52 exemplares516
Bandera's Bride by Mary McBride 21 exemplares517
Molly's Hero by Amarillas 17 exemplares518
Malcolm's Honor by Jillian Hart 26 exemplares519
Lady of Lyonsbridge by Ana Seymour 24 exemplares520
The Blushing Bride by Judith Stacy 28 exemplares521
Jake's Angel by Nicole Foster 14 exemplares522
The Sea Witch by Ruth Langan 36 exemplares523
The Paper Marriage by Bronwyn Williams 27 exemplares524
Prince of Hearts by Katy Cooper 26 exemplares525
Prairie Bride by Julianne MacLean 44 exemplares526
Halloween Knight by Tori Phillips 41 exemplares527
The Duke's Desire by Margaret Moore 33 exemplares528
Dryden's Bride by Margo Maguire 30 exemplares529
Trouble in Paradise by Liz Ireland 13 exemplares, 1 crítica530
One Christmas Wish (Wish upon a Star / Christmas Wishes / More than a Miracle) by Carolyn Davidson 27 exemplares531
A Scandalous Proposal by Julia Justiss 44 exemplares, 1 crítica532
My Lord de Burgh by Deborah Simmons 84 exemplares533
The Reluctant Tutor by Paula Hampton 13 exemplares534
The Stolen Bride by Susan Spencer Paul 28 exemplares, 1 crítica535
Silk and Steel by Theresa Michaels 22 exemplares536
The Law and Miss Hardisson by Lynna Banning 23 exemplares537
Montana Man by Jillian Hart 26 exemplares538
The Elusive Bride (Harlequin Historical Series, No. 539) by Deborah Hale 45 exemplares539
Maid of Midnight by Ana Seymour 24 exemplares540
The Last Bride In Texas by Judith Stacy 29 exemplares541
Protecting Jennie by Ann Collins 14 exemplares542
Maggie's Beau by Carolyn Davidson 32 exemplares543
Summer's Bride by Catherine Archer 22 exemplares, 1 crítica544
The Sea Nymph by Ruth Langan 28 exemplares545
Bride on the Run by Elizabeth Lane 17 exemplares546
Knave of Hearts by Shari Anton 22 exemplares547
Sweet Annie by Cheryl St.John 57 exemplares, 4 críticas548
Ice Maiden by Debra Lee Brown 24 exemplares549
The Ranger's Bride by Laurie Grant 10 exemplares550
The Highland Wife by Lyn Stone 55 exemplares, 1 crítica551
Anne's Perfect Husband by Gayle Wilson 74 exemplares, 4 críticas552
Longshadow's Woman by Bronwyn Williams 18 exemplares553
Lily Gets Her Man by Charlene Sands 21 exemplares, 1 crítica554
One Knight in Venice by Tori Phillips 62 exemplares555
The Seduction of Shay Devereaux by Carolyn Davidson 42 exemplares556
Gallant Waif by Anne Gracie 163 exemplares, 5 críticas557
Night Hawk's Bride by Jillian Hart 27 exemplares558
The Overlord's Bride (The Warrior Series, Book 12) (Harlequin Historical Series #559) by Margaret Moore 52 exemplares, 1 crítica559
Cimarron Rose by Nicole Foster 14 exemplares560
The Nanny by Judith Stacy 18 exemplares561
Taming the Duke by Jackie Manning 28 exemplares562
The Wedding Wager by Deborah Hale 27 exemplares, 1 crítica563
The Marshal and Mrs. O'Malley by Julianne MacLean 27 exemplares, 1 crítica564
The Sea Sprite by Ruth Langan 30 exemplares565
The Virtuous Cyprian by Nicola Cornick 36 exemplares566
The Proper Wife by Julia Justiss 44 exemplares567
Magic And Mist (Historical) by Theresa Michaels 34 exemplares568
My Lord Savage by Elizabeth Lane 18 exemplares569
The Colorado Bride by Mary Burton 21 exemplares570
The Widow's Little Secret by Judith Stacy 20 exemplares571
Celtic Bride by Margo Maguire 32 exemplares, 1 crítica572
The Lawman Takes a Wife by Anne Avery 25 exemplares, 1 crítica573
Lady Polly by Nicola Cornick 51 exemplares574
Shotgun Grooms (Lucas's Convenient Bride/ Jackson's Mail Order Bride) by Susan Mallery 59 exemplares, 1 crítica575
The Mackintosh Bride by Debra Lee Brown 40 exemplares, 1 crítica576
The Gunslinger's Bride by Cheryl St.John 58 exemplares, 3 críticas577
The Sleeping Beauty by Jacqueline Navin 44 exemplares, 2 críticas578
A Western Family Christmas (Anthology 3-in-1) by Mary McBride 28 exemplares, 1 crítica579
Ironheart by Emily French 19 exemplares580
Whitefeather's Woman by Deborah Hale 33 exemplares, 1 crítica581
Autumn's Bride by Catherine Archer 27 exemplares, 1 crítica582
'Tis the Season (A Promise to Keep/ Christmas at Wayfarer Inn/ Twelfth Knight) by Susan Spencer Paul 27 exemplares583
My Lady de Burgh by Deborah Simmons 67 exemplares, 2 críticas584
Bluebonnet Bride by Jillian Hart 26 exemplares586
The Prisoner Bride by Susan Spencer Paul 29 exemplares587
The Quest by Lyn Stone 35 exemplares588
The Mail-Order Brides by Bronwyn Williams 34 exemplares589
Sara and the Rogue by DeLoras Scott 14 exemplares590
My Lady's Trust by Julia Justiss 48 exemplares, 2 críticas591
Call of the White Wolf by Carol Finch 16 exemplares, 1 crítica592
Dragon's Dower by Catherine Archer 30 exemplares, 1 crítica593
Gold Rush Bride by Debra Lee Brown 20 exemplares, 1 crítica594
Carpetbagger's Wife (Harlequin Historical Series, No. 595) by Deborah Hale 31 exemplares, 2 críticas595
His Lady Fair by Margo Maguire 32 exemplares596
The Doctor's Homecoming by Kate Bridges 24 exemplares, 1 crítica597
Wicked by Beth Henderson 15 exemplares, 1 crítica598
The Love Match (Notorious Duke/ Cupid Goes to Gretna/ Rake's Bride) by Deborah Simmons 43 exemplares599
A Marriage by Chance by Carolyn Davidson 27 exemplares, 1 crítica600
Marrying Mischief by Lyn Stone 39 exemplares601
Shades of Gray by Wendy Douglas 18 exemplares602
The Bride Fair by Cheryl Reavis 49 exemplares, 3 críticas603
Miss Verey's Proposal by Nicola Cornick 52 exemplares, 1 crítica604
The Drifter by Lisa Plumley 21 exemplares, 1 crítica605
Dragon's Knight by Catherine Archer 37 exemplares, 2 críticas606
Her Dearest Sin by Gayle Wilson 56 exemplares, 1 crítica607
Navajo Sunrise by Elizabeth Lane 28 exemplares608
Bride of the Isle by Margo Maguire 25 exemplares609
Chase Wheeler's Woman by Charlene Sands 18 exemplares610
My Lady's Pleasure by Julia Justiss 32 exemplares611
The Dark Knight by Tori Phillips 34 exemplares612
The Courtship by Lynna Banning 26 exemplares, 2 críticas613
The Perfect Wife by Mary Burton 36 exemplares614
The Texan by Carolyn Davidson 23 exemplares615
An Honourable Thief by Anne Gracie 99 exemplares, 3 críticas616
A Wild Justice by Gail Ranstrom 38 exemplares617
The Bride's Revenge by Anne Avery 16 exemplares, 1 crítica618
Border Bride by Deborah Hale 26 exemplares, 1 crítica619
Badlands Law by Ruth Langan 25 exemplares, 1 crítica620
A Perilous Attraction by Patricia Frances Rowell 26 exemplares621
Married by Midnight by Judith Stacy 22 exemplares622
A Warrior's Lady by Margaret Moore 55 exemplares623
Montana Legend by Jillian Hart 28 exemplares624
A Rogue's Heart by Debra Lee Brown 25 exemplares625
Luke's Runaway Bride by Kate Bridges 31 exemplares626
Christmas Gold (Colorado Wife / Jubal's Gift / Until Christmas) by Cheryl St. John 33 exemplares, 2 críticas627
Badlands Legend by Ruth Langan 30 exemplares, 1 crítica628
My Lady's Honor by Julia Justiss 40 exemplares629
The Blanchland Secret by Nicola Cornick 53 exemplares, 1 crítica630
Gifts of the Season (Anthology 3-in-1) by Miranda Jarrett 44 exemplares631
Rafferty's Bride by Mary Burton 22 exemplares, 1 crítica632
Beckett's Birthright by Bronwyn Williams 24 exemplares633
The Dumont Bride by Terri Brisbin 43 exemplares634
Bounty Hunter's Bride by Carol Finch 32 exemplares635
Badlands Heart by Ruth Langan 26 exemplares, 1 crítica636
Norwyck's Lady by Margo Maguire 28 exemplares637
Lord Sebastian's Wife by Katy Cooper 35 exemplares638
Lady Lyte's Little Secret by Deborah Hale 34 exemplares, 1 crítica639
The Forbidden Bride by Cheryl Reavis 23 exemplares640
Dragon's Daughter by Catherine Archer 32 exemplares641
Hallie's Hero by Nicole Foster 16 exemplares642
The Scot by Lyn Stone 32 exemplares643
The Midwife's Secret by Kate Bridges 24 exemplares644
Falcon's Desire by Denise Lynn 24 exemplares645
The Law and Kate Malone by Charlene Sands 12 exemplares646
Tempting a Texan by Carolyn Davidson 31 exemplares647
The Silver Lord by Miranda Jarrett 24 exemplares648
The Angel of Devil's Camp by Lynna Banning 24 exemplares649
Bride of the Tower by Sharon Schulze 32 exemplares, 1 crítica650
Lady Allerton's Wager by Nicola Cornick 48 exemplares651
McKinnon's Bride by Sharon Harlow 20 exemplares, 2 críticas652
Adam's Promise by Julianne MacLean 56 exemplares, 2 críticas653
Highland Sword by Ruth Langan 38 exemplares654
Beauty and The Baron by Deborah Hale 67 exemplares, 1 crítica655
Scoundrel's Daughter by Margo Maguire 22 exemplares656
Wyoming Widow by Elizabeth Lane 21 exemplares657
The Other Bride by Lisa Bingham 13 exemplares658
The Notorious Marriage by Nicola Cornick 46 exemplares659
Saving Sarah by Gail Ranstrom 35 exemplares660
Blissful, Texas by Liz Ireland 18 exemplares661
Winning Jenna's Heart by Charlene Sands 13 exemplares662
Texas Gold by Carolyn Davidson 31 exemplares663
Of Men And Angels by Victoria Bylin 20 exemplares664
Beauchamp Besieged by Elaine Knighton 16 exemplares, 1 crítica665
The Betrayal by Ruth Langan 28 exemplares666
Blackstone's Bride by Bronwyn Williams 23 exemplares, 1 crítica667
A Dangerous Seduction by Patricia Frances Rowell 19 exemplares668
A Moment's Madness by Helen Kirkman 37 exemplares669
High Plains Wife by Jillian Hart 24 exemplares670
Winter Woman by Jenna Kernan 33 exemplares, 4 críticas671
The Golden Lord by Miranda Jarrett 36 exemplares672
The Knight's Conquest by Juliet Landon 35 exemplares673
The Matchmaker (Harlequin Historical, 674) by Lisa Plumley 28 exemplares674
In the King's Service by Margaret Moore 41 exemplares675
Wyoming Wildcat by Elizabeth Lane 20 exemplares676
The Other Groom by Lisa Bingham 19 exemplares677
The Knight and the Seer by Ruth Langan 39 exemplares678
The Tenderfoot Bride by Cheryl St.John 51 exemplares, 5 críticas679
My Lady's Prisoner by Ann Elizabeth Cree 36 exemplares680
The Virtuous Knight by Margo Maguire 49 exemplares681
The Scout by Lynna Banning 23 exemplares682
The Impostor's Kiss by Tanya Anne Crosby 31 exemplares683
The Earl's Prize by Nicola Cornick 65 exemplares684
The Surgeon by Kate Bridges 68 exemplares, 1 crítica685
Oklahoma Bride by Carol Finch 24 exemplares, 1 crítica686
Cheyenne Wife by Judith Stacy 25 exemplares, 1 crítica687
The Knave and the Maiden by Blythe Gifford 27 exemplares688
Marrying the Major by Joanna Maitland 36 exemplares, 1 crítica689
Whirlwind Bride by Debra Cowan 20 exemplares, 3 críticas690
Colorado Courtship by Carolyn Davidson 24 exemplares691
The Chaperon Bride by Nicola Cornick 50 exemplares692
The Lightkeeper's Woman by Mary Burton 21 exemplares693
The Wedding Knight by Joanne Rock 25 exemplares694
Rocky Mountain Marriage by Debra Lee Brown 18 exemplares695
The Norman's Bride by Terri Brisbin 41 exemplares696
Rake's Reward by Joanna Maitland 25 exemplares697
Maggie and the Law by Judith Stacy 25 exemplares698
The Marriage Agreement by Carolyn Davidson 29 exemplares699
Wayward Widow by Nicola Cornick 54 exemplares700
Beloved Enemy by Mary Schaller 18 exemplares, 1 crítica701
Not Quite a Lady by Margo Maguire 19 exemplares702
The Last Champion by Deborah Hale 41 exemplares703
The Engagement by Kate Bridges 38 exemplares, 1 crítica704
The Duke's Mistress by Ann Elizabeth Cree 43 exemplares705
High Country Hero by Lynna Banning 25 exemplares706
The Countess Bride by Terri Brisbin 41 exemplares707
The Unexpected Wife by Mary Burton 47 exemplares, 3 críticas708
A Poor Relation by Joanna Maitland 31 exemplares709
The Courting of Widow Shaw by Charlene Sands 13 exemplares710
Texas Bride (Harlequin Historical) by Carol Finch 24 exemplares711
The Dutiful Rake by Elizabeth Rolls 88 exemplares, 2 críticas712
Fulk the Reluctant by Elaine Knighton 17 exemplares, 1 crítica713
West of Heaven by Victoria Bylin 27 exemplares714
The Horseman by Jillian Hart 32 exemplares715
A Scandalous Situation by Patricia Frances Rowell 32 exemplares716
The Widow's Bargain by Juliet Landon 22 exemplares717
The Mercenary's Kiss by Pam Crooks 24 exemplares718
The Proposition by Kate Bridges 42 exemplares719
The Knight's Redemption by Joanne Rock 27 exemplares720
Princess of Fortune by Miranda Jarrett 27 exemplares, 1 crítica721
Whirlwind Wedding by Debra Cowan 25 exemplares, 1 crítica722
One Starry Christmas (Stormwalker's Woman / Home for Christmas / Hark, the Harried Angels) by Carolyn Davidson 21 exemplares723
Highland Rogue by Deborah Hale 27 exemplares724
The Penniless Bride by Nicola Cornick 60 exemplares725
The One Month Marriage by Judith Stacy 22 exemplares726
The Christmas Visit (Comfort and Joy/ Love at First Step/ A Christmas Secret) by Margaret Moore 39 exemplares, 1 crítica727
Wyoming Woman by Elizabeth Lane 20 exemplares728
The Unexpected Bride by Elizabeth Rolls 65 exemplares, 1 crítica729
The Wedding Cake War by Lynna Banning 29 exemplares, 1 crítica730
The Rake's Revenge by Gail Ranstrom 42 exemplares731
The Last Honest Outlaw by Carol Finch 19 exemplares732
One Night in Paradise by Juliet Landon 17 exemplares733
Montana Wife by Jillian Hart 35 exemplares734
The King's Mistress by Terri Brisbin 39 exemplares735
Texas Lawman by Carolyn Davidson 27 exemplares736
My Lady Angel by Joanna Maitland 20 exemplares737
Whirlwind Groom by Debra Cowan 18 exemplares, 1 crítica738
Prairie Wife by Cheryl St.John 32 exemplares, 3 críticas739
Rake's Wager by Miranda Jarrett 20 exemplares740
The Unlikely Groom by Wendy Douglas 11 exemplares741
The Alchemist's Daughter by Elaine Knighton 28 exemplares742
The Bachelor by Kate Bridges 36 exemplares743
Falcon's Honor by Denise Lynn 22 exemplares744
The Unruly Chaperon by Elizabeth Rolls 58 exemplares, 1 crítica745
Turner's Woman by Jenna Kernan 28 exemplares, 1 crítica746
The Viscount by Lyn Stone 49 exemplares747
The Ranger's Woman by Carol Finch 20 exemplares748
The Betrothal (Claiming of Lady Joanna/ Highland Handfast/ Marriage in Three Acts) by Terri Brisbin 24 exemplares749
Abbie's Outlaw by Victoria Bylin 25 exemplares750
The Duchess's Next Husband by Terri Brisbin 60 exemplares, 1 crítica751
Rocky Mountain Man by Jillian Hart 44 exemplares, 1 crítica752
The Missing Heir by Gail Ranstrom 60 exemplares, 1 crítica753
Her Dearest Enemy by Elizabeth Lane 21 exemplares754
Spring Brides (Three Brides and a Wedding Dress / The Winter Heart / McCord's Destiny) by Judith Stacy 19 exemplares755
The Viscount's Bride by Ann Elizabeth Cree 36 exemplares, 1 crítica756
Heart of the Storm by Mary Burton 21 exemplares757
My Lady's Favor by Joanne Rock 23 exemplares758
The Notorious Lord by Nicola Cornick 75 exemplares759
His Secondhand Wife by Cheryl St.John 98 exemplares, 7 críticas760
Falcon's Love by Denise Lynn 18 exemplares761
Puritan Bride by Anne O'Brien 34 exemplares, 3 críticas762
One Night of Scandal by Nicola Cornick 55 exemplares763
A Treacherous Proposition by Patricia Frances Rowell 22 exemplares764
Rocky Mountain Widow by Jillian Hart 23 exemplares765
The Bought Bride by Juliet Landon 30 exemplares766
The Rake's Mistress by Nicola Cornick 52 exemplares767
The Trapper (Harlequin Historical Series) by Jenna Kernan 28 exemplares, 1 crítica768
The Laird's Lady by Joanne Rock 30 exemplares769
The Disgraced Marchioness by Anne O'Brien 15 exemplares770
A Season of the Heart (Rocky Mountain Christmas / The Christmas Gifts / The Christmas Charm) by Jillian Hart 33 exemplares, 1 crítica771
His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls 379 exemplares, 8 críticas772
The Ranger and the Redhead by Lynna Banning 24 exemplares773
Reforming the Rake by Sarah Elliott 43 exemplares, 1 crítica774
A Regency Invitation to the House Party of the Season by Nicola Cornick 57 exemplares775
The Hired Husband by Judith Stacy 24 exemplares776
The Mysterious Miss M by Diane Gaston 65 exemplares, 1 crítica777
Lone Wolf's Woman by Carol Finch 24 exemplares778
The Lady's Hazard by Miranda Jarrett 40 exemplares779
Oklahoma Sweetheart by Carolyn Davidson 39 exemplares, 1 crítica780
The Outrageous Débutante by Anne O'Brien 20 exemplares, 2 críticas781
Conquest Bride by Meriel Fuller 24 exemplares782
The Courtesan's Courtship by Gail Ranstrom 37 exemplares783
Midnight Marriage by Victoria Bylin 19 exemplares, 1 crítica784
The Captain's Lady by Margaret McPhee 32 exemplares785
The Maid of Lorne by Terri Brisbin 51 exemplares786
The Bride Ship by Deborah Hale 39 exemplares, 1 crítica787
The Wagering Widow by Diane Gaston 46 exemplares788
Renegade Wife by Charlene Sands 18 exemplares789
A Very Unusual Governess by Sylvia Andrew 43 exemplares790
The Enigmatic Rake by Anne O'Brien 25 exemplares, 1 crítica791
Wyoming Wildfire by Elizabeth Lane 18 exemplares, 1 crítica792
The Earl's Intended Wife by Louise Allen 40 exemplares, 2 críticas793
For My Lady's Honor by Sharon Schulze 23 exemplares, 2 críticas794
The Duke's Gamble by Miranda Jarrett 45 exemplares795
The Venetian's Mistress by Ann Elizabeth Cree 28 exemplares796
The Scoundrel by Lisa Plumley 31 exemplares797
Saxon Lady by Margo Maguire 36 exemplares798
Wed Under Western Skies (Anthology 3-in-1) by Carolyn Davidson 33 exemplares, 2 críticas799
A Reputable Rake by Diane Gaston 71 exemplares, 1 crítica800
Jared's Runaway Woman by Judith Stacy 29 exemplares801
His Duty, Her Destiny by Juliet Landon 36 exemplares802
Broken Vows, Mended Hearts (Bouquet of Thistles/ Paying the Piper/ Battle-Torn Bride) by Lyn Stone 31 exemplares, 1 crítica803
The Chivalrous Rake by Elizabeth Rolls 68 exemplares, 1 crítica804
The Ranger by Carol Finch 22 exemplares805
Loner's Lady by Lynna Banning 24 exemplares806
Taming The Highlander (Harlequin Historical Series) by Terri Brisbin 115 exemplares, 6 críticas807
Lone Star Bride by Carolyn Davidson 29 exemplares808
The Society Catch by Louise Allen 38 exemplares, 1 crítica809
The Commander by Kate Bridges 34 exemplares810
The Runaway Heiress by Anne O'Brien 41 exemplares811
The Knight's Courtship by Joanne Rock 33 exemplares, 1 crítica812
Wanted! by Pam Crooks 19 exemplares813
The Bridegroom's Bargain by Sylvia Andrew 31 exemplares814
Mistaken Mistress by Margaret McPhee 38 exemplares, 2 críticas815
Abducted at the Altar by Charlene Sands 17 exemplares, 1 crítica816
The Gladiator's Honour by Michelle Styles 46 exemplares817
The Impostor Prince by Tanya Anne Crosby 24 exemplares818
Stay for Christmas (A Place to Belong / A Son is Given / Angels in the Snow) by Judith Stacy 28 exemplares819
The Rake's Proposal by Sarah Elliott 40 exemplares, 1 crítica820
The Inconvenient Duchess by Christine Merrill 294 exemplares, 12 críticas821
My Lady English by Catherine March 33 exemplares822
Mistletoe Kisses (Anthology 3-in-1) by Elizabeth Rolls 44 exemplares, 2 críticas823
Indiscretions by Gail Ranstrom 32 exemplares824
The Rascal by Lisa Plumley 30 exemplares825
The Defiant Mistress by Claire Thornton 38 exemplares, 1 crítica826
Lord Greville's Captive by Nicola Cornick 59 exemplares827
The Adventurous Bride by Miranda Jarrett 33 exemplares, 2 críticas828
Her Lone Protector by Pam Crooks 28 exemplares829
Moonlight And Mistletoe (Harlequin Historical Series) by Louise Allen 33 exemplares, 1 crítica830
The Earl's Secret by Terri Brisbin 51 exemplares, 2 críticas831
Fletcher's Woman by Carol Finch 19 exemplares832
Falcon's Heart by Denise Lynn 31 exemplares, 1 crítica833
The Abducted Heiress by Claire Thornton 34 exemplares, 2 críticas834
The Lawman's Bride by Cheryl St.John 38 exemplares835
A Scandalous Mistress by Juliet Landon 33 exemplares, 1 crítica836
Warrior or Wife by Lyn Randal 28 exemplares, 2 críticas837
Ashblane's Lady by Sophia James 28 exemplares, 2 críticas838
Beau Crusoe by Carla Kelly 175 exemplares, 13 críticas839
Innocence and Impropriety by Diane Gaston 49 exemplares, 3 críticas840
Mustang Wild by Stacey Kayne 57 exemplares, 3 críticas841
Crusader's Lady by Lynna Banning 27 exemplares842
The Wicked Earl by Margaret McPhee 69 exemplares, 2 críticas843
Bride of Shadow Canyon by Stacey Kayne 44 exemplares, 1 crítica844
Commanded to his Bed by Denise Lynn 25 exemplares845
The Vagabond Duchess by Claire Thornton 52 exemplares, 2 críticas846
High Plains Bride by Jenna Kernan 27 exemplares, 2 críticas847
Klondike Doctor by Kate Bridges 36 exemplares848
A Most Unconventional Courtship by Louise Allen 40 exemplares849
Her Irish Warrior by Michelle Willingham 86 exemplares, 1 crítica850
The Preacher's Daughter by Cheryl St.John 45 exemplares, 1 crítica851
McCavett's Bride by Carol Finch 24 exemplares852
Rogue's Widow, Gentleman's Wife by Helen Dickson 31 exemplares853
Tempted By Innocence (Harlequin Historical Series) by Lyn Randal 15 exemplares, 1 crítica854
Seduction Of An English Beauty by Miranda Jarrett 19 exemplares855
The Stranger by Elizabeth Lane 28 exemplares856
Untamed Cowboy by Pam Crooks 22 exemplares857
The Roman's Virgin Mistress by Michelle Styles 19 exemplares, 1 crítica858
Whirlwind Baby by Debra Cowan 23 exemplares, 2 críticas859
Dishonour and Desire by Juliet Landon 26 exemplares, 1 crítica860
A Notorious Woman by Amanda McCabe 23 exemplares861
An Unladylike Offer by Christine Merrill 64 exemplares, 2 críticas862
Klondike Wedding by Kate Bridges 34 exemplares, 2 críticas863
A Compromised Lady by Elizabeth Rolls 99 exemplares, 4 críticas864
A Practical Mistress by Mary Brendan 51 exemplares, 4 críticas865
The Warrior's Touch by Michelle Willingham 71 exemplares, 2 críticas866
A Western Winter Wonderland (Christmas Day Family / Fallen Angel / One Magic Eve) by Cheryl St.John 31 exemplares867
Lord Libertine by Gail Ranstrom 43 exemplares, 1 crítica868
The Warlord's Mistress by Juliet Landon 20 exemplares, 1 crítica869
The Harlot's Daughter by Blythe Gifford 42 exemplares, 2 críticas870
Christmas Wedding Belles (Pirate's Kiss/ Smuggler's Tale/ Sailor's Bride) by Nicola Cornick 49 exemplares871
Bodine's Bounty by Charlene Sands 18 exemplares872
Wicked Pleasures by Helen Dickson 27 exemplares873
Bedded by Her Lord by Denise Lynn 31 exemplares, 1 crítica874
Masquerading Mistress by Sophia James 62 exemplares, 2 críticas875
The Angel and the Outlaw by Kathryn Albright 29 exemplares876
Virgin Slave, Barbarian King by Louise Allen 49 exemplares, 4 críticas877
A Christmas Wedding Wager by Michelle Styles 26 exemplares, 1 crítica878
The Vanishing Viscountess by Diane Gaston 52 exemplares, 3 críticas879
Maverick Wild by Stacey Kayne 50 exemplares, 5 críticas880
On the Wings of Love by Elizabeth Lane 19 exemplares, 2 críticas881
Her Warrior King by Michelle Willingham 57 exemplares882
Outlaw Bride by Jenna Kernan 24 exemplares, 1 crítica883
The Wayward Debutante by Sarah Elliott 32 exemplares, 2 críticas884
Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss by Deb Marlowe 49 exemplares, 2 críticas885
Surrender to the Highlander by Terri Brisbin 72 exemplares, 1 crítica886
Taming the Texan by Charlene Sands 15 exemplares887
High Seas to High Society by Sophia James 54 exemplares, 1 crítica888
Pickpocket Countess by Bronwyn Scott 51 exemplares, 4 críticas889
A Knight Most Wicked by Joanne Rock 22 exemplares890
Klondike Fever by Kate Bridges 30 exemplares891
No Place for a Lady by Louise Allen 41 exemplares892
A Sinful Alliance by Amanda McCabe 20 exemplares893
The Wanton Bride by Mary Brendan 32 exemplares894
Western Weddings (Anthology 3-in-1) by Jillian Hart 28 exemplares895
Notorious Rake, Innocent Lady by Bronwyn Scott 45 exemplares, 3 críticas896
Cooper's Woman by Carol Finch 22 exemplares897
Taken By The Viking (Harlequin Historical) by Michelle Styles 33 exemplares, 1 crítica898
The Last Rake in London by Nicola Cornick 65 exemplares, 1 crítica899
An Impetuous Abduction by Patricia Frances Rowell 31 exemplares, 1 crítica900
Kidnapped by the Cowboy by Pam Crooks 20 exemplares901
Innocence Unveiled by Blythe Gifford 29 exemplares902
The Dangerous Mr. Ryder by Louise Allen 33 exemplares, 3 críticas903
The Gunslinger's Untamed Bride by Stacey Kayne 24 exemplares, 3 críticas904
A Most Unconventional Match by Julia Justiss 71 exemplares, 4 críticas905
The King's Champion by Catherine March 23 exemplares, 2 críticas906
The Outrageous Lady Felsham by Louise Allen 39 exemplares907
A Lover's Kiss by Margaret Moore 38 exemplares, 1 crítica908
The Bounty Hunter and the Heiress by Carol Finch 15 exemplares909
Possessed by the Highlander by Terri Brisbin 73 exemplares, 1 crítica910
The Shocking Lord Standon by Louise Allen 36 exemplares, 1 crítica911
Unlacing Lilly by Gail Ranstrom 27 exemplares912
The Rebel and the Lady by Kathryn Albright 21 exemplares, 1 crítica913
Templar Knight, Forbidden Bride by Lynna Banning 21 exemplares914
The Magic of Christmas (A Christmas Child / The Christmas Dove / A Baby Blue Christmas) by Carolyn Davidson 30 exemplares, 1 crítica915
Scandalizing the Ton by Diane Gaston 52 exemplares, 3 críticas916
Hallowe'en Husbands (Marriage at Morrow Creek / Wedding at Warehaven / Master of Penlowen) by Lisa Plumley 30 exemplares, 1 crítica917
The Dark Viscount by Deborah Simmons 42 exemplares, 1 crítica918
One Candlelit Christmas [3-in-1] by Julia Justiss 40 exemplares, 1 crítica919
The Borrowed Bride by Elizabeth Lane 40 exemplares, 3 críticas920
Untouched Mistress by Margaret McPhee 30 exemplares, 2 críticas921
Her Warrior Slave by Michelle Willingham 59 exemplares, 2 críticas922
Her Montana Man by Cheryl St.John 38 exemplares, 1 crítica923
An Improper Aristocrat by Deb Marlowe 28 exemplares, 2 críticas924
The Mistletoe Wager by Christine Merrill 38 exemplares, 2 críticas925
Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife by Michelle Styles 23 exemplares926
Texas Ranger, Runaway Heiress by Carol Finch 19 exemplares927
Marrying The Captain (Harlequin Historical Series) by Carla Kelly 190 exemplares, 10 críticas928
The Viscount Claims His Bride (Harlequin Historical Series) by Bronwyn Scott 44 exemplares929
High Seas Stowaway by Amanda McCabe 18 exemplares, 1 crítica930
Wanted in Alaska by Kate Bridges 29 exemplares931
The Rake's Unconventional Mistress by Juliet Landon 49 exemplares, 2 críticas932
The Earl's Untouched Bride by Annie Burrows 54 exemplares, 2 críticas933
The Viking's Defiant Bride (Harlequin Historical Series) by Joanna Fulford 35 exemplares934
Kidnapped: His Innocent Mistress by Nicola Cornick 65 exemplares, 1 crítica935
His Cavalry Lady by Joanna Maitland 46 exemplares936
Questions of Honor by Kate Welsh 19 exemplares937
Conquering Knight, Captive Lady by Anne O'Brien 30 exemplares938
His Substitute Bride by Elizabeth Lane 25 exemplares939
His Reluctant Mistress by Joanna Maitland 24 exemplares940
The Rake's Inherited Courtesan by Ann Lethbridge 41 exemplares, 2 críticas941
The Knight's Return by Joanne Rock 28 exemplares942
The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor (Justine and the Noble Viscount / Annalise and the Scandalous Rake / Charlotte and the Wicked Lord) by Diane Gaston 60 exemplares, 1 crítica943
His Forbidden Liaison by Joanna Maitland 22 exemplares, 1 crítica944
The Cattleman's Unsuitable Wife by Pam Crooks 18 exemplares945
The Border Lord aka Knight of Grace by Sophia James 54 exemplares, 3 críticas946
Stetsons, Spring and Wedding Rings (Rocky Mountain Courtship / Courting Miss Perfect / Courted by the Cowboy) by Jillian Hart 27 exemplares, 1 crítica947
Lord Braybrook's Penniless Bride by Elizabeth Rolls 93 exemplares, 1 crítica948
The Surgeon's Lady (Harlequin Historical Series) by Carla Kelly 142 exemplares, 3 críticas949
Bedded by the Warrior by Denise Lynn 29 exemplares950
The Disgraceful Mr Ravenhurst by Louise Allen 44 exemplares951
Mountain Wild by Stacey Kayne 43 exemplares, 1 crítica952
A Wicked Liaison by Christine Merrill 48 exemplares, 2 críticas953
The Conqueror's Lady by Terri Brisbin 54 exemplares, 1 crítica954
The Notorious Mr Hurst by Louise Allen 32 exemplares, 1 crítica955
Sierra Bride by Jenna Kernan 18 exemplares956
The Viscount's Kiss by Margaret Moore 31 exemplares957
Reynold de Burgh: The Dark Knight by Deborah Simmons 30 exemplares, 1 crítica958
The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst by Louise Allen 40 exemplares, 1 crítica959
The Duke's Cinderella Bride by Carole Mortimer 40 exemplares, 1 crítica960
Texas Wedding for Their Baby's Sake by Kathryn Albright 20 exemplares961
In the Master's Bed by Blythe Gifford 39 exemplares962
Cowboy Christmas (A Husband for Christmas / The Homecoming / The Cattleman's Christmas Bride) by Carol Finch 20 exemplares963
From Waif to Gentleman's Wife by Julia Justiss 36 exemplares, 1 crítica964
Her Cinderella Season by Deb Marlowe 30 exemplares965
Taming Her Irish Warrior by Michelle Willingham 40 exemplares966
Regency Christmas Gifts by Lyn Stone 54 exemplares, 3 críticas967
Alaskan Renegade by Kate Bridges 26 exemplares968
The Rake's Wicked Proposal by Carole Mortimer 41 exemplares, 2 críticas969
The Winter Queen (Harlequin Historical Series) by Amanda McCabe 32 exemplares, 2 críticas970
Her Colorado Man by Cheryl St.John 39 exemplares, 1 crítica971
Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady by Diane Gaston 26 exemplares, 2 críticas972
Mistletoe Magic by Sophia James 14 exemplares973
The Viking's Captive Princess by Michelle Styles 25 exemplares974
The Rogue's Disgraced Lady by Carole Mortimer 34 exemplares975
The Kansas Lawman's Proposal by Carol Finch 15 exemplares976
The Earl and the Governess by Sarah Elliott 33 exemplares977
Pregnant by the Warrior by Denise Lynn 27 exemplares978
Whirlwind Secrets by Debra Cowan 20 exemplares, 2 críticas979
The Gentleman's Quest by Deborah Simmons 15 exemplares980
The Accidental Countess by Michelle Willingham 71 exemplares, 2 críticas981
The Viscount's Betrothal by Louise Allen 30 exemplares982
The Horseman's Bride by Elizabeth Lane 23 exemplares, 1 crítica983
Miss Winthorpe's Elopement by Christine Merrill 72 exemplares984
The Accidental Princess (Harlequin Historical) by Michelle Willingham 57 exemplares985
The Earl's Forbidden Ward by Bronwyn Scott 35 exemplares, 1 crítica986
Lady Arabella's Scandalous Marriage by Carole Mortimer 39 exemplares, 3 críticas987
His Californian Countess by Kate Welsh 19 exemplares, 1 crítica988
To Catch a Rogue by Amanda McCabe 39 exemplares, 2 críticas989
Pleasurably Undone! (5-in-1) by Christine Merrill 36 exemplares990
Mail-Order Marriages (Rocky Mountain Wedding / Married in Missouri / Her Alaskan Groom) by Jillian Hart 37 exemplares, 2 críticas991
Wicked Rake, Defiant Mistress (Harlequin Historical) by Ann Lethbridge 68 exemplares, 1 crítica992
To Deceive a Duke by Amanda McCabe 38 exemplares993
His Border Bride by Blythe Gifford 22 exemplares994
Bandit Lawman, Texas Bride by Carol Finch 9 exemplares995
The Lord and the Wayward Lady by Louise Allen 82 exemplares, 2 críticas996
To Kiss a Count by Amanda McCabe 23 exemplares997
Marrying the Royal Marine (Harlequin Historical) by Carla Kelly 120 exemplares, 5 críticas998
Alaska Bride On the Run by Kate Bridges 24 exemplares, 1 crítica999
Paying the Virgin's Price by Christine Merrill 45 exemplares, 4 críticas1000
Untamed Rogue, Scandalous Mistress by Bronwyn Scott 25 exemplares1001
The Mercenary's Bride by Terri Brisbin 35 exemplares1002
The Lawman's Redemption by Pam Crooks 15 exemplares, 1 crítica1003
The Smuggler and the Society Bride by Julia Justiss 41 exemplares, 2 críticas1004
One Unashamed Night by Sophia James 78 exemplares, 7 críticas1005
Highland Rogue, London Miss by Margaret Moore 33 exemplares, 1 crítica1006
His Dakota Captive by Jenna Kernan 15 exemplares, 1 crítica1007
Claiming the Forbidden Bride by Gayle Wilson 39 exemplares, 2 críticas1008
Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress by Diane Gaston 24 exemplares, 1 crítica1009
Surrender to an Irish Warrior by Michelle Willingham 43 exemplares, 2 críticas1010
Western Winter Wedding Bells [Anthology 3-in-1] by Cheryl St.John 29 exemplares1011
The Viscount and the Virgin by Annie Burrows 82 exemplares, 2 críticas1012
A Rake by Midnight by Gail Ranstrom 22 exemplares, 1 crítica1013
Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin 190 exemplares, 15 críticas1014
Regency Christmas Proposals [3-in-1] by Gayle Wilson 43 exemplares1015
Unlacing the Innocent Miss by Margaret McPhee 58 exemplares, 3 críticas1016
Lady Renegade by Carol Finch 10 exemplares, 1 crítica1017
The Earl's Mistletoe Bride by Joanna Maitland 20 exemplares1018
Mail-Order Groom by Lisa Plumley 16 exemplares, 3 críticas1019
The Officer and the Proper Lady by Louise Allen 42 exemplares, 3 críticas1020
A Countess by Christmas by Annie Burrows 59 exemplares, 3 críticas1021
Chosen for the Marriage Bed by Anne O'Brien 30 exemplares, 2 críticas1022
Whirlwind Reunion by Debra Cowan 10 exemplares1023
Taken by the Wicked Rake by Christine Merrill 35 exemplares, 1 crítica1024
The Admiral's Penniless Bride by Carla Kelly 142 exemplares, 5 críticas1025
In the Laird's Bed by Joanne Rock 12 exemplares1026
Lady Lavender by Lynna Banning 13 exemplares, 3 críticas1027
Society's Most Disreputable Gentleman by Julia Justiss 27 exemplares, 1 crítica1028
Married: The Virgin Widow (Harlequin Historical) by Deborah Hale 35 exemplares1029
A Thoroughly Compromised Lady by Bronwyn Scott 14 exemplares1030
The Widowed Bride by Elizabeth Lane 16 exemplares, 1 crítica1031
The Shy Duchess by Amanda McCabe 67 exemplares, 3 críticas1032
Bought: The Penniless Lady by Deborah Hale 77 exemplares1033
His Enemy's Daughter by Terri Brisbin 51 exemplares1034
The Bride Raffle by Lisa Plumley 24 exemplares1035
Delectably Undone! (5-in-1) by Elizabeth Rolls 20 exemplares1036
Wanted: Mail-Order Mistress by Deborah Hale 64 exemplares, 2 críticas1037
Highland Heiress by Margaret Moore 23 exemplares1038
Happily Ever After in the West [anthology] by Debra Cowan 12 exemplares, 1 crítica1039
How to Marry a Rake by Deb Marlowe 23 exemplares, 1 crítica1040
The Gamekeeper's Lady by Ann Lethbridge 25 exemplares, 1 crítica1041
Claimed by the Highland Warrior by Michelle Willingham 52 exemplares1042
Saving Grace by Carolyn Davidson 11 exemplares, 1 crítica1043
Scandalous Innocent by Juliet Landon 16 exemplares, 1 crítica1044
More than a Mistress by Ann Lethbridge 31 exemplares1045
One Illicit Night by Sophia James 26 exemplares, 2 críticas1046
Her Wyoming Man (Harlequin Historical) by Cheryl St.John 19 exemplares, 1 crítica1047
Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess by Christine Merrill 23 exemplares, 1 crítica1048
Innocent in the Sheikh's Harem by Marguerite Kaye 37 exemplares, 2 críticas1049
Crusader Captive by Merline Lovelace 22 exemplares1050
The Gunfighter and the Heiress by Carol Finch 18 exemplares1051
Practical Widow to Passionate Mistress by Louise Allen 46 exemplares, 1 crítica1052
The Governess and the Sheikh by Marguerite Kaye 36 exemplares, 2 críticas1053
Seduced by Her Highland Warrior by Michelle Willingham 41 exemplares, 7 críticas1054
Gold Rush Groom by Jenna Kernan 18 exemplares, 1 crítica1055
Vicar's Daughter to Viscount's Lady by Louise Allen 42 exemplares, 1 crítica1056
Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy by Diane Gaston 16 exemplares, 1 crítica1057
Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante by Bronwyn Scott 21 exemplares, 1 crítica1058
Snowflakes and Stetsons (The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle / Christmas at Cahill Crossing / A Magical Gift at Christmas) by Jillian Hart 23 exemplares, 2 críticas1059
Innocent Courtesan to Adventurer's Bride by Louise Allen 40 exemplares, 1 crítica1060
The Captain's Forbidden Miss by Margaret McPhee 22 exemplares1061
The Dragon and the Pearl by Jeannie Lin 102 exemplares, 7 críticas1062
Gift-Wrapped Governess (Christmas at Blackhaven/ Governess to Christmas Bride/ Duchess by Christmas) by Sophia James 33 exemplares, 1 crítica1063
The Lone Rancher by Carol Finch 18 exemplares1064
A Regency Christmas Carol by Christine Merrill 15 exemplares, 1 crítica1065
The Lady Gambles by Carole Mortimer 26 exemplares, 3 críticas1066
The Marshal and Miss Merritt by Debra Cowan 13 exemplares1067
Coming Home for Christmas (A Christmas in Paradise / O Christmas Tree / No Crib for a Bed) by Carla Kelly 43 exemplares, 1 crítica1068
Unmasking the Duke's Mistress by Margaret McPhee 30 exemplares, 2 críticas1069
The Lady Forfeits by Carole Mortimer 27 exemplares, 2 críticas1070
Scandal at the Cahill Saloon by Carol Arens 17 exemplares1071
The Lady Confesses by Carole Mortimer 19 exemplares, 1 crítica1072
Captured for the Captain's Pleasure (Harlequin Historical) by Ann Lethbridge 26 exemplares1073
A Dark and Brooding Gentleman by Margaret McPhee 18 exemplares1074
The Last Cahill Cowboy by Jenna Kernan 20 exemplares1075
Ravished by the Rake by Louise Allen 23 exemplares1076
The Wicked Lord Rasenby by Marguerite Kaye 21 exemplares1077
Lady Rosabella's Ruse by Ann Lethbridge 14 exemplares1078
The Lawman's Vow by Elizabeth Lane 12 exemplares, 2 críticas1079
Seduced by the Scoundrel by Louise Allen 26 exemplares, 1 crítica1080
Lady Folbroke's Delicious Deception by Christine Merrill 32 exemplares, 3 críticas1081
The Viking's Touch by Joanna Fulford 21 exemplares, 2 críticas1082
A Cowboy Worth Claiming by Charlene Sands 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1083
Married to a Stranger by Louise Allen 29 exemplares, 1 crítica1084
Lady Drusilla's Road to Ruin by Christine Merrill 29 exemplares, 5 críticas1085
Tall, Dark and Disreputable by Deb Marlowe 14 exemplares, 3 críticas1086
A Texan's Honor by Kate Welsh 11 exemplares, 1 crítica1087
Rake with a Frozen Heart by Marguerite Kaye 37 exemplares, 3 críticas1088
Lady Priscilla's Shameful Secret by Christine Merrill 21 exemplares, 1 crítica1089
The Taming of the Rogue by Amanda McCabe 15 exemplares, 1 crítica1090
Weddings Under a Western Sky (Anthology 3-in-1) by Elizabeth Lane 15 exemplares, 3 críticas1091
Marriage of Mercy by Carla Kelly 65 exemplares, 3 críticas1092
Unbuttoning Miss Hardwick by Deb Marlowe 31 exemplares, 3 críticas1093
My Fair Concubine by Jeannie Lin 106 exemplares, 11 críticas1094
Renegade Most Wanted by Carol Arens 15 exemplares, 1 crítica1095
An Escapade and An Engagement by Annie Burrows 12 exemplares, 1 crítica1096
The Laird's Forbidden Lady by Ann Lethbridge 12 exemplares, 2 críticas1097
Tempted by the Highland Warrior (MacKinloch Clan, Book 3) by Michelle Willingham 53 exemplares, 3 críticas1098
Montana Bride by Jillian Hart 26 exemplares, 2 críticas1099
Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah by Marguerite Kaye 19 exemplares, 2 críticas1100
A Not So Respectable Gentleman? by Diane Gaston 20 exemplares, 1 crítica1101
Lady with the Devil's Scar by Sophia James 21 exemplares, 2 críticas1102
Whirlwind Cowboy by Debra Cowan 11 exemplares1103
How to Disgrace a Lady by Bronwyn Scott 26 exemplares, 3 críticas1104
His Mask of Retribution by Margaret McPhee 16 exemplares, 1 crítica1105
The Highlander's Stolen Touch by Terri Brisbin 30 exemplares, 2 críticas1106
All a Cowboy Wants for Christmas (Anthology 3-in-1) by Judith Stacy 13 exemplares1107
How to Ruin a Reputation by Bronwyn Scott 14 exemplares1108
Two Wrongs Make a Marriage by Christine Merrill 16 exemplares1109
Tarnished Rose of the Court by Amanda McCabe 9 exemplares1110
Snowbound Wedding Wishes (Anthology 3-in-1) by Louise Allen 24 exemplares, 1 crítica1111
Unclaimed Bride by Lauri Robinson 12 exemplares1112
How to Sin Successfully by Bronwyn Scott 14 exemplares1113
Return of the Border Warrior by Blythe Gifford 15 exemplares, 3 críticas1114
Oklahoma Wedding Bells by Carol Finch 9 exemplares1115
Some Like It Wicked by Carole Mortimer 24 exemplares, 1 crítica1116
Born to Scandal by Diane Gaston 19 exemplares1117
Warriors in Winter (In the Bleak Midwinter / The Holly and the Viking / A Season to Forgive) by Michelle Willingham 19 exemplares1118
Rebel with a Cause by Carol Arens 10 exemplares1119
Some Like to Shock by Carole Mortimer 11 exemplares, 1 crítica1120
Forbidden Jewel of India by Louise Allen 21 exemplares1121
Captive of the Border Lord by Blythe Gifford 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1122
The Texas Ranger's Daughter (Harlequin Historical) by Jenna Kernan 14 exemplares, 1 crítica1123
Never Trust a Rake by Annie Burrows 24 exemplares, 2 críticas1124
Dicing With the Dangerous Lord by Margaret McPhee 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1125
Haunted by the Earl's Touch by Ann Lethbridge 24 exemplares, 1 crítica1126
Inheriting a Bride by Lauri Robinson 10 exemplares, 1 crítica1127
The Accidental Prince (Harlequin Historical) by Michelle Willingham 22 exemplares, 2 críticas1128
The Rake to Ruin Her by Julia Justiss 20 exemplares, 3 críticas1129
Taken by the Border Rebel by Blythe Gifford 12 exemplares, 1 crítica1130
A Man for Glory by Carolyn Davidson 14 exemplares, 1 crítica1131
The Dissolute Duke by Sophia James 26 exemplares, 3 críticas1132
The Rake to Redeem Her (Harlequin Historical) by Julia Justiss 10 exemplares, 1 crítica1133
At the Highlander's Mercy by Terri Brisbin 25 exemplares, 3 críticas1134
Her Hesitant Heart by Carla Kelly 66 exemplares, 1 crítica1135
The Greatest of Sins by Christine Merrill 17 exemplares, 1 crítica1136
Tarnished Amongst the Ton by Louise Allen 13 exemplares, 1 crítica1137
The Beauty Within by Marguerite Kaye 22 exemplares, 2 críticas1138
The Honor-Bound Gambler by Lisa Plumley 9 exemplares1139
Reforming the Viscount by Annie Burrows 16 exemplares1140
A Reputation for Notoriety by Diane Gaston 11 exemplares, 2 críticas1141
The Sword Dancer by Jeannie Lin 98 exemplares, 5 críticas1142
The Cowboy Who Caught Her Eye by Lauri Robinson 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1143
Her Highland Protector by Ann Lethbridge 11 exemplares, 1 crítica1144
A Lady Risks All by Bronwyn Scott 11 exemplares, 3 críticas1145
Mistress to the Marquis by Margaret McPhee 14 exemplares, 1 crítica1146
Smoke River Bride by Lynna Banning 10 exemplares1147
Not Just a Governess by Carole Mortimer 15 exemplares, 1 crítica1148
A Lady Dares by Bronwyn Scott 13 exemplares, 2 críticas1149
To Sin with a Viking by Michelle Willingham 54 exemplares, 6 críticas1150
The Ballad of Emma O'Toole by Elizabeth Lane 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1151
Mistress at Midnight by Sophia James 10 exemplares1152
Rumors by Louise Allen 14 exemplares1153
The Runaway Countess by Amanda McCabe 19 exemplares, 3 críticas1154
Christmas Cowboy Kisses: A Family for Christmas / A Christmas Miracle / Christmas with Her Cowboy by Carolyn Davidson 10 exemplares, 1 crítica1155
Engagement of Convenience by Georgie Lee 11 exemplares, 1 crítica1156
A Date with Dishonor by Mary Brendan 6 exemplares1157
Defiant in the Viking's Bed by Joanna Fulford 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1158
A Sprinkling of Christmas Magic by Elizabeth Rolls 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1159
Rebel With a Heart by Carol Arens 12 exemplares, 1 crítica1160
Rumours That Ruined a Lady by Marguerite Kaye 18 exemplares, 4 críticas1161
The Highlander's Dangerous Temptation by Terri Brisbin 23 exemplares, 3 críticas1162
The Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife (Harlequin Historical) by Kate Welsh 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1163
Not Just a Wallflower by Carole Mortimer 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1164
Running from Scandal (Harlequin HistoricalBancrofts of Barton Park) by Amanda McCabe 11 exemplares, 3 críticas1165
Falling for the Highland Rogue by Ann Lethbridge 12 exemplares, 1 crítica1166
Rancher Wants a Wife (Harlequin HistoricalMail-Order Weddings) by Kate Bridges 15 exemplares, 1 crítica1167
Secrets of a Gentleman Escort by Bronwyn Scott 11 exemplares, 3 críticas1168
From Ruin to Riches by Louise Allen 17 exemplares, 2 críticas1169
A Marriage of Notoriety (Harlequin HistoricalThe Masquerade Club) by Diane Gaston 10 exemplares, 2 críticas1170
The Major's Wife (Harlequin Historical) by Lauri Robinson 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1171
Portrait of a Scandal (Harlequin Historical) by Annie Burrows 8 exemplares1172
To Tempt a Viking (Harlequin HistoricalForbidden Vikings) by Michelle Willingham 23 exemplares, 6 críticas1173
Lady Beneath the Veil by Sarah Mallory 10 exemplares, 1 crítica1174
The Cowboy's Reluctant Bride by Debra Cowan 6 exemplares1175
The Fall of a Saint by Christine Merrill 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1176
Secrets at Court by Blythe Gifford 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1177
At the Highwayman's Pleasure (Harlequin Historical) by Sarah Mallory 4 exemplares1178
Welcome to Wyoming by Kate Bridges 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1179
London's Most Wanted Rake (Harlequin Historical) by Bronwyn Scott 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1180
The Wedding Ring Quest (Harlequin Historical) by Carla Kelly 32 exemplares, 2 críticas1181
Unlacing Lady Thea (Harlequin Historical) by Louise Allen 13 exemplares, 2 críticas1182
Notorious in the West (Harlequin Historical) by Lisa Plumley 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1183
Unwed and Unrepentant by Marguerite Kaye 12 exemplares, 3 críticas1184
Yield to the Highlander (Harlequin Historical/The MacLerie Clan) by Terri Brisbin 10 exemplares, 2 críticas1185
Return of the Prodigal Gilvry (Harlequin HistoricalThe Gilvrys of Dunross) by Ann Lethbridge 10 exemplares, 3 críticas1186
Bride by Mail by Katy Madison 16 exemplares, 1 crítica1187
Scars of Betrayal by Sophia James 9 exemplares1188
Scandal's Virgin (Harlequin Historical) by Louise Allen 6 exemplares1189
Surrender to the Viking (Harlequin HistoricalVictorious Vikings) by Joanna Fulford 7 exemplares1190
Rebel Outlaw (Harlequin Historical) by Carol Arens 5 exemplares1191
A Lady of Notoriety (Harlequin HistoricalThe Masquerade Club) by Diane Gaston 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1192
The Scarlet Gown (Harlequin Historical) by Sarah Mallory 3 exemplares1193
Castle of the Wolf (Harlequin Historical) by Margaret Moore 12 exemplares1194
Salvation in the Rancher's Arms (Harlequin HistoricalSalvation Falls) by Kelly Boyce 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1195
The Rake's Ruined Lady by Mary Brendan 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1196
Beguiled by Her Betrayer (Harlequin Historical) by Louise Allen 7 exemplares1197
Never Forget Me (Harlequin Historical) by Marguerite Kaye 9 exemplares1198
The Lone Sheriff (Harlequin Historical) by Lynna Banning 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1199
Lord Havelock's List by Annie Burrows 12 exemplares, 1 crítica1200
The Gentleman Rogue (Gentlemen of Disrepute Book 6) by Margaret McPhee 4 exemplares1201
Saved by the Viking Warrior by Michelle Styles 6 exemplares1202
Wild West Christmas (Anthology 3-in-1) by Jenna Kernan 13 exemplares, 3 críticas1203
Zachary Black: Duke of Debauchery by Carole Mortimer 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1204
The Truth About Lady Felkirk by Christine Merrill 11 exemplares, 1 crítica1205
Betrayed by His Kiss (Harlequin Historical) by Amanda McCabe 5 exemplares1206
Wish Upon a Snowflake (Anthology 3-in-1) by Christine Merrill 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1207
The Wrong Cowboy (Harlequin Historical) by Lauri Robinson 11 exemplares, 1 crítica1208
Darian Hunter: Duke of Desire by Carole Mortimer 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1209
The Rake's Bargain by Lucy Ashford 6 exemplares1210
Outlaw Hunter (Harlequin Historical) by Carol Arens 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1211
Strangers at the Altar (Harlequin Historical) by Marguerite Kaye 12 exemplares, 2 críticas1212
Captured Countess (Harlequin Historical) by Ann Lethbridge 7 exemplares1213
Innocent's Champion (Harlequin Historical) by Meriel Fuller 4 exemplares1214
The Gunslinger and the Heiress (Heroes of San Diego) by Kathryn Albright 3 exemplares1215
Playing the Rake's Game (Rakes of the Caribbean) by Bronwyn Scott 5 exemplares1216
Marriage Made in Money (The Penniless Lords) by Sophia James 13 exemplares, 1 crítica1217
Bride for a Knight by Margaret Moore 7 exemplares1218
Salvation in the Sheriff's Kiss by Kelly Boyce 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1219
Breaking the Rake's Rules (Harlequin Historical/Rakes of the Caribb) by Bronwyn Scott 6 exemplares1220
The Lost Gentleman (Gentlemen of Disrepute) by Margaret McPhee 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1221
Taming His Viking Woman (Harlequin Historical) by Michelle Styles 4 exemplares1222
Morrow Creek Runaway (Harlequin Historical) by Lisa Plumley 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1223
The Rake to Rescue Her (Ransleigh Rogues) by Julia Justiss 5 exemplares, 3 críticas1224
The Soldier's Dark Secret (Comrades in Arms) by Marguerite Kaye 9 exemplares, 3 críticas1225
A Debt Paid in Marriage by Georgie Lee 15 exemplares, 2 críticas1226
Promised by Post (Wild West Weddings) by Katy Madison 10 exemplares, 1 crítica1227
A Ring from a Marquess by Christine Merrill 10 exemplares, 1 crítica1228
Bound by Duty (The Scandalous Summerfields) by Diane Gaston 10 exemplares, 2 críticas1229
Stolen by the Highlander (A Highland Feuding) by Terri Brisbin 13 exemplares, 1 crítica1230
A Fortune for the Outlaw's Daughter (Harlequin Historical) by Lauri Robinson 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1231
The Rake to Reveal Her (Ransleigh Rogues) by Julia Justiss 11 exemplares, 3 críticas1232
A Lady for Lord Randall by Sarah Mallory 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1233
A Dance with Danger by Jeannie Lin 34 exemplares, 4 críticas1234
Wed to the Montana Cowboy (Harlequin Historical) by Carol Arens 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1235
Rake Most Likely to Rebel (Rakes on Tour) by Bronwyn Scott 13 exemplares, 1 crítica1236
A Mistress for Major Bartlett by Annie Burrows 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1237
Whispers at Court (Royal Weddings) by Blythe Gifford 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1238
Running Wolf (Harlequin Historical) by Jenna Kernan 8 exemplares1239
The Duke's Daring Debutante (Harlequin Historical) by Ann Lethbridge 14 exemplares, 1 crítica1240
A Rose for Major Flint by Louise Allen 11 exemplares, 1 crítica1241
Warrior of Ice (Warriors of Ireland) by Michelle Willingham 16 exemplares, 3 críticas1242
Sequins and Spurs (Harlequin Historical) by Cheryl St.John 11 exemplares, 1 crítica1243
Griffin Stone: Duke of Decadence by Carole Mortimer 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1244
Rake Most Likely to Thrill (Rakes on Tour) by Bronwyn Scott 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1245
The Bootlegger's Daughter by Lauri Robinson 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1246
The Countess and the Cowboy (Harlequin Historical) by Elizabeth Lane 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1247
Marriage Made in Shame (The Penniless Lords) by Sophia James 10 exemplares, 2 críticas1248
Tarnished, Tempted and Tamed by Mary Brendan 2 exemplares1249
The Rebel Daughter by Lauri Robinson 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1250
Dreaming of a Western Christmas: His Christmas Belle/The Cowboy of Christmas Past/Snowbound with the Cowboy (Harlequin Historical) by Lynna Banning 6 exemplares, 2 críticas1251
Christian Seaton: Duke of Danger by Carole Mortimer 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1252
The Soldier's Rebel Lover (Comrades in Arms) by Marguerite Kaye 11 exemplares, 2 críticas1253
The Forgotten Daughter by Lauri Robinson 6 exemplares, 2 críticas1254
It Happened One Christmas by Carla Kelly 17 exemplares, 1 crítica1255
Smoke River Family (Harlequin Historical) by Lynna Banning 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1256
His Housekeeper's Christmas Wish (Lords of Disgrace) by Louise Allen 17 exemplares, 3 críticas1257
The Demure Miss Manning (Harlequin Historical) by Amanda McCabe 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1258
Morrow Creek Marshal (Harlequin Historical) by Lisa Plumley 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1259
His Christmas Countess (Lords of Disgrace) by Louise Allen 13 exemplares, 2 críticas1260
The Captain's Christmas Bride (Harlequin Historical) by Annie Burrows 16 exemplares, 2 críticas1261
Warrior of Fire (Warriors of Ireland) by Michelle Willingham 11 exemplares, 2 críticas1262
Familiar Stranger in Clear Springs (Heroes of San Diego) by Kathryn Albright 5 exemplares, 2 críticas1263
In Debt to the Earl (Harlequin Historical) by Elizabeth Rolls 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1264
Scoundrel of Dunborough (The Knights' Prizes) by Margaret Moore 9 exemplares1265
Rake Most Likely to Seduce (Rakes on Tour) by Bronwyn Scott 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1266
Want Ad Wife (Wild West Weddings) by Katy Madison 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1267
Marriage Made in Rebellion (The Penniless Lords) by Sophia James 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1268
A Too Convenient Marriage by Georgie Lee 5 exemplares1269
Saving Marina (Harlequin Historical) by Lauri Robinson 6 exemplares1270
Wed to the Texas Outlaw (The Walker Twins) by Carol Arens 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1271
Rake Most Likely to Sin (Rakes on Tour) by Bronwyn Scott 4 exemplares1272
The Secrets of Winscombe Chase by Christine Merrill 8 exemplares1273
The Highlander's Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding) by Terri Brisbin 7 exemplares1274
Western Spring Weddings (3-in-1) by Lynna Banning 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1275
Forbidden Nights with the Viscount (Hadley's Hellions) by Julia Justiss 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1276
The Widow and the Sheikh (Hot Arabian Nights) by Marguerite Kaye 9 exemplares1277
Bound by One Scandalous Night (The Scandalous Summerfields) by Diane Gaston 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1278
Printer in Petticoats (Harlequin Historical) by Lynna Banning 6 exemplares, 2 críticas1279
In Bed with the Duke (Harlequin Historical) by Annie Burrows 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1280
More Than a Lover by Ann Lethbridge 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1281
The Blacksmith’s Wife by Elisabeth Hobbes 10 exemplares, 1 crítica1282
Her Cheyenne Warrior (Harlequin Historical) by Lauri Robinson 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1283
Scandal at the Midsummer Ball: The Officer's Temptation/The Debutante's Awakening (Harlequin Historical) by Marguerite Kaye 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1284
Marriage Made in Hope (The Penniless Lords) by Sophia James 11 exemplares, 2 críticas1285
The Many Sins of Cris de Feaux (Lords of Disgrace) by Louise Allen 12 exemplares, 2 críticas1286
The Innocent and the Outlaw (Outlaws of the Wild West) by Harper St. George 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1287
The Unexpected Marriage of Gabriel Stone (Lords of Disgrace) by Louise Allen 15 exemplares, 2 críticas1288
Unbuttoning the Innocent Miss (Wallflowers to Wives) by Bronwyn Scott 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1289
Commanded by the French Duke (Harlequin Historical) by Meriel Fuller 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1290
Her Sheriff Bodyguard (Harlequin Historical) by Lynna Banning 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1291
Sheikh's Mail-Order Bride (Hot Arabian Nights) by Marguerite Kaye 8 exemplares1292
Miss Marianne's Disgrace (Scandal and Disgrace) by Georgie Lee 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1293
Enslaved by the Desert Trader (Harlequin Historical) by Greta Gilbert 5 exemplares1294
The Warrior's Captive Bride (Harlequin Historical) by Jenna Kernan 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1295
Stolen Encounters with the Duchess (Hadley's Hellions) by Julia Justiss 8 exemplares, 2 críticas1296
The Cinderella Governess by Georgie Lee 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1297
Silk, Swords and Surrender (5-in-1) by Jeannie Lin 21 exemplares, 1 crítica1298
Western Christmas Proposals (Anthology 3-in-1) by Carla Kelly 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1299
Awakening the Shy Miss (Wallflowers to Wives) by Bronwyn Scott 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1300
Governess to the Sheikh (The Governess Tales) by Laura Martin 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1301
Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue (A Highland Feuding) by Terri Brisbin 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1302
Once Upon a Regency Christmas [2016] by Louise Allen 10 exemplares, 2 críticas1303
Unwrapping the Rancher's Secret (Harlequin Historical) by Lauri Robinson 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1304
The Runaway Governess (The Governess Tales) by Liz Tyner 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1305
The Queen's Christmas Summons by Amanda McCabe 4 exemplares1306
Christmas Kiss from the Sheriff (Heroes of San Diego) by Kathryn Albright 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1307
Bound by a Scandalous Secret (The Scandalous Summerfields) by Diane Gaston 6 exemplares, 2 críticas1308
The Governess's Secret Baby by Janice Preston 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1309
The Saxon Outlaw's Revenge (Harlequin) by Elisabeth Hobbes 5 exemplares1310
Baby on the Oregon Trail (Harlequin) by Lynna Banning 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1311
The Wedding Game by Christine Merrill 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1312
Secrets of the Marriage Bed by Ann Lethbridge 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1313
Compromising the duke's daughter by Mary Brendan 4 exemplares, 2 críticas1314
The Cowboy's Cinderella (Harlequin) by Carol Arens 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1315
The Harlot and the Sheikh (Hot Arabian Nights) by Marguerite Kaye 6 exemplares1316
A Marriage of Rogues (Harlequin) by Margaret Moore 6 exemplares, 2 críticas1317
Miss Bradshaw's Bought Betrothal by Virginia Heath 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1318
His Mail-Order Bride (The Fairfax Brides) by Tatiana March 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1319
Surrender to the Marquess (The Herriard Family) by Louise Allen 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1320
Convenient Proposal to the Lady (Hadley's Hellions) by Julia Justiss 11 exemplares, 4 críticas1321
At the Warrior's Mercy (Warehaven Warriors) by Denise Lynn 3 exemplares1322
The Cowboy's Orphan Bride (Harlequin) by Lauri Robinson 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1323
Claiming His Desert Princess by Marguerite Kaye 5 exemplares1324
Bound by Their Secret Passion (The Scandalous Summerfields) by Diane Gaston 5 exemplares, 2 críticas1325
The Spaniard's Innocent Maiden (Harlequin) by Greta Gilbert 7 exemplares1326
The Bride Lottery (The Fairfax Brides) by Tatiana March 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1327
Claiming his defiant miss by Bronwyn Scott 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1328
The Secret Marriage Pact by Georgie Lee 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1329
Rumors at Court (Royal Weddings) by Blythe Gifford 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1330
Mail-Order Brides of Oak Grove: Surprise Bride for the Cowboy/Taming the Runaway Bride by Lauri Robinson 5 exemplares, 2 críticas1331
The Debutante's Daring Proposal (Regency Bachelors) by Annie Burrows 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1332
Marrying the Rebellious Miss (Wallflowers to Wives) by Bronwyn Scott 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1333
Claiming His Highland Bride (A Highland Feuding) by Terri Brisbin 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1334
From Runaway to Pregnant Bride (The Fairfax Brides) by Tatiana March 7 exemplares1335
Ruined by the Reckless Viscount (Harlequin Historical) by Sophia James 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1336
Cinderella and the Duke (The Beauchamp Betrothals) by Janice Preston 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1337
Forbidden Night with the Warrior (Warriors of the Night) by Michelle Willingham 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1338
A Marriage Deal with the Outlaw (Outlaws of the Wild West) by Harper St. George 5 exemplares1339
Marrying His Cinderella Countess by Louise Allen 9 exemplares, 3 críticas1340
A Ring for the Pregnant Debutante (Harlequin Historical) by Laura Martin 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1341
The Warrior's Damsel in Distress by Meriel Fuller 3 exemplares1342
Winning the Mail-Order Bride (Oak Grove) by Lauri Robinson 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1343
A Convenient Bride for the Soldier by Christine Merrill 7 exemplares, 3 críticas1344
The Major Meets His Match by Annie Burrows 10 exemplares, 3 críticas1345
Redeeming the Rogue Knight by Elisabeth Hobbes 5 exemplares1346
Western Christmas Brides: A Bride and Baby for Christmas / Miss Christina's Christmas Wish / A Kiss From the Cowboy by Lauri Robinson 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1347
Courting danger with Mr Dyer by Georgie Lee 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1348
An Innocent Maid for the Duke by Ann Lethbridge 8 exemplares, 2 críticas1349
The Viking Warrior's Bride by Harper St. George 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1350
Regency Christmas Wishes [2017] by Carla Kelly 9 exemplares, 3 críticas1351
The Hired Man by Lynna Banning 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1352
A Pregnant Courtesan for the Rake by Diane Gaston 6 exemplares, 2 críticas1353
Lord Hunter's Cinderella Heiress by Lara Temple 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1354
The Rancher's Inconvenient Bride by Carol Arens 2 exemplares1355
The Wallflower's Mistletoe Wedding by Amanda McCabe 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1355
Her Christmas Knight (Lovers and Legends) by Nicole Locke 3 exemplares1356
A Secret Consequence for the Viscount by Sophia James 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1356
Scandal at the Christmas Ball: A Governess for Christmas/Dancing with the Duke's Heir by Marguerite Kaye 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1357
Besieged and Betrothed by Jenni Fletcher 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1358
Compromised by the Prince's Touch (Russian Royals of Kuban) by Bronwyn Scott 1 exemplar1359
The Marquess Tames His Bride by Annie Burrows 8 exemplares, 3 críticas1363
Forbidden Night with the Highlander (Warriors of the Night) by Michelle Willingham 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1364
A Warriner to Tempt Her by Virginia Heath 14 exemplares, 3 críticas1365
Redeeming the Roguish Rake by Liz Tyner 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1366
Rescued by the Earl's Vows (Harlequin Historical) by Ann Lethbridge 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1367
The Warrior's Viking Bride by Michelle Styles 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1368
Sinnliche Küsse eines verruchten Gentlemans by Sarah Mallory 3 exemplares, 2 críticas1369
Lord Ravenscar's Inconvenient Betrothal by Lara Temple 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1370
From Courtesan to Convenient Wife (Matches Made in Scandal) by Marguerite Kaye 5 exemplares, 3 críticas1371
In Thrall to the Enemy Commander (Harlequin Historical) by Greta Gilbert 4 exemplares1372
Lady Cecily and the mysterious Mr Gray by Janice Preston 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1375
A Warriner to Seduce Her (The Wild Warriners) by Virginia Heath 8 exemplares, 3 críticas1377
Captain Rose's Redemption by Georgie Lee 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1379
Beguiled by the Forbidden Knight by Elisabeth Hobbes 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1380
Müürilille saladused by Amanda McCabe 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1381
Lord Stanton's Last Mistress by Lara Temple 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1382
One Week to Wed by Laurie Benson 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1383
The Warrior's Runaway Wife by Denise Lynn 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1384
Diary of a War Bride by Lauri Robinson 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1386
Forbidden Night with the Prince (Warriors of the Night) by Michelle Willingham 4 exemplares, 2 críticas1388
Saying I Do to the Scoundrel by Liz Tyner 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1389
Her Convenient Husband's Return by Eleanor Webster 5 exemplares, 3 críticas1390
Seduced by the Prince's Kiss (Russian Royals of Kuban) by Bronwyn Scott 3 exemplares1391
Reclaimed by the Knight (Lovers and Legends) by Nicole Locke 1 exemplar1392
Lady Olivia and the infamous rake by Janice Preston 1 exemplar, 1 crítica1393
The Mysterious Lord Millcroft (The King's Elite) by Virginia Heath 12 exemplares, 5 críticas1394
The Warrior's Bride Prize (Mills & Boon Historical) by Jenni Fletcher 5 exemplares, 2 críticas1396
A Most Unsuitable Match (Sisters of Scandal) by Julia Justiss 6 exemplares, 3 críticas1397
A Healer for the Highlander: From USA Today Bestselling Author Terri Brisbin (A Highland Feuding Book 5) by Terri Brisbin 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1399
A Lord for the Wallflower Widow (The Widows of Westram Book 1) by Ann Lethbridge 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1400
Beauty and the Brooding Lord (Saved from Disgrace Book 2) by Sarah Mallory 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1401
The Viscount's Runaway Wife by Laura Martin 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1402
A Scandalous Winter Wedding (Matches Made in Scandal) by Marguerite Kaye 5 exemplares, 2 críticas1403
His Mistletoe Marchioness by Georgie Lee 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1404
The Governess's Convenient Marriage (Debutantes in Paris Book 2) by Amanda McCabe 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1405
The Uncompromising Lord Flint (The King's Elite) by Virginia Heath 12 exemplares, 3 críticas1407
A Marriage Deal with the Viscount by Bronwyn Scott 5 exemplares, 2 críticas1408
The Earl's Irresistible Challenge (The Sinful Sinclairs) by Lara Temple 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1409
Sent as the Viking's Bride by Michelle Styles 4 exemplares1410
A Rake to the Rescue by Elizabeth Beacon 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1411
A Vow for an Heiress by Helen Dickson 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1412
A Duke in Need of a Wife by Annie Burrows 8 exemplares, 1 crítica1413
His Three-Day Duchess by Laurie Benson 6 exemplares, 2 críticas1414
Courting the Forbidden Debutante (Scandalous Australian Bachelors) by Laura Martin 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1415
Rescued by the Viking by Meriel Fuller 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1416
The Viscount's Veiled Lady by Jenni Fletcher 6 exemplares, 4 críticas1417
To Win a Wallflower by Liz Tyner 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1418
The Cinderella Countess (Gentlemen of Honor Book 3) by Sophia James 5 exemplares, 2 críticas1419
Shipwrecked with the Captain (The Governess Swap Book 2) by Diane Gaston 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1420
Tempted by the Roguish Lord by Mary Brendan 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1421
The Earl's Inconvenient Wife (Sisters of Scandal Book 2) by Julia Justiss 5 exemplares, 3 críticas1422
One Night with the Major by Bronwyn Scott 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1423
Marrying Her Viking Enemy (To Wed a Viking Book 1) by Harper St. George 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1424
Least Likely to Marry a Duke by Louise Allen 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1425
The Disgraceful Lord Gray (The King's Elite) by Virginia Heath 21 exemplares, 9 críticas1426
His Convenient Highland Wedding (The Lochmore Legacy) by Janice Preston 8 exemplares, 3 críticas1427
The Earl's Runaway Governess by Catherine Tinley 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1428
The Scandalous Suffragette by Eliza Redgold 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1429
Seduced by Her Rebel Warrior by Greta Gilbert 2 exemplares1430
The Earl's Countess of Convenience (Penniless Brides of Convenience) by Marguerite Kaye 5 exemplares, 3 críticas1431
Unlaced by the Highland Duke (The Lochmore Legacy) by Lara Temple 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1432
Miss Fortescue's Protector in Paris (Debutantes in Paris) by Amanda McCabe 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1433
Baby on His Hollywood Doorstep by Lauri Robinson 4 exemplares1434
Reunited with His Long-Lost Cinderella (Scandalous Australian Bachelors Book 2) by Laura Martin 2 exemplares1435
The Marriage Rescue by Joanna Johnson 1 exemplar1436
The Brooding Duke of Danforth by Christine Merrill 5 exemplares, 2 críticas1437
A Wife Worth Investing In (Penniless Brides of Convenience) by Marguerite Kaye 8 exemplares, 2 críticas1438
A Runaway Bride for the Highlander (The Lochmore Legacy Book 3) by Elisabeth Hobbes 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1439
An Earl for the Shy Widow (The Widows of Westram Book 2) by Ann Lethbridge 2 exemplares1440
Tempted by His Secret Cinderella by Bronwyn Scott 2 exemplares1441
A Debutante in Disguise by Eleanor Webster 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1442
The Determined Lord Hadleigh (The King's Elite Book 4) by Virginia Heath 15 exemplares, 8 críticas1443
Daring to Love the Duke's Heir (The Beauchamp Heirs) by Janice Preston 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1444
The Highborn Housekeeper (Saved from Disgrace) by Sarah Mallory 2 exemplares1445
Secrets of a Highland Warrior (The Lochmore Legacy) by Nicole Locke 6 exemplares, 2 críticas1446
The Rake's Enticing Proposal (The Sinful Sinclairs Book 2) by Lara Temple 5 exemplares1447
The Earl's American Heiress by Carol Arens 6 exemplares, 2 críticas1448
A Marquess, a Miss and a Mystery by Annie Burrows 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1449
Mrs. Sommersby's Second Chance by Laurie Benson 5 exemplares, 3 críticas1450
Captivated by Her Convenient Husband by Bronwyn Scott 6 exemplares1451
Reclaimed by Her Rebel Knight by Jenni Fletcher 3 exemplares1452
Unbuttoning Miss Matilda by Lucy Ashford 1 exemplar1453
The Governess's Scandalous Marriage by Helen Dickson 1 exemplar1454
The Lord's Highland Temptation by Diane Gaston 8 exemplares, 4 críticas1455
A Family for the Widowed Governess (The Widows of Westram Book 3) by Ann Lethbridge 3 exemplares1456
Reunited with Her Viscount Protector by Mary Brendan 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1457
Longing for Her Forbidden Viking (To Wed a Viking Book 2) by Harper St. George 1 exemplar1458
Stolen Kiss with the Hollywood Starlet by Lauri Robinson 3 exemplares1459
The Duchess’s Secret by Elizabeth Beacon 2 exemplares1460
Invitation to a Cornish Christmas by Marguerite Kaye 4 exemplares, 2 críticas1461
The Highlander and the Governess by Michelle Willingham 9 exemplares, 3 críticas1462
The Awakening of Miss Henley by Julia Justiss 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1463
A Midsummer Knight's Kiss by Elisabeth Hobbes 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1464
It's Marriage or Ruin by Liz Tyner 3 exemplares1465
Beguiling the Duke by Eva Shepherd 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1466
Snowbound Surrender by Christine Merrill 4 exemplares1467
Miss Lottie's Christmas Protector (Secrets of a Victorian Household) by Sophia James 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1468
The Truth Behind Their Practical Marriage (Penniless Brides of Convenience) by Marguerite Kaye 4 exemplares, 2 críticas1469
The Lord's Inconvenient Vow (The Sinful Sinclairs) by Lara Temple 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1470
Miss Amelia's Mistletoe Marquess (Secrets of a Victorian Household) by Jenni Fletcher 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1474
Christmas with His Wallflower Wife (The Beauchamp Heirs) by Janice Preston 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1475
A Deal with Her Rebel Viking by Michelle Styles 5 exemplares1476
Her Rags-to-Riches Christmas (Scandalous Australian Bachelors) by Laura Martin 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1477
How to Tempt a Duke by Madeline Martin 5 exemplares, 3 críticas1478
The Inconvenient Elmswood Marriage (Penniless Brides of Convenience) by Marguerite Kaye 4 exemplares, 2 críticas1479
Mr. Fairclough's Inherited Bride (Secrets of a Victorian Household) by Georgie Lee 3 exemplares1480
The Secrets of Lord Lynford (The Cornish Dukes) by Bronwyn Scott 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1481
His Countess for a Week (Harlequin Historical) by Sarah Mallory 2 exemplares1482
Her Dark Knight's Redemption (Lovers and Legends Book 8) by Nicole Locke 1 exemplar1483
The Scandal of the Season (Harlequin Historical) by Annie Burrows 4 exemplares1485
Lilian and the Irresistible Duke (Secrets of a Victorian Household Book 4) by Virginia Heath 13 exemplares, 5 críticas1486
An Unconventional Countess by Jenni Fletcher 8 exemplares, 2 críticas1487
Rags-to-Riches Wife by Catherine Tinley 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1488
Rescued by the Viscount's Ring (Harlequin Historical) by Carol Arens 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1489
Uncovering the Merchant's Secret (Harlequin Historical) by Elisabeth Hobbes 6 exemplares1490
The Passions of Lord Trevethow (The Cornish Dukes) by Bronwyn Scott 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1491
Stolen by the Viking by Michelle Willingham 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1492
The Tempting of the Governess by Julia Justiss 6 exemplares1493
The Brooding Earl's Proposition by Laura Martin 4 exemplares1494
Marrying for Love or Money? by Elizabeth Beacon 1 exemplar1495
Saved by Her Enemy Warrior (Harlequin Historical) by Greta Gilbert 4 exemplares1496
Redeeming the Reclusive Earl by Virginia Heath 16 exemplares, 7 críticas1497
The Matchmaker and the Duke by Ann Lethbridge 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1498
Compromised into Marriage by Liz Tyner 4 exemplares1499
The Flapper's Fake Fiancé by Lauri Robinson 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1500
Awakening the Duchess by Eva Shepherd 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1501
The Warrior Knight and the Widow (Harlequin Historical) by Ella Matthews 2 exemplares1502
Their Marriage of Inconvenience by Sophia James 6 exemplares1503
The Temptations of Lord Tintagel (The Cornish Dukes) by Bronwyn Scott 3 exemplares1504
Falling for Her Viking Captive by Harper St. George 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1505
The Mysterious Miss Fairchild (Harlequin Historical) by Sarah Mallory 4 exemplares1506
The Master's New Governess by Eliza Redgold 4 exemplares1507
His Runaway Lady by Joanna Johnson 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1508
From Cinderella to Countess by Annie Burrows 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1509
The Earl's Marriage Bargain by Louise Allen 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1510
Her Best Friend, the Duke by Laura Martin 5 exemplares1511
The Making of Baron Haversmere by Carol Arens 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1512
Captured by Her Enemy Knight (Harlequin Historical) by Nicole Locke 3 exemplares1513
Unsuitable Bride for a Viscount by Elizabeth Beacon 2 exemplares1514
The Scoundrel's Bartered Bride by Virginia Heath 11 exemplares, 3 críticas1515
The Earl with the Secret Past (Harlequin Historical) by Janice Preston 1 exemplar1516
Conveniently Wed to the Viking by Michelle Styles 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1517
The Flapper's Baby Scandal (Sisters of the Roaring Twenties Book 2) by Lauri Robinson 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1518
Claimed for the Highlander's Revenge by Millie Adams 3 exemplares1519
The Rebel Heiress and the Knight (Mills & Boon Historical) by Melissa Oliver 2 exemplares1520
The Highlander and the Wallflower by Michelle Willingham 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1521
Vows to Save Her Reputation by Christine Merrill 2 exemplares1522
The Enticing of Miss Standish (The Cinderella Spinsters) by Julia Justiss 2 exemplares1523
How to Start a Scandal by Madeline Martin 6 exemplares, 3 críticas1524
Aspirations of a Lady's Maid by Eva Shepherd 3 exemplares1525
The Warrior's Princess Prize (Princesses of the Alhambra) by Carol Townend 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1526
A Forbidden Liaison with Miss Grant by Marguerite Kaye 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1527
The Return of the Disappearing Duke (The Return of the Rogues) by Lara Temple 6 exemplares1528
Redeeming Her Viking Warrior (Sons of Sigurd Book 4) by Jenni Fletcher 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1529
The Governess's Guide to Marriage by Liz Tyner 4 exemplares1530
The Silk Merchant's Convenient Wife by Elisabeth Hobbes 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1531
The Flapper's Scandalous Elopement by Lauri Robinson 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1532
Tudor Christmas Tidings by Blythe Gifford 9 exemplares, 3 críticas1533
The Confessions of the Duke of Newlyn (The Cornish Dukes) by Bronwyn Scott 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1534
Wedded for His Secret Child by Helen Dickson 2 exemplares1535
A Mistletoe Vow to Lord Lovell by Joanna Johnson 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1536
Protected by the Knight's Proposal (Harlequin Historical) by Meriel Fuller 1 exemplar1537
The Roman Lady's Illicit Affair (Harlequin Historical) by Greta Gilbert 3 exemplares1538
Tempted by Her Viking Enemy: USA Today Bestselling Author (Sons of Sigurd Book 5) by Terri Brisbin 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1539
Christmas Cinderellas (3-in-1) by Sophia James 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1540
A Shopkeeper for the Earl of Westram (The Widows of Westram) by Ann Lethbridge 2 exemplares1541
One Snowy Night with Lord Hauxton by Laura Martin 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1542
The Viscount's Yuletide Bride (Harlequin Historical) by Carol Arens 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1543
Under the Warrior's Protection (The House of Leofric Book 2) by Ella Matthews 2 exemplares1544
A Marquis in Want of a Wife by Louise Allen 9 exemplares, 2 críticas1545
Forbidden to the Highland Laird: A Historical Romance Award Winning Author (Lairds of Ardvarrick Book 1) by Sarah Mallory 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1546
The Widow's Scandalous Affair by Lucy Ashford 2 exemplares1547
The Maiden and the Mercenary (Lovers and Legends Book 10) by Nicole Locke 1 exemplar1548
The Governess's Secret Longing by Elizabeth Beacon 2 exemplares1549
How to Avoid the Marriage Mart by Eva Shepherd 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1550
Lady Margaret's Mystery Gentleman (Secrets of the Duke's Family Book 1) by Christine Merrill 4 exemplares1551
Portrait of a Forbidden Love: A Sexy Regency Romance (The Rebellious Sisterhood Book 1) by Bronwyn Scott 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1552
Unexpectedly Wed to the Officer by Jenni Fletcher 7 exemplares, 2 críticas1553
His Unlikely Duchess by Amanda McCabe 3 exemplares1554
A Waltz with the Outspoken Governess by Catherine Tinley 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1555
A Family for the Titanic Survivor by Lauri Robinson 6 exemplares, 1 crítica1556
The Viscount's Unconventional Lady by Virginia Heath 5 exemplares, 2 críticas1557
Her Gallant Captain at Waterloo by Diane Gaston 7 exemplares, 1 crítica1558
The Rags-to-Riches Governess by Janice Preston 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1559
A Match for the Rebellious Earl: A Regency Historical Romance (The Return of the Rogues) by Lara Temple 3 exemplares1560
Her Banished Knight's Redemption: The follow-up to award-winning story The Rebel Heiress and the Knight (Notorious Knights Book 2) by Melissa Oliver 1 exemplar1561
Resisting Her Enemy Lord (Harlequin Historical: English Civil War) by Helen Dickson 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1562
The Earl's Reluctant Proposal by Louise Allen 5 exemplares, 1 crítica1563
The Bluestocking Duchess by Julia Justiss 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1564
The Duke's Runaway Bride by Jenni Fletcher 4 exemplares, 2 críticas1565
To Wed a Wallflower by Carol Arens 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1566
Betrothed to the Enemy Viking by Michelle Styles 2 exemplares1567
Scandal at the Speakeasy by Lauri Robinson 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1568
His Accidental Countess by Annie Burrows 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1569
Revealing the True Miss Stansfield: A Sexy Regency Romance (The Rebellious Sisterhood Book 2) by Bronwyn Scott 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1570
Flirting with His Forbidden Lady by Laura Martin 0 exemplares1571
Flirting with His Forbidden Lady: A Regency Family is Reunited (The Ashburton Reunion Book 1) by Laura Martin 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1571
Wagering on the Wallflower by Eva Shepherd 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1572
Caught in a Cornish Scandal: A dramatic coastal romance (Harlequin Historical) by Eleanor Webster 3 exemplares1573
The Warrior's Innocent Captive (The House of Leofric Book 3) by Ella Matthews 1 exemplar1574
A Marriage of Equals by Elizabeth Rolls 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1575
Rescued by Her Highland Soldier: A Historical Romance Award Winning Author (Lairds of Ardvarrick Book 2) by Sarah Mallory 1 exemplar1576
The Knight's Runaway Maiden (Lovers and Legends Book 11) by Nicole Locke 1 exemplar1578
A Viscount to Save Her Reputation (Harlequin Historical) by Helen Dickson 1 exemplar1579
The Spinster's Scandalous Affair by Sophia James 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1581
A Proposal to Risk Their Friendship by Louise Allen 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1582
The Cinderella Heiress by Janice Preston 1 exemplar1584
The Marquess Next Door by Virginia Heath 4 exemplares, 1 crítica1587
The Railway Countess by Julia Justiss 3 exemplares1588
A Cinderella for the Viscount by Liz Tyner 2 exemplares, 1 crítica1590
Playing the Duke's Fiancée by Amanda McCabe 3 exemplares1592
Falling for His Practical Wife by Laura Martin 3 exemplares, 1 crítica1593
Enthralled by Her Enemy's Kiss by Helen Dickson 1 exemplar1595
A Scandal at Midnight by Annie Burrows 2 exemplares1600
Marriage Deal with the Devilish Duke by Millie Adams 1 exemplar1601
Stranded with the Reclusive Earl by Eva Shepherd 2 exemplares1602
A Blues Singer to Redeem Him by Elle Jackson 2 exemplares1604
A Victorian Family Christmas by Carla Kelly 1 exemplar1605
The Earl Who Sees Her Beauty by Marguerite Kaye 1 exemplar1608
Marcus Wilding: Duke of Pleasure by Carole Mortimer 12 exemplares, 1 críticaebook