Série de EditoraSainsbury Book Of

Casseroles by Norma MacMillan 16 exemplares
Cheese : including cheesecakes & fondues by Rhona Newman 14 exemplares
Chicken dishes : including turkey, duck and game by Clare Ferguson 10 exemplares
Children's party cooking by Carole Handslip 18 exemplares
Chinese cooking by Caroline Ellwood 56 exemplares
Chocolate cooking by Carole Handslip 15 exemplares
Cooking for two by Rhona Newman 36 exemplares
Cooking with eggs : including crêpes, soufflés and snacks by Gwyneth Loveday 15 exemplares
The Sainsbury Book of Cream Cakes & Gateaux by Sue Ross 13 exemplares
Entertaining by Wendy Godfrey 9 exemplares
Family meals by Julia Roles 12 exemplares
Fish dishes by Clare Gordon-Smith 18 exemplares
Freezing by Gill Edden 8 exemplares
French cooking by Caroline Ellwood 36 exemplares
Home baking by Carole Handslip 18 exemplares
Ices & cold desserts by Carole Handslip 8 exemplares
Indian cooking by Naomi Good 39 exemplares
Italian cooking by Margaret Fulton 41 exemplares
Margaret Fulton's Book of Quick Meals by Margaret Fulton 12 exemplares
Mixer & blender cooking by Carole Handslip 9 exemplares
One pot cooking by Clare Ferguson 15 exemplares
Party cooking by Norma MacMillan 9 exemplares
Preserves & pickles by Heather Lambert 24 exemplares
Pressure cooking by Sue Probert 9 exemplares
Puddings & desserts by Carole Handslip 24 exemplares
The Sainsbury book of cake icing & decorating by Carole Handslip 9 exemplares
Salads by Carole Handslip 23 exemplares
Slimming by Rhona Newman 21 exemplares
Soups & starters by Caroline Ellwood 29 exemplares
Teatime favourites by Brian Binns 11 exemplares
Vegetarian cooking by Carole Handslip 57 exemplares
Wholefood cooking by Carole Handslip 49 exemplares