Série de EditoraArno American Labor

The accused, the accusers by Socialistic publishing society 1 exemplar
Adjusting immigrant and industry by William M. Leiserson 1 exemplar
American City: A Rank and File History of Minneapolis (Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage) by Charles Rumford Walker 19 exemplares
American labor and American democracy by William English Walling 3 exemplares
American labor dynamics in the light of post-war developments; by Jacob Benjamin Salutsky Hardman 1 exemplar
American Labor Struggles: 1877-1934 by Samuel Yellen 36 exemplares, 1 crítica
American labor unions by Helen Marot 1 exemplar
Annals of the great strikes in the United States; a reliable history and graphic description of the causes and thrilling events of the labor strikes and riots of 1877 by J. A Dacus 3 exemplares
Autobiography of Mother Jones by Mother Jones 188 exemplares, 3 críticas
The boycott in American trade unions by Leo Wolman 1 exemplar
I Break Strikes! The Technique of Pearl L. Bergoff by Edward Levinson 3 exemplares
Children In Bondage: A Complete And Careful Presentation Of The Anxious Problem Of Child Labor-its Causes, Its Crimes, And Its Cure... by Edwin Markham 2 exemplares
Civil war in West Virginia by Winthrop D. Lane 7 exemplares
Communist Party Vs the Cio: A Study in Power Politics (American Labor Series No. 2) by Max M. Kampelman 1 exemplar
The double edge of labor's sword by Morris Hillquit 2 exemplares
The Employments of Women: A Cyclopedia of Women's Work by Virginia Penny 5 exemplares
The government in labor disputes by Edwin Emil Witte 1 exemplar
The government of American trade unions by Theodore Wesley Glocker 1 exemplar
Homestead: The Households of a Mill Town by Margaret F. Byington 20 exemplares
Industrial government by John Rogers Commons 1 exemplar
Industrial relations in the building industry by William Haber 1 exemplar
Labor and the employer by Samuel Gompers 1 exemplar
The labor movement in America by Richard T. Ely 8 exemplares
Labor politics; collected pamphlets by Leon Stein 1 exemplar
Labor Problems: A Book of Materials for Their Study (American Labor Form Conspiracy to Collective Bargaining Series No. by Edgar S. Furniss 1 exemplar
Labor's new millions by Mary Heaton Vorse 6 exemplares
A living wage. by John Augustine Ryan 3 exemplares
The making of America by Robert Marion LaFollette 3 exemplares
Men, the workers by Henry Demarest Lloyd 1 exemplar
The Molly Maguire Riots; Industrial Conflict in the Pennsylvania Coal Region by James Walter Coleman 3 exemplares
The National Erectors' Association and the International Association of Bridge and Structural Ironworkers by Luke Grant 2 exemplares
Pullman Strike by Leon Stein 2 exemplares
Readings in trade unionism by David J. Saposs 2 exemplares
Religion, reform, and revolution; labor panaceas in the nineteenth century by Leon Stein 2 exemplares
The Sailors' union of the Pacific by Paul Schuster Taylor 1 exemplar
A short history of the American labor movement by Mary Ritter Beard 5 exemplares
Spy overhead, the story of industrial espionage by Clinch Calkins 1 exemplar
The standard rate in American trade unions by David A. McCabe 2 exemplares
The Steel Workers by John A. Fitch 12 exemplares
The story of the CIO by Benjamin Stolberg 5 exemplares
The strike for union; a study of the non-union question on coal and the problems of a democratic movement based on by Heber Blankenhorn 1 exemplar
The strike; a study in collective action by Ernest Theodore Hiller 1 exemplar
Striking for Life or Labor's Side of the Labor Question; The Right of the Workingman to a Fair Living by John Swinton 4 exemplares
Studies in American trade unionism by Jacob Harry Hollander 1 exemplar
Think and act A series of articles pertaining to men and women, work and wages by Virginia Penny 1 exemplar
Union policies and industrial management (Publication / the Institute of Economics of the Brookings Institution) by Sumner H Slichter 2 exemplares
The voice of labor; by Symmes M. Jelley 1 exemplar
The wage policies of labor organizations in a period of industrial depression by Vertrees Judson Wyckoff 1 exemplar
Wages, hours, and strikes: labor panaceas in the twentieth century by Leon Stein 2 exemplares
What's on the worker's mind by Whiting Williams 2 exemplares
When Labor Organizes by Robert Romano Ravi Brooks 3 exemplares
Women and the labor movement by Alice Henry 1 exemplar
Women and the Trades: Pittsburgh, 1907-1908 (Pittsburgh Series in Labor History) by Elizabeth Beardsley Butler 6 exemplares
Women in industry by Louis Dembitz Brandeis 0 exemplares
Women in Industry: A Study in American Economic History by Edith Abbott 4 exemplares
The women's garment workers; a history of the International ladies' garment worker's union by Lewis Levitzki Lorwin 2 exemplares
The Workers in American History by James O'Neal 4 exemplares
Workers speak: self portraits by Leon Stein 2 exemplares
Working people and their employers by Washington Gladden 1 exemplar
The working-class movement in America by Edward B. Aveling 2 exemplares