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The Old Gang by A. Stephen Tring 2 exemplares1
Child of China by Maria Gleit 2 exemplares2
The Ship Aground by C. Fox Smith 12 exemplares3
The Queen Elizabeth Story by Rosemary Sutcliff 47 exemplares, 1 crítica4
They Found a Cave by Nan Chauncy 30 exemplares, 1 crítica5
World's End Was Home by Nan Chauncy 18 exemplares6
Aztec Gold by Peter Dawlish 7 exemplares7
Follow the footprints by William Mayne 15 exemplares8
Cop Shooter by K. Higson 2 exemplares9
Darkie and Co. by Howard Spring 7 exemplares10
The Gauntlet by Ronald Welch 73 exemplares, 2 críticas11
The forest is my kingdom by Janet Carruthers 4 exemplares12
The Heir of Craigs by Charles Vipont 15 exemplares13
The world upside down by William Mayne 14 exemplares15
The Adventures of Chunky by Leila Berg 17 exemplares16
Prelude: The Early Life of Eileen Joyce by C H Abrahall 12 exemplares17
The Treasure of the Isle of Mist: A Tale of the Isle of Skye by W. W. Tarn 26 exemplares, 1 crítica18
The Little Duke by Charlotte M. Yonge 530 exemplares, 3 críticas19
Simon by Rosemary Sutcliff 80 exemplares, 3 críticas20
The Valiant Sailor by C. Fox Smith 4 exemplares21
The Lark in the Morn by Elfrida Vipont 98 exemplares, 3 críticas22
Brother Dusty-Feet by Rosemary Sutcliff 106 exemplares, 1 crítica24
A Swarm in May by William Mayne 77 exemplares, 4 críticas25
Candidate for Fame by Margaret Jowett 7 exemplares26
The Armourer's House by Rosemary Sutcliff 139 exemplares, 2 críticas27
The Glass Slipper by Eleanor Farjeon 124 exemplares, 4 críticas28
Rosamond Fane; or the Prisoners of St. James's by Mary Lee 3 exemplares29
The wind of chance by Rene Guillot 4 exemplares30
The Wonderful Lamp by Max Vögeli 11 exemplares31
Rough water by Roland Pertwee 5 exemplares32
Underground Alley by William Mayne 20 exemplares33
The Ship That Flew by Hilda Lewis 140 exemplares, 5 críticas34
Painted Ports by C. Fox Smith 2 exemplares35
The Sea Rover by Rene Guillot 3 exemplares36
The Gentle Falcon by Hilda Lewis 32 exemplares37
The Bonny Pit Laddie by Frederick Grice 20 exemplares, 2 críticas38
Sama by Rene Guillot 5 exemplares, 2 críticas39
Animal Stories by Ruth Manning-Sanders 18 exemplares40
The islanders by Roland Pertwee 8 exemplares41
Kpo the Leopard by Rene Guillot 11 exemplares, 1 crítica42
Circus Boy by Ruth Manning-Sanders 4 exemplares43
Companions of Fortune by René Guillot 2 exemplares, 1 crítica45
The Boy and the River by Henri Bosco 141 exemplares46
Prince of the Jungle by René Guillot 8 exemplares47
The Elephants of Sargabal by Rene Guillot 5 exemplares, 1 crítica48
The Latchkey Children by Eric Allen 11 exemplares49
Quetzal Quest by Victor Wolfgang Von Hagen 6 exemplares50
For the King by Ronald Welch 29 exemplares, 1 crítica51
The Great Gale by Hester Burton 17 exemplares52
Escape from France by Ronald Welch 40 exemplares, 1 crítica53
Master of the Elephants by René Guillot 5 exemplares54
Captain of Foot by Ronald Welch 29 exemplares, 1 crítica55
The Silver Curlew by Eleanor Farjeon 77 exemplares, 2 críticas56
Ballerina by Nada Curcija-Prodanovic 17 exemplares, 1 crítica58
The Grange at High Force by Philip Turner 24 exemplares59
The Lark on the Wing by Elfrida Vipont 87 exemplares, 2 críticas60
The Bronze Chrysanthemum by Sheena Porter 12 exemplares61
The Barque of the Brothers by Hans Baumann 12 exemplares, 1 crítica62
Trouble at Timpetill by Henry Winterfeld 84 exemplares, 3 críticas63

Collections and Selections

Gold in the Taiga by Franz Braumann 5 exemplares44