Série de EditoraUniversale scientifica Boringhieri

The Evolution of Physics: The Growth of Ideas from Early Concepts to Relativity and Quanta, by Albert Einstein 734 exemplares, 10 críticas1
The Origin of Continents and Oceans by Alfred Wegener 75 exemplares
The Golden Bough by James George Frazer 4,133 exemplares, 28 críticas7/8 & 9/10
Introduzione alla fisica atomica by Samuel Tolansky 14 exemplares, 3 críticas11-12
The Character of Physical Law by Richard Feynman 1,319 exemplares, 13 críticas13
Universo in espansione by William Bonnor 21 exemplares20
Relativity: The Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein 3,672 exemplares, 22 críticas24
Relatività Cosmologia Astrofisica by Livio Gratton 7 exemplares33
Elementary particles; a short history of some discoveries in atomic physics by Chen Ning Yang 25 exemplares, 1 crítica37
Space, Time and Gravitation: An Outline of the General Relativity Theory (Cambridge Science Classics) by Arthur S. Eddington 95 exemplares60
Storia del folklore in Europa by Giuseppe Cocchiara 12 exemplares, 1 crítica69-70
Essays on a Science of Mythology by C. G. Jung 341 exemplares, 1 crítica74
Theory and History of Folklore by Vladimir Propp 109 exemplares, 1 crítica75-76
Aspetti scientifici della parapsicologia by Roberto Cavanna 3 exemplares91
The World of Magic by Ernesto De Martino 28 exemplares98-99
Morte e pianto rituale: dal lamento funebre antico al pianto di Maria by Ernesto De Martino 20 exemplares123-124
La grammatica trasformazionale by Noam Chomsky 13 exemplares, 1 crítica130
Le origini del teatro italiano by Paolo Toschi 10 exemplares137-139
Patterns in Comparative Religion by Mircéa Eliade 468 exemplares, 3 críticas141-142
Cosmologie a confronto by Hermann Bondi 4 exemplares145
Scritti sulla musica popolare by Béla Bartók 6 exemplares153
Le origini dei poteri magici by Henri Hubert Durkheim, Marcel Mauss Émile 6 exemplares159
Gestalt Psychology: Its Nature and Significance by David Katz 17 exemplares, 1 crítica179
Il paese di Cuccagna ed altri studi di folklore by Giuseppe Cocchiara 3 exemplares196-197
Space, Time, and Gravity: The Theory of the Big Bang and Black Holes by Robert M. Wald 67 exemplares, 1 crítica198
Il mondo alla rovescia by Giuseppe Cocchiara 4 exemplares218-219
The Rites of Passage by Arnold van Gennep 331 exemplares, 2 críticas220
Nane bianche buchi neri. L'astrofisica relativistica by Roman Ulrich Sexl 3 exemplares226-227
My View of the World by Erwin Schrödinger 103 exemplares, 1 crítica249-251
La conoscenza del mondo fisico by Max Planck 15 exemplares261
Atomi nuclei particelle. Scritti divulgativi ed espositivi 1923-1952 by Enrico Fermi 6 exemplares, 1 crítica583