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Normandy 1944 : Allied landings and breakout by Stephen Badsey 155 exemplares, 2 críticas1
Desert Storm Air Power : The Coalition and Iraqi Air Forces by Roy Bradbrook 38 exemplares2
Desert Storm Land Power : The Coalition and Iraqi Armies by Tim Ripley 38 exemplares3
Israeli Defence Forces since 1973 by Sam Katz 42 exemplares4
Tet Offensive 1968: Turning Point in Vietnam by James R. Arnold 89 exemplares, 1 crítica5
Sea Power: The Coalition and Iraqi Navies (Desert Storm Special, 3) by Peter Gilchrist 27 exemplares6
Guadalcanal 1942: The marines strike back by Joseph N. Mueller 106 exemplares7
The Old Contemptibles by Michael Barthorp 46 exemplares8
Waterloo 1815: The Birth of Modern Europe by Geoff Wootten 106 exemplares, 2 críticas9
Vietnam Marines, 1965-73 by Charles Melson 35 exemplares10
Ardennes 1944: Hitler's last gamble in the West by James R. Arnold 102 exemplares11
Ardennes 1944 Peiper & Skorzeny by Jean-Paul Pallud 67 exemplares12
Gallipoli 1915: Frontal Assault on Turkey by Philip J. Haythornthwaite 95 exemplares13
Nelson's Navy by Philip J. Haythornthwaite 65 exemplares, 1 crítica14
Jena 1806: Napoleon Destroys Prussia by David G. Chandler 74 exemplares, 1 crítica15
Panama 1989-90 by Gordon Rottman 35 exemplares16
France 1940. Blitzkrieg in the West by Alan Shepperd 108 exemplares, 2 críticas17
US Army Special Forces 1952-84 (Elite) by Gordon Rottman 48 exemplares18
Austerlitz 1805: Battle of the Three Emperors by David G. Chandler 75 exemplares19
The Normans by David Nicolle 124 exemplares, 2 críticas20
Midway 1942: Turning point in the Pacific by Mark Healy 96 exemplares, 1 crítica21
Medieval Siege Warfare by Christopher Gravett 143 exemplares, 1 crítica22
Kaiserschlacht 1918: The Final German Offensive by Randal Gray 66 exemplares23
International Brigades in Spain 1936-39 by Ken Bradley 43 exemplares24
Balaclava 1854: The Charge of the Light Brigade by John Sweetman 79 exemplares25
British Forces in Zululand 1879 by Ian Knight 32 exemplares26
Hastings 1066: The Fall of Saxon England by Christopher Gravett 137 exemplares, 2 críticas27
South-East Asian Special Forces by Kenneth Conboy 33 exemplares28
Khartoum 1885: General Gordon's Last Stand by Donald F. Featherstone 66 exemplares29
The Texas Rangers by Stephen Hardin 37 exemplares30
Leipzig 1813: The Battle of the Nations by Peter Hofschröer 56 exemplares, 1 crítica31
US Army Airborne 1940-90 (Elite) by Gordon Rottman 50 exemplares32
Kursk 1943 : the tide turns in the East by Mark Healy 143 exemplares, 2 críticas33
The Ancient Greeks by Nicholas Sekunda 95 exemplares34
Zulu War 1879: Twilight of a Warrior Nation by Ian Castle 60 exemplares35
Soviet Bloc Elite Forces by Steven J. Zaloga 48 exemplares36
Alexander 334-323 BC: Conquest of the Persian Empire by John Warry 109 exemplares37
The Persian Army 560-330 BC by Nicholas Sekunda 67 exemplares, 1 crítica38
Vicksburg 1863: Grant Clears the Mississippi by Alan Hankinson 84 exemplares39
The Samurai by Anthony J. Bryant 90 exemplares40
Hattin 1187: Saladin's Greatest Victory by David Nicolle 75 exemplares, 1 crítica43
NATO Armies 1949-87 by Nigel Thomas 38 exemplares44
Chickamauga 1863: The River of Death by James R. Arnold 79 exemplares45
First Bull Run 1861 by Alan Hankinson 94 exemplares47
Culloden 1746: The Highland Clans' Last Charge by Peter Harrington 74 exemplares49
Gravelotte-St-Privat 1870: End of the Second Empire by Philipp Elliot-Wright 50 exemplares51
The NVA and Viet Cong by Kenneth Conboy 38 exemplares52
New Orleans 1815: Andrew Jackson Crushes the British by Tim Pickles 71 exemplares53
UN Forces: 1948-94 by Robert Pitta 30 exemplares54
Cannae 216 BC: Hannibal smashes Rome's Army by Mark Healy 100 exemplares, 1 crítica55
The Crusades by David Nicolle 186 exemplares, 3 críticas56
Yarmuk AD 636: The Muslim Conquest of Syria by David Nicolle 61 exemplares, 1 crítica57
El Cid and the Reconquista 1050-1492 by David Nicolle 89 exemplares, 1 crítica58
Qadesh 1300 BC: Clash of the Warrior Kings by Mark Healy 62 exemplares59
Vietnam Airborne (Elite) by Gordon Rottman 33 exemplares60
Tel El-Kebir 1882: Wolseley's Conquest of Egypt by Donald F. Featherstone 37 exemplares61
Armies of the Gulf War (Elite) by Gordon Rottman 34 exemplares62
Plassey 1757: Clive of India's Finest Hour by Peter Harrington 46 exemplares63
The Vikings by Ian Heath 178 exemplares, 2 críticas64
Aspern & Wagram 1809: Mighty Clash of Empires by Ian Castle 63 exemplares65
The Ancient Assyrians by Mark Healy 83 exemplares, 1 crítica66
The Praetorian Guard by Boris Rankov 67 exemplares66
Agincourt 1415: Triumph Against the Odds by Matthew Bennett 163 exemplares, 4 críticas67
Poltava 1709: Russia Comes of Age by Angus Konstam 59 exemplares69
Knights at Tournament by Christopher Gravett 114 exemplares, 1 crítica70
Omdurman 1898: Kitchener's Victory in the Sudan by Donald F. Featherstone 49 exemplares, 1 crítica71
Caballería e infantería napoleónicas by Emir Bukhari 2 exemplares72
Colenso 1899: The Boer War in Natal by Ian Knight 40 exemplares73
Antietam 1862: The Civil War's Bloodiest Day by Norman Stevens 83 exemplares75
Attila and the Nomad Hordes by David Nicolle 88 exemplares, 3 críticas76
Boston 1775: The Shot Heard Around The World by Brendan Morrissey 87 exemplares77
Security Forces in Northern Ireland 1969-92 by Tim Ripley 34 exemplares54b

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