Série de EditoraSecond Chance at Love

Flamenco Nights (Second Chance at Love #1) by Susanna Collins 5 exemplares1
Fortune's Smile by Cassie Miles 1 exemplar
Tender Conquest by Jocelyn Day 2 exemplaresfree gift
Winter Love Song by Meredith Kingston 4 exemplares2
The Chadbourne Luck by Lucia Curzon 7 exemplares3
Out of a Dream by Jennifer Rose 3 exemplares4
Glitter Girl by Joycelyn Day 2 exemplares5
An Artful Lady by Sabina Clark 6 exemplares6
Emerald Bay by Winter Ames 2 exemplares7
Rapture Regained by Serena Alexander 2 exemplares8
Cautious Heart by Philippa Heywood 4 exemplares9
Aloha, Yesterday by Meredith Kingston 4 exemplares10
Moonfire Melody by Lily Bradford 5 exemplares11
Meeting with the Past by Caroline Halter 5 exemplares12
Winds of Morning by Laurie Marath 4 exemplares13
Hard to Handle by Susanna Collins 4 exemplares14
Beloved Pirate (Second Chance at Love, No. 15) by Margie Michaels 4 exemplares15
Passion's Flight by Marilyn Mathieu 3 exemplares16
Heart of the Glen by Lily Bradford 3 exemplares17
Bird of Paradise (Jove Second Chance at Love #18) by Winter Ames 3 exemplares18
Destiny's Spell by Susan Collins 2 exemplares19
Gentle Torment by Dorothy Garlock 4 exemplares20
Mayan Enchantment by Lila Ford 2 exemplares21
Led Into Sunlight by Claire Evans 3 exemplares22
Crystal Fire by Valerie Nye 3 exemplares23
Passion's Games by Meredith Kingston 3 exemplares24
Gift of Orchids by Patti Moore 3 exemplares25
Silken Caresses by Samantha Carroll 1 exemplar26
Sapphire Island by Diane Crawford 4 exemplares27
Aphrodite's Legend by Lynn Fairfax 4 exemplares28
Trouble in Paradise by Jennifer Greene 9 exemplares, 2 críticas28
Tender Triumph by Jasmine Craig 4 exemplares29
Amber-Eyed Man by Joanna Phillips 5 exemplares30
Summer Lace by Jenny Nolan 4 exemplares31
Hearththrob by Margaret McKean 4 exemplares32
An Adverse Alliance by Lucia Curzon 6 exemplares33
Lured into Dawn by Catherine Mills 4 exemplares34
Shamrock Season by Jennifer Rose 8 exemplares, 1 crítica35
Hold Fast 'Til Morning by Beth Brookes 4 exemplares, 1 crítica36
Heartland by Lynn Fairfax 4 exemplares, 1 crítica37
From This Day Forward by Jolene Adams 5 exemplares38
The Widow of Bath by Marian Devon 15 exemplares39
Cactus Rose by Zandra Colt 3 exemplares40
Primitive Splender by Katherine Swinford 2 exemplares41
Garden of Silvery Delights by Sharon Francis 3 exemplares42
Strange Possession by Dorothy Garlock 10 exemplares43
Conquer the Memories by Jennifer Greene 7 exemplares, 1 crítica44
Crescendo by Melinda Harris 4 exemplares44
Intriguing Lady by Daphne Woodward 7 exemplares45
Runaway Love by Jasmine Craig 7 exemplares46
Bittersweet Revenge by Kelly Adams 4 exemplares47
Starburst by Tess Ewing 3 exemplares48
From the Torrid Past ( Second Chance At Love #49) by Ann Cristy 5 exemplares49
Reckless Longing by Daisy Logan 4 exemplares50
Love's Masquerade by Lillian Marsh 9 exemplares51
Steele Heart by Jocelyn Day 4 exemplares52
Untamed Desire by Beth Brookes 7 exemplares, 1 crítica53
Venus Rising by Michelle Roland 4 exemplares54
Sweet Victory by Jena Hunt 4 exemplares55
Too Near the Sun by Aimee Duvall 4 exemplares56
Mourning Bride by Lucia Curzon 6 exemplares57
The Golden Touch by Robin James 24 exemplares58
Embraced by Destiny by Simone Hadary 2 exemplares59
Torn Asunder by Ann Cristy 8 exemplares60
Mirage by Margie Michaels 3 exemplares61
On Wings of Magic by Susanna Collins 2 exemplares62
Double Deception: A Regency Romance by Amanda Troy 6 exemplares63
Apollo's Dream by Claire Evans-Weiss 1 exemplar64
Smoldering Embers by Marie Charles 2 exemplares65
Stormy Passage by Laurel Blake 1 exemplar66
Halfway There by Aimee Duvall 4 exemplares67
Surprise Ending by Elinor Stanton 4 exemplares68
Rogue's Lady by Marian Devon 27 exemplares69
A Flame Too Fierce by Jan Mathews 5 exemplares70
Satin and Steele by Fayrene Preston 8 exemplares71
Mixed Doubles by Meredith Kingston 3 exemplares72
Return Engagement by Kay Hooper 43 exemplares, 1 crítica73
Sultry Nights by Ariel Tierney 1 exemplar74
An Improper Betrothment by Henrietta Houston 7 exemplares75
Forsaking All Others by LaVyrle Spencer 80 exemplares, 1 crítica76
Sweeter Than Wine by Jena Hunt 1 exemplar78
Savage Eden by Diane Crawford 1 exemplar79
Stormy Reunion by Jasmine Craig 6 exemplares80
The Wayward Widow by Anne Mayfield 7 exemplares81
Tarnished Rainbow by Jocelyn Day 2 exemplares82
Starlit Seduction by Anne Reed 1 exemplar83
Lover in Blue by Aimee Duvall 1 exemplar84
The Familiar Touch by Lynn Lawrence 1 exemplar85
Twilight Embrace by Jennifer Rose 3 exemplares86
Queen of Hearts by Lucia Curzon 7 exemplares87
Passion's Song by Dorothy Garlock 2 exemplares88
A Man's Persuasion by Katherine Granger 3 exemplares89
This Wild Heart by Margaret McKean 2 exemplares91
Splendid Savage by Zandra Colt 3 exemplares92
The Earl's Fancy by Charlotte Hines 8 exemplares93
Breathless Dawn by Susanna Collins 5 exemplares94
Sweet Surrender by Diana Mars 2 exemplares95
Guarded Moments by Lynn Fairfax 2 exemplares96
The Wind's Embrace by Melinda Harris 2 exemplares98
The Forgotten Bride by Lillian Marsh 9 exemplares99
A Promise to Cherish by LaVyrle Spencer 102 exemplares100
Beloved Stranger by Michelle Roland 1 exemplar102
Enthralled by Ann Cristy 6 exemplares103
Trial by Fire by Faye Morgan 1 exemplar104
Defiant Mistress (A Regency Romance) by Marian Devon 25 exemplares105
Shadows of Yesterday by Sandra Brown 312 exemplares, 3 críticas106
Spring Fever by Simone Hadary 1 exemplar108
In the Arms of a Stranger by Deborah Joyce 2 exemplares109
Taken by Storm by Kay Robbins 18 exemplares110
The Ardent Protector by Amanda Kent 10 exemplares111
A Lasting Treasure by Cally Hughes 7 exemplares112
Restless Tides by Kelly Adams 3 exemplares113
Come Winter's End by Claire Evans 1 exemplar115
Let Passion Soar by Sherry Carr 2 exemplares116
London Frolic by Josephine Janes 11 exemplares117
Imprisoned Heart by Jasmine Craig 3 exemplares118
Man from Tennessee by Jeanne Grant 8 exemplares119
Laugh With Me, Love With Me by Lee Damon 10 exemplares120
Play It by Heart by Vanessa Valcour 1 exemplar121
The Dashing Guardian by Lucia Curzon 6 exemplares123
Song for a Lifetime by Mary Haskell 1 exemplar124
Hidden Dreams by Dorothy Garlock 4 exemplares125
Jade Tide by Jena Hunt 1 exemplar127
The Marrying Kind by Jocelyn Day 1 exemplar128
The Conquering Embrace by Ariel Tierney 5 exemplares129
Elusive Dawn by Kay Hooper 35 exemplares, 1 crítica130
On Wings of Passion by Beth Brookes 2 exemplares, 1 crítica131
Golden Illusions by Sarah Crewe 2 exemplares135
Entwined Destinies by Rachel Wayne 1 exemplar136
Temptation's Kiss by Sandra Brown 261 exemplares, 1 crítica137
Southern Pleasures by Daisy Logan 3 exemplares138
Innocent Seduction by Cally Hughes 7 exemplares140
Season Of Desire (Second Chance At Love #141) by Jan Mathews 1 exemplar141
Heart's Divided (Second Chance at Love) by Francine Rivers 7 exemplares142
A Splendid Obsession by Francesca Sinclaire 2 exemplares143
Reach for Tomorrow by Mary Haskell 1 exemplar144
Claimed by Rapture by Marie Charles 1 exemplar145
Proud Possession by Jena Hunt 1 exemplar147
A Daring Proposition by Jennifer Greene 12 exemplares, 1 crítica149
Island Fires by Jocelyn Day 0 exemplares150
Moonlight on the Bay by Maggie Peck 3 exemplares151
Once More with Feeling by Melinda Harris 2 exemplares152
Stranger/paradise 154 by Laurel Blake 2 exemplares154
Kissed by Magic by Kay Robbins 19 exemplares155
Deep in the Heart by Lynn Lawrence 1 exemplar157
Season of Marriage by Diane Crawford 4 exemplares158
The Loving Touch by Aimee Duvall 2 exemplares159
Tender Trap by Charlotte Hines 3 exemplares160
Earthly Splendor by Sharon Francis 2 exemplares161
Midsummer Magic by Kate Nevins 3 exemplares162
Tempest in Eden by Sandra Brown 213 exemplares, 4 críticas164
Starry Eyed by Maureen Norris 2 exemplares165
No Gentle Possession by Ann Cristy 4 exemplares166
Kisses From Heaven by Jeanne Grant 7 exemplares167
Beguiled by Linda Barlow 3 exemplares168
Refuge in His Arms by Jasmine Craig 5 exemplares170
Wrapped in Rainbows by Susanna Collins 2 exemplares172
Cupid's Revenge (Second Chance at Love #173) by Cally Hughes 2 exemplares173
Trial by Desire by Elissa Curry 3 exemplares174
Sparring Partners by Lauren Fox 1 exemplar177
Winter Wildfire by Elissa Curry 1 exemplar178
After the Rain by Aimee Duvall 1 exemplar179
The Rushing Time by Laura Eaton 1 exemplar181
Sweet Trespass by Diana Mars 2 exemplares182
Torrid Nights by Beth Brookes 2 exemplares, 1 crítica183
Wintergreen by Jeanne Grant 9 exemplares, 1 crítica184
No Easy Surrender 185 by Jan Mathews 2 exemplares185
Irresistible You by Claudia Bishop 3 exemplares186
Surprised by Love by Jasmine Craig 2 exemplares187
Flights of Fancy by Linda Barlow 5 exemplares188
Starfire by Lee Williams 0 exemplares189
Spellbound by Kate Nevins 1 exemplar191
Love Thy Neighbor by Frances Davies 1 exemplar192
Lady With a Past by Eilssa Curry 4 exemplares193
Touched by Lightning by Helen Carter 3 exemplares194
Night Flame by Sarah Crewe 2 exemplares195
Some Times a Lady (Second Chance at Love) by Jocelyn Day 1 exemplar196
Country Pleasures by Lauren Fox 2 exemplares197
Too Close for Comfort by Liz Grady 2 exemplares198
Kisses Incognito by Christa Merlin 1 exemplar199
Into the Whirlwind by Laurel Blake 3 exemplares202
Heaven on Earth by Mary Haskell 2 exemplares203
Beloved Adversary by Thea Frederick 2 exemplares204
Seaswept by Maureen Norris 1 exemplar205
A Tempting Magic by Judith Yates 2 exemplares207
Heart in Hiding by Francine Rivers 3 exemplares208
Dreams of Gold and Amber by Robin Lynn 2 exemplares209
Touch of Moonlight by Liz Grady 2 exemplares210
One More Tomorrow by Aimee Duvall 2 exemplares211
Silken Longings by Sharon Francis 1 exemplar212
Black Lace and Pearls by Elissa Curry 3 exemplares213
Sweet Splendor by Diana Mars 3 exemplares214
Breakfast With Tiffany by Kate Nevins 3 exemplares215
Rules of the Game by Nicola Andrews 3 exemplares218
Encore by Carole Buck 4 exemplares219
Silver and Spice by Jeanne Grant 7 exemplares220
Wildcatter's Kiss by Kelly Adams 2 exemplares221
Made in Heaven by Linda Raye 2 exemplares222
Mystique by Ann Christy 6 exemplares, 1 crítica223
Bewitched by Linda Barlow 7 exemplares224
Suddenly the Magic by Karen Keast 3 exemplares225
Slightly Scandalous by Jan Mathews 4 exemplares226
Dating Games by Elissa Curry 1 exemplar227
Vintage Moments by Sharon Francis 1 exemplar228
Impassioned Pretender by Betsy Osborne 1 exemplar229
For Love or Money by Dana Daniels 1 exemplar230
Kiss Me Once Again by Claudia Bishop 3 exemplares231
Hearts at Risk by Liz Grady 1 exemplar232
Seaflame by Sarah Crewe 2 exemplares233
It Had to be You by Claudia Bishop 3 exemplares235
Stars in Her Eyes by Judith Yates 1 exemplar236
This Side of Paradise by Cinda Richards 6 exemplares237
Knight of Passion by Linda Barlow 6 exemplares238
Mysterious East by Frances Davies 1 exemplar239
Fire Bird by Jean T. Barrett 3 exemplares242
Dear Adam by Jasmine Craig 4 exemplares, 1 crítica243
Notorious by Karen Keast 6 exemplares244
Under His Spell by Lee Williams 1 exemplar245
Intruder's Kiss by Carole Buck 3 exemplares246
Lady Be Good by Nancy Martin 16 exemplares247
Clash of Wills by Lauren Fox 2 exemplares248
Swept Away by Jacqueline Topaz 6 exemplares249
Pagan Heart by Francine Rivers 3 exemplares250
Words of Endearment by Helen Carter 2 exemplares251
Brief Encounter by Aimee Duvall 1 exemplar252
Forever Eden by Christa Merlin 1 exemplar253
Stardust Melody by Mary Haskell 1 exemplar254
Heaven to Kiss by Charlotte Hines 4 exemplares255
Ain't Misbehaving by Jennifer Greene 22 exemplares, 2 críticas256
Promise Me Rainbows by Joan Lancaster 1 exemplar257
Rites of Passion by Jacqueline Topaz 1 exemplar258
Heart of Gold by Liz Grady 3 exemplares260
At Long Last Love by Carole Buck 4 exemplares261
Eye of the Beholder by Kay Hooper 50 exemplares262
Gentleman at Heart by Elissa Curry 2 exemplares263
By Love Possessed by Linda Barlow 4 exemplares264
Wildfire by Kelly Adams 2 exemplares265
Passion's Dance by Lauren Fox 2 exemplares266
The Steele Trap by Betsy Osborne 4 exemplares268
Can't Say No by Jeanne Grant 7 exemplares270
Little Night Music by Lee Williams 2 exemplares271
A Bit of Daring by Mary Haskell 2 exemplares272
Thief of Hearts by Jan Mathews 3 exemplares273
Master Touch by Jasmine Craig 2 exemplares274
Night of a Thousand Stars by Petra Diamond 2 exemplares275
Undercover Kisses by Laine Allen 3 exemplares276
Man Trouble by Elizabeth Henry 2 exemplares277
Suddenly That Summer by Jennifer Rose 4 exemplares278
Sweet Enchantment by Diana Mars 1 exemplar279
Such Rough Splendor by Cinda Richards 2 exemplares280
Windflame by Sarah Crewe 1 exemplar281
Heart of the Hunter by Liz Grady 5 exemplares283
Lucky's Woman by Delaney Devers 2 exemplares284
Portrait of a Lady by Elizabeth N. Kay 1 exemplar285
Anything Goes by Diana Morgan 4 exemplares286
Sophisticated Lady by Elissa Curry 2 exemplares287
The Phoenix Heart by Betsy Osborne 1 exemplar288
Fallen Angel by Carole Buck 6 exemplares289
Dear Heart by Lee Williams 3 exemplares291
Sunlight and Silver by Kelly Adams 0 exemplares292
Pink Satin by Jennifer Greene 13 exemplares, 1 crítica293
Forbidden Dream by Karen Keast 3 exemplares294
Fortune's Darling by Frances Davies 3 exemplares296
Lucky in Love by Jacqueline Topaz 1 exemplar297
Hearts Are Wild by Janet Gray 2 exemplares298
Spring Madness by Aimee Duvall 1 exemplar299
Siren's Song by Linda Barlow 5 exemplares300
Man of Her Dreams by Katherine Granger 1 exemplar301
This Shining Hour by Antonia Tyler 1 exemplar303
The Fire Within by Laine Allen 0 exemplares304
Whispers of an Autumn Day by Lee Williams 0 exemplares305
For Love of Mike by Courtney Ryan 6 exemplares308
Two in a Huddle by Diana Morgan 5 exemplares309
Lovers and Pretenders by Liz Grady 2 exemplares310
Sweets to the Sweet by Jeanne Grant 8 exemplares311
Blithe Spirit by Mary Haskell 1 exemplar313
Man Around the House by Joan Darling 1 exemplar314
Driven to Distraction by Jamisan Whitney 2 exemplares315
Dark Lighting by Karen Keast 2 exemplares316
Mr. October by Carole Buck 8 exemplares317
One Step to Paradise by Jasmine Craig 3 exemplares318
Tempting Patience by Christina Dair 1 exemplar319
On Cloud Nine by Jean Kent 3 exemplares321
Belonging to Taylor by Kay Robbins 24 exemplares322
Anywhere and Always by Lee Williams 3 exemplares323
Fortune's Choice by Nancy Martin 7 exemplares324
Lady on the Line by Cait Logan 1 exemplar325
A Kiss Away by Sherryl Woods 3 exemplares326
Play It Again, Sam by Petra Diamond 1 exemplar327
Snowflame by Christa Merlin 2 exemplares328
Bringing Up Baby by Diana Morgan 1 exemplar329
Dillon's Promise by Cinda Richards 7 exemplares330
Be Mine, Valentine by Hilary Cole 2 exemplares331
Swann's Song by Carole Buck 5 exemplares334
Stolen Kisses by Liz Grady 4 exemplares335
Golden Girl by Jacqueline Topaz 1 exemplar336
Smiles of a Summer Night by Delaney Devers 2 exemplares337
No More Mr. Nice Guy by Jeanne Grant 7 exemplares340
A Prince Among Men by Sherryl Woods 4 exemplares342
All the Right Moves by Linda Raye 2 exemplares344
Blue Skies, Golden Dreams by Kelly Adams 0 exemplares345
Tangling With Webb by Laine Allen 2 exemplares346
Frenchman's Kiss by Kerry Price 2 exemplares347
Kid at Heart by Aimee Duvall 2 exemplares348
My Wild Irish Rose by Helen Carter 1 exemplar349
Happily Ever After by Carole Buck 3 exemplares350
Tender Treason by Karen Keast 3 exemplares351
Best of Strangers by Courtney Ryan 3 exemplares352
Pocketful of Miracles by Diana Morgan 3 exemplares354
Where Enchantment Lies by Beth Brookes 4 exemplares, 1 crítica358
Cody's Honor by Carole Buck 3 exemplares359
Forever Kate by Samantha Quinn 1 exemplar362
Fortune's Hunter by Frances Davies 3 exemplares363
Heaven Can Wait by Dianne Thomas 1 exemplar364
Conquer the Night by Karen Keast 7 exemplares365
Sun-Kissed Hearts by Kit Windham 1 exemplar366
Twice in a Lifetime (Second Chance at Love #368) by Pat Dalton 2 exemplares368
Rugged Glory by Cait Logan 6 exemplares370
Proud Surrender by Jackie Leigh 1 exemplar372
Almost Heaven by Lee Williams 1 exemplar373
All for Love by Sherryl Woods 3 exemplares375
When Lightning Strikes by Martina Sultan 1 exemplar376
To Catch a Thief by Diana Morgan 1 exemplar377
On Her Doorstep by Kay Hooper 40 exemplares378
Violets are Blue by Hilary Cole 2 exemplares379
Morning Glory by Val Whisenand 0 exemplares381
Fire Under Heaven by Cinda Richards 13 exemplares, 1 crítica382
Lady Incognito by Courtney Ryan 2 exemplares383
Softer Than Springtime by Frances West 1 exemplar384
Cupid's Verdict by Jackie Leigh 2 exemplares386
Places in the Heart by Delaney Devers 1 exemplar388
A Dash of Spice by Kerry Price 3 exemplares389
Tender Loving Care by Jeanne Grant 8 exemplares390
Moonshine and Madness by Kate Gilbert 1 exemplar391
Made for Each Other by Aimee Duvall 1 exemplar392
Country Dreaming by Samantha Quinn 1 exemplar393
No Holds Barred by Jackie Leigh 6 exemplares394
Devin's Promise by Kelly Adams 0 exemplares395
For Love of Christy by Jasmine Cresswell 1 exemplar396
Whistling Dixie by Adrienne Edwards 1 exemplar397
Best Intentions by Sherryl Woods 4 exemplares398
Reclaim the Dream by Liz Grady 1 exemplar401
Carolina Moon by Joan Darling 3 exemplares402
The Wedding Belle by Diana Morgan 4 exemplares403
Courting Trouble by Laine Allen 2 exemplares404
Everybody's Hero by Jan Mathews 1 exemplar405
Conspiracy of Hearts by Pat Dalton 5 exemplares406
Heat Wave by Lee Williams 1 exemplar407
Temporary Angel by Courtney Ryan 1 exemplar408
Hero at Large by Janet Evanovich 550 exemplares, 11 críticas409
Chasing Rainbows by Carole Buck 5 exemplares410
Primitive Glory by Cass McAndrew 2 exemplares411
Two's Company by Sherryl Woods 5 exemplares412
Winter Flame by Kelly Adams 1 exemplar413
A Sweet Talkin' Man by Jackie Leigh 2 exemplares414
Touch of Midnight by Kerry Price 4 exemplares415
Heart's Desire by Linda Raye 5 exemplares416
A Family Affair by Cindy Victor 1 exemplar417
Cupid's Campaign by Kate Gilbert 1 exemplar418
Gambler's Lady by Cait Logan 5 exemplares419
Young at Heart by Jackie Leigh 1 exemplar421
Heaven Sent by Jamisan Whitney 2 exemplares423
All That Jazz by Carole Buck 5 exemplares424
One from the Heart by Cinda Richards 3 exemplares426
Angel on My Shoulder by Jackie Leigh 5 exemplares, 1 crítica428
Prince Charming Replies by Sherryl Woods 6 exemplares430
Desire's Destiny by Jamisan Whitney 1 exemplar431
A Lady's Choice by Cait Logan 1 exemplar432
A Warm December by Jacqueline Topaz 3 exemplares435
Rainbow's End by Carole Buck 1 exemplar436
Temptress by Linda Raye 2 exemplares437
Cody's Gypsy by Courtney Ryan 2 exemplares438
The Lady Eve by Dana Daniels 1 exemplar439
Released into Dawn by Kelly Adams 0 exemplares440
Star Light, Star Bright by Frances West 1 exemplar441
Stranger than Fiction by Diana Morgan 3 exemplares444
Friendly Persuasions by Laine Allen 1 exemplar445
Knave of Hearts by Jasmine Craig 2 exemplares446
The Real Thing by Carole Buck 6 exemplares448
Window on Yesterday by Joan Hohl 12 exemplares450
Never Say Never by Courtney Ryan 7 exemplares451
Blondes Prefer Gentlemen by Diana Morgan 2 exemplares453
Window on Today by Joan Hohl 9 exemplares454
Storm and Fire by Kelly Adams 0 exemplares455
Foul Play by Janet Evanovich 833 exemplares, 20 críticas456
Window on Tomorrow by Joan Hohl 10 exemplares458
Simply Magic by Carole Buck 2 exemplares459
Overnight Sensation by Dianne Thomas 2 exemplares460
The Silent Heart by Kelly Adams 1 exemplar461
Absolute Beginners by Courtney Ryan 4 exemplares462
Out of the Blue by Dianne Thomas 3 exemplares464
Love and Laughter by Carole Buck 2 exemplares465
Ten to Midnight by Courtney Ryan 5 exemplares468
Air Dancer by Deanna Linden 1 exemplar469
Traces of Indigo by Jena Hunt 2 exemplares470
No Turning Back by Megan Lane 2 exemplares471
Close to Sunrise by Pat Dalton 1 exemplar472
Tender Nights by Kelly Adams 1 exemplar473
Sugar and Cinnamon by Courtney Ryan 5 exemplares474
The Wilde Kingdom by Jamisan Whitney 1 exemplar475
Worlds Apart by Diana Morgan 6 exemplares476
Class Reunion by Jan Mathews 5 exemplares477