Série de EditoraFirst Love from Silhouette

New Boy in Town by Dorothy Brenner Francis 10 exemplares1
Girl in the Rough by Josephine McLean Wunsch 7 exemplares2
Please Let Me In by Patti Beckman 5 exemplares3
Serenade by Adrienne Marceau 7 exemplares4
Flowers For Lisa by Veronica Ladd 9 exemplares5
Kate Herself by Helen Erskine 6 exemplares6
Songbird by Carrie Enfield 4 exemplares7
Special Girl by Dorothy Francis 9 exemplares, 1 crítica8
Love at First Sight by Elaine Harper 15 exemplares, 1 crítica9
Please Love Me....Somebody by Maud Johnson 5 exemplares10
It's My Turn by Eleni Carr 7 exemplares11
In My Sister's Shadow by Genell Dellin 11 exemplares12
Sometime My Love by Oneta Ryan 8 exemplares13
Promised Kiss (First Love from Silhouette) by Veronica Ladd 6 exemplares14
Summer Romance by Rebecca Diamond 8 exemplares15
Someone to Love by Ann Bryan 6 exemplares16
Golden Girl by Helen Erskine 6 exemplares17
We Belong Together (First Love From Silhouette, #18) by Elaine Harper 9 exemplares18
Tomorrow's Wish by Oneta Ryan 5 exemplares19
Say Please by Dorothy Brenner Francis 7 exemplares20
Teach Me to Love by Wendi Davis 7 exemplares21
That Special Summer by Deborah Kent 9 exemplares22
When September Returns by McClure Jones 9 exemplares23
Dream Lover by Constance Treadwell 11 exemplares24
The Personal Touch by Caroline B. Cooney 14 exemplares25
A Time for Us (First Love from Silhouette, #26) by Oneta Ryan 3 exemplares26
Secret Place by Dorothy Francis 5 exemplares27
Lesson in Love by Tracey West 1 exemplar28
For the Love of Lori by Veronica Ladd 8 exemplares29
A BOY TO DREAM ABOUT by Lisa Quinn 4 exemplares30
First Act (First Love from Silhouette Series, No. 31) by Anne London 5 exemplares31
Dare To Love by Nancy Bush 5 exemplares32
You and Me by Maud Johnson 6 exemplares33
The Perfect Figure by Josie March 6 exemplares34
People Like Us: First Love from Silhouette Number Thirty-Five by Barbara Haynes 5 exemplares, 1 crítica35
One on One by Pam Ketter 4 exemplares36
Love Note (First love from Silhouette) by Jessica Howell 3 exemplares, 1 crítica37
All-American Girl by Vanessa Payton 3 exemplares, 1 crítica38
Be My Valentine by Elaine Harper 4 exemplares, 1 crítica39
My Lucky Star by Becka Cassiday 2 exemplares, 1 crítica40
Just Friends: First Love from Silhoutte by Dorothy Francis 5 exemplares41
Promises to Come: First Love from Silhouette by Genell Dellin 4 exemplares, 1 crítica42
A Knight to Remember: First Love from Silhouette by Pam Marti 2 exemplares43
Someone Like Jeremy Vaughn (First Love No. 44) by Bea Alexander 3 exemplares, 1 crítica44
A Touch of Love by Winifred Madison 2 exemplares, 1 crítica45
Sealed With a Kiss by Wendi Davis 3 exemplares, 1 crítica46
Three Weeks of Love by Patricia Aks 4 exemplares, 1 crítica47
Summer Illusion by Marilyn Manning 3 exemplares, 1 crítica48
One of a Kind by Brett Brady 4 exemplares, 1 crítica49
Stay Sweet Love by Fran Fisher 4 exemplares, 1 crítica50
Prairie Girl by Barbara Coy 4 exemplares, 1 crítica51
A Summer to Remember by Carol Robertson 1 exemplar, 1 crítica52
Light of My Life by Elaine Harper 5 exemplares, 1 crítica53
Picture Perfect by Carrie Enfield 3 exemplares, 1 crítica54
Love on the Run (First Love From Silhouette, #55) by Leslie Graham 4 exemplares, 1 crítica55
Romance in Store by Elaine Arthur 3 exemplares, 1 crítica56
Some Day My Prince (First Love From Silhouette, #57) by Veronica Ladd 4 exemplares, 1 crítica57
Rainbow for Alison: First Love Number 59 by Maud Johnson 2 exemplares, 1 crítica59
Alabama Moon by Brenda Cole 9 exemplares, 2 críticas60
Here Comes Kary by Mary Jo Dunne 2 exemplares, 1 crítica61
Secret Admirer by Carrie Enfield 2 exemplares, 1 crítica62
New Beginning by Oneta Ryan 1 exemplar, 1 crítica63
Mix and Match by Winifred Madison 3 exemplares, 1 crítica64
The Mystery Kiss (First Love From Silhouette, #65) by Elaine Harper 8 exemplares, 1 crítica65
Up to Date by Beverly Sommers 4 exemplares66
Puppy Love by Janice Harrell 6 exemplares67
Change partners (First love from Silhouette) by Sharon Wagner 3 exemplares, 1 crítica68
Advice and Consent (First Love from Silhouette #69) by Bea Alexander 3 exemplares, 1 crítica69
More Than Friends by Becky Stuart 3 exemplares, 1 crítica70
That Certain Boy by Doreen Owens Malek 8 exemplares, 1 crítica71
Love And Honors by Oneta Ryan 2 exemplares72
Short Stop Romance by Elaine Harper 4 exemplares, 1 crítica73
Passing Game by Beverly Sommers 7 exemplares, 1 crítica74
Under the Mistletoe (First Love, No 75) by Michelle Mathews 4 exemplares, 1 crítica75
Send in the Clowns by Marilyn Youngblood 2 exemplares76
Free As a Bird by Josephine Wunsch 4 exemplares77
Bittersweet Sixteen by Nancy Bush 4 exemplares78
LARGER THAN LIFE by Brenda Cole 2 exemplares79
Endless Summer by Rose Bayner 3 exemplares, 1 crítica80
Mockingbird by Becky Stuart 6 exemplares, 1 crítica81
Kiss Me Kit by Dorothy Brenner Francis 1 exemplar, 1 crítica82
Where the Boys Are (First Love No 83) by Doreen Owens Malek 3 exemplares83
Sunny Side Up by Frances Hurley Grimes by Frances Hurley Grimes 2 exemplares84
In the Long Run (First Love from Silhouette) by Bea Alexander 3 exemplares, 1 crítica85
Boy Next Door by Marilyn Youngblood 1 exemplar, 1 crítica86
A Change of Heart (First Love from Silhouette #88) by RoseAnne McKenna 1 exemplar88
Bunny Hug by Elaine Harper 2 exemplares, 1 crítica89
Surf's Up for Laney by Claire Caldwell 4 exemplares, 1 crítica90
Rx for Love by Leslie Graham 4 exemplares, 1 crítica91
Just Right Age by Louise Chatterton 3 exemplares, 1 crítica92
South of the Border by Dawn Kingsbury 1 exemplar, 1 crítica93
Lead on Love by Nicole Hart 3 exemplares, 1 crítica94
Heavens To Bitsy by Janice Harrell 3 exemplares, 1 crítica95
Research for Romance by Erin Phillips 2 exemplares, 1 crítica96
Land's end: First Love from Silhouette #97 by Becky Stuart 1 exemplar, 1 crítica97
One of the Guys (First Love No 98) by Kathryn Makris 2 exemplares, 1 crítica98
Written in the Stars by Andrea Marshall 5 exemplares, 1 crítica99
Head in the Clouds (1st Love, No 100) by Carrie Lewis 3 exemplares, 1 crítica100
Fireworks by Elaine Harper 4 exemplares, 1 crítica101
AFTER MIDNIGHT by Marilyn Youngblood 1 exemplar, 1 crítica103
Frog Princess (First Love, 104) by Cheryl Zach 4 exemplares, 1 crítica104
One for the Road (First Love) by Caryl Hansen 3 exemplares, 1 crítica105
The French Summer by Tessa Kay 2 exemplares106
The Look of Love by Veronica Ladd 5 exemplares, 1 crítica108
Snap Judgment (First Love from Silhouette; 109) by Marilyn Youngblood 3 exemplares, 1 crítica109
Call of the Wild by Carrie Lewis 4 exemplares, 1 crítica110
The Girl Inside by Judy Baer 5 exemplares, 1 crítica111
Once in California by Becky Stuart 3 exemplares112
Season of Mist by Doreen Owens Malek 2 exemplares, 1 crítica113
Courting Trouble (First Love from Silhouette, No 114) by Nicole Hart 2 exemplares114
Secrets by Judith Enderle 4 exemplares, 1 crítica115
Wishful Thinking by Barbara Haynes 3 exemplares, 1 crítica116
Turkey Trot by Elaine Harper 3 exemplares, 1 crítica117
See You In July by Barbara Steiner 3 exemplares, 1 crítica118
Don't Fence Me in by Brenda Cole 3 exemplares, 1 crítica119
Magic Circle by Dorothy Francis 1 exemplar120
Christmas Date by Elaine Harper 2 exemplares, 1 crítica121
Lovetalk by Joyce McGill 5 exemplares, 1 crítica122
Give And Take First Love from Silhouette by Ellen Leroe 2 exemplares123
Sugarbush Spring by Virginia Smiley 2 exemplares124
Summer of My Independence by Rose Bayner 4 exemplares125
Between the Lines by Dorothy Fischer 2 exemplares, 1 crítica126
A Patch of Black Satin by Jeanne Cheyney 3 exemplares, 1 crítica127
Secrets in the Garden by Janice Harrell 2 exemplares, 1 crítica128
Ghost Of Gamma Rho by Elaine Harper 3 exemplares, 1 crítica129
Nightshade by Jesse Osburn 3 exemplares130
Waiting for Amanda by Cheryl Zach 3 exemplares131
Candy Papers by Helen Cavanagh 4 exemplares, 1 crítica132
Manhattan Melody by Marilyn Youngblood 1 exemplar, 1 crítica133
Killebrew'S Daughter by Janice Harrell 3 exemplares134
Bid for Romance by Dorothy Francis 1 exemplar, 1 crítica135
Shadow Knows (First Love, No 136) by Becky Stuart 2 exemplares136
Lovers' Lake by Elaine Harper 5 exemplares, 1 crítica137
In The Money by Beverly Sommers 2 exemplares138
Breaking Away by Josephine Winsch 4 exemplares139
What I Know About Boys by McClure Jones 3 exemplares140
I Love You More Than Chocolate by Francis Hurley Grimes 5 exemplares, 1 crítica141
The Wilder Special by Rose Bayner 2 exemplares, 1 crítica142
FLS Hungarian Rhapsody by Marilyn Youngblood 2 exemplares143
Country Boy by Joyce McGill 4 exemplares, 1 crítica144
Janine (Blossom Valley Book) by Elaine Harper 6 exemplares, 1 crítica145
Call Back Yesterday (First Love from Silhouette) by Doreen Owens Malek 6 exemplares, 1 crítica146
Why Me? (First Love from Silhouette) by Beverly Sommers 4 exemplares147
Meadow Wind (First Love from Silhouette, No 148) by Katrina West 3 exemplares148
Off The Hook (First Love from Silhouette) by Rose Bayner 3 exemplares149
Heartbreak Of Haltom High by Dawn Kingsbury 4 exemplares150
Against The Odds (First Love from Silhouette, No 151) by Andrea Marshall 1 exemplar151
On The Road Again (First Love from Silhouette, No 152) by Miriam Morton 2 exemplares152
The Phantom Skateboard by Elaine Harper 4 exemplares153
One in a Million by Kathryn Makris 3 exemplares154
A Civil War by Beverly Sommers 2 exemplares155
Fortune'S Child (First Love from Silhouette, No 156) by Cheryl Zach 2 exemplares156
Journey'S End (First Love 157) by Becky Stuart 2 exemplares157
Other Langley Girl (First Love 160) by Joyce McGill 2 exemplares160
Chance Hero (First Love from Silhouette) by Ann Gabhart 3 exemplares161
Blue Skies & Lollipops (First Love from Silhouette, No 165) by Janice Harrell 1 exemplar165
And Miles To Go by Beverly Sommers 3 exemplares166
Blossom Into Love by Norma Jean Lutz 3 exemplares167
Birds Of Passage (First Love from Silhouette, No 168) by Miriam Morton 1 exemplar168
Orinoco Adventure (First Love from Silhouette, No 169) by Elaine Harper 3 exemplares169
Video Fever by Kathleen Garvey 3 exemplares170
Write On! (First Love from Silhouette) by Dorothy Francis 4 exemplares171
New Man (First Love from Silhouette) by Carrie Lewis 5 exemplares172
Someone Else (First Love from Silhouette/a Kellogg and Carey Story, No 173) by Becky Stuart 2 exemplares173
Adrienne And The Blob (First Love from Silhouette, No 174) by Judith Enderle 2 exemplares174
Blackbird Keep (First Love from Silhouette, No 175) by Jesse Osburn 2 exemplares175
Daughter Of The Moon (First Love from Silhouette, No 176) by Lynn Carlock 4 exemplares176
A Day in September by Joyce Davies 2 exemplares177
A Broken Bow (First Love from Silhouette, No 178) by Martha Humphreys 3 exemplares178
Wild One (First Love from Silhouette #179) by Tessa Kay 3 exemplares179
Homecoming (First Love from Silhouette, No 181) by Elaine Harper 3 exemplares181
Perfect 10 by Josephine Wunsch 3 exemplares182
Marigold Beach (First Love from Silhouette, No 183) by Jesse Osburn 2 exemplares183
Here We Go Again (First Love from Silhouette) by Joyce McGill 6 exemplares184
Stop Thief! (First Love from Silhouette) by Dorothy Francis 4 exemplares185
Small Wonder by Caryl Hansen 3 exemplares186
Birds Of A Feather by Janice Harrell 3 exemplares187
Tomorrow & Tomorrow (First Love from Silhouette) by Brenda Cole 3 exemplares188
Ghost Ship (First Love from Silhouette, No. 189) by Becky Stuart 5 exemplares189
Gathering Storm (First Love from Silhouette) by Serita Stevens 3 exemplares190
Wheels (First Love from Silhouette, No. 191) by Rebecca Nunn 4 exemplares191
First Impressions (First Love from Silhouette, No. 192) by Kalindi Clare 5 exemplares192
Road to Romance by Nicole Hart 6 exemplares193
Promises (First Love from Silhouette) by Tracey West 4 exemplares194
Roar Of The Crowd (First Love from Silhouette) by Alan Thomas 5 exemplares195
None But The Brave (First Love from Silhouette) by Hazel Krantz 6 exemplares196
Coral Island by Elaine Harper 3 exemplares197
Touch Of Genius by Jeffie Ross Gordon 4 exemplares198
Famous Last Words by Becky Stuart 3 exemplares199
Only Make Believe by Dawn Kingsbury 2 exemplares200
Mayhem and Magic by Nicole Hart 2 exemplares201
Soap Opera (First Love from Silhouette) by Joyce McGill 3 exemplares202
Playing House (First Love from Silhouette, No 203) by Jean Simon 2 exemplares203
Hunter's Moon (First Love from Silhouette, No 204) by Brenda Cole 2 exemplares204
With Love From Rome (First Love from Silhouette) by Janice Harrell 3 exemplares205
A Wish Too Soon (First Love from Silhouette) by Lainey Campbell 1 exemplar206
Shadows On The Mountain (First Love from Silhouette) by Miriam Morton 3 exemplares207
Double Dare (First Love from Silhouette) by Laurien Berenson 5 exemplares208
Rachel's Resistance by Nicole Hart 3 exemplares209
Parrots and Monkeys by Beverly Sommers 4 exemplares210
Dash Of Pepper (First Love from Silhouette) by Katrina West 4 exemplares211
Follow Your Heart (First Love, No 213) by Dorothy Francis 2 exemplares213
Walk With Danger (First Love, No 214) by Susan Rubin 2 exemplares214
The Journal of Emily Rose by Jeffie Ross Gordon 4 exemplares216
Look of Eagles by Ann Gabhart 3 exemplares217
Days Of Loving (First Love from Silhouette, No 218) by Jean F. Capron 3 exemplares218
Behind The Mask by Glen Ebisch 2 exemplares219
Mind Over Matter (First Love from Silhouette) by Miriam Morton 4 exemplares220
A Touch of Magic by Jeffie Ross Gordon 1 exemplar221
Take A Walk (First Love from Silhouette, No 222) by Beverly Sommers 4 exemplares222
Diamond in the Rough by Joyce McGill 4 exemplares223
Castles In Spain (First Love from Silhouette) by Janice Harrell 2 exemplares224
Cat's Cradle (First Love from Silhouette, 225) by Candice Ransom 2 exemplares225
Spoiled Rotten (First Love from Silhouette, No 226) by Brenda Cole 2 exemplares226
Kiss Of The Cobra (First Love from Silhouette, 228) by Miriam Morton 2 exemplares228
Risky Business (First Love from Silhouette, No 229) by Janice Harrell 2 exemplares229
Alley Cat (First Love from Silhouette) by Lee Wardlaw 5 exemplares230
Something To Treasure by Judi Cross 2 exemplares231
Le Garçon En Blanc (Harlequin) by Tessa Kay 3 exemplares232
Future Tense by Joan Hess 5 exemplares233
Treasure Of The Hill (First Love from Silhouette, No 234) by Mary Virginia Fox 2 exemplares234
King For Queen by Judy Mayer 3 exemplares236